Lekue Silicone Ice Cube Tray, Heart

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Product Description

The Lekue Heart Ice Cube Tray by the Harold Import Company will add a festive touch to your beverage. Give any ordinary beverage a little extra sparkle with these ice cube trays. Great for parties. Silicone material is flexible so removing ice from the tray is a snap.

  • FDA approved recycable flexible rubber
  • Retains shape, unbreakable
  • Easy individual pop-out
  • Do not use in dishwasher or oven, do not expose to direct heat
  • The coolest shapes in your drink - try adding food coloring to the water for great party cubes

Customer Reviews:

  • Ehh
    It does make cute little heart shaped ice cubes, but it is NOT dishwasher safe (which is why I no longer use it)...more info
  • Cute and useful!
    This is great as an ice tray; you don't have to run water over the bottom, crack and twist the tray, and then get splintered ice, drips all over your kitchen, and too many or too few cubes. You don't have to turn it upside down; just push from the bottom and get exactly however many cubes--I mean, hearts! you want, with no breakage or mess. So I think it's a little more sanitary too--you don't have to handle the ice shapes much, or have them skittering all over the counter! The tray is a little soft and flexible so you do have to find a flat place in the freezer for it, and when I stacked another tray on top I got a little bit of "stickage" and a few misshapen hearts; not a big deal unless you wanted perfectly shaped decorative ice.

    Tonight I also used them to make chocolates (by melting chocolate chips & peanut butter together), and am very pleased with how easy it is to remove the candies. I thought I might break the "points" off some of the hearts, but the silicone is stretchy so that didn't happen, and removing one doesn't disturb the others. These would make lovely butter pats too! Each well holds exactly one tablespoon of liquid....more info
  • Amazing Ice Cube Tray
    I love this tray! It's great. The ice cubes pop out in a sec. I use it for freezing nettle tea; then I pop one or two "nettle hearts" into my smoothie; otherwise nettle tea doesn't taste that good to drink; however, it is so healthy for you, so this is a nice way to get it into your body. I make the nettle tea really STRONG before freezing it. ...more info
  • Not impressed.
    They look cute, don't they? Be warned... they are quite soft, and have nearly no edge to guard against spills. You either have to under-fill them or be extremely careful moving them around after you fill them with water.

    Despite that, I was willing to work with them. Now I have two trays of ice... and I've so far gotten a total of two "cubes" worked free of them. Twisting, bending, pushing them from behind; nothing seems to work very well to get the ice out. I gave up when my skin started sticking to the ice....more info
  • The Girls love it!
    Yeah I got this to impress the ladies when they come over, you know get all cute & romantic with the ice hearts in the drinks. They love it, and when they get happy I get even happier. =]...more info
  • Oh so charming!
    Little heart-shaped ice cubes in a fuchsia silicone tray! I love it! I love it! I love it! But, as cute as they may be, these icy little hearts do resist being removed from their tray. I recommend letting them warm for a few seconds before popping them out....more info
  • not that great
    they're maybe cute and fun but it's hard to push and i don't recommend it all. buy one of those regular ice cube trays! ...more info
  • cute and fun
    Loved serving drinks with these heart shaped ice cubes. They are small and dainty. Easy to remove from tray....more info
  • wonderful
    quick delivery, and i love my heart ice tray - apparently everyone else does too! very nice and i'll order again!...more info
  • a great item for candy making
    i make chocolate truffles... and i use this tray and freeze the truffles.. they make perfect smooth chocolate morsels. i am so glad to own it!...more info


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