Fallene Cotz SPF 58 Water Resistant UVB/UVA Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin, 2.5-Ounce Tube

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Product Description

Fallene Cotz SPF 58 is a mineral-based sunscreen that utilizes ultra-micronized titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and iron oxide for effective protection from the sun's harmful rays. Cotz is dye-, oil-, PABA- and fragrance-free, offering full-spectrum protection without any "chemical sunscreen" ingredients. This product is ideal for light-sensitive and pediatric uses, but it is also an excellent sunscreen choice for just about anyone with sensitive skin. In addition, this sunscreen offers significant water-resistant properties, which makes it an ideal choice for active people and outdoor activities. Cotz SPF 58 will leave your skin soft, smooth, and, most importantly, protected from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

The Cotz SPF 58 sunscreen offers:
  • Full-spectrum sun protection.
  • Combined multiple particle sizes of titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and iron oxide.
  • Special formula that is perfect for photo-sensitive individuals.

Fallene Cotz SPF 58 sunscreen combines multiple particle sizes of titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and iron oxide to offer excellent full-spectrum protection.
The Full-Spectrum Sun Protection
Fallene, Ltd. produces the most complete full spectrum sun protection available. Cotz SPF 58, Lipcotz SPF 45, Clear SPF 65, and Tinted SPF 60, all combine multiple particle sizes of micronized titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and iron oxide to form a complete barrier from the light spectrum, including UVA/UVB.

The Cotz SPF 58, as well as the other Fallene products, are specially designed for photo-sensitive individuals, but are perfect for anyone concerned about maintaining healthy skin and promoting the integrity of their immune system.

The Dangers of UVB Wavelengths
SPF rating does not adequately measure protection from all the damaging radiation effects of light. SPF is only a determination of protection from one specific wavelength of ultraviolet radiation, the UVB (290nm - 320nm). Unfortunately, there is no currently approved standard to rate the quality of a sunscreen's UVA protective capabilities. UVA (320nm - 400nm) is the deeper penetrating wavelength that is more often associated with skin changes, such as wrinkling, pigmentation, and long term damage. The SPF rating system does not accurately or completely define a sunscreen's protective capabilities from harmful ultraviolet radiation, except the UVB wavelength.

UVB creates a red, painful irritation first experienced during early sun exposure, but UVB is not the only ultraviolet wavelength damaging to the skin. In fact, UVB has only a minimal effect upon the deeper depth of skin. UVB and UVA radiation are both recognized as causing skin cancer, and SPF 30 protection is just not enough.

Direct Physical Photoblockers Benefits
Most of the physical photoblockers are naturally occurring metal compounds (iron, chromium, zinc, titanium, etc), although some, such as bismuth, are man-made. In addition to their photo-protective attributes, these substances also assist in preventing windburns and skin damage from wind-driven micro-particles, such as dirt and grime. These physical blockers also offer a substantial defense against infrared rays in two ways.

Winter, spring, summer or fall -- no matter what the season, Lipcotz SPF 45 protects your skin from harmful rays.

Minimize wrinkling, skin-damage, and photo-aging with Fallene sun-protection products.
First, particles that are large enough to be seen, i.e. the reflect visible light, will also reflect and refract infrared waves that are the most harmful to the skin (760nm - 1,800nm). Second, regardless of particle size, these metal-based materials act as a "heat sink" and thereby reduce the heat effect on the skin.

Titanium Dioxide: Absorbs Light and Protects Skin
This white-pigment powder is widely used in cosmetics. Products containing large-particle titanium have a greater opacity, which means they have greater lightening or whitening qualities. Opaque titanium dioxide is highly reflective and strongly scatters all UV and visible rays. It also reflects much of the skin-damaging infrared waves, keeping skin cooler and reducing "heat" damage that causes unwanted photo-aging.

To photo-stabilize titanium dioxide it must be micro-coated with a protectant, such as silicone or aluminum oxide. Since titanium dioxide spreads poorly on the skin, another way to inhibit its breakdown is to incorporate titanium dioxide with other blockers. To achieve cosmetic elegance and usefulness, microcoating the titanium dioxide assures a good, even application to the skin. A downside of large-particle titanium dioxide products is that they produce a white, opaque appearance on the skin when applied. However, submicronizing the titanium dioxide powder, as Fallene does, creates small particles that absorb visible light and protect the skin, but they're still invisible on the skin, so you're not covered in embarrassing white salve.

Transparent (sub-micronized) titanium dioxide works by absorbing, reflecting and scattering UVB and some UVA rays. However, protection against UV, visible and infrared is significantly limited when submicronized titanium dioxide is the primary protectant.

Zinc Oxide: Extends Photo-Protection
Zinc Oxide has been known and used topically for centuries as a skin protectant and wound-healing adjuvant and is also recognized as a mild antimicrobial agent. More than 50 years ago, zinc oxide was indicated as a block for ultraviolet light (UVB/UVA). It also reflects infrared from the skin, as does titanium dioxide. However, its ability to protect in the long UVA range (300nn - 400nm) is much higher than titanium dioxide. Zinc oxide absorbs, rather than scatters, most UVA, while titanium dioxide primarily scatters these wavelengths. Thus, formulated in combination with titanium dioxide, ultra-fine zinc oxide "closes the window" in the UVA range. Zinc oxide works to both complement titanium dioxide's protection and extend photo-protection to the skin where titanium dioxide is insufficient. The optimal particle size range for ultraviolet blocking zinc oxide (without blocking visible wavelengths) is approximately 80 to 150 nanometers (1,000 nanometers = 1 micron).

