Clif Builder's Bar, Protein Bar, Chocolate Mint, 2.4-Ounce Bars (Pack of 12)

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  • Entirely Natural Protein Bar
  • Packed with 20 grams of protein from soy and nuts; delivers indulgent taste naturally with 32-35% organic ingredients
  • no transfats or partially hydrogenated oils
  • low glycemic food

Customer Reviews:

  • Meal 2 Go ... Bravo
    As a Chemistry Professor and a healthy-lifestyle enthusiast, cycling to and from work daily, I need a quick-yet-wholesome meal to tie me over through the ten plus hour days. Bravo Clif Bar Creators! This yummy bar is a feast to the tastebuds and a fill for the tummy; I rely on two a day to fuel me to be as interesting as I can be for my many students. As a celiac sufferer who has many other allergies, it is a blessing to have something so satisfying which doesn't have a pay-me-later gastric price; digestability has its benefits! thanks so much for all that you do! keep up the good work!...more info
  • The best I've tried
    I've tried a number of protein bars; most suck. Some are okay. Very few are good. The Builder's Bars are flat out the best I've tried. I've had chocolate and chocolate mint, both are very tastey. Amazon's subscription price is the best I've found....more info
  • Great taste, no artificial sweeteners
    These Clif bars taste great, have good quality protein and do not have the artificial sweeteners so common in other bars....more info
  • Who needs a candy bar?
    I'm one of those people who usually eats what I feel like, when I feel like it. So, when I choose a food, it's usually because it's a tasty option! I've never used energy bars specifically as meal replacements, though sometimes the timing would work out that way. Clif has the best tasting bars all around, in my opinion - the best flavors (carrot cake!), the best texture. I also like Kashi bars for long-lasting glycemic/hunger control, but they just don't have enough protein. Now that I've found the Clif Builder's Bar, I don't think I'd really choose any other. As a full-time graduate student and a woman pregnant with twins, these are pretty much the perfect breakfast/snack when I'm on the run. The chocolate and peanut butter bars taste as good to me as a candy bar, with a LOT more nutrition! The vanilla-almond bar is a nice non-chocolate option for breakfast. I like the cookies and cream and chocolate mint versions as well, but choose them more for occasional variety. Also, if you're trying to limit your carbohydrate intake (or spread it out throughout the day), these are perfect - about 30 grams per bar....more info
  • Not Just For "Builders"
    This is a great product. Very tasty and filling while very protein-packed and no trans-fat. I'm not a "builder" but rather a female college student on the go. This bar fits in perfectly with my busy school day. ...more info
  • Delicious
    I use eat one of these bars between two exercise classes that I do back to back. They are delicious. To me they are so good I feel like I need a glass of milk to wash it down with. A good high protein snack when on the go....more info
  • ingredients lacking
    I agree with most posters that these seem like good protein bars and taste good. But in the ingredients list, the first ingredient is soy protein isolate. That automatically bombs for me. My reading and limited research believe soy to be an inferior and cheap substitute protein. Whey protein isolate is a higher grade of protein and has more understanding in the long term effects of eating a lot of it.

    I'm not comfortable with eating soy since all cheap protein bars seem to contain it. ...more info
  • Healthy Macros, High Protein good for bulking
    I like the high Protein content.

    Pros : 210 gms Pottassium, 20 gms of Protein, 30 gms of Carb
    Cons : High Sugar (20 gms), High Sat fat, (5gms) some high GI ingredients

    I would recommend this if you are bulking (Building Muscles)to meet your calorie needs.
    I would not recommend this bar, if you are cutting (reducing fat) due to high sugar content and high GI of Ingredients

    ...more info
  • By far the best-tasting protein bar I've ever had
    ...the only reason I give it 4 instead of 5 stars is because it uses soy protein instead of whey protein. Whey is supposed to be the best type of protein available, much more easily absorbed in the human body.

