Ionic Pro 90IP01RF01 Turbo Ionic Room Air Purifier

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Product Description

The next generation of air purification technology is here today. The Ionic Pro Turbo Ionic Room Air Purifier features a patent-pending advancement that improves the air quality of your environment by trapping airborne allergens like pollen, smoke, dust, and pet dander (particles as small as 1 micron). The Ionic Pro Turbo has a silent operation, yet moves 300% more air than similar Ionic air purifiers. One touch operation - with no filters to replace. Front loading collection blades are designed to make clean-up hassle free. Economical to operate - costs just pennies of electricity a day to operate. Recommended for spaces up to 500 square feet. ETL approved. Metal/plastic construction. Assembly level/degree of difficulty: Easy.

  • Ionic air purifier with turbo power for allergen containment and odor reduction; quiet and efficient operation
  • Front-loaded collection blades remove for easy cleanig; push-button digital setting selection
  • Cleans up to 500 square feet in area; captures allergens 1 micron in size and larger
  • Filter-free for minimal waste; made in China
  • Purifier measures 30 by 10 by 11-1/2 inches and weighs 13 pounds shipping; limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Replacement blades not available
    I really like the Ionic Pro Turbo. It does well at keeping the air clean, with very little ozone smell. The weekly cleaning is easy, although waiting 24 hours to dry is a long time. I have looked all over to find a replacement blade set so I can swap them out while one is drying. I cannot find them anywhere. The ones made for the Ionic Pro (not turbo) do not fit in this air cleaner. So, great air cleaner, but replacement parts are not available. ...more info
  • State of the Art, but may not fit your needs
    Appears built very high quality, and did make a bit of a smell the first day, but not bad.

    I didn't realize you have to get new blades every 2 years or so "29.95", as the blades are self sacrificing and loose their ion creating power after a while.
    Something I missed in all my researching.

    It moves air passively through ion pull.. so it takes a while to change the air in a room..they say 3 - 4 days before you really notice the big change..... with 3 dogs in the bed "small.. LOL!" and enjoying sleeping under a fan and the white noise, we keep our bedroom door open a bit so the dogs can go do their business out the doggy door as needed.. this only invites more impure air from the living room into the bedroom where the fan is blowing... I think the ion has a hard time keeping up under that pressure.

    We got the Therapure 201M instead and are very happy with its ability to turn the air over quickly in the room, I notice a change in a couple of hours. The ION model would work fine for places where "quiet" is needed and alot of new air is not always being introduced.
    It is a fine piece of equipment, but make sure its what you want for the environment you intend to place it in....more info
  • Can't get over it
    I bought 3 of these the day before my father-in-law arrived. They had less than 24 hrs to run.

    My wife and I are smokers, and we have 5 little yeppers running around leaving there smell all over the place.

    I brought them home, plugged them in and forgot about it. Dad said he couldn't smell any of the usual smells and the place smelled great.

    We put on in the living room, one in the master bedroom, and the other in my office. This is where most of the smoking is done. Our grandchild came over and he said the office smelled great.

    Do I recommend, bug YES. May seem a little pricy, but not for the return....more info
  • DON'T BU
    bought from local store. within 30 minutes the cleaning light came on. followed instructions, worked for 10 minutes, clean light again. tried several times to no avail to clean device. washed blades and dried them, still problems.. cleaned the "ionizer wire" with a cloth (as well as the apparently USELESS cleaning lever), same deal. This thing is junk, I wish I would have read the reviews on this wonderful piece of ... equipment before buying it. I'll stick with my noisy yet cleanable IFD air filter....more info
  • Sadly Disappointed
    I ordered 3 units. They arrived on time. But I had to return 2 of the units. The cleaning light came on and stayed on. The third unit seems to be working fine. Although I would have thought the light to notify me to clean the blades would have turned on by now it still hasn't. I'm just keeping a eye on the dust collection and cleaning the unit as needed. I can tell you this unit does do a great job of cleaning the air. I use it in my husbands office where not only he spends his day but our pet dragon lizard and large gerbil are housed. Since using you can enter that room and not know as soon as you walk in that some sort of pets live in there. Also extremely quiet to operate. One other bonus it does take out the pollen that has been in the air the last 4 weeks. You can actually feel the difference breathing in that room compared to breathing in the other rooms. B Russell...more info
  • Great Product
    I got this to replace my ~4 year old Ionic Breeze, which had died on me. I'm an allergy suffer and the Ionic Breeze was effective at keeping my allergies in check, so I figured I'd give one of the knock offs a try and save ~50%. After only a few hours use I got noticable allergy relief. The Ionic Breeze is a slightly nicer product, but at twice the cost. I opted for the deal Amazon offered: 1 Ionic Pro Turbo + a twin pack of the compact Ionic Pros.

    I'm not sure why there are so many complaints about bright LED. Sure it's bright, but it's not keep you up at night bright. Maybe previous models had a brighter LED.