Iron Oxides: Adds Color and Complements Primary UV Blocking Agents
Iron oxide is used in a wide array of cosmetics to provide cover-up color. Cosmetic iron oxides are manufactured to a high purity, desired color and particle size.

Iron oxide pigments for cosmetic use are micronized powders. They are available in a number of shades and tones of red, yellow, black and brown. These cosmetic pigments, if incorporated at adequate concentration and properly dispersed, not only add color, but they also provide significant skin protection from multiple wavelengths of light.

Ultra-submicronized iron oxides protect against visible light waves, but also add a little color to the finished product. This allows for the addition of higher levels of infrared protecting iron oxides, while retaining the cosmetic elegance and shade of the final preparation. Submicronized iron oxides block ultraviolet rays, which is a great complement to the primary UV blocking agents.

What's in the Box
Fallene Cotz SPF 58 water-resistant sunscreen tube (2.5-ounces).

Fallene Cotz SPF 58 Water Resistant UVB/UVA Sunscreen is extra gentle, and dermatologist recommended for sensitive skin. No chemical sunscreen filters. Dries clear and PABA free. Contains only Titanium and Zinc, and has UVB/UVA protection. Water resistant and fragrance free.

UVB is the cause of early skin redness experienced during initial sun exposure. UVA (320nm-400nm) is responsible for deeper skin damage, and many of the long term destructive changes that are harmful to the skin. Unfortunately there is no official rating system, to date, that measure's a products' UVA protection.

UVA radiation, unlike UVB, is consistently the same all day long, all month long and all year long. UVA rays present almost the saM.D.amaging effects to the skin in December at 9am, as they do in July at 4 p.m. UVA radiation is consistently damaging, and in fact, enters deeper into the skin than UVB. Since UVA damage is cumulative and penetrates through glass, everyone requires daily, year round protection. Made in USA.

  • One 2.5-ounce tube of SPF58 sunscreen
  • Contains only titanium and zinc
  • Extra gentle; dermatologist recommended for sensitive skin
  • Water-resistant and fragrance-free
  • Made in the United States

Customer Reviews:

  • Drying even on hands, RASH on FACE And NECK
    This product caused a rash on my face and neck so it is not as advertised " for sensitive skin" and it dried the skin worse than being in the sun! I would not purchase again.
    Why is it so difficult to find a good sunscreen?
    Very frustrated..... had hoped this would be a great solution with all the 5 star reviews....more info
  • No ghost face with this sunscreen...
    Fallene Cotz spf 58 is my new favorite sunscreen. I have tried just about every face sunblock on the Environmental Database - Skin Deep sunscreen review list, and this is the best by far, with Vanicream a close second. This is tinted so you don't get that ghastly white ghost face in photos as you would with other zinc products. My skin is on the fair/olive side, so I realize this result will differ for those with darker skin. Another positive - there is NO smell, whatsoever. No pina colada smell, no medicinal smell, no coconut smell... love it....more info
  • Simple sunscreen
    My dermatologist recommended I wear this since it is the simplest sunscreen available - hardly any chemicals - almost pure zinc. I love it. ...more info
  • Great sun protection for sensitive skin
    I am allergic to just about every active ingredient in a normal sun screen. This product provides excellent sun protection without skin irritation or leaving greasy, heavy feeling on you skin. It gets absorbed very quickly, leaves a nice moist feeling on your skin, and is good to use under make-up. For folks with drier skin, use a light moisturizer under this and for all, make sure you wash it off well at night. I think zinc tends to stick around on your skin and can cause irritation for some folks. Also, it does dry a bit pale on your skin, so may not be ideal for people with darker skin tones. Overall, this is the best sun screen I've tried so far, and believe me, I've tried all sorts of 'sensitive skin' sun protection out there....more info
  • best sunscreen for sensitive skin
    I have used Cotz for 4 years and LOVE it. Not only does it protect my skin from sunburn/sun damage, it also protects my skin from dirt and grime in the environment, keeping pores clean and fresh. It moisturizes, softens skin, keeps it young and supple looking and feeling, protects skin from both sun and environmental pollutants, and unlike every other sunscreen I've tried, it does not irritate my skin or clog pores, and is not greasy. It is mildly tacky when first applied, but after a minute, I gently blot with a soft towel or microfiber cloth, and it then feels dry. I wear this every single day, and my skin looks better and fresher with it on, than off---almost like very sheer, flattering makeup. I HIGHLY recommend it!...more info
  • Excellent sunscreen
    I have been using the Fallene Cotz SPF 58 sunscreen for a few weeks now. I wear sunscreen every day no matter what my plans are. This sunscreen has the qualities that are important to me. It is completely fragrance free. It is matte and therefore does not leave my face shiny. It's gentle and does not sting. It blends with my skin, leaving no trace.

    My only criticism is that my makeup does not glide on as smoothly as it does when I use Aveeno Positively Ageless moisturizer (with SPF 30). For anyone who does not wear makeup, this would be a perfect sunscreen. If you do wear makeup, it's certainly worth a try. Perhaps it would help to apply a light moisturizer before putting on the sunscreen.

    It is reasonably priced for a sunscreen that you will apply to your face and neck, but would be too expensive to use as a whole body sunscreen. For that I use a Coppertone oil-free sunscreen which is significantly less expensive.

