NETGEAR XE103 85 Mbps Powerline Network Adapter
NETGEAR XE103 85 Mbps Powerline Network Adapter

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Product Description

Netgear's XE103 85-Mbps Powerline Wall Plugged Ethernet Adapter is the fast solution for extending your home network by using standard electrical outlets. It delivers everything you need to set up an Internet connection in any room without running new wires. Once it is inserted into the wall outlet, simply plug one XE103 into your router and another XE103 into any Ethernet-ready device. You eliminate dead spots in your wireless network, while enjoying a fast 85 Mbps speed capable of transmitting multiple video streams at once and without interruption. With no software to install, setup is literally a matter of Plug and Play. Power and Safety Regulations - UL Certified Typical Coverage - Up to 5000 square foot home System Requirements - Available RJ-45 Ethernet port, Microsoft Windows Vista, 2000 and XP, One 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port and One 85 Mbps Powerline port

The NETGEAR XE103 85 Mbps Powerline Network Adapter offers:
  • An easy way to extend a network connection using just your power lines
  • 85 Mbps throughput
  • True plug and play simplicity
The NETGEAR XE103 85 Mbps Powerline Network Adapter lets you easily extend a network using just the existing electric lines of your home, eliminating the need to run unsightly Ethernet wires all over your house or apartment. At 85 Mbps, you'll have more than enough speed to download music, stream videos, and make internet telephone calls without any hiccups.

The XE103 provides data speeds of up to 85 Mbps through your power lines. View larger.
True Plug and Play Installation
Extending a network using the electric lines in your home requires two XE103 units. Simply plug one of them into a wall outlet and connect it to your router with an Ethernet cord. Plug the second one into the wall outlet where you need a network connection and connect it to any Ethernet-ready device. That's it. There's no software to install. You can create as many network connections as you need by connecting more XE103 units wherever you need them. The device has easy-to-read icon LEDs for status information at a glance.

Fast Performance
The XE103 supports speeds up to 85 Mbps which is enough for multiple video streams without interruptions. The XE103 has a 10/100 Ethernet port with which you can connect a PC, gaming console, Slingbox, DVR, NETGEAR's SC101T Storage Central Turbo or ReadyNAS NV+, or another networkable device. In order to enable encryption, you need a computer with Windows Vista, XP, or 2000.

What's in the Box
XE103 85 Mbps Powerline Network Adapter, installation guide, Ethernet cable, setup CD, warranty/support information card.

  • Wall-plugged network adapter lets you easily extend a fast network using electric lines
  • Delivers up to 85 Mbps wired speed
  • Three easy-to-read icon LEDs for quick status information at a glance
  • True plug and play simplicity
  • Built-in security safeguards your information

Customer Reviews:

  • I gave up on it
    I got a pair of these several months ago but I had issues getting them to work reliably. I am in a house built in 1981. With certain outlets the pair would not work at all. With others it was intermittent. When they connect and stay connected it works great. I had no problems for a few months. Then one day they suddenly will not stay connected no matter where they are plugged. It's probably due to the wiring in my house....more info
  • It works - simple as that.
    I've got one of these, and three of the 4-port switch version of this 85Mbps adapter. They have all worked without fail - just plug them in, and they find each other.

    You won't get 85Mbps, so don't be surprised when each one comes online at its own speed. However, it has meant I can connect a bunch of non-wireless devices (e.g. a web cam, and my Tivos with USB Ethernet adapters) to my home network in roughly 30 seconds.

