Fat Burning Kickboxing Workout for Dummies

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This unintimidating DVD explains basic kickboxing techniques in easy-to-understand language. Not only can you tone and reshape your entire body by using this DVD but you may even change your mind about exercise!Fat-Burning Kickboxing For Dummies is a dynamic energizing and fun way to blast off extra body fat and tone up your trouble spots. As you punch kick jab and shuffle you get your heartrate going burn calories and work your abs glutes thighs arms and shoulders.To make it even easier to master this kickboxing workout we include a unique tutorial that covers the ten basic moves used in the workout.This quick 15-minute segment allows you to get the basics of the discipline at a slower pace. This way when you go on to the main program you can be comfortable with the moves apply them with correct form and get the most out of every single move.System Requirements:Running Time: 56 minFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: HEALTH/FITNESS Rating: NR UPC: 013131462999 Manufacturer No: 14629

Customer Reviews:

  • No Challenge, Boring, Terrible workout!
    Total waste of money. MIght be good for a very beginning exerciser. Other than that, it was terrible. So easy, that I didn't even breathe heavily even when adding power moves to her routine. Way too easy. I didn't even feel like I worked out. I just wasted 30 minutes and had to do another workout. Not recommended for intermediate or advanced exercisers. ...more info
  • Like having your own personal trainer at home ;-)
    I've said it before; - Keli Roberts is one of the top 5 aerobic instructors in the universe. She is amazing and if she really was your own personal trainer, you'd be as buff as a triathelete. She would get results out of you that you wouldn't believe. I've done some of her other workouts, and if done consistantly, there are fantastic results.
    I don't have too many kickboxing dvds, and seeing that Keli leads this, I had to get it. It's fantastic. This is mainly geared for beginners in kickboxing and the impact is low and it's easy to follow because the moves are basic. She goes at a fast pace, but this makes sure that you are always burning fat and calories. If you are unsure about posture and your positioning, don't fret - she cues very well. There is also some options for different intensity levels, so it doesn't matter if you are unfit or not. I also like the safety tips they use throughout and the seperate instructional portion of the dvd that's done at the end. This will really help you learn all the terminology and exactly how each move is done.
    Keli really knows her stuff. She has done quite a lot of kickboxing workouts in the past because she's good at it, so don't worry - you are in good hands and do this often during the week and you'll get some good results. I love this and highly recommend it. I find it fun too, so the workout goes by quickly. Pick up a copy and see for yourself....more info
  • Excellent Workout!
    Wow! Heart rate up and stays up! Fun kick-boxing moves by a great instructor. Keli Roberts is clear and precise, making for a great teacher. I have many, many dvd's and this one was felt the next day. Highly recommend for the days you want a great & powerful cardio/toning workout!...more info
  • Beginners luck
    I never thought I could kick box, but this video is exactly right. I can follow the directions clearly and gradually I was able to do the movements. Kelly Roberts is demonstrates her moves clearly in the instruction chapter. I have been doing this for the past couple of weeks. Yes this is for the beginner to the moderate exerciser. Anything that can get you moving is great! Try it....more info
  • Love Keli!
    I bought this DVD in January, and I've done it about 3 times a week since. I am losing weight and feeling great! Keli is so motivational without being too perky or in your face. The music is also perfect; not too annoying. I still sweat every time I do this video. I'm looking into buying another one of her videos, too! ...more info
  • A different way of losing weight.
    Get more calories out of a workout and work off and firm your body fat with Fat-Burning Kickboxing Workout For Dummies, offering up a fitness educator and trainer's kickboxing-oriented techniques which have been honed into a workout routine. Ten basic moves used in the workout are reviewed at a slower pace in 15 minutes; then the main program kicks in. A different way of losing weight.

    Diane C. Donovan
    California Bookwatch...more info
  • Rare gem for beginners
    I've always wanted to learn kickboxing, but most DVDs are for intermediates, which often goes too fast and don't show you the basics. This DVD has a tutorial for the Top Ten Kickboxing moves. They include 1)Ring Moves, 2) Cross, 3) Hook, 4) Front Kick, 5) Sidekick, 6) Jab, 7) UpperCut, 8) Knee Thrust, 9) Back Kick, 10) Roundhouse. The beginner can take their time mastering these basic moves before going on the other 3 kickboxing exercises, which the viewer can choose. The beginner can also learn to do these moves right so that injuries can be avoided. Keli takes her time and shows you the proper way to move. This builds confidence and you won't feel like you'll fall behind when she goes a little quicker in her exercises. After buying this DVD, I can forget about the fast paste TAE BO DVD's, which seem to be for fit folks who like to look competitive. I highly recommend this DVD for anyone who wants to take their time learning kickboxing right....more info
  • I love kickboxing
    I have always wanted to take kickboxing classes but have never been able to. I found that this instructional video was perfect for a beginners because it is taught slow enough to learn the moves properly.But yes I can really feel the workout at the same time....more info
  • This is a good workout for people who need to start up working out again
    This one was good and I actually enjoyed it. Its motivating and fun and it teaches you a new method of working out. It's not for pros (hence the name for dummies you guys), its for people starting out like me. So, if you want to start up again after leaving working out for a while this is great for you. It's also great for providing a good wholesome workout.