    I would recommend this product....more info
  • Great for sensitive fair skin
    To try out this sunscreen, I spent the better part of the day in full sun putting up a fence. No burning on or irritation on my fair, sensitive skin. I was in the sun long enough to actually get a tan line from my watch, but no redness or burning. Best of all, it either stays put when you sweat or doesn't have eye-stinging chemicals, because my eyes weren't in agony like they usually are 5 minutes after stepping out into the heat with sunscreen on. I used it liberally all over my face (and wasn't at all careful around my eyes--just closed my eyes and slopped it on) and had no breakouts or stinging eyes.

    I doesn't have an overpowering smell, and it absorbed quickly and didn't feel thick and greasy like a lot of sunscreens. One weird thing: it's tinted, so it looks (and feels--I can't quite describe it, but if you've used liquid foundation, you'll recognize the feel) more like cosmetic foundation than lotion. The color didn't show up on my skin, but if you have smears you don't rub in, they'll be beige instead of white like they are with most sunscreens. It's a mineral-based sunscreen (whatever that means), so I'm guessing that accounts for the tint and feel.

    And as a control reference point, I did forget a spot (the 1-inch strip between the top of your jeans and the bottom of your shirt that's exposed when you bend over) and got badly burned there.

    One last note: I didn't wait 15 minutes before exposure, per the instructions, because I was in a hurry, but it didn't seem to matter for me....more info
  • Very good product - something I would buy on my own
    I'm very fair skinned and I burn very easily. Due to earlier teen years of baking in the sun, my face has been permanently damaged from the sun. As a result, I do everything I can to avoid getting any sun on it.

    This product, with its high SPF is just what I needed. Thus far (after a couple of weeks of testing it on weekends), it has done its job. I'm getting a bit of color but I'm not burning - granted the color is limited since it's such a high SPF, but hey, I'm not trying to tan like I used to. I'm trying to protect myself from further skin damage and possible skin cancer.

    I like the fragrance free aspects of it as well. My face is very sensitive and I've had no problems with usage of the COTZ sunscreen.

    Good product. Recommend it....more info
  • Effective, but messy!!!
    At SPF 58, Fallene Cotz Sunscreen is a very effective sunblock, good enough for sensitive skin. However, it's very messy to apply. (I had to keep smoothing it out, over and over.) Also, the color doesn't match me or my wife or anyone that I know. Now, since it is effective, I would be more interested if Fallene Cotz came out with a sunspray. I think a lot of problems inherit in the cream would clear up with a spray....more info
  • Wonderful Product!
    This product is wonderful! I have used this product daily since I received it. I have very sensitive skin and have not experienced any reactions. This sunscreen reminds me of a product marketed by a well known cosmetic line that I use to purchase from a department store. But this is better!

    The sunscreen glides on easily and a little goes a long way. I apply it a few minutes after my moisturizer. I also reapply if I am going to be in the sun for lengthy periods of time. I use this product on my face and sparingly on the backs of my hands. Since this sunscreen is tinted, I do not advise its use near clothing items.

    When you first apply the sunscreen, you will experience a lighter than normal facial tone ~ but this goes away in a few minutes. Since using this product, I do not use any other facial products (powder or foundation) other than eye makeup. It is light and does the job!...more info
  • Great stuff
    Works well and is not that greasy considering the SPF. Stays on like it should and doesn't stain clothes. I didn't use it on my face, but I do have sensitive skin and thought it would be too heavy. It didn't break me out anywhere else so far. I'd recommend if you need a really high SPF. It might be too much for your average person. ...more info
  • Use when something more hearty is needed
    As far as I can tell, from limited use, this product works as well as any high SPF type treatment this reviewer has previously encountered. It seems to replace pure zinc oxide for the nose and it is more versatile for the rest of the face and ears . It's quite hearty and stands up to sweat and swimming to a degree. Unlike zinc oxide, when you properly rub it in you don't have to worry about looking as white as if you were on a cast call for Bettlejuice. I'll give it 3 stars and when, if ever they make a product that only has to be applied once in a 24-hr. period no matter what...that will be the 5-star product. Until that time this is one of the best prevention measures you can take, just remember re-apply, for safety's sake after very heavy sweating or extended time in the water ...more info
  • super thick protection against the sun
    We're on Maui and I tried this product. It comes on slightly tinted and thick, but if what you want is protection from those rays, this is it. On a day we were out a few hours in the hot sun, I didn't get burnt, or even tan. The next day, I decided to forgo the lotion, and came back with a slightly burned neck.

    It's a good product. some may find it a bit too thick if they are used to brands such as coppertone. ...more info
  • Effective Even After +90 Degree Weather/Freak Rainstorms
    I recommend this product because it works.

    Last week, my family and I spent the entire week at Disney World. Everyone knows it's a less a family vacation than survival against the hot weather, huge pushy crowds, and freak Floridian rainstorms.

    We spent hours walking *everywhere* throughout the theme parks and water parks. I decided to use this product and put it to the test. Day 1 was incredibly hot with +90-degree weather. Then it would suddenly rain out of nowhere. Day 2 was the same. Day 3 through Day 7, we would be walking for hours in the burning sun and then get rained on later on.

