Ionic Pro CA200T Twin Pack Compact Ionic Air Purifier with Bonus Car Ionizers

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This Ionic Pro? bonus pack includes TWO of the Ionic Pro? CA200 Compact Air Purifier units plus TWO of the Ionic Pro CAC1 Car Ionizers --- all for 1 special price. The Ionic Pro Compact Ionic Air Purifier is the compact version of the original Ionic Pro and is perfect for delivering fresh, purified air to small rooms in homes or offices (up to 200 square feet). Energy efficient/low power consumption. Collection rods trap impurities -- meaning no need to replace filters. Easy to use-one touch operation. And that goes double for the Car version as well. Just plug the Ionic Pro Car Ionizer into your car's cigarette lighter socket and sit back and enjoy the ride as it works silently. No filters to replace. Swivels to allow for perfect positioning. An amazing deal, and an amazing price. Metal/plastic construction. Assembly level/degree of difficulty: Easy.

  • Ionic Pro pack includes 2 compact air purifiers and 2 car ionizers for fresh, clean air; purifiers for rooms 250 square feet in area
  • Plastic and metal purifier construction with 3 steel particle collection blades; push-button operation
  • 2-speed purifiers operate at less than 12 watts; car ionizers plug into 12-volt lighter sockets
  • China-made purifiers require no additional assembly; ionizers swivel for ideal placement
  • Purifiers each measure 18-1/2 by 7.5 by 6-1/2 and ionizers 4-3/4 by 3-1/4 by2-3/4 inches apiece; 15 pounds upon shipping

Customer Reviews:

  • Great.
    Its been a month since ive bought them and until now i think they're working great !...more info
  • well worth the money no regrets
    silent, unassuming, easy and fast to clean, two for less than the price of the other one. You can't lose....more info
  • does absolutely nothing
    This gets an extra star just for visual appeal. Otherwise, completely useless - other than making noise!

    I bought this because I live in an attic along a very busy street. I wanted to reduce the pollution in my room, in addition to all the dust that keeps accumulating!!!! I thought it was working because there would be buildup on the blades. However, there was absolutely no reduction in dust!! I actually think it created more.

    It makes noise, which can be easily solved, but customer service is horrible. I cannot even return the item - it was too bulky to lug all the way to the post office, and now it's been over 30 days.

    Do not buy this item. It will be a complete waste of your money. Invest in a HEPA filter instead....more info
  • Not so great
    The price was good but I have not noticed much of a difference and I don't see much when I cleaned the blades. There was no much capture by the Ionic Pro....more info
  • Clean Air
    Bought the twin pack for 2 room coverage. The one in family room is set on high...bedroom on low (high was too much). They do a wonderful job removing cat dander. My allergies have been minimalized a great deal. Would highly recommend based on performance and pricing. Can't imagine the units costing 2-4 times as much doing a better job...more info
  • Ionizer
    Haven't had a problem with allergies since we got them. And they are really silent. Great product....more info
  • Great Air Purifier
    This air purifier is completely silent and does a good job filtering the air (as far as I can tell). The filter is easy to clean (its just three pullout blades that can be cleaned every 1-2 weeks). So far I have been extremely happy with this product and I would recommend it to anyone. Getting two for this price is a bonus and I have one in the master bedroom and one in the living room. My wife has pretty bad allergies and she says the purifiers are doing a great job too. I can't tell that the car ionizers do anything really but I didn't buy the Ionizers so that I could get the car ones so that doesn't really matter to me. Overall, a really good product!...more info
  • Not great, but OK.
    I've always wondered if these things really work and in order to find out I just ordered these and tried them out myself. They do help with cleaning "some" dust in the air and they help eliminate odors a bit. Overall I was disappointed and expected quality air or something close to it. I would have returned them but I decided to keep these because cleaning some dust is better than nothing I guess. ...more info
  • Wonderful product!
    I LOVE my Ionic Pro air purifiers. They're quiet, efficient, and take up hardly any space. I did think, however, that the small purifiers that came with my order were for my bathrooms (duh) ... as soon as I opened my package, I realized they were for my car! I would -- and probably will -- buy another set of the Ionic Pros....more info
  • purifier
  • Excellent product for the price
    I recently purchased these for my wife who's been suffering with a bad cough. We figured that having less dust around her would help plus we have 2 cats. The amount of dust and dirt these pick up is great, and they are totally silent. Very easy to clean as well.

    I don't really have much to say about the car ionizers, they definitely pump out the ozone, but I'm not so sure they're doing much other than making the car smell different.

