Fresh Baby So Easy Baby Food Kit
Fresh Baby So Easy Baby Food Kit

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A complete solution for making healthy, all-natural baby food at home in less than 30 minutes per week. Designed for the introduction of solid food for babies 4-6 months old. The Fresh Start Kit teaches you how to prepare a nutritious variety of baby food, enhance the flavor of it by adding natural herbs and spices, and to make tasty meals. The Fresh Start Kit includes: Book: easy-to-read information about introducing solid food, the Fresh Start baby food making system and more than 40 recipes.; Video: step-by-step instruction of the Fresh Start system - from selecting the right produce - to making baby food - to serving it.; Quick Reference Card: useful information - best sources of nutrients, baby ailments, choking, and much more...; Freezer Trays: specially designed for babies - each compartment holds a single one-ounce serving.

  • Make fresh, natural baby food in 30 minutes per week
  • Open the box and get started convenience
  • Award-winning kit includes book, storage trays, how-to DVD, and tip card
  • Complete instructions and tools to make baby food in less than 30 minutes per week
  • Perfect new baby gift

Customer Reviews:

  • 1st Baby---Natural food made simple!
    As my title states...I'm a 1st time Mommy and I knew I wanted natural foods & not jarred food since I work in Nutrition, however, I had no idea where to begin. Thank goodness for this kit! I was so nervous the 1st time I tried it but I quickly learned that this book makes the preparation/cooking so easy & FUN!! I absolutely love making the recipes. Besides the recipes, the book suggests herbs & spices that can go with the foods and at what ages to introduce them. It also suggests possible food combinations. Obviously some of the recipes, you don't need a blender & can just mash them w/ a fork but exercise common sense & you'll only succeed! I truly love this book/kit!! ...more info
  • loved it!
    I love everything about this product! I love the ease of cooking the food and storing the food! I love the little cheat sheet that comes with the kit and the storage trays. I would recommend to any new mom that is thinking about cooking for your little one(s). The book breaks down how much you save in a year by making your own baby food and it really makes you think! I absolutely love it and what a better reason to love it because my son loves the food, too!...more info
  • Fresh food made easy!
    This system is the best for making fresh baby food at home!

    The book uses chapters to show you which foods to introduce at the appropriate ages. The first chapter is first foods, and features easily-digestible foods like acorn squash and pears. As the book progresses with the baby's age, the food variety increases to include things like asparagus and black beans. The final chapters introduce berries and nuts for babies over 12 months. There is no meat in the system, but they do have tofu.

    The book tells you exactly how many of a fruit or veggie to buy, what to look for in selecting fresh produce, and step-by-step instructions on how to clean, peel, cook and puree the food for your baby. It is an excellent guide, even for the novice shopper/food preparer. It doesn't miss a step!

    They also make suggestions on which spices can be added to the food while cooking for flavor variety. For instance, they tell you how much cinnamon to add to your cooking apples to get delicious cinnamon applesauce. This makes for delicious taste-tempters like vanilla pears and ginger yams that babies can't resist!

    To add even more variety to your baby's diet, the book suggests "medleys" which are combinations of foods that go well together. Once you have introduced both foods separately, you can create a medley for an interesting variation.

    Major pros of this system:
    1 - Save money! Buying fresh produce in season and making your own baby food from it is sooooo much cheaper than buying all of those little jars.
    2 - Baby is healthier! Commercial jarred baby foods contain fillers that have no nutritional value. They also can contain pesticides and preservatives. I don't want my baby eating any of that!
    3 - Food tastes better! Have you ever tried jarred baby food? Blech! It doesn't taste anything like the food it's supposed to be! No wonder baby spits it out - I would too. The pureed foods from this system are fresh and tasty, and baby will love them. An excerpt from the front of the book: "Did you know that baby food could be up to three years old when you buy it on the grocery store shelf?" Sorry, but I don't want my baby eating anything older than him.

    I adored this system when my son started eating solid food, and I still use it today to create healthy fresh side dishes for him and the rest of the family. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to make their own baby food - it's the best!...more info
    I use it EVERYDAY and LOVE IT!!! It's a "NO BRAINER"..... you should buy this. I plan to get a kit for all of my mommie friends! They are being sold at Target in January too! :) Great product... SO EASY!!!...more info
  • Great book for beginners like me!
    I got this book for Christmas in anticipation of feeding my now 6-month old son, and have been using it for a couple of weeks now as he gets started with baby food. It has worked great. It is so easy that I cannot believe I bought baby food at all for my now 4-year old daughter. The book says 30 minutes a week is all you need - I don't even think it takes that long. The "recipes" are very simple, but they are just what I need. It specifies which foods you cook (apples, pears) and which you just mush up without cooking (bananas, tofu, avocados) and tells you how long to cook it. Probably very basic stuff for a lot of folks, but this is right up my alley. I wasn't interested in making risotto or any other crazy stuff for my baby. I just wanted to make nice wholesome food whose origin I knew. The ice cube trays work great. They are BPA free and the cubes come out easily after running under warm water. I take a couple of cubes out in the morning and I am good to go for the day. I didn't use the CD (or is it a DVD?) that comes with it, so I cannot comment on that. This is great for beginners....more info
  • Easy to do
    This is an excellent kit. I bought one for myself and was able to make baby food while working full time and being pregnant. It really takes no time at all, it is much cheapier then buying baby food and you are open to a wide range of foods to introduce your baby to. I now by this for all my baby shower gifts!...more info
  • Very Helpful Kit!
    The cookbook is very helpful with guidelines, information, tips and very easy recipes! The trays are very convenient, and with each cube being approximately 1 oz. you know how much your baby is eating! This system is a must!!...more info
  • Great product!!
    I like the layout of the book and the suggestions of combining different food together and what age is appropriate for the combination. The green tabs that divided the age sections are also very helpful.