    This product works. In past years, I came home with an unsightly farmer's tan. This year, I did NOT get burned, I did NOT get a weird tan, and the product did exactly what it promised. I like that....more info
  • Like old fashioned "total block" without the mess
    This product is quite simply excellent.
    On the down side it's a little expensive, but when you consider your health, is cost really an issue?
    I used this on my children in 80-90F Mid West USA heat, so it wasn't tested in very hot climates, and I used it sparingly, and mostly on their faces (to supplement a more mainstream all over factor 50 for the rest of them). It goes on evenly, easily and quickly without the sticky residue or mess of old fashioned "total blocks" like Zinc Oxide cream that people used to plaster on their noses and look silly all day.
    It's hypoallergenic, and more importantly works exceptionally, even during exercise and swimming, and it was nice to see them without the tell tale red cheeks after a day out swimming, they have always had with other facial sunblocks.
    Factor 58? well, I've seen even Factor 85 recently, but even if you don't know anything about the subject the enclosed literature is easy to understand without blinding you with science.
    I highly recommend this product, especially if you are travelling to hotter climates including the Caribbean, and places nearer the Equator, where it is much easier to get sun burn.
    As already said, a little expensive, but you get what you pay for. Excellent results....more info
  • Great product for sensitive skin
    This product absorbs well and leaves no oily residue like some sun screens. My skin is very sensitive and breaks out easily. Finding sunscreens that work well with my skin has been difficult. I actually like how this product feels on my skin and definitely like the fact that it does not irritate my skin. ...more info
  • Fantastic protection
    I'm as pale and Irish as they come and after a week in the Mexico sun with only Fallene Cotz 58 SPF sunscreen to protect me, I'm happy to report that for once I did not get a sunburn. Maybe it was just dumb luck, but I was totally satisfied with the protections of the product. It's light, greaseless, and odorless, and sustains its potency even after swimming. I also noticed that fingernail breakage was kept at a minimum as well (another problem I have when I spend time in the sun and swimming), so I would have to say that it also moisturizes. The only drawback I noticed is my t-shirt managed to retain some of the tint from the sunscreen.

    I'm a believer and a convert now. I won't be spending extended periods in the sun without it....more info
  • Works As Well as Neutrogena on This Blonde!
    I am fair-skinned and burn instantly. I was skeptical about trying an "all natural" sunscreen because I have come to depend on the routine chemicals that protect me from burning so I did a test. I put Cotz SPF 58 on one arm and Neutrogena 55 on the other. After several hours in the sun neither arm was burned. Bottom line: it worked.

    The Cotz has no scent. That is a huge plus for me. But like every other cream sunscreen out there, it has a greasy feel no matter what they claim. I'm not sure I would want it on my face on a daily basis. It is also a lot more expensive than regular sunscreen, BUT doesn't have the chemicals that are harmful to the environments/coral reefs, so it's a trade-off.

    I give it four stars because it worked, it doesn't smell like anything, and because it protects the environment. It lost a star for cost and greasy feel. ...more info
  • Expensive but very good
    The Fallene Cotz is a very effective, non-greasy and quick absorbing sunscreen. One of the issues with many sunscreens is that they leave your hands and body greasy and have an over-powering smell. Fallene Cotz is easy to apply, strong protection, long lasting, and perfect for sensitive skin.

    My only issue is the cost... Fallene Cotz is roughlu three times the cost of standard "Baanans Boat" varieties. If you value the high quality a high quality sunscreen then this is the product for you. While "Banana Boat" has sunscreen varieties that offer similar protection I often feel a "film" on my skin which is absent when I use the Fallene Cotz.

    Overall score -

    A+ for the product
    C for the cost

    Overall - A-...more info
  • A highly superior sunblock
    This is a highly superior sunblock, and I know a lot about sunblock because I use it every day, especially whenever I go outside. First of all, the formulation is gentle and gives a good, nearly matte look to the skin that isn't white and splotchy; in fact, I've been using this one more than the one I usually use (Lorac), because I think that it not only provides better protection for my skin, but it's less oily too. You can use this one of the face and it looks almost as good as Lorac's, except that this one provides better protection. The only aspect of this product I may have a problem with is whether or not they test on animals (could not find any information on the package), otherwise this really is a good sunblock and I intend on getting some more in the future. I'd also like to add that the fact that this sunblock is pure zinc/titanium and not alcohol is great, because most stronger sunscreens compensate with lots of alcohol, which only makes it worse for the skin....more info
  • For people who think that not getting burned is more important than looking cool.
    I have to say that I was a bit dismayed when I first opened the tube and saw that the product looked like liquid makeup. It is a pale beige-pink color right out of the tube. However, the label cheerfully reassured me that the product "dries clear." I was a bit doubtful about that claim, as titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and iron oxide are all quite distinctly opaque substances, but whatever... To paraphrase Bill Clinton, I guess it depends on what your definition of "clear" is." Just the appearance alone was immediately making me think of negative things to say in a review.

    Sure enough, when applied, it does leave a very slightly chalky-looking film on the skin. On light-skinned people, it's probably not going to be too obvious. On people with darker skin, well, I think it will be pretty noticeable. My skin is definitely on the light pink side. When I applied it to my face and then looked in the mirror, my first reaction was to grab the blush and lipstick, because I sure looked washed out. (Might be good for convincing someone that you don't feel too well....)

    So, just in terms of appearance, it might be great for kids that are too young to care about looking good, and adults who are so adverse to getting burned, or to using a sunscreen with chemicals in it, that they also don't care that much about looking good either. If you are trying to be a gorgeous gleaming beach god or goddess, look elsewhere for skin protection.

