Andis 75335 Quiet Ionic/Ceramic Hair Dryer

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Product Description

Andis 75335 Quiet Ionic/Ceramic Hair Dryer

  • 1876 Watts and 75% quieter
  • 4 heat settings and 3 air speeds
  • Ionic technology dries hair faster by breaking up water molecules
  • Tourmaline and Nano-Ceramic technologies produce minimal hair damage and eliminates frizz leaving hair renewed, repaired and revitalized for a softer and smoother finish
  • Cool Shot button locks in style
Customer Reviews:
  • Andis Ionic/Ceramic dryer
    I need a hair dryer that has 3 speeds (I use the med for a bit and then switch to low -- on 2 speed dryers, the low is often higher than the med on a 3 speed dryer), and they are getting harder and harder to find. I've used Andis dryers before and always liked them, and also wanted the ceramic/ionic feature. This one is perfect. It's quiet, has a good cord, and never feels like you're standing in front of a wind machine. With the ceramic/ionic, and the low speed, I can dry my hair in less than a minute without losing all the curls. This is a great dryer for a great price. ...more info
  • Super light and quiet
    This hair dryer actually is quite lighter than my old one. Very quiet, as advertised which is such a relief from my old noisy high pitched dryer. It actually seems to dry my hair faster too, which I'm not sure is an illustion or not...I did experience a funny smell the first few times I used it but it has since gone away and I have absolutely no problems with this product. Great product, great price. I didn't give it a full 5 stars just because I never give anything the full perfect rating....more info
  • Good dryer for the money.
    Been using the dryer for about 2 mos. The dryer is quieter than other hair dryers. Only complaint and the reason it didn't get 5 stars was b/c there is a funny smell when you stop the dryer. The smell is not exactly a burning smell and it's only noticeable when you stop the dryer. During the drying the smell is not there....more info
    This hair dryer is everything it says! I even used it to dry a newly hatched chick and the noise did not seem to bother the chick!
    It is light and easy to use plus it dries my thick hair quickly....more info
  • Looked great, broke early
    I loved the way this dryer looked--and it dried rapidly and quietly. But----it had a bad smell (kind of like Italian food bad breath) and it stopped working after about a month. A number of reviewers complained about the smell--which was still there after a month's use. I would not buy this dryer again....more info
  • Negative
    I received the item earlier than expected which was great, but when using the hair dryer, it would short out on me. My hair is about medium length and when drying damp hair, I would put the dryer down for a second and it would not start up for me. It overheated way too fast and would not let me finish drying my hair. Also, the description claims it has 3 speeds and 4 heat settings, No it does NOT. It has 4 different settings total. The description was misleading. I had to return this item because it was not worth the hassel...more info
  • it's okay
    i love that it's quiet. but when i'm done using it, it smells like something is burning. i hate that....more info
  • Just another crappy hairdryer, they are all the same.
    Gets too hot, burns out have to wait to turn it on again. Nothing special about this one, but I refuse to pay anymore for a freaking hairdryer. I go au natural to dry most of the time....more info
  • Andis 75335 Quiet Ionic/Ceramic Hair Dryer
    Love this hairdryer. It does have an odd smell to it, but I think that may be because it is new. Others posted the same thing. It makes my hair very smooth, not frizzy. Love the color too! I would definitely recomend this purchase....more info
  • Good Product
    My daughter has hyperacusis and hates loud hair dryers. This one is exactly what we needed it to be...much quieter and less grating for her. ...more info
    I bought this hair dryer for my mom for Christmas hoping that it was going to be a quiet dryer as the description says.....but think again! Quiet Ionic is definitely not a good name for this product!...more info
  • The best hair dryer I've owned
    It looks cool with the candy apple red case.
    It's very quiet, even at the highest level.
    Drys my hair very fast.
    I have very thick wavy hair and it smoothes it out and makes it softer than any other dryer I've used....more info
  • Wish it was more quiet

    This hair dryer is fantastic! I use it on the low setting b/c I have fine, dry, easily damaged hair. It is definately more quiet than my other hair dryers. I have noticed that my hair has little or no frizz now, and my hair also appears to be more shiney. I could not give it all 5 stars b/c I wish it was much more quiet. All in all its a great hair dryer. Hope you will like it too....more info
  • Works well
    This hair dryer is much quieter than my other dryers and seems to work well. It overheated when I tried to use the styling attachment. But I haven't used that since and it hasn't overheated any more.

    It kind of has a strange smell during operation. Not necessarily distasteful, but noticeable.

    I'm happy with the purchase and think there probably isn't a better alternative at this point....more info
  • works will but funny smell
    This dries well but just as its warming up it produces an acrid smell that seems like burning chemicals. When it's hotter it's not as noticeable. Doesn't seem to be doing any harm, but it's distracting and I would probably pick a different one in the future. ...more info
  • So much better than my old dryer--when it worked
    I am very happy with this hair dryer. As advertised it is much quieter than other dryers I've owned--quieter on high speed than my old one on low speed. It does a good job, and it seems like my hair looks better when I use it--I used a travel dryer for a few days and thought I needed a haircut until I started using this one again. Lent it to a friend to try and she loved it too!

    editing my review on 12/12/07--
    the dryer has died. several times I would turn it off before I was finished drying my hair and it wouldn't come back on....well it did it again yesterday and now it is completely dead. after only a few months, and my hair is only chin-length, so while I used it daily it was not for long periods of time. now we'll see how getting a replacement goes--we've moved so I don't have the box, etc. ...more info
  • Overheats
    Loved the dryer for the first 3 days. Fluffy, shiny straight hair! Then it tripped the GFI because it overheated. Refused to work for 15 minutes. I had to send it back. Very disappointed!...more info
  • Overheats easily
    This blow dryer overheats with 10 minutes use. If you turn it off, it won't turn on again until it has time to cool down. I returned it and purchased the Revlon RV544 1875 Watt Tourmaline Ionic Lightweight Dryer instead. It works really well. ...more info
  • Excellent Hair Dryer
    This dryer lives up to all claims. It is quieter and dries hair quicker. The airflow is a little lighter than my old dryer, but it still dries my hair faster. I like that there are a few settings for the dryer, not just high and low. The cool-shot button is awesome as well. It is really cool air that comes old dryer gave warm air when using the cool shot button. I have not needed to use the attatchment, but I am sure that works just as well. My hair is much smoother using this hair dryer and I experience much less fly-aways. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. For the price, it is an awesome buy!...more info
  • This is a great hair dryer
    This hair dryer works as advertised! It is quieter, lighter, and performs better than my old Revlon hair dryer. Although I was initially skeptical of the hype, this "tourmaline / nano-ceramic" hair dryer did indeed leave my hair shinier and smoother than my old ion hair dryer. It worked so well on my thick Asian hair that I felt like I'd walked out of a salon. My husband is happier because it doesn't wake him up in the morning.

    I also like that it uses a small plug for the wall outlet, so I no longer have to unplug my husband's electric razor to use it. Also, the concentrator attachment partially screws on so that it doesn't fall off every time I set the dryer down on the counter, like my old Revlon's attachment did. I also *love* the look of it; the red is bold and stylish. I honestly can't think of a single way to improve this hair dryer (other than to make a completely silent levitating one).

    So overall, 5 stars, 2 thumbs up, would recommend it to my friends, etc. I'm actually considering buying a second one for my gym bag, even though my gym provides hairdryers in the locker rooms. It really works that much better....more info