    This book only shows how to cook food using a microwave and nothing else. That's why I gave a 4 stars. The trays are easy to use and easy to pop the cubes out. The note that comes with the trays suggests that the trays to be washed by hands and not by the dishwasher to avoid warping. I've been washing them by hands and don't see any warping at this point.

    I also purchased "The Petit Appetit Cookbook: Easy, Organic Recipes to Nurture Your Baby and Toddler" by Lisa Barnes. This one has instructions for steaming, or using a microwave, or sometimes using the ovens. I like the ideas of have alternatives.

    ...more info
  • OK, but not great
    I found this to be an OK product, but not great. I like the freezer trays and have used them a lot since purchasing them, but the book wasn't that informative. It just did not have as many recipes as I had hoped. ...more info
  • Fantastic for First Time Moms
    I love this book as a first time mom. I bought several others and found this to be the most helpful. I like the lists of appropriate fruits and vegetables for each age. The most helpful part of this book is the explanations on each page about how to store and prepare every kind of fruit and vegetable.
    Caution-it seems ironic that the trays are free from harmful chemicals, like BPA, however the cooking instructions say to use plastic wrap and the microwave. I did not do this. I used this kit to know what fruits and vegetables to prepare, what to mix together, and to use the tray system. I use my Beeba Babycook from Williams Sonoma to prepare the food. See my review at [...]....more info
  • Microwave Really????
    The authors recommend that you microwave all the food you cook for your baby. Is this a joke? Coming from a company that is based on feeding children natural food you would think they would want to cook it in a more natural manner. I don't even own a microwave and definitely don't plan on cooking 100% of my baby's food in one. They do have about 4 sentences in their 100 page cookbook that relates to steaming food but it looks like it was added as an afterthought.

    Also the book and DVD are written with a 12 year old in mind as their audience. They could give their customer a little more respect and act like they have at least half a brain.

    The trays are nice and I plan on making my baby food using the cook book but you have to be a little curious about a natural baby food product that encourages everything to be cooked in a totally unnatural manner....more info
  • Awesome if you have the time
    I bought this kit 3 months ago and I love it. I've been trying to keep my son on an organic diet and this is the most affordable way to do it. The kit has a dvd and a cookbook/journal to walk you through every possible question. It really is very simple. If you plan on making your own baby food I would highly suggest getting a food processor. I tried using my blender the first few times as suggested by the kit and it really didn't do that great of a job and there was waste at the bottom caught up in the blades. Making your own food is the best for your baby. It eliminates poor produce/unripe fruit, fillers, and preservatives. This kit allows you to control what goes into your child's body, the most important thing of all. The only draw back I could site is that it has no recipes for any meat which most think should be introduced around 8 months of age. Other than that it is perfect! This would also make a great gift for a new mom to be!...more info
  • Easy to Use
    The Fresh Baby so Easy Baby Food is quite simple to follow. The storage containers have worked really well so far. The DVD was not really that necessary even though the authors recommend you watch it before beginning. One thing that is up for debate is whether or not to cook the vegetables by microwaving them. Another book that I read recommends steaming rather than microwaving. So I decided that I felt more comfortable and natural steaming the food. The book's recipes are in order according to the baby's age and offers ideas on how to make combinations. I would recommend this product....more info
  • Fun
    The item is as easy as can be. It's a real joy seeing your baby eat the fun food that you have made for them. My son loves the food I make for him every day....more info
  • The name fits!
    I absolutely love this. It breaks everything down and it is all in one place, you don't have to search 10 different websites. I can't comment on the DVD as I haven't used it.

    The only drawback for me was that the book uses mostly the microwave. I'm not a mircowave person, so I am baking and boiling most of the food. It really is simple and it takes very little time or effort....more info
  • LOVE this kit
    I just purchased this kit two days ago and have already made my lil one applesauce and sweet potatoes. I also made my own baby food for my other kids but was SO clueless. This kit makes it quick and easy. I have 12 servings of applesauce and 12 servings of sweet potatoes sitting in my freezer right now and it only took minutes.

    I gave my lil one jarred applesauce yesterday morning and he gagged and spit it out and made HORRIBLE faces. I gave him mommy's fresh applesauce last night and he gobbled it up. Get this kit it is very much worth the money!...more info
  • it really is SO EASY
    I toyed with the idea of making homemade baby food, and then I met the creator of this product at a seminar and she convinced me to give it a try. There are so many benefits to doing it -- from greater nutrition to greater variety to saving money. Not to mention modeling your baby's palatte to include fresh and healthy foods as opposed to the processed taste of bottled baby foods.

    The book and DVD are super helpful and the system couldn't be easier. You are given instructions on how to pick out the given produce item at the market, how much to buy to create the number of servings, how to store it, how to cook it, and various ways to serve it to your baby at different stages. You will be amazed -- you will be licking the spoon after you scoop it into the provided trays. Speaking of which, I love that they are made in the USA with all the scary things you read about products made in China these days.

    Definitely give it a try. ...more info
  • A little to much microwave
    While I love the food trays, mine got stained from carrots the first time I used them. If you are looking for a baby food cookbook, keep looking! This one has you microwave EVERYTHING, while it is easy I'm not sure that is the best method for cooking baby food for retaining nutritional value. The mix-ins suggestions are good, but there is probably a better baby food cookbook out there. Not unhappy with the purchase, but I wouldn't recommend it to a friend....more info


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