    I used the product when working in the yard for several hours on more than one sunny day. It does work! My skin burns very easily, and Cotz protected it quite well. I also liked the fact that it was not greasy, dried rapidly, did not sting my eyes, and did not feel slick or unpleasant at all. I gave it four stars because it protects quite well, and is PABA-free. If it hadn't been for the slightly chalky look, I would have given it five stars. I would not hesitate to recommend this to others....more info
  • Excellent, but...
    This is an excellent sunscreen product, especially for sensitive-skin users, as it "Contains Only Titanium and Zinc" - hence the acronymic name. It's also free from sunscreen chemicals and has a high SPF plus UVA/UVB protection. And as an added plus, it's much less greasy than most sunscreens I've used, and goes on smoothly with a fleshtone tint, not the usual greasepaint-white. My family used it on a recent trip to the South Carolina beach and gave it unanimously high marks. Only one caution, and this cost it a star: because of its makeup-like tint, it has a tendency to stain your clothes....more info
  • Ugly effect!
    IF you have extremely sensitive skin and can find NO OTHER sunscreen, you might want to try this product. It works. That being said, do not believe the claim that it dries clear. It is like a very light-colored foundation make-up and leaves you looking rather sickly. It also leaves your skin feeling greasy. I ALWAYS finish products and hate to throw things away, but after 2 applications, this tube went into the trash....more info
  • Pretty Good
    This reminds me of calamine lotion in that it's hard to blend, but I like it because it's not sticky like regular sunscreen and it's odorless. I started mixing it with a little lotion just to make it easier to apply and blend. The only issue I have with it is it's not clear but other than that, I like it and have recommended it to a friend of mine who has lupus....more info
  • Too bad it isn't colorless
    This sun block comes out of the tube like liquid make-up; it's tan, thick, and hard to spread around. It showed on my skin for a while, felt greasy, and rubbed off on my clothes, leaving a whitish smear. I had to be careful to rub it on my skin evenly or it looked like I did my make-up without a mirror.

    There isn't any scent, which is good, and I didn't burn in hot sun, but I wouldn't buy this product when there are so many thinner creams that spread quickly and disappear completely....more info
  • Best Sunscreen Around
    This is the best sunscreen available for those looking for full coverage. Especially recommended for those with melasma or dark spots on the face. I use this product year-round and it is well worth the price. I also have no complaints regarding the tint - not sure why others have a problem but if you blend in completely, you should have no coloring issues....more info
  • It works, but...
    The product works as advertised, which would be a big plus in my book ... IF it didn't discolor whatever clothes I happen to be wearing at the time. Didn't the people who made this stuff notice how hard it was to get out of their lab coats? That annoyance clearly outweighs the benefits....more info
  • Color-free sun fun
    Three features made this product attractive to me: Its pediatric use and its water-resistant properties, but I especially liked the beige-colored cream, a factor that turned out to be good in theory but not in application.

    Traditional sunscreens streak white - when both dry and wet - on my chidren's carmel-colored skin. Fallene Cotz SPF 58 blended smoothly into their coloring. Unfortunately, while transparent on their skin, the cream stained the clothing around their necks and upper arms, two areas where we applied the cream most generously. Repeated washings were required to remove the discoloration.

    Overall, I liked this cream. Its thicker consistency, fragrance and-chemical-free ingredients made me feel as if the protection was safer and better. For swimming, where clothing is not an issue, this is an outstanding product. For everyday use, however, the greasy, white products may work better. Use both for safe sun fun.

    ...more info
  • waterproof sunscreen
    This stuff is waterproof for real. It doesn't sting my eyes, all others do sting. My friends are always telling me how red my eyes are. It is skin color. It does not dry clear, and it is the only sunscreen to give me zits. It is so uncomfortable that I cannot wait to get it off after I get out of the water. It turns my wash rag skin color. It's the most effective sunscreen I have tried, and I've tried most....more info
  • Worked as a sunscreen, not so sure about a foundation
    I'm a man who uses sunscreen products all the time. I tried this on exposed skin that hadn't seen the sun all winter during a river rafting trip. I was in direct sun all day and didn't burn or even tan.

    This product is flesh colored which I assume means this can be used as a foundation for makeup. I did notice that the product did rub off a bit on my clothing. I don't know if this is normal with foundations....more info
  • O.K
    Well not very much to say about this product except I find it o.k because it goes on smoothly as well as it does not leave that greasy feeling afterwards. Also there is no allergic reaction to it. You can put it on and forget it was ever there....more info
  • love this sunscreen
    if you want good pretection for a good price, i recommend this and will continue to use it as an everyday high spf protection(i have very fair skin) & don't want any more sun damage ! ! ...more info
  • Great block!
    My 5-year-old son has extremely sensitive skin and we live at the beach. He spends a lot of time in the sun, and COTZ did a great job keeping the delicate skin on his face and neck burn-free and soft. COTZ went on easily and did not cause rashes or any other skin problems, and it also did not bother his eyes as so many sunscreens do. ...more info
  • Meh
    "Fallene Ctoz SPF 58 Water Resistant UVB/UVA Sunsceen for Sensistive skin" is quite a mouth-full for, let's face it, sunscreen. Not that's it's bad sunscreen. Actually, it's quite good. The color and texture of the product takes a little getting-used-to. Instead of the oily viscous liquid sunscreen I'm used to, this sunscreen's consistency was more paste-like. That made it easier to apply...but also tended to make it less spread-able on my skin. So, I had to use more of it to cover the areas that would be exposed to the deadly-yet-life-giving sun.