    The Ionic Pro Turbo, delivers both clean air and a solid value. I no longer miss my Ionic Breeze (which was also a great product). ...more info
  • This works extremely well!
    I bought this 7 months ago and it works very, very well! I had to buy something to clean the air when I moved into one of my mom's rental houses in which the previous tenants smoked (my brother, his wife, and step-son) and the horrendous smell of tobacco smoke was SO BAD that I couldn't sleep the first night. And I was coughing from the stench. The next day, groggy and sleep-deprived, I ran to Wal-Mart and bought one of these - couldn't wait for it to be shipped.

    That night, I finally got some sleep, and it took a few weeks to COMPLETELY eliminate the smell of tobacco from the entire house (1 unit for approximately 2000 square feet), and I couldn't be happier.

    This unit is working fantastic - and I bought the extra blade so I could keep it running continuously. This is a great product!...more info
  • Works great at removing cigarette smoke
    Works great at removing cigarette smoke. I bought it for use in a large one bedroom apartment. The tenant chain smokes and doesnt open windows. The smoke has stained everything. After painting I installed this machine and it completely removes any odor or trace of smoke from the air. I'm a non smoker and can smell even the smallest amount of smoke when present in the air. This machine does the job to remove it from the air. It does need to be cleaned about every 2 weeks. Not a problem because you just wipe the metal blades clean with soapy warm water to remove the gummy cigarette smoke. silent operation & costs pennies a day to operate....more info
  • I have both. Ionic Breeze is my choice.
    I thought I would save money buying this product. I also have an IONIC BREEZE that is 3 years older. The ionic breeze collects "considerably" more debris and has worked trouble free for over 3 years. Both produce a sound if they need cleaning. I clean them routinely, usually before any sound is produced. After three months the Ionic Pro Turbo started to produce the high whining sound it is supposed to when needing cleaning, but it will not go away.

    The IONIC BREEZE is a more robust and reliable product, and if the collector blades are any indication, the IONIC BREEZE removed "considerably more" particles from the air in the room.

    I wanted to save $150.00 and went with the Ionic Pro Turbo and it was a mistake. ...more info
  • Servi ce after sale is horrendous
    I had a defective ionic pro. because i could not find the receipt, they required I purchase a "five year warranty" for 29.95 USD. And they said they could not ship me a replacement until they received my old unit. They received the old unit on July 16 (today is Aug 22) and they charged my account. Since then I have been trying to find out when my replacement would arrive. They give me a number to call that when I do call either tells me that since I purchased retail I have to call another number, OR when I call the other number I get a message and it hangs up. I ALWAYS call during their business hours (8AM-3PM PDT). They have given me a run around since day one and I have already asked the credit card company to stop payment and intervene. IT is a never ending battle trying to get a straight answer from them. Do yourself a big favor, buy the competitor unit....more info
  • The Technology Has Improved
    This is my second try at using an ionic air cleansing system. The Ionic Pro is modestly priced and the technology has come a long way since the first high cost electronic air cleaners. When compared to more traditional electric motor and multi filter HEPA units, the Ionic Pro uses less electriciy and runs quietly.

    Ionic blade technology has long been used by NASA and in commercial aircraft. It began finding its way into homes initally as add-on units to newly installed furnaces. The current stand-alone towers evolved as separate appliances.

    Like the other "Ionic" air cleaning systems, this unit still emits ozone. Though billed in the owner's guide as a "clean scent," the ozone aroma can be overpowering to some people. If you have ever been in a room where power tools have been in use, an electric train set has been running, or a new computer monitor was turned on for the first time you have encountered ozone. In all fairness, the Ionic Pro has come a long way from its predecessors in terms of filtering, basically breaking up 03 ozone into 02 oxygen, the electric arc scent. When I bought my first ionic air cleansers several years ago I ended up returning them because of the annoying ozone scent -- even though I was the only person in my household who seemed to notice the ozone smell. There are ionic air cleaners that have just about licked this problem with the addition of three filters. Unfortunately these brands are commensurately more expensive. The Ionic Pro is equipped with a solitary filter. Thus far during my use of the product the scent is bearable. However, for those who are intolerant of even a hint of ozone I recommend you opt for a more expensive multi-filter brand.

    As other reviewers have noted, the Ionic Pro is hardly maintenance free. This is the price you pay for not having to buy expensive HEPA replacement filters and using less electricity. The collection blades must be cleaned at least every week. The downside to this is that the manufacturer recommends that the blades be allowed to dry 24 hours before reinstalling them in the unit. The booklet recommends that you order an additional set of blades. I am not yet at that point.

    The other challenge with this unit is that it is not designed to handle larger airborne debris such as pet hair. Unlike a true HEPA filter that simply screens out the hair, any hair entering the Ionic Pro will cause it snap and crackle until you vacuum it out.