    I would definitely recommend these to anyone....more info
  • Air Purifier
    Product works well. Noticing a huge difference. Didn't come with the bonus car ionizer, but i heard that doesn't do much so I don't really care....more info
  • Love Them!!
    I love the house air filters but the ones for the car don't seem to work well. I have placed one of the air purifiers in my son's room and notice a difference in the first 24 hours. It is worth the money!...more info
  • love this thing
    i love my air purifier. i gave it 4 stars because it has to be cleaned every 3-5 days which is just a pain. i can barely remember to change my oil let alone clean it so often BUT im a smoker and it does cut down the cigarette smoke and makes the air cleaner so im a big fan. 2 for under $200 is a steal!...more info
  • Love the purifier, car ones are worthless
    Love the purifier. I have a 1000 sq ft townhouse, so use this one downstairs. (bought this exact one elsewhere, but didn't get 2) - it's a great price if I didn't already have one.. I bought one for $100. I know when it's time to clean it, because it makes a static noise, almost like a bug zapper.. but not that loud.

    The car ionizer is useless to me. First off, when you plug it in, this annoying blue light comes on, and you can't turn it off. At night, it's really distracting while you're driving, and I didn't see a difference in my SUV. My vent air freshener works better than that thing....more info
  • Horrible, Horrible, Horrible
    I bought this product two years ago and it has lasted less than that. Another fellow mentioned the red light problem when the unit is clean.
    The same happened to me, and the light cannot be overridden to turn the unit on.

    I threw one unit out and now then 2nd unit is for the trash. Too bad with problems with our environment that I will have to leave a big plastic piece of junk for future generations....more info
  • I love mine!
    I bought the twin pack and was very skeptical as they are so quiet and I hardly felt any air movement from them. I have one in each bedroom. Before reading other reviews, I wondered if I was nuts. But the air in both rooms smells fresher, cleaner. I've just ordered a third, larger one for the living/dining room area. I'm also very happy to be able to clean blades rather than replace filters. I'm extremely happy with them and sorry I didn't get them sooner!...more info
  • Ionic Pro CA200T Twin Pack Compact Air Purifier
    This product works very well. It really pulls the grime out of the air! I am a smoker and this does a great job removing all that nicotine from the air. I also feel the price was fair too.

    P.S. The small bonus car units don't do much, more for info
  • Works great for a while - then dies
    I was very pleased with these units until about a month ago. I had them running continously for about 11 months...then both units started giving the red "clean" light no matter how clean they are. Several other people have written about this problem, so I won't do into further frustrating details.

    Bottom line: only buy these if you don't mind having them go bad for no apparent reason after about a year of use. It looks like Amazon offers a warranty for purchase, so that might be the way to go - but be sure to read the fine print to make sure you'll be able to have the units replaced when they inevitably go bad!...more info
  • great odor killer...even cat litter
    I have 3 dogs and cat and you would never know it. I have a 3 bedroom house with four of these things and theres no smell to someone who is deathly allegic to cats and dogs...more info
  • useless
    you can only smell the ions when its filthy, otherwise I notice no difference at all with having them on. you have to clean it once a month. the car ionizer are garbage also....more info
  • Works better than expected.
    We have a living air classic system that was malfunctioning so for a temporary fix I purchased these units. I thought the units would not compare to our existing system for the entire house but for the orice they were pretty close. Can't complain, they were better than expected....more info
  • Buyer Beware--Obsolete within one year
    I bought these February 2008 for my girlfriend and her daughter. They have allergies plus cats, and needed some help cleaning the air in their home. The products worked great for about 8 months or so. The units started acting up after that; even after cleaning the blades the units would immediately go into a "clean" indicator mode and not work. I Googled for an answer to the problem and it seems that the issue is a common one. I also saw that people called Ionic for customer service would be told that they would receive a call back from a technician but never were called back.

    I called Ionic on a Friday and was told I would receive a call back shortly. By Tuesday afternoon I had not heard from them. Wednesday I called back and told them that I had not received a call back. They took my number and I did later receive a call. I spoke to Joe who should be working for Dell tech support based on his strong Indian accent. After giving him a brief description of the problem he asked if I could fax proof of the purchase date. I said yes. He said that the units would be replaced, but that I would have to ship the old units back at my expense, and then pay $29.95 PER UNIT shipping for the new warranty replacements. I estimated that I would spend $90-$100 and a lot of time to get new units that (according to the message boards on Google) would also fail shortly, and I would again be back talking to Joe.

    As of now I have not returned the units nor will I.

    The units DID work well, were attractive and small, quiet (except for some sizzling--but that told me that they were working), and were easy to clean.