    The color was a nice orangy-tan color. It was a nice color, but I'll admit that I thought it was weird at first. I'm used to sunblock coming in one color--white. My wife, however was excited about the tan color because it wouldn't look so weird if you didn't rub it in perfectly.

    I did go in the beautiful waters of Wisconsin's Castle Rock Lake with the sunblock on. And, as far as I can tell, the "water resistant" characteristic is accurate. Although I was out on the lake for several hours, I didn't burn. So (although I can't tell with certaincy), the 58 SPF, UVB/UVA acronyms do seem to hold water.

    In all, it's a pretty good sunblock. I didn't get a whole lot of "bang for my buck" with it, but what I was able to slather on my body protected me well. Mildly recommended....more info
  • The Best Sun Screen
    I would never use anything else on my face. I used to buy it from my doctor's office so I was happy when I found it here for less. I gave a tube to my daughter and now she will not use another sun screen either. No chemicals, it does not make my eyes water and the zinc reduces skin redness. Love it!...more info
  • The Benchmark of Screening the Sun!
    So you are looking for a way to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun? Most people turn to many of the leading products on the market today by Neutrogena, Hawaiian Tropics, Banana Boat, Coppertone, and the list goes on and on.

    Most of these I have tried in recent years and must say for the most part, Neutrogena was always my favorite. However, being fair skin and sensitive, there were times when even the Neutrogena products irritated my skin.

    Several weeks ago as I was getting ready for an upcoming week at the beach, I took advantage of Amazon's great prices and purchased the Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer Dry Touch sunblock as I have done in the past.

    Came across the Fallene products and after reading many of the reviews, thought I would give the Fallene Cotz SPF 58 Water Resistant UVB/UVA Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin a try.

    Well, all I can say is I have FINALLY found what I have been looking for years and years now; not a sunscreen, but something to actually screen the sun...Welcome Fallene Cotz SPF 58 Water Resistant UVB/UVA Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin.

    After using it for 7 days in a row, WOW is all I can say. Sure wish I would had discovered this sooner, but it is the BEST product for screening the sun I have come across, particularly having fair skin and being sensitive to the sun.

    Applied the product as the label suggested each morning before heading out to the beach for the day and each evening when I came in, it was like being under an umbrella all day long. None of the problems I have experienced with many of the other sunscreens: strong product odor, product running in your eyes when you sweat, skin irritates...those of us that have had these type of problems know exactly what I am referring to as it makes being at the beach anything but a fun experience.

    I am sold on Fallene Cotz SPF 58 Water Resistant UVB/UVA Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin. You might pay a little more for this product than some of the typical sunscreens, but now you see why, Fallene Cotz SPF 58 Water Resistant UVB/UVA Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin is anything but your typical sunscreen.

    Thank you Fallene!...more info
  • brown smudge
    Cotz works fine as a sunscreen. The sunscreen texture is more like a paste than a lotion. The sunscreen also has a brown hue which will leave a brown smudge on white clothes if you are not careful....more info
  • Great Family Sunscreen
    This was a handy sized tube of sunscreen that I was impressed with for several reasons:
    #1 I have a hard time finding sunscreen for both UVA and UVB rays so right there it scored points. Plus the prime shipping is a definite plus on Amazon.
    #2 I appreciated the tint when applying to the kids. I worry I miss areas, and sometimes I have in the past and have ended up with stripes myself:-) My kids liked the tint too since it made them feel grown up like the lifeguards. Plus, the tint made me feel like I was getting fantastic coverage.
    #3 My daughter and I have rather sensitive skin and we didn't have to deal with any stinging or rashes afterward. Major plus!
    #4 It was very water resistant and I didn't have to reapply at all while we were at the waterpark - an all day event.

    One thing to keep in mind for adults is that the tint can be a minor annoyance on the face if you aren't accustomed to one. Just double check if you are wearing it on your face that you have blended it in very carefully. I hadn't when we went to Great America and walked around for hours with a non-blended patch on the side of my face. It looks a bit like foundation that didn't blend then....more info
    Yes, it is a little "heavy", but it really works well. Not only do I have very sensitive skin, but I burn easilly and have allergies. I have used this everyday on my hands and not only did they not burn, but for the first time in 20+ years, my hands did not break out from touching grass! Awesome protection! I will definitely buy this again and again!!...more info
  • Not the best I've ever used
    I love all of the features of this particular sunscreen with regards to it being more "natural" than other brands. I do not feel that it is anywhere near the price. I used it on myself and on my children. I didn't notice a sunblock factor in any way superior to the tradtional spf 30 I've used from many other brands. It still had to be reapplied frequently, as with other brands, it didn't smell particularly good and left my skin feeling a bit sticky. I will say that after about 45 minutes of wearing, the "sticky" feeling goes away, but I noticed a lot of fine bits of dirt and fuzz clinging to my skin, which was annoying. The only big pro I can say about this is that chemically-speaking, it is healthier for the human race and I felt better about putting it on my children than the more chemical-laden products. On the other hand, there are many other companies producing natural sunblock products costing significantly less then this. Overall, it is a good product, but not good enough to warrant the hefty price tag....more info
  • Works good.
    Which is good, because I break out easily. This is the first time I've ever used sensitive skin sunscreen, so I have no real basis for comparison. I will continue to use it though....more info
  • It really is for sensitive skin
    I'm allergic to just about any sunscreen once it gets to my face and this didn't bother me at all. It is a zinc oxide preparation so it is still a little chalky, but I let it dry, put makeup over it, and no probs. And I was out all day with no discernible tan or burn....more info
  • It's a winner
    I'm extremely fair skinned and burn easily. I spent an afternoon in the sun with this product on and only burned where I didn't apply the product. It's ALMOST odor free and not at all greasy.