    It's nice to learn this new sport, admittedly somewhat a limited education, and its great to take out some of your aggression! Overall a good buy.
    ...more info
  • Good for beginners, great verbal instruction on proper form
    This is great for beginners. Keli is alone & teaches you w/o distraction in 1/2 time or slower throughout the entire dvd proper form for kickboxing so you don't get sloppy & possibly injure yourself.
    It's broken down into a 17 min. instruction & 3 workouts each one adding more punches & kicks.
    Although I liked she went slow, I found it a bit boring. A martial arts friend said her form was fine. I'm picky about body awareness & though she moved well, I look for a workout that emphasizes on using this for self defense one day. Hence emphasizing on putting real energy & all you can into the kicks & punches. Her emphasis was on working out alone & seemed almost wimpy.

    You can see a preview on collagevideo com ...more info
  • Great Starter to Kickboxing
    This is a great DVD for beginners that haven't become "couch potatos". It has plenty of variety for the newbie. Eight years ago I was able to keep up with Billy Blanks, but at 58 and having slacked off a bit, this was enough to get me going again without "scaring me off". I do workout to all 3 Fat Burning sessions at one time on the days I don't do resistance or weight training. It's great for adding variety to your walking or step aerobic training. If you're very active you may need to bump it up a notch....more info
  • A gem for DUMMIES
    This is a wonderful DVD for those new to kickboxing. Since it is for "DUMMIES" that automatically lets you know who it is designed for-BEGINNERS. With that being the case, she goes slow so you do each and every move correctly and safely. She also has a nice paced routine to utilize all of the moves she taught slowly during the tutorial section. I highly recommend this DVD. Keli Roberts really does a great job helping beginners, like me, learn such an exciting exercise....more info
  • Keli Roberts is the BEST.....
    and she is wonderful in the Fat Burning Kickboxing Workout for Dummies!!!Excellent instruction and a brillant format,this is a must-have for ANYONE wanting to learn kickboxing. I first worked out with Keli Roberts when she released CherFitness,A New Attitude back in 1992 and immediately loved her style and personality,she IS the reason I love step aerobics to this day and now the reason I love kickboxing!! GREAT workout!! You come away from this workout with a definite "I can do it,I wish it would never end,I can't wait to do this again" attitude!! Thanks for yet ANOTHER awesome workout,Kelly!!!!...more info
  • Excellent workout video!
    As an amateur kick boxer, this tape was perfect for a routine workout to keep me in shape. Excellent!...more info
  • The best
    This was the best purchase I ever made on amazon.
    She teaches you everything in the step-by-step top 10 tutorial- She goes slow and makes sure you are doing it right, it seems as if she's almost next to you showing in person, that's how good of a teacher she is.
    I would recommend this video to everyone who wants to learn kickboxing....more info
  • Great instructional video
    Kelli Roberts never disappoints. This is a great instructional video that will give you the basics to move on to Janis Saffel, Guillermo Gomez, and even Billy Blanks. She teaches you the proper way to do the basic punches and kicks so that you can work out safely. ...more info
  • The best introductory kickboxing video I've seen
    If you want to get up to speed fast, this is the right DVD for you. It provides better, more detailed instructions on how to perform the moves properly than any other DVD that I've found. What's more, the producers wisely placed these instructions in a separate tutorial section, so as not to disrupt the flow of the exercise routines themselves.

    This DVD is geared toward beginners, but is still reasonably challenging for intermediate kickboxers. Keli Roberts maintains a brisk pace throughout most of the DVD, and she's always lively and engaging. I would rank her among my top five favorite exercise video instructors of all time.

    During the exercise routines, the DVD will occasionally display more basic or more demanding variations of the moves in use. This is an excellent feature, and it's much better than merely having some additional exercisers demonstrate the move variations in the background. I only have one minor gripe: At times, it's not immediately obvious how the more intense moves vary from the regular ones. This is a very minor complaint though, as it's not too hard to see how one can ramp up the intensity of the workout.