    However I am happy to report that I've never experienced stomach upset or any other problems from eating these bars, so maybe my digestive system is better than most. I HAVE had a few issues (gas and bloating) from eating a meal with a lot of soy products, notably tofu, so I know the rap on soy is not unjustified.

    Otherwise, I highly recommend this bar. I eat it after lifting weights at the gym, it ties me over for a good hour or two before I have a normal meal, which can be of a slightly smaller size at that point. Tastes infinitely better than MetRx, Powerbar Protein Plus, Myoplex Deluxe (yuck! by far the grossest). Only Detour protein bars can compete with this bar taste-wise, but Detour seems more suited for someone on a low-carb regimen whereas this Builder's Bar is more balanced between protein and carbs. Of course the fact that it's mostly organic and doesn't have the dreaded high fructose corn syrup is wonderful.

    btw, you can get these cheaper in the 24 pack at a Sam's Club or Costco, though they only have two flavors, Peanut Butter and Chocolate....more info
  • My favorite protein bars - and I've tried them all!
    If you're anything like me, you exercise, lift weights, and try to get as much protein as possible. But 99% of protein bars are completely AWFUL.

    I tried these because they were made by Clif, and they've always made tasty, all natural snacks. These bars are no exception. My favorite flavor is chocolate mint, but the peanut butter is also great.

    These are chewy (but not too chewy), crunchy, NOT chalky, absolutely delicious protein bars. And they have 19 g. of high quality protein, which is great. Sure, it's not as much as 31 g. offered by PowerBar, but have you tasted those? I'd rather eat my shoe.

    Go with the subscribe-and-save and save 15% on each order with free shipping! Definitely the best deal around on the best tasting protein bars I've ever had!...more info
  • Resistance training up 20 percent!!
    My husband has been using these for about 6 months now, and I have been sticking to my high-protein, no-carb breakfast before the gym...Well, today I decided to try one on the way to the gym--and WOW. My cardio ability was up 100 percent (doubled my time without getting overtired) and I was able to increase my weight resistance on leg press, leg extension, and squats up 20 to 25 percent! (Can you tell it was quad day?) I couldn't believe it! I've been plateaued for so long, but the bump in carbs really put me over the edge. I am very much into health food and doing things nutritionally "right", and I can guarantee you that these will become an integral part of my diet. If you are carb-conscious, you can rotate your carbs by eating them for a week, then go off for a week...over and over.
    I really can't believe the gains I was able to make today. I'm thrilled. Now I can see why hubby has been making such gains on less gym-time.
    Oh, and they really taste good, too! (Always a plus over cardboard-tasting protein bars... haha)...more info
  • Some of the best tasting protein bars I've tasted
    I bought these off Amazon because they are the cheapest I've ever seen them sold.... anywhere (in store or on the internet). These bars are high in protein, not overly chewy and taste really good. I recommend them to anyone interested in protein bars....more info
  • Possible contamination of Salmonella
    BEWARE: I purchased 5 x 12 packs of these bars and two days after receiving them, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) comes out with a notice of a potential Salmonella contamination with the peanut butter in all their types of bars. I paid about $1.50 each after calculating the cost of the packs and shipping. I called Clif to get a refund and they are only giving $1 refund for each bar which I feel is unfair.

    Another issue to keep in mind is that their other flavors are made at the same location and a notice on the back of the bars say the following: "MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF DAIRY, PEANUTS AND OTHER TREE NUTS". Now who is to say that their other flavors and bars are not contaminated as well??? I won't be purchasing any Clif bars in the future....more info
  • great taste, great price. good ingredients
    These are actually tasty. Not an easy feat for a power bar. And a lot of protein in each bar. The ingredients are not as questionable as other bars....more info
  • One of the best!
    Of course, personal taste will determine you own opinion of the Clif Builder's Bar, but this is my personal favorite... and I've tried a lot of sports bars. The taste is quite good and I like the texture. It's not roughage and it's not super gooy either. I use them a lot when I do long bike rides and some races. I found that they give me good energy and never upset my stomach. However, I don't find them ideal in the middle of a grueling marathon race... they're a bit heavy for that....more info
  • great taste, high in protein
    great for pre or post workout snack, 20g protein and tastes like a candy bar, what more could you ask for !!!!!...more info
  • Taste great
    I tried a box of the vanilla almond bars as a source of cheap, easy, healthy protein, and they taste great....more info
  • Strong taste buds
    Don't know how well they work but they are not that tasty. and you will have to have strong taste buds to finish 1...more info
  • Delicious and nutritious!
    These bars are quite tasty and are good as a energy boost or desert even. They are a little high in sugar and fat, but if you don't over do it, they are a good choice.