    Thumbs up!...more info
  • Works well but pricey
    This product says it protects sensitive skin against UVA (320-400 billionths of a meter wavelength) & UVB solar radiation (290-320 billionths of a meter wavelength)--& appears to do so. But, it also claims superiority since it utilizes Titanium Dioxide & Zinc Oxide to do so. These are more natural than the ingredients in competitive products. However, together they constitute only 13% of this product; the other 87% includes many, many "chemical" ingredients. Still, it's probably no worse for you than its competition unless you're sensitive to one of these "inactive ingredients." And, frankly, it seems to work quite well. It has coloring but that does not transfer to the skin when rubbed in. It has a nice 58 SPF and is water resistant--yet I didn't have much trouble washing it off with soap & water. Didn't seem a problem on my skin at all--I didn't notice any greasiness or other unpleasantness. But, the price is rather high--even with the Amazon 1/3 off discount it's still not cheap. So, one has the usual trade-off--do the ends (presumably better/safer protection) justify the means (high cost)? This is a personal decision for you to make. Hava grt day, Neal...more info
  • Really disappointing
    I had high hopes for this sunscreen, but was disappointed in so many ways! Most of my qualms have to do with the tint (like most people). It's just not the same color as my skin, so I look like I have makeup on when I apply it. What's worse, is that I'm a guy with hair on my arms and chest, so if I apply the sunscreen, the tint goes on my body hair, making it look pinkish-purplish, which is embarrassing and gross! Finally, the tint WILL rub off on your clothes. I knew this beforehand, so I didn't wear anything white, but it did come off on my shirt. So basically, I can only wear this sunscreen when I'm going swimming and won't be wearing a shirt or sitting in a car, and don't care if people look at me weird for having freaky-colored body hair.

    On the positive side, this is an attempt at a healthier sunscreen. I didn't get burnt when I wore it, so it works. It's just that an untinted version would turn skin chalky white, which is probably just as bad. I feel like Fallene Cotz could do a really good job with this, they just need to figure out a better recipe. I only recommend this to people whose skin color it matches (which is especially hard to figure out without trying it first) and who don't have body hair....more info
  • Not An Average Sunblock
    I burn pretty easy and I also have many tattoos that I don't want fading, so a good sunblock is important to me. This block work very well and is not greasy, it is almost like calamine lotion or something that you would put on a bug bite. It is not clear when it goes on, I noticed especially over the darker areas of my tattoos where it made them look old and faded which is what I'm trying to avoid so I thought that was somewhat ironic. I like that it has very few ingredients, less to cause irritation or who knows what else. It also seems to stay on pretty well although I have not actually tried going in the water yet with it, so I'm not sure about that one yet. But if you are looking for a simple, high SPF sun block and don't mind it looking a little white when it is on, this is a good choice....more info
  • Decent protection.
    I'm European, from the Portuguese persuasion. My color a bit darker than the color peach from crayola crayons (if that helps any). I usually never get red sunburns, but it does happen. I usually get tanned on my arms during summer because I wear a lot of t-shirts. I almost never wear sunscreen either because I hate the feeling and I hate spreading it.

    I went to Hurricane Harbor a few weeks ago and tried this stuff for the first time. I spent a total of 8 hours there and only applied this stuff on once when I arrived.

    The cream comes out the color of skin. After I finished applying it on my face, it looked like I did a bad job applying makeup. I couldn't spread it until it disappeared. Although it did disappear sometime in later. I didn't dunk my head much in the water that day, but I'm not saying that my head didn't get wet often.

    At the end of the day, I had slight redness on my cheeks, and it didn't hurt. Overall, I'm happy with the protection with just one application, I just wish it didn't make me look like a drag queen afterward....more info
  • Truly Safe for Sensitive Skin
    Given that I have extremely fair skin (my standard joke is that my melanin count is measured in negative integers), I rarely head outdoors without at least an SPF 15 on board (this is pretty safe because I'm indoors most of the time anyway). So even though I'm pretty happy with my current protection, given that my skin is quite sensitive, I was glad to have the opportunity to give this a try. It turned out to have its pluses and minuses.
    My primary concern is protection for my face and it turns out that this really isn't appropriate. On the plus side, it didn't irritate my skin at all--a minor miracle, especially during the sweaty dog-days of July (this could be due to its being PABA-free). But not only is it too heavy to function as a moisturizer that can be worn under my light base, it's occlusive as well (translation: guaranteed clogged pores). So I'm afraid this will never find its way onto my face again.
    On the plus side, I liked it fine for the rest of the exposed me. It worked well on my hands, chest, and neck and even though I still found it somewhat sticky, I guess this is to be expected with heavy-duty sunscreens. To be honest, I don't spend enough time in the sun to know if this would protect me from burning over a long period of time, but it's fine at least for the short term (did I mention how easily I burn?). All in all, it seems to be an effective product; however, the lab that develops a lightweight, high-SPF sunscreen that's non-occlusive, appropriate for sensitive skin, and can double as a facial moisturizer is going to attract a VERY sizable customer base....more info
  • The Terminator of Sunscreens
    Amazon sent me this to test out and review... and let me tell you... it was wacky and weird to put this on and bake in the sun and then go inside and look in the mirror and see the metal-man-Terminator staring back at me! Whoaaaaaa! What's with that I said. So I grabbed the bottle and looked at the contents and there it was in little tiny print - TITANIUM dioxide! WTF? Titanium? So my wife came home from work and jumped about three feet off the ground when she saw the Terminator-Metal-Man in the house. She started beating on my with a broom, then with the vacuum cleaner, going totally nuts, and you would too if you came home and saw the Terminator in your house! She picked up a chair and heaved it at me but I ducked and said, "Honey! It's me!" And she said WTF? I said, "It's me!" And then she had an incredulous look on her face and said, "You?" I said, "Yes. Me..." And then she looked me closely from the top of my head to my chest and then further down, and then said, "Are you titanium ALL over?" And I said, "Yes, dear..." And then she smiled.

