Revlon Spa RVS1112 MoistureStay Ionic Hot and Cold Facial Sauna

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  • Ionizing function creates an extra-fine mist
  • ION switch turns ions on or off
  • Built-in timer
  • Revolutionary hot and cold mist functions
  • LED function indicators
Customer Reviews:
  • revlon ionic hot and cold facial suana
    the first package I received the nasal attachment was cracked and broken in box. exchanged with new one and this one arrived safely in mail. the nasal attachement with cold mist works great. better than i expected. the hot sauna does not produce enough moisture for me. expected more hot moisture. the attachment for the facial does not attach firmely. while using and putting your face in you have to be careful for the facial attachment not to fall off.this item i speak of is revlon ionic hot and cold facial saunaRevlon Spa RVS1112 MoistureStay IONIC Hot and Cold Facial Sauna...more info
  • Disappointed
    Good point:
    The cold mist is nice and relaxing. Have a timer.

    Not so good point:
    1)Hot sauna: insufficient steam (have to cover my head with towel to collect more steam)
    2)Cold mist: supposed to emit mist but sometimes it sprays tiny bit of water instead. Not a big issue.
    3)Need to use distill water....more info
  • Thumbs up on Revlon Facial Spa
    I purchased this from Amazon. I immediately put it to use. I am a long time allergy and sinus sufferer. The hot puts out steam slowly. It would be nice if it was more.
    The cold worked great. The nasal insert is just what I needed. It blows steady moist cool air. Overall, I think this will work well for me; especially for my sinus.
    ...more info
  • Not Great
    This is not my first facial sauna but it is the worst I've used. The "Cold" function does not work well (not significantly enough at least) but the hot function works fine. It tends to leak the water you put in, even if you keep it below the max-fill line. ...more info