Olay Definity Cream - 1.7 oz

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Product Description

Hydrates deep into multiple surface layers to immediatly diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Highly defined anti aging. This product is brand new and factory sealed. Please email with any questions, Thanks!!!

  • High Definition is the new standard for ideal skin. Inspired by High Definition imaging which allows scientists to see beneath the surface of the skin with greater detail.
  • Helps reverse the appearance of past damage coming from beneath skin's surface for a look that's Highly Defined ? luminous and more flawless.
  • Skin gets its color & luminosity from light reflecting off collagen back thru the surface. Light reflects off collagen (white) through melanin (brown) & hemoglobin (red) to create each person's skin color. Age spots & discolorations dull luminosity.
  • Collagen is the foundation for smooth, luminous skin. Healthy collagen is like a smooth mirror, reflecting light & creating luminous skin. As skin ages, the collagen layer is damaged & reflects light poorly.
  • Definity's Glucosamine complex diminishes the appearance of skin discolorations such as brown spots and dullness for luminous, more flawless skin. Glucosamine complex hydrates to allow natural rebuilding of skin's collagen.

Customer Reviews:

  • Love Love Love It!
    I love this product! It smells wonderful and my skin looks and feels better. ...more info
  • Olay definity cream 1.7 oz.
    This product is wonderful....leaves your face moisturized; yet with a clean, non-greasy, light feel. Lightly and pleasantly scented. The only thing missing from Olay Definity Cream is sunscreen (which you CAN find in the Olay Definity Moisturizing Lotion (SPF15). Love it!...more info
  • Has worked for me!
    Between the Olay Regenerist, Total Effects, and Definity product lines, it took me a long time figure out which Olay product would best meet my skin care needs. I selected the Definity line because it does not contain Retinol but is still suppose to provide "corrective" effects that even skin tone. I've been using the Definity Correcting Protective Lotion and Intense Hydrating Cream for two weeks and I do notice that my skin is smoother. The rough, ruddy patches on my cheeks are beginning to fade. I haven't noticed any difference on a dark age spot near my jaw but I'm hoping that will even out with continued use. Surface skin regenerates every 28 days and Olay recommends 8 weeks of steady use to see the full effects of the product.

    I find the product has a light, feminine floral scent which I enjoy. I tend to be sensitive to strong odors, so typically don't wear perfume. Personally, I don't find the scent of the Definity products to be overwhelming. Nowhere on the packaging does the company claim the product is scent-free. If you tend to be sensitive to scented cosmetics, take advantage of the Olay company's free product sample offer on their Web site.

    Even though Olay is considered a "drug store brand," I find spending $20-plus on a jar of skin cream expensive. That's why I researched the product and its ingredients and even took advantage of contacting online beauty consultants before making my final decision. Like all things, unless you've got money to burn, it's best to do a little research to see if a product will be right for you before buying....more info
  • Olay Regenerist Products
    Tried these products and think they work better than most "age defying" products. Did lots of research and even Consumer Reports states that Olay is much better than other products they rated....more info
  • The cream feels great
    This Definity cream is worth every penny. It goes on cool and smooth and makes your skin feel soft and touchable. Not bad for an old lady...
    ...more info
  • Olay Definity cream
    I am 58 and have skin discolorations and wrinkles. I am outside in the sun most of the time. After about 2 weeks I could see an improvement. My face is much firmer looking and the age spots are fading....more info
  • Olay Definity Face Cream
    I live where is is sunny every day of the year - not far from the equator. I am out in the sun at least 30 minutes every day. It does not seem like much. BUT, I was starting to notice visable sun damage to my skin. It was even starting to make me look older. Since I really like the Olay Facial Scrubs I thought I would give this a try. It is expensive, but sooooo worth it. My skin looks clearer, healthier, and younger....more info
  • Wonder product.
    I have been using this product for the past 4-5 months now. And I must say that Olay has finally done it! Almost all of my facial acne and other marks have disappeared, and age spots also have gone. Leaving my face radiant and shiny skin. My cheeks used to be very red like rosacea, and that is gone too. All in all, it has proved to be THE face care product I have been looking for all my life. My skin is very oily and acne prone. But now it is also showing improvement and the acne marks from a few pimples every month are cleared by it. It is lightweight and lightly fragranced.Well and good for oily skin as well as dry or normal skin. I give it two thumbs up. ...more info
  • Olay is the Best
    The products Olay puts out keep getting better. They are not oily or greasy or irritating to most skins. What can one say other than Olay knows about skin and has been in the business forever. There are many selections and there is something for everyone's type of skin. ...more info


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