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Turn your organic kitchen waste into useful, nutrient-rich compost! The Can-O-Worms vermicomposter has a multi-level design that's easy to assemble and easy to use. The Can-O-Worms can be used indoors or out, and it's easy to set up. Start with moist bedding (anything from shredded newspaper to peat moss, but not manure or soil), some non-fatty organic kitchen waste (too much fat and protein can smell and attract rodents), and some red wiggler worms (who digest the waste and bedding, leaving behind nutrient rich castings), and within a few months, you will have a large amount of compost that improves soil structure and aeration and promotes healthy root development. Generally, one pound of worms can take care of a half-pound of kitchen and garden waste. It is not recommended that you use fruit or citrus in your Can-O-Worms, as the peels tend to last longer and develop an odor. After your Can-O-Worms has been established, you might notice the presence of other bugs, such as millipedes and pill bugs. Don't worry - these bugs aid in the breakdown process! If you are allergic to molds and mildew, you should probably keep your Can-O-Worms outside. Molds occur naturally in compost bins and aid in composting. Red wigglers are temperature sensitive, so do not let your bin get below freezing or above 84 degrees Fahrenheit. Every Can-O-Worms is made of 100 percent recycled materials. Dimensions: 29in tall, 19 1/4 in diameter. Can hold up to 20,000 worms in 3 layers.

Customer Reviews:

  • I love my can o worms
    This is a great alternative to trekking to the back of the yard to dump the garbage. I wish it could take more garbage at a time but I can get almost all our veggie scraps in there since we have bunnies who help out with processing the scraps as well. I have it outside because it gets a lot of fruitflies in the fall, but it is just ouside the sliding glass door and there is no smell. I started out with twice the amount of worms because I want it at full capacity as quickly as possible. I bought the worms locally and then online and was happiest with the online worms which were bigger and healthier than the locally bought worms....more info
  • Useful system for vermicomposting
    This product works very well if you want to compost using worms. It is made of recycled plastic, so you don't need to worry that it's creating more waste for the planet. Worms quietly produce pounds and pounds of nutrient-rich "vermicompost" that will help your garden and houseplants thrive, and dispose of your old papers, vegetable rinds, coffee grounds and veggie peelings in an earth-friendly way. I LOVE MY CAN o WORMS!...more info
  • Loving it.
    This IS a great design, and I am loving having our own worm farm. We attempted to create our own via tupperware storage container with holes drilled on the bottom, but weren't successful. This is much easier and much more fun.

    One reviewer complained of issues with rain as well as the spigot allowing escapees. Advice: keep the spigot closed and use the tea frequently for your plants so as to prevent overflowing from the container and/or escapees. Use the bottom compartment / layer for the tea ONLY, no compost or worms. All wayword worms can wiggle themselves back to the upper levels and out of the tea if needed, and won't escape if the spigot is closed (and if tea is used often, then if a worm flows out your spigot and into your garden it is beneficial, too). Keep the lid on the top layer and the spigot closed when not in use, and rain is not an issue. Also, I added double the worms from the beginning and have gotten excellent results. If keeping outside where odor becomes an issue, cover your freshest kitchen scraps with a light layer of dirt, and the smell will be covered as well....more info
  • awful design ...
    This worm bin is highly rated ... if that's the case, all I can say is - make sure you *really* want one and don't buy the others, they must be truly awful!

    We've had our bin for about two years. We have to bring it in during the winter - keep that in mind, before buying, that you need a place inside for a big container of rotting food scraps! - it's not terribly horrible but I wouldn't call it completely odorless either. And we only do veggies as recommended.

    But the main problem - this summer, our worm have started escaping from the drain spout! They end up in the container set to capture the "worm tea" and will drown, if we don't notice them in time. Or if it rains overnight, the tea container overflows, as does quiet a few worms.

    Our first attempt to keep them in was a piece of window screen between the base and the first bin layer. The screen catches lots of sediment but the worms pass right through!

    We next cut up a permanent gold coffee filter and tried to cover the drain opening. Some worms are still escaping, though not as many. Yet.

    As you can imagine, this escaping worm problem needs to be solved before winter and we move the worm bin inside! Otherwise, I'm ready to vote we leave it outside and by the spring, we'll be done with the "worm business"!

    PS: We're just reading that nylons may help keep them in ... and night lights and all sorts of other tricks. Or maybe they're not happy. A lot of work - not quite what I envisioned when I bought this as a birthday present for my boyfriend. We now joke that a worm bin is a gift you give to someone you hate! ...more info
  • Squirm of worms
    I bought this product because I wanted to cut down on food waste but was rather weary. Slimy worms reminded me of elementary school's "everybody hates me..." So far I have not touched any of my 2,000 worms and to be honest, I now consider them a part of my 'family'. There are no odors and the worms hide when I open the top to add more food. (They don't like light.) I keep them indoors in my basement. I was a bit confused with the instructions that came with the product but I had previously purchased 'The Worm Book' so it was no big issue....more info


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