Luna Sunrise Nutrition Bars, Blueberry Bliss, 1.69-Ounce Bars (Pack of 15)

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  • Box of 15 1.69-ounce all-natural blueberry yogurt breakfast nutrition bars (25.35 total ounces)
  • Good source of protein and Omega 3; high in fiber, calcium, and vitamin D
  • Made from all-natural, certified kosher ingredients, including soy rice crisp, organic oats, organic amaranth, and dried blueberries
  • 100% free of hydrogenated oils, wheat, dairy and trans fat; a portion of the proceeds is donated to the Breast Cancer Fund
  • Nutrition-packed bar made from 70% organic ingredients and created specifically for women by the women at Clif Bar

Customer Reviews:

  • Yummy & Satisfying....
    These are absolutely delicious with your morning coffee or tea. My favorite!...more info
  • ick!
    While I love that the Sunrise bar is a little bigger (but less dense, maybe?) than the ordinary Luna bars, the taste and texture of this one is off! It's less noticable when you're consuming it in addition to something else--coffee, for example--but when you eat it by itself you realize how nasty the taste is! I'll stick to my usual Nuts & Chocolate, thank you....more info
  • Tasty Breakfast!
    Not sure how the old recipe tasted, but the new one is fantastic! The Blueberry is best, Strawberry & Apple are a close 2nd. The vanilla is pretty bland though. You won't get tired of these, even when you buy the whole box. Great deal for breakfast!...more info
  • I Love These Bars!!
    I eat a Luna Sunrise Bar every morning for breakfast (Apple Cinnamon is my favorite). They are fiber and protein packed so it keeps me full until lunch. I love that they are 70% organic and don't use hydrogenated oils or high fructose corn syrup. I'm not wild about Vanilla Almond but do trade off between the other three flavors. Of all of the breakfast bars on the market, these are one of the healthiest, flavorful, and filling that I've tried. ...more info
  • great breakfast or snack
    I think they changed the recipe, because I seem to remember liking it more before, but these are what I usually reach for first thing in the morning. This flavor and the Chocolate Nut Brownie are my favorites....more info
  • yummy!
    I love the almond vanilla flavor.. it has just enough sweetness to it. I have ordered this many times and will continue to in the future. Perfect for breakfast!...more info
  • Great for back-up meal!
    Put one of these in your purse, your lunch box, your desk drawer, your workout bag and your glove compartment. When you get hungry and don't want to stop somewhere, or don't want to figure out what's healthy, just unwrap and eat, knowing you've gotten some good and delicious nutrition to tie you over for a while....more info
  • We don't like these
    I bought these based on good reviews. We don't like them. The flavor is artificial. They are too sweet....more info
  • love luna!
    These bars are a great snack or lunch on the go...very tasty and healthy to boot!...more info
  • They're okay
    I love the fact that these bars have so many health benefits; however, I prefer the regular Luna bars not the sunrise line. I tried the blueberry yogurt and it's really just a little too sweet for my taste. The peanut butter Luna bars and nutz over chocolate flavors are amazing!...more info
  • Awesome golden bars
    These bars are terrific for a breakfast on the run. They taste great, mostly organic ingredients, its gluten free (from what I can tell on the label) and its made with quinoa, a great grain. They are sweet, so beware those of you sensitive to sweets - but I love a touch of sweetness. It tastes real. you know some snack bars/protein bars/energy bars taste heinous. Not so for Luna!...more info
  • great bar, great taste
    These taste really good -- not overly sweet with good texture and crunch. 180cal with 8g protein and 5g fiber is not too bad. They've added some vitamins (incl antioxidants A,C,E) and minterals, but also flaxseed meal for some Omega-3. Overall, another women's nutritional bar hit from the folks over at Clif. ...more info
  • Delicious and healthy.
    These bars are tasty and packed with nutrients, plus they are super convenient. I grab one and eat it on my way to work every morning....more info
  • Luna Sunrise Vanilla Almond Flavor
    This is an OK bar. The flavor takes some getting used to and would not be my first choice in the future. (Not that it's bad, just not my thing.)It does tide me over until lunch when I eat it as a sanck after breakfast....more info


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