    In addition, these bars are made with REAL ingredients so you don't have to wonder about what it is you're eating and won't have to deal with possible indigestion from chemical additives/sugar alcohols....more info
  • Best tasting protein bar with no "protein" taste
    I've tried almost all the protein bars out there and this is by far the best tasting one. I usually hate the chalky protein flavor of most bars but this one has a moist and fudgy texture and flavor. Also, not too sweet....more info
  • Clif Builder's built a better bar
    Absolutely love this bar. Out of all flavors this is the best in my opinion. When I hit the afternoon candy craving or need some extra nutrition in the morning I go for the Builder's bar....more info
  • Great, but 270 calories
    This is a great bar, but be careful of the fat. Chances are if you are eating bars like this you are being mindful of this sort of thing.

    270 calories, 70 of which come from fat (8g/12% of your daily). The other flavors might be a bit lower since this one is Chocolate (20g of sugar)....more info
  • Suprisingly Fabulous!
    I have eaten alot of protein bars, but this great tasting and at a good price. The best feature though it that it has 20 grams of protein, instaead of the usual 11 to 15 grams. ...more info
  • Melted during shipping?
    Although these bars have been a favorite of my husband and I, the two boxes that were shipped to us were so crumbly, we couldn't open the package without a napkin underneath. And, the taste just wasn't as fresh as buying them off the shelf. We love the fact that these bars don't have the bad ingredients a number of other bars have, and we love that the bars fill the appetite void, but the freshness and crumbling state will probably cause us to rethink buying them through Amazon, even though it is cheaper than buying them off the shelf....more info
  • A great affordable choice
    The Clif Builder's bars have a great taste and are available at a good price. They are quite filling and feature mostly natural ingredients with no hydrogenated oils or high fructose.

    The chocolate mint is the best flavor in my opinion, but you won't go wrong with another flavor. The only negative thing about these is that thet have soy protein, which contains plant estrogen hormones. However, I believe that Soy Isolate is free of these hormones, so it really is nitpicking. ...more info
  • Delicious
    If you look at all the goodness contained in these bars, and then eat one a day, you will not regret it. True, there are as many calories in these bars as there are in a Milky Way, abut a candy bar doesnt' give you so many supplements. Also, the Builder Chocolate Mint bars are truly great tasting. To me, it's like a candy bar. Plus I can't find them anywhere in the grocery stores as they are always sold out. On Amazon, they arrive monthly. Great deal, great nutrition, great way to fulfill a chocolate craving. ...more info
  • We need stimulus...
    That's why I like to eat these. It's also why Subscribe and Save is gone for the Chocolate and instead Harbor Country Bike & Hobby is charging $27.11 + $7.20 shipping for a single box. They'd better come with a golden ticket or these people can die (i.e. chapter 7). Hey Jerks: if you're still in business when the Peanut Butter comes back just leave it alone!...more info
  • Good Snack
    My doctor recommended that I add more soy to my diet. I found these bars to be not only a good source of soy, but also quite tasty. They have less carbs than other bars I've researched. I typically have these as a midday snack, to tide me over until lunch. They are quite satisfying. ...more info
  • Watch the Carbs
    From what I found, these bars have the most protein with the least amount of carbs. They taste good, but as a meal replacement they came a few hours short. ...more info
  • Best tasting high protein bar by far!
    I must concur with other reviewers that this is the best-tasting of the high protein bars by far. Thus far, I've had only the chocolate and peanut butter bars, but they are both outstanding - far removed from the sawdust-like taste of some other protein bars. Having read other reviews, I'm now excited to try the mint chocolate and vanilla almond bars as well. ...more info
  • happy customer
    one of the best tasting protein bars out there.the chocolate is my favorite(my husband likes the peanut butter).the bar prove to be a good after workout snack that have proven to hold me over until i can sit down and eat a proper meal.i highly recommend this productfor those who are looking for a nutritious snack....more info
  • Maybe not a Snickers, but it satisfies
    I need to eat a lot while nursing twins, and this bar does the trick when I can't get proper food. Also, does well with stabilizing my blood sugar. I get the chocolate which is a treat for me and my 6 year old daughter. It may not be a Snickers bar to her, but she loves it almost as much!...more info
  • Best Dairy Free!
    My son has a life threatening milk allergy and it is very hard to find him things that he can eat.