    Thoroughly recommended....more info
  • Rodney
    The concept of the unit is that you can use your house wiring as the carrier for the signal. The problem with the design is that it cannot overcome the physics of electricity. Netgear does not clearly explain that you cannot push the signal past the homes breaker system in their ads and hence the only way this system works is if your router is on the same circuit as the adapter. New homes break up room/equipment loads into smaller circuits for safety virtually stopping the use of a system like this. My complaint for netgear is that this is not put out there as a significant technical consideration. Although I continued to use their router I had to go wireless to make the system work and wasted money and time getting to the solution....more info
  • A very easy connection
    This product works very well in a number of situations. Like others, I had a cat5 cable running from my router to another computer across the ceiling, and for aesthetic reasons it had to change. Previous versions and similar products by other manufacturers were not reviewed well, but this unit worked like a charm. Installation took less than five minutes, and the speed, while not as fast as a direct connection is more than adequate, usually above 40 MBPS. While I miss the direct connection when I am grabbing large files, even for video tasks it works well.
    And what price can one put on no longer getting complaints about a cable looks hanging over the door....more info
  • Easy to Install Works as Advertised
    I ordered two units, the XE103 and XE104 for my apartment. I was a little nervous that the powerline networking would not work right in my apartment because all the reviews etc I read online talked about using the units in houses, not apartments. Both units could not have been easier to set up. Plugged the XE103 in by my router and connected in, the XE104 went by my two PCs, one running Vista. Then I loaded the CD into my vista machine, loaded the Encryption Utility and set up the security for both. That's it. I had the utility running while I was on my PC for most of the first night and my speed never dropped below 83 mbps. My concerns about these working in an apartment were gone, they work fine and I feel secure in the fact that the utility didn't see any other powerline units and I was able to set up the security with a strong password. Also, in case anyone wonders, I was able to plug them in upside down in the outlet, no polarized plug issues. I needed to do this because of the surge protectors already plugged into those outlets. I would definitely recommend these two units. The only reason I didn't give them a 5 star rating is because I haven't owned them that long. ...more info
  • Forget about the Wireless in the House
    I read a Mosseberg review on this product on Wallstreet Journal. I have four wireless adapters in the house. I needed to add fifth one. I decided to go with XE103. It could not be easier. I plugged in the XE104NA on the router end and the XE103 on the computer end. It worked! Unlike the wireless where I had to install drivers and do the configureations, I did not need to do a sigle extra thing!
    ...more info
  • Networking made easy!
    This product is so excellent that I now own 3 of them and am heartily recommending them to all my friends who are networking-challenged. I have one connected to my XBox 360 so that I can stream music, video and pictures from my computer. I mainly use it to view my pictures on large screen. Of course, I can also be on XBox live for games.
    The other adapter is installed near my ReplayTV for sharing video online. I can't recommend this product enough!...more info
  • It does what wirless is bad at: travelling through the walls
    Despite the convenience of wireless connections, people sometimes prefer wired ones for they are more reliable, faster and will not raise any health concerns. For the exact reasons, I bought three "Netgear XE103" : One for the ADLS modem, another for my computer and a third one for my Slingbox Pro. (By the way, I am using Netgear XE103 as Slinglink Turbo 1PORT Enet Connection Bridge in case you are also wondering if they are equivalent.)

    All the three XE103 have been plugged on the wall for more than 1 year and half and my connection never broke or had problems (knock on the wood). Some people seem to have problems with the product due to the internal wiring of their house, but for me it was as easy as plugging it on the wall and connecting the cable.

    If you are having trouble bringing the wireless connection to different floors, this can also be your solution! The only catch is that you'll need to buy more than one, and the more connections you need, the more you will have to buy....

    ...more info
  • It just works!
    I regularly install new technology, both at work and at home. Rarely does new stuff like this actually work out of the box. However, the Netgear Powerline adapters just worked. I opened the box, plugged one in to the wall and connected one of the supplied Ethernet cables to my home router and watched the lights come on. Grabbed the other one, plugged it in and connected it to my TiVo (disconnected the intermittent USB wireless adapter at the same time), and I was instantly impressed. The TiVo grabbed a dhcp address and continued merrily on its way. For me , performance isn't an issue - stability is. I spent more on this than the wireless solution, but it's rock solid and I didn't have to spend an hour in my attic pulling cat5 cable. It also looks better hidden behind the TV than the wireless adapter which had to be out in the open to get a signal. No software to worry about, no wireless security configuration - just plug it in and you're done. I was up and running in about 5 minutes....more info
  • Don't Even Think About It
    I purchased these in lieu of running a new phone jack to a bedroom. It refused to work unless I was within 15 feet of the other unit. The plug I needed to use is 60 feet away. These units are a joke. Netgear's technical support people are totally incompetent. So, don't expect any help there. I called, and the technician didn't even know they made this product. Caveat Emptor....more info
  • works first tiem , every time
    Just plug it into a wall outlet, run a network cable between this device and your computer and you are done. Of course, this means that you already have one plugged in to your router. Once you have at least two of these you can always add more devices anywhere in your home.

    I never read the directions. All I did was plug them in and start using my home network and the Internet. Works without any other setup or aggravation. I did not notice any difference between this method and normal network cable. I did notice a difference between this and wireless; this works in every room. My wireless setup was intermittent in some areas. I turned my wireless off once I bought and installed these adapters.