    As I said...BUYER BEWARE---you chose.
    ...more info
  • WORTH the Money
    I have had this Air Cleaner running since I've purchased it. The air immediately smelled about as fresh as being in the deep woods, near a waterfall. NO NOISE, very silent and it has been in use for about a month. Still do not have to clean it at all.

    Yes I am very pleased with this IONIC Cleaner....more info
  • Ionic Pro very good air cleaners
    I was very impressed with the Ionic Pro Air Purifiers. They work very well. I clean the filters every week and they need to be cleaned. Very quiet and easy to clean. Highly recommend. Great price for what you get....more info
  • A genuine allergen reducer - beware ozone levels
    My husbands allergies have definitely been reduced since we set these two up in our small apartment. It especially works on smoky-bacon-Sunday-breakfast and in-air dust (which we hardly see anywhere anymore). Don't go overboard with them, though, definitely stick with one per room. Apparently, the trade-off for not having to replace filters is that it emits a great deal of ozone - which isn't necessarily good for you, and can increase your breathing issues. If your room starts to smell even a little bit like a swimming pool, put it on low....more info
  • I like them
    I like the products.

    I use them in a small 2 story townhouse. I had serious kitchen smell from my George Foreman Grill cooking. Now, 1 day later, there is no odor in the kitchen!!

    My Hepa filer did nothing to remove odor.

    I recommend this product....more info
  • Good but not great
    We are going from a Living Air Ionizer which died. The Ionic Pro does not have nearly the range in part because it does not have a fan. However, because of no fan, it is extremely quiet. It works adequately in the smaller rooms, or in the kitchen if you fire up both of them at the same time. We have not used the bonus car ionizers, as they are rather bulky....more info
    We bought this set of smaller air cleaners along with one of the larger models. Please see my review on that bigger model. The smaller ones didn't totally give out like the larger model, but the smell emitted from them concerned me (kind of a hot "burning" electronics smell) that I no longer trusted them in our children's room....more info
  • positive review
    greast product. kills all odors including dog-in-the-house. everyone who comes over remarks that you can't tell I have a dog. Then I show them the ionic pro....more info
  • Great Deal
    We got these when the baby was born to keep down some of the dust - we put one in our room and one in the living room and they seem to work fine. They are very quiet and don't take up alot of space. They work for about a month or so without needing cleaned but cleaning is fairly easy and only takes a few minutes (plus a few more to dry).
    We use the car ones to, only I can't tell if there is much difference. I suppose they work fine as I don't seem to have to dust the dashboard as often....more info
  • Great product!
    My room used to smell like pet odor really bad because of a few accidents that my pets had when they were puppies. I tried everything as far as carpet cleaners and getting professionals out there to get the smell out but nothing ever worked. I pretty much gave up hope and got a ton of the Febreeze air fresheners that I sprayed every morning.

    Well, I bought these and put one in the room and it has never smelled like pets again. It has helped a lot with my allergies as well. I clean it out about once a week and it gets really dirty. So that makes me feel good that it is picking up all the bad stuff. I highly recommend these things for anyone. ...more info
  • ionic
    works great i have 2 dogs and two cats inside. they want 189 for the set at the store so what a buy...more info
  • Disappointing
    I guess my first review got rejected for the mention of a certain website regarding the word ripoff. This was a fairly important point, so I'll try to make note of why. Unfortunately my first review was a little better, but here goes:

    First I'll give a report of my experiences with product failure and customer service, then I'll give some general impressions after using the unit for a little less than a year.

    Recently my red 'clean' light came on, and no matter how clean the blades and wires were, the clean light would come on after the unit was powered on. This happens after 11 months of mostly continuous use.

    I emailed Ionic pro, and got a phone number to call. I called this number and they gave me another phone number to call. It turns out that the first phone number was for Ionic Pro sales, and the second was for retail sales (even though my email specified "I bought this thing from Amazon").

    The second phone call resulted in the need to troubleshoot. Since I had done some research online, and since I had a second unit, I knew it was the unit itself - not the blades. If I didn't have the twin pack I wouldn't have had the ability to diagnose this problem - with or without the service representative.

    It could have been the blades - apparently running the unit on high power shortens the blade life. The blades "dull" and must be replaced. Or something in the body of the unit breaks and the whole unit needs replaced.

    My option was as follows. Fax a copy of my sales receipt to a bogus fax number. This is where my first review was stopped. Looking this phone/fax number online gave disturbing results leading me to believe it was a bogus fax (the ripoff report).

    After (or in addition to faxing) I had to ship the unit to them with a copy of the receipt. When they got the unit they would call me for my credit card number so they could ship a new unit. The joke here, is that I pay to ship the broken unit to them, and I pay for shipping on the new unit. I have no idea how much it would cost for me to ship to them, but the shipping of the new unit via USPS was $29.99. So I can only imagine that my under warranty replacement would cost me roughly $60. The replacement process seems rather inefficient, costly, and has some suspicious details.