    These Cliff Builder Bars are dairy free and taste fantastic. A high quality product....more info
  • best tasting high protein bar EVER
    i tried them all, zone, metrix, pure protein....all in an attempt to maximize protein without sacrificing taste.....well i have the solution

    one clif builder bar (20 grams protein....i prefer chocolate and 1 scoop of ultimate whey (vanilla for 23 grams) 43 grams for a total of 400 can you beat that!!!

    BOTH taste great....and the bar is FILLING....other bars you eat half and you want to vomit.....not this.......more info
  • Very good
    I love the cliff bars. I have one with me all the time. It's hard to believe it's a protein bar. It works for at least 3 hours....more info
  • Geat for older people, too
    My dad is 68 years old and he is a big fan of these bars. He has been in the Miami VA hospital since August. The food there is like that in the Woody Allen joke--terrible, and such small portions. My dad supplements his protein intake with these bars. I suspect they are contributing to his long and difficult recovery in a significant way....more info
  • Far better than most...
    These bars are great. I've been having them for a few months and I love them. They're probably the best I've ever had. They taste great! I personally prefer the chocolate over the peanut butter bars, but the PB bars are a nice change when I'm bored with Chocolate. I can't wait to try the other flavors....more info
  • Great taste and value
    This is a really good protein bar. Good price. Good calorie to protein ratio and great tasting. This is the only flavor I've found that I can eat over and over. Great for a protein slam right after work outs....more info
  • Great Taste and Nutrition
    These bars are some of the best you can buy. They are delicious, but more importantly are made from very natural and healthy ingredients. Most protein bars these days taste like cement mixture and aren't all that good for you, but Builder Bars break the trend....more info
  • Did not like Vanilla Almond at all
    This item arrived and it was not past it's due date... but it sure tasted like it was! It did not taste like vanilla or almond. It was more like a chalky, powdered whey flavor with a layer of goo on top. The worst bar I have ever had. I've tried and enjoyed many bars, even the less palate-friendly high-protein ones. Thumbs down to the vanilla almond!...more info
  • Great bars, but these don't exactly taste anything like cookiees and cream.
    The Clif Builders Chocolate & Chocolate mint bars taste absolutely great. So when I purchased the Cookiees and Cream bars I was anticipating a protine bar that tasted like Cookiees and Cream. Unfortunately these bars don't really taste like anything I could call "cookiees" let alone cream.

    The taste is unique which makes it hard to describe. It's not a bad tasting bar, it just doesn't taste like cookiees and cream. Which is why I'm rating this one so low....more info
  • Great taste and very filling
    I have tried a few protein bars and didn't find anything that I enjoy eating. I would only eat them as a last resort and most of the times I would only eat half of the bar.
    One of my friend recommended me Clif Builder's bar and I am very thankful to him. The bar has great taste and its very filling. Even the peanut butter flavor is good though the chocolate flavor is even better. In terms of nutrition I have no comments please check the ingredients....more info


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