    This is what we were promised twenty years ago with technology rather than the endless setting up and tweaking of computers, networks and other gizmos....more info
  • Testing of the XE103-100NAS
    I like hard data as well as opinions, and could not find much on this device. I tested these units for my own benefit, and provide the test, analysis, and my opinion to assist you.

    Description/Test Setup/Notes

    Determine Netgear XE103 throughput in real life situation.
    Comparison with 802.11B wireless throughput in the same test situation.

    Test Setup:
    Two Windows XP SP2 endpoints with intervening switch.
    XE103 Route - Computer1:Switch:XE103:Power Wiring:XE103:Computer2
    802.11B Route - Computer1:Switch:802.11B AP:Air:802.11B PCMCIA:Computer2

    Test based upon transfer of folder from Computer1 to Computer2.
    Size of transfer = 376 MB (395,129,843 bytes).
    No other devices on network, except those described.
    No other activity on test computers, other than transfer monitoring.

    Test results will be time of transfer.
    Transfer monitored by network bandwidth monitoring software.
    Netgear Encyption Utility, supplied with XE103, displays connection rates.
    The XE103 devices are using maximum encryption supported, 56-bit.
    The 802.11B devices are using maimum encryption supported, 128-bit.
    All values recorded for comparison and analysis.

    The XE103 devices are affected by household wiring.
    Quoted 85Mbps rate will only be found where devices in very close proximity.
    Computer2 is located close to AP for 802.11B maximum rate and signal
    Computer2 is not located in same room as Computer1, power line routing
    unknown, but not a great physical distance.

    The XE103 provides extra security and network partitioning by using a
    network identifier. All devices that will communicate together are
    configured by the user to use the same network identifier.

    Special Notes:
    When comparing bps and Bps, there are some general rules of thumb.
    In wired LAN environments, rule of thumb is 10 bits per byte, resulting in a 10:1 ratio between bps (bits-per-second) and Bps (bytes-per-second).
    In wireless LAN environments, rule of thumb is 20 bits per byte (extra framing overhead, encryption), resulting in a 20:1 ratio.
    Though not exact, you may find these values useful in comparing products.

    In both wired and wireless cases, manufacturers quote highest rate possible at the lowest communications level.

    Test Results:

    Netgear Utility displayed rate between XE103 devices = 42 Mbps
    Bandwidth Monitor displayed rate = 1.2 MBps
    Transfer time = 372 seconds = 1,062,177 Bps

    Device setup utility displayed maximum signal and rate = 11 Mbps
    Bandwidth Monitor displayed rate = 462 KBps
    Transfer time = 985 seconds = 401,147 Bps

    Test Analysis:

    The XE103 performed 2.65 faster over the 802.11B in a timed comparison.

    Product Opinion:

    I have noticed that the Netgear Utility shows flunctuating rate values during different time periods. The lowest rate has been 18 Mbps, highest 45 Mbps.

    The XE103 is at a premium price when compared with other powerline models.
    If similar test data can be found, it may be more cost effective to use a less expensive model (manufacturer quoted as 14 Mbps).

    If Internet surfing is main desire for the remote computer, then comparison of ISP provider rate to these tests results should be done.

    For highest security and speed, nothing will surpass a wired network.
    Powerline and wireless are a great convenience.
    Judge which is best by comparing your needs and desires for speed and

    I hope that this helps in your research.
    ...more info
  • Excellent amazing invention - no more wireless for me
    This is a great product. I installed it to handle the 4th bedroom in my house where the wireless signal was not reaching. It works great across the entire length of my house. It's faster and more reliable then the wireless signal by far. For me the only need for wireless in my house now is if I want to move around with my laptop. No more messing with antennas, trying to get repeaters to work, this ends that and just works. ...more info
  • great when it works! has a mind of its own!
    I have a Netgear G router at home and tried using these to avoid wireless/wires to bedrooms. When I got them and installed it did work. After some time (and I didn't use them for some time in between), it stopped working. I do have all 3 lights coming up (means power, connection to the other units and the connection to the local system), and still I dont get the DHCP address I am supposed to get from the router. I went back to wireless G dongle that works always.
    Update: Tried again once more and it worked again. So using it for now. When it works it works fine.
    Caveats to follow: (as mentioned in the manual) - connect directly to an outlet and not connect through a power strip etc. (both ends). First connect/power on the one connected to the internet/router to avoid issues.
    I connect one of these to the wireless router's wired connection and connect the second one in my den to the desktop computer.
    ...more info


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