    I must say the representative on the second phone call was nice and helpful. But the service options are disappointing.

    All in all, this product is fairly noisy. When it buzzes you are supposed to lift a little lever to clean the wires, this hardly makes a difference. It was quiet for a few days, then I was never able to attain silence again - no matter how clean everything looked.

    There is also an annoying bright blue LED that leaves a nice bright spot on the ceiling. Sure this could be covered up with tape.

    After a few weeks of what I thought was success with this product, I almost bought a set for my parents. I'm certainly glad I didn't. Given the costs of under warranty replacement, the sale price is no real bargain. I have yet to decide whether I'll return the unit and pay IP another $60, but I doubt it....more info
  • cleanr
    easy to use. easy to clean. doesn't require a lot of space. very nice....more info
  • Great Product
    I got these to replace my ~4 year old Ionic Breeze, which had died on me. I'm an allergy suffer and the Ionic Breeze was effective at keeping my allergies in check, so I figured I'd give one of the knock offs a try and save ~50%. After only a few hours use I got noticable allergy relief. The Ionic Breeze is a slightly nicer product, but at twice the cost. I opted for the deal Amazon offered: 1 Ionic Pro Turbo + a twin pack of the compact Ionic Pros.

    I'm not sure why there are so many complaints about bright LED. Sure it's bright, but it's not keep you up at night bright. Maybe previous models had a brighter LED.

    The compact Ionic Pro, delivers both clean air and a solid value. I no longer miss my Ionic Breeze (which was also a great product). ...more info
  • Great product
    The air purifier seems to be doing its job we have only cleaned it once and we have owned this for about 3 weeks now? Doesn't make any noise nice and quiet. It only makes noise when it needs to be cleaned....more info
  • do you have asthma?
    I had purchased these ionizers to try to reduce the amount of dust and relative stale-smelling air in my condo and to help my allergies/asthma. I was excited to try them out, but then I did some reading and found out that they attract the dust by releasing ozone into the air (Google it for a better explanation). I read in a few places that it is "unlikely" that the low levels of ozone they emit could be harmful to people with conditions like asthma, but they don't really know with certainty. I also read that it may be best to run the purifiers when you are NOT home, and shut them off when you are there, again, something to do with the ozone.

    They may work great, and pose absolutely no health risk to anyone, who knows. I don't take chances with my health, though, so I decided to return them. There are other types of air purifiers that do not use this method, and I'm considering one of those, instead....more info
  • Worst things about any type of eletronic air purifiers
    I have done tons of research on these type of electronic air purifiers including have family members how bought these as well. First I like to say that study and test show that Ionic Breeze has the lowest ratings possible and are made very cheap even there $800. dollar models. Also that 3rd party manufacturers like Ionic pro to name a few are built and filter the air a lot better the Ionic Breeze(brand name) models.

    The downside Unless you like the smell of air being electronic discharged like the smell of a lighting storm and headaches to go along with it then I would recommend to stay away from these regardless of the brand. If you don't mind it then go buy any nock off model just stay away from Ionic breeze which is made cheap and they also live up to marketing hype and advertisements to rely on business. Just like Blue-Ray dvds. Don't take my word for it do the research and see your self.

    ...more info
  • Good?
    I'm going to have to agree on a lot of the other reviews about this comment. When I first received this product, I immediately placed one in the living room and my bedroom. At that time, my roommate and I were coughing uncontrollably, unaware that this was flu season and not your common allergies. So for the first month of having this product I couldn't really tell if it was indeed cleaning the air in our apartment. Sometimes I sense that the air does in fact smell cleaner, but then I realize that my roommate had opened up some of the windows to let some fresh air in. :P

    Another thing I need to point out is that our living room is well over 250 feet square in area. So that could be why I can't really tell if this product is working in the living room. As for my bedroom, I believe my bedroom is about 250 square feet in area, but again....I can't really tell if it's working. In fact, I see that my furniture collects more dust than before. I have to dust every week!

    I use to live with another roommate who had a similar product like this one but just in a full size and everything I walked into their apartment I could really feel that the apartment air was truly clean. Maybe I'm comparing my product to theirs too much. ;P

    To get to the point of this review, I had this product for 2 whole months now and I'm still questioning if it works as they say it works. I'm going to just keep it on HI for the next month or so and see if I sense any changes and at that time I'll re-edit my review.

    In any case, two medium size air purifiers for $150.00 is not too bad so I can't really complain. :)...more info