Avon BEYOND COLOR Plumping Lip Conditioner SPF 15 with Double the Retinol

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Now get smoother-than-ever lips with 2X the Retinol. Experience a lip care with an advantage over aging. BEYOND COLOR Plumping Lip Conditioner features Avons exclusive Retinex Plumping Complex to help boost cellular energy - resulting in improved cell turnover and more radiant, vibrant lips. Wear alone or under lipcolor. Moisturizes for 24 hours. .13 oz. net wt. In just two weeks: 19% reduction in lip lines. 24% increase in lip plumping. Retinex Plumping Complex contains retinol and collagen. Retinol exfoliates lips and visibly reduces lip lines so lips appear smoother, re-contoured and redefined. Collagen retexturizes the lips' surface so lips instantly appear visibly fuller. "This is truly groundbreaking lipstick and lip conditioner," said Amy Robinson, Avon Senior Marketing Manager. "The products glide on effortlessly to keep lips soft, smooth and moist while helping to plump lips for a beautifully supple & full look." ...

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  • Smooth & visibly fuller lips.

Customer Reviews:

  • Avon lip conditioner/plumper
    This does soften the lips and actually makes for a decent base for lipstick. As a lip plumper, don't expect too much. I do use every morning and before bed.....makes for kissable lips....more info
  • Great lip conditioner
    I really like this product. It is a great neutral color, conditions well, and is overall nice. I definetly recommend giving this a try. I tend to stock up when it goes on sale for a dollar ninety-nine on Avon's website periodically, so in my personal opinion it is a great bargain for what it does. I gave it four stars because it does sometimes cake up in my already dry lips, but that really isn't the products fault its mine for not using a lip protectant on a regular basis....more info
  • woork pretty well, after about a week
    it started to plump quite well, not too tingly, looks nice on, very pale and sheer, works well under other colors and you sort of miss it if you don't use it. Not at all slimy or stick, not a bad taste either, so your man won't really notice except to want to kiss you more :) Very good value considering the price! and the non-allergic properties.
    ...more info
  • lip conditioner
    At 62 and one who lives in a very dry climate, I am well satisfied with this conditioner! Way to go Avon!...more info
  • Don't forget the "conditioning" part.
    I feel like my lips look slightly fuller, and I haven't been chapped once this winter. This is my second serving of this product, so I'm not sure if the "double retinol" will be an improvement, since I've only had this tube since Christmas. There is the slightest nude tint, probably because the product is naturally whitish, but even a man could wear this and no one would have the slightest idea that he was wearing anything more than Chapstick. There is not a noticeable tingle to me, unless I have just gotten used to it, but I have some of the products with cinnamon in them, and they still tingle to me, they are also sticky and glossy, which is not my look. I really use it most of all for the SPF 15, so all the other benefits are extra!...more info
  • One and Only
    I didn't find that this really plumped my lips, but it sure does make them feel good. My next purchase will be more than one and I will be buying some for my friends to try!...more info
  • Long-lasting lip conditioner
    I love this lip conditioner. I typically use lip balm several times each day. None of them seem to last very long. This conditioner definitely improves the texture of my lips and stays on for a long time. When I use it at night, I can still feel it in the morning. When I apply it during the day, I don't have to keep reapplying it nearly as often as other products. Definitely a must-have for me....more info
  • AVON Beyond Color plumper w/sunscreen
    Ordered this never having tried a "plumper". Can't say I noticed any plumping going on, but I like this regardless because it has so much more going for it, not to mention the price is right. It's a good, UNgreasy emollient that has a touch of flesh tone added. The retinol works to moisturize away the dry feeling. There's no nasty tingle, just feels great. I love that it has a sunscreen. Sometimes you just can't beat AVON!...more info
  • Works much better than a lip balm!
    I bought this recently based on all the good reviews and the fact that it was on sale - and I am sooooo glad I did. This is not a fancy lip balm in a lipstick case. It really works. As I have gotten older my lips have thinned out a bit. I have never had big lips to begin with so any more thinning and I would look like my grandma ( I loved her dearly but she had no lips)! The very first time I tried this I saw a difference. It not only moisturized but, it smoothed out all the krinkles and thus my lips are plumper and look like they did ten years ago. It has a light beige sheer tint which is great for a casual everyday look and wears well under lipstick or lip gloss. I have tried every brand of lip balm/conditioner out there plus some of those expensive lip plumpers that tingle or sting and have not had the results I experienced with the Avon Beyond Color Plumping Lip Conditioner. I am stocking up next time it's on sale. I highly recommend giving it a try. ...more info
    I ordered one tube of Beyond Color on the basis of the good reviews, and fell in love with this product. I'm not even sure why. I think its the smooth, matte finish, which looks as if you're not wearing lipstick, but better. Not your usual lipstick, not really a gloss It's subtle, and I can't say I've noticed plumper lips. But it glides on, and leaves me feeling a little prettier. When I went to put some on this morning, the tube was gone! The cats, no doubt. I was crawling around looking under furniture and truly distressed. Which is silly. But I got on line and ordered three more, just to ensure I'll have one at hand and a couple to spare....more info
  • avon beyond color lip plumper
    was shipped quickly, good moisterizer for lips, but not too sure about the plumping part. Definitely recommended as a lip conditioner....more info
    This was my first Avon purchase, but my billionth plumper purchase. I've got a long, long list of pricey failures. Much to my amazement, this $8 plumper is the first one that actually worked, quickly and noticeably. Evidently it's got more and/or higher quality hyaluronic acid than products costing three times as much, and enough retinol to provide excellent exfoliation, plus SPF. Avon just busted everybody else's hype bigtime with an affordable product that produces results. I threw everything else out, and stocked up on this. I also bought several colors in both the plumping lipstick and lip gloss. The Beyond Color glaze/gloss plumper comes in very pale shades, perfect for putting over any lipstick, but it's not as utterly fantastic as this one....more info
  • Great product
    This was my first lipstick purchase from Avon. While I did not feel that the lipstick "plumped" up my lips significantly, the lipstick felt great on and lasted a long time. The color I purchased was called "Lilac Shimmer", which is a pale-medium cool mauve with gold shimmer, which works great with my fair neutral skin tone. I highly recommend this product and will definetly be repurchasing it, as it is a great value for the price....more info
  • smooth like butter
    I bought this lip conditioner for myself and my teenage daughter. We both love it. Winter always dries out my skin and lips and this has been helping fix that little problem. My lips feel so smooth and soft after applying it. I love it....more info
  • Great plumping without the weird tingle
    This is an excellent lip plumping product- the best I've ever tried. I often have chapped lips, & the tingling sensation from other lip plumpers have always hurt my lips. Not this one-- there is no tingling, no weird taste, just softer, fuller lips. You can wear it alone, under the other Avon plumping lip colors for even FULLER lips, or under any brand lipcolor or gloss. My mom loves this product, as well; she buys about 4 tubes each time it goes on sale!! Definately worth more than the $8.00!...more info


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