    So I give this product five stars for titanium-ALL-over... but one star for scaring the willies out of my wife. So the average is three stars....more info
  • Good choice for sunblock
    I cannot use chemical sunscreens and therefore must use a high SPF sunblock and most of those are very drying. Fallene's SPF 58 is the perfect mixture of sunblock and moisture for my skin. I liked the ingredient list for Cotz but wasn't crazy about it. This point is simply a personal choice for the skin guardian in each of us.

    Also, as with most general sunscreens, I did not and would not apply this to my face. Face specific lotions should be used for that. I love the slight tint, so you don't look like a ghost. Might not be okay for darker complexions, though. I'm caramel. It is lightweight too, my only wish is that they would leave out the parabens.

    Overall, I liked this product and feel it delivers as promises. Melts in high humidity, but excellent in drier climate. I agree with others that say it's a tad on the pricey side, but with the way it spreads a little does go a long way.
    ...more info
  • Great stuff!
    When I first went to use this product and saw the vaguely skin-covered tint, I thought, "Oh no ..." Shades of that awful "acne treatment" I used to use in sixth grade that was the approximate color of a Band-Aid!

    But after I rubbed in the sunscreen, the tint disappeared completely, even on my whiter-than-white skin. It did leave my face looking a tiny bit greasy -- though I have oily skin, so most sunscreens do -- but nothing a little powder didn't take care of.

    There seems to be only a very mild scent -- I don't know that I could identify it, but I guess it seems sort of minerally to me. (Is that a word?) Definitely not offensive, and I appreciate not having to smell like a coconut every time I wear sunscreen.

    As others have mentioned, the protection seems very good. I haven't had a chance to test out its water resistant properties yet, but will definitely bring this along next time I'm at the lake or pool and report back!

    One minor complaint: I wouldn't wear this with light or white clothing. The tint does seem to rub off on them....more info
  • High Power Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin and People
    This is sunscreen for people with sensitive skin and people who burn easily. It didn't irritate our skin and it totally blocked any sun exposure. It does have the color of makeup, but it went on clear. My hands were nowhere near as greasy after applying it as they are with other waterproof rub in sunscreens. That said, I still washed them afterward. I will use this on my fair skinned little daughter's face and as a supplement to the normal spray on we use. It's great for days you will have high sun exposure....more info
  • Works really great....
    This sun screen was put to the test while vacationing in central Florida the past week. I liked the fact that it is tinted. My husband liked that it did not smell like tropical fruit. It does however have a slight metallic smell but considering that it is made from two metals it is understandable.
    The best indicator that this sunscreen works fantastic is that no one got sunburned while wearing it and after wearing it all day it was visible on the wash cloth after showering.
    The product description is true. Will recommend to my friends....more info
  • My New Regular Sunscreen
    There have been a lot of articles published lately about the issues with sunscreen ingredients. It's now highly recommended to use physical block and not chemical block, preferably Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide. For my last big trip I took Badger Brand physical block and found it to be sticky, oily and pasty. None of those problems occurred with Fallene Cotz. The sunscreen is tinted so you don't look like a ghost when you put it on (unless you are a person of color). The consistency is fantastic and it goes on clean. I found the sun protection to be excellent and a total experience of this product to be one that would lead me to clearly recommend it!...more info
  • This really is a terrific sunscreen for sensitive skin!
    When a product claims it's good for sensitive skin, I'm skeptical.

    My skin is so fair I have a blue glow, so I need sunscreen. I also have sensitive skin with rosacea, so most non-prescription products cause a bad reaction. Commercial sunscreens combined with a bit of perspiration turn into something like battery acid on my skin.

    After an hour in the sun with the Fallene Cotz I hadn't burned; I wasn't even pink. Even more exciting, I didn't have the usual welts I get from most creams and lotions.

    The package says that this is a non-chemical sunscreen. It contains titanium oxide and zinc oxide, two ingredients I would expect to form a very thick white paste, but surprisingly it dries almost clear.

    I'm amazed and excited that Fallene Cotz lives up to it's claim of being extra gentle for sensitive skin. This really worked out well for me.

    Highly recommended!

    FOLLOW UP - Today I had an appointment with my dermatologist and pulled the tube out of my purse to get his opinion. He was quite familiar with Fallene Cotz and confirmed my own impression that this is an excellent product. ...more info