    Prior to buying the Ionic Pro I had two Honeywell circular HEPA air cleaners. With a child in the family with allergies it is a fact of life that you change your furnace filters regularly and own one or more air cleaning systems. Mind you, I have no immediate plans to dispose of the hard working Honeywell units. Even my son's allergist recommended that we stick to using true HEPA air cleaning systems versus ionizing tower units. Still I noticed an ever increasing number of offices, including medical office waiting rooms, using ionic air cleaners. More challenging was the fact that my HEPA unit uses expensive filters that can no longer be found on store shelves. Although you can buy the charcoal pre-filter (designed to fit any number of air cleaning systems) in stores like WalMart, the large cylandrical filters are only available through mail order -- and they are not cheap. Additionally as a practical consideration my teenagers kept shutting off the old reliable HEPA units while watching television because they were too noisy. As there is no benefit to an air cleaner unless it is running I decided to add the Ionic Pro as a second line of allergin defense.

    There are a lot of varied opinions on the usefulness of Ionic Pro. The product works well, but you should not view it as a solitary cure filtering the air in your home....more info
  • Ionic Pro Turbo Room Air Purifier
    I like the way it is working. I am waiting to be able to buy an extra set of collection blades. This way I can keep it running all the time. I see a difference in the air I breath. A very good product....more info
  • What they don't tell you on the commericals
    I kind of like the ionic pro. It seems to collect some dust, and even though I keep my house clean, if you can trap about 10 percent extra dust, pollen, etc. then it's probably significant. The unit will buzz if not cleaned per instructions. The unit can catch fire if not cleaned -- according to the manufacturer, the dust will bust into flame if not cleaned per strick (once per week) instructions -- so I won't run the unit when not at home. They also don't tell you that after cleaning the blades with a damp cloth, they must dry for 24 hours before reuse (or they will sustain damage), thus the manufacturer recommends buying an extra set of blades (this is not on the commericials). Also lacking from the commericias is the fact that you must ground the blades to a metal object or kitchen sink before cleaning due to static build up. Also, there is an extra filter that you must vacum. The simple wipe-clean-and-keeping-going scenario of the commericals is therefore, miss-leading. Time will tell if this unit really is worth it, but as I said any extra filtering or trapping of dust, etc. can be a significant benefit to people with allergies. If you senstive to sound it does make a bug-zapper like sound, there seems to be more dust on the outside than on the blades. After using for over a month and talking with other people ... the feelings are --this does nothing -Save you money....more info
  • Ionic Pro 90IP01RF01 Turbo Ionic Room Air
    Work like a charm. It hard to beleive the dirt in the air till you clean the unit. I have 5 of them and the are the best ***** .

    Mike...more info
  • WOW!
    I was unsure of the possible results but my wife has allergies and I thought we should try it. The first night we had it turned on (which is so quiet!) we both woke up the next morning surprised as to how well it had worked! I highly recommend it!...more info
  • Good Enough
    I've been using this in the rec room where our pet bunny is right now. The room used to smell most of the time bunny poops and urine. Tried candles, Lysol spray, and other scented products but so far it just makes the smell more nauseating. But with this Ionic Pro, it doesn't smell like that anymore. The smell is cleaner,... but I put it on low an hour or two a day since the smell can be overpowering and causes me some headaches. Aside from that, I still recommend it to somebody who needs the air of a room or some place smell cleaner and better. It really work in getting rid of the smell....more info
  • This is a lemon
    The positive reveiwers obviously rushed to post a review after just having purchased a unit. Silly consumers. Reviews are for the experienced. I've owned my unit for 8 monthes now. It's junk. The other reviews are either posted by the manufacturer or by those who just purchased their devices.

    After 1 1/2 months it starte making a lot of noise. After 2 months it started shutting off. Shortly after that it shut itself off after 2-3 seconds. No amount of cleaning helped. I had followed all of the istructions to the letter.

    When I called the company they said it was a known issue with no known solution. They asked me to send them my unit for a replacement. They said it would be an identical (i.e. defective) unit. I demanded a refund. They refused. Their warranty includes a bit that says that you can't sue. The WA attorney general says that's unenforceable. I'm probably about a month away from suing these folks for a chunk of punitive damages for fraudulent marketing. This is a piece of junk. Buy it only if you want to speculate on the possibility of joining a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer....more info
  • Less Ozone; Great blade access; A good buy
    Since the recent media coverage on the negative effects of ozone inhalation dangers, it looked like ion air purifiers were on the way out. This is one of the new generation (like the new Ionic Breeze) which vows to eliminate that danger. Of course, you can still smell a hint of ozone, but it isn't nearly as pronounced as the brand of another, ozone generating ionic that I've owned. Collection plate cleaning on this one is a breeze. And, as for the effects of eliminating allergens for my wife and I, it's A-1. She doesn't snore anymore. America sleeps better. Cheers....more info