NanoSil-10, Immune System Support and Dietary Supplement, Nano-Silver

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Product Description

Years of scientific research have paved the way for the introduction of a ground-breaking dietary supplement, NanoSil-10. NanoSil-10 is not a colloidal or ionic solution manufactured from silver salts. NanoSil-10 is comprised of particles of pure silver, manufactured in a chemical reaction. Numerous tests at major US universities and commercial labs like UC Davis, Kansas State, Brigham Young University, UT, and many other independent laboratories and universities, have proven the effectiveness of this product. The tests conducted indicated that NanoSil killed thousands of strains of problematic bacteria like Staph, TB, Strep, E-coli, Salmonella, a number of yeasts and even the antrax spore.

  • Engineered nano-particles of pure silver. Not Ionic or Collodial Silver
  • Serves as an immune system boosting and
  • Kills and Inhibits yeast growth.
  • Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral, Non-Toxic, Non-Pharmaceutical
  • Scientifically and medically proven
Customer Reviews:
  • NanoSil-10 for Malaria
    After reading about NanoSil, I tried using it.
    I had 15 episodes of malaria within a 6 week period. I took 1 T 3 times a day for a week. Since then (almost 1 year) I haven't had another episode....more info