Annie Chun's Rice Express Sticky White Rice, 7.4-Ounce Microwavable Bowls (Pack of 6)

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Product Description

All natural Asian cuisine. Wheat free. Gluten free. Microwaveable. Made with CJ rice. 100% Natural. No MSG. No preservatives. Great alone or add meat and vegetables. There's nothing like enjoying a bowl of fresh steamed rice from your favorite Asian restaurant. Now you can have that delicious taste in just two minutes without the hassle of using your rice cooker. Our new white sticky rice is highly prized by Korean and Japanese rice connoisseurs - it's possibly the best rice in the world and doesn't require lengthy cooking. Each bowl is individually steamed for superior taste, texture, and finish - without adding oil or salt. There are no compromises or shortcuts. You and your family deserve the best. Happy eating! I have always sought out the best possible ingredients for my customers. That's why I have partnered with CJ, one of the world's leading food companies with incredible expertise in rice. Together we bring you this delicious fresh steamed rice that's ready in two minutes. Keep in your pantry or office desk and enjoy restaurant quality rice anytime, anywhere. Quick Tips: This versatile rice is well paired with you favorite stir-fry, entree or even soup! Or use with your favorite sauce for a quick snack. To really make your kids smile, add a little butter and soy sauce. Yum! Product of Korea.

  • Pack of six 7.4-ounce bowls of sticky white rice (44.4 total ounces)
  • Contains ready-to-eat, fresh steamed sticky white rice
  • 100% natural; gluten free and wheat free; no added oil or salt; serve with fresh vegetables, tofu, or meat for an easy, nutritious meal
  • Conveniently packaged in microwave-safe individual containers; heated and ready to eat in two minutes
  • Founder Annie Chun's goal is to make healthy, authentic Asian cooking "as easy to prepare as spaghetti"

Customer Reviews:

  • Great "to go" rice
    I love this product for eating at work or even for quick fixes at home. 2 minutes in the microwave for perfect white rice makes for a very quick and delicious meal. Great with veggies, soy sauce and a source of protein....more info
  • Smells funny, and tastes worse
    Wow, this rice has quite a few positive reviews but I'm really not sure why. I did buy this from the "Clearance sale" - but even then. The rice smells funny and doesn't actually taste much like rice, it tastes just like it smells, funny.

    I was hoping for a decent quick and easy meal but this one is not it....more info
  • love this rice!
    I love this rice. It's a great snack for my family. Put a little soy sauce or butter. It's better then chips or candy. I also save money by ordering from Amazon. My grocery store is about 1 dollar more per snack. Free Shipping if you buy 1 dozen. Very happy....more info
  • Great quick rice
    HI this rice is great and microwaves in a snap, being so extremely busy it is great to be able to quickly in a minute or two prepare the rice and add either butter or seasonings, I highly recommend it....more info
  • Tastes great and convenient
    This is my 2nd time ordering this product, and when it goes on sale is worth it for a single user. When I was going through chemo it came in handy to have something that was easy to fix that I could do on my own when needing just a little bit of energy. ...more info
  • Decent rice, but it has a funny smell
    The rice is a decent sticky rice, but for some reason it has a funny smell to it after microwaving. I am not sure if that is the plastic or the fact that it is not fresh.

    Its decent if mixed with a flavorful side dish like leftover Panang Curry....more info
  • One taste and you'll be hooked!
    Easy and SO good! A great treat by itself or to use for sashimi/sushi, stir fry, etc. I still can't believe you don't even have to add water to make this - it's that easy. Try it once and you'll be hooked!!...more info
  • excellent product
    Excellent product, tastes great, easy to make, no negatives as far as I can see.........more info
  • Surprisingly good
    I was skeptical about this rice, especially because I've had other Annie Chun's products that weren't good at all. Based on the reviews here, I picked up a bowl and tried it. The rice is very, very good. Moist and sticky, just like it should be. ...more info
  • YES! YES! YES!
    Annie Chun's Rice Express Sticky White Rice, 7.4-Ounce Microwavable Bowls (Pack of 6)
    I would go to the Chinese Restaurant just for the sticky rice. Now, I can have it at home in 2 minutes! This is a delicious rice, great all of the time, but really nice when you have unexpected dinner guests! Works really well for sushi, rice balls, soups, sides . . . you name it! ...more info
  • quick, convenient and tasty
    These sticky rice bowls are real winners. They take two minutes to prepare in the microwave and they give you a nice serving (or two)of very good sticky rice. You can add vinegar to make seasoned sushi rice for your own sushi, make rice balls, serve with vegetables or protein or just eat as is. Reasonably priced given the convenience. These are becoming a staple around our house. They can be the basis for a quick lunch,a nice side dish or a foundation/element of much more elaborate preparations. We put this in lettuce wraps with some leftover duck and a few seasonings and had a very elegant and successful snack for unexpected visitors. One bowl usually serves two normal appetites or one very large, very Hungry, man quite nicely, I've added this to soups and stir fries etc. and one bowl was actually enough to serve three or four people when used that way. ...more info
  • Sticky fingers for sticky rice
    My 15 year old son can't get enough of this rice and he is picky when it comes to food. He heats it and eats
    it and it's GONE! No one else in the house can get to it before it's vanished. Easy to prepare and apparently it's delicious and of course
    convenient so I'm ordering another batch and giving the chicken noodle
    soup a go as well......more info
    We have a favorite sushi restaurant where they serve sticky white rice, and we love it. I used to be able to buy Sticky White Rice, uncooked, at Trader Joe's, but for some reason they no longer carry it. Then I found this brand, Annie Chun's, at my local Ralph's market, and tried it, and it is every bit as good as the rice from the restaurant. It is pre-cooked and ready from the microwave in 2 minutes. But now, for some other unknown reason Ralph's no longer carries it, so I went to Amazon, and of course they have everything, and here it is, at a lower price than at the market! Thank goodness for Amazon for many different reasons..... And yes, sticky white rice has a flavor all it's own; we like to sprinkle black sesame seeds on top of it when we serve it. Try this. You'll love the ease in preparation, and the flavor is wonderful!...more info
  • Sticky White Rice
    Never tried the microwavable bowls before and they were great. There are only 2 people in our house and the portions are perfect, flavor great, and the ease of cooking is terrific. Easy transaction and great service. Will do business again.
    Jody Lynch...more info