    ...more info
  • Not a good workout!
    I was very disappointed with this workout. Good for a beginner maybe. As for me I was bored and definitely NOT challenged at all. Waste of time and money!...more info
  • Fantastic!!!
    This kickboxing video is fantastic!!! I haven't been to a kickboxing class in many years and so, although i am not in the greatest shape, I was still worried that this video would be too easy for me. It wasn't!!! Soon enough I will get used to the sequences and it'd be nice if she'd have an alternative video with several different combos to keep me switching up routines; however, kudos nonetheless!!! The tips that tell you how you should squat and kick properly for a no pain workout are terrific!!! It's the same tips i learned going to the classes at the gym. The instructors would tell us that if it hurts painfully, then you're executing the position incorrectly, so i like that there's a reminder of how to do the positions properly in the video. There aren't any extra people in the background that may or may not know what their doing either. Another video from another company had a lady that didn't know what direction was left or right and kept attempting to 'keep up' the pace. I wish the cool down was longer cuz wow!!! i'll be feeling it in the morning!!! Ms. Keli looks fabulous and keeps you moving with on time cues and excellent executions. The slow intros into each routine don't bother me because it's much like in class when the instructor likes to go over moves to make sure new people are up to date; however, this might bother the more impatient person. Her voice was not annoying to me and quite lovely. She looked 'real' doing the moves, not stiff with a fake smile or overly hyped up bubbly shouting. They even show you ways to bring it down to a lower level or if you're ready, a higher level and i can't wait to be at the higher level again!!! I'm going to go look at that bootcamp one she has and couldn't find any more kickboxing from her!!! Maybe i'm not looking right. Well later, i might want a more strenuous routine; however, i will definitely keep this video for variation purposes at that point whenever and if i need it. I enjoy this video. Absolutely fantastic!!!
    ...more info
  • Kickboxing made easy
    I've never kickboxed, and am by no means overweight. I'm actually more toward the underweight side, but have my problematic areas. (That's what happens when skinny girls are too lazy to work out: they develop love handles and get flabby in problem areas). Well since I've been doing this DVD (4-5 times a week) for the past 2 weeks, I have noticed amazing results. I'm losing my problem areas rapidly, toning up, building stamina, regaining my balance and feeling so much more confident about myself. I'd say Kelli Roberts is a genius! DO IT!...more info
  • Not for those with kickboxing experience.
    This video should be labeled geared for beginners. I would give it one star based on how bored I was, but, I have a few kickboxing classes under my belt and think someone who is new to the workout might benefit from this DVD and enjoy it.

    Therefore, I encourage beginners to use it! Just don't expect a challenging workout if you are more advanced. ...more info
  • Hey Excercise Experts... It's "For Dummies", Lighten Up!
    I guess I am not in as great of shape as some people who bought this DVD... because I loved it! I didn't expect it to be expert/advanced since it was from the "For Dummies" series (a reasonable assumption), like some people seemed to think it should have been. This DVD has some favorable points:

    1) Keli Roberts is a great instructor! As a whole, I am NOT one for fitness videos. I find the instructors too perky and annoying (like Denise Austin), even if they do know their stuff. I only bought this one because Fitness Mag tested it to rave results and I have enjoyed kickboxing in the past. Roberts is upbeat, but not too bubbly. Doubt me, watch the instructional portion of the video when she is demonstrating the upper-cut.

    2) Great pace! Before my fav local gym closed, I went to the kickboxing classes there. This was a great replacement! And Roberts goes through the moves slowly enough you can get used to the combos without getting overwhelmed.

    3) It is so easy to squeeze into your schedule! The way it is set up, you can do one or all three sessions, as time allows. Believe me, even just doing two of the three gets you sweating and, more importantly, gets those muscles burning.

    4) Once you have done it enough times, you can make it a little tougher while she is doing the easier parts by adding moves(like actually punching instead of pivoting) as you go through the motions.

    In the few weeks I have been doing it, I have lost inches off my thighs, arms, and hips! I am not severely overweight, but needed toning (and to lose some a few pound), and this is doing the trick nicely....more info
  • Much too fast
    These may be basic moves but the pace is much too fast. I had chest pains after doing this workout. I would only recommend it to someone who is at an advanced fitness level and does high-impact cardio on a regular basis....more info
  • Waste of Money
    I am very disappointed w/this DVD. I just tried it this morning and it was way too slow. I think she spent more time explaining every detail of each movement, than doing it....more info


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