iBert Safe-T Front Mounted Child Bicycle Seat
iBert Safe-T Front Mounted Child Bicycle Seat

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Product Description

The iBert safe-T-seat was designed with quality and safety first. The safe-T-seat places the child up front, safely between the parent's protective arms. This evenly distributes weight over the bike giving a stable, safe ride. Kids enjoy the close interaction and the unobstructed view of the fun ahead. Mounted conveniently on the handlebar stem; the high, forward position allows you to pedal in comfort without banging your knees on the seat.

Created by parents who were disappointed with the family bicycling options available, the iBert Safe-T Front Mounted Child Bicycle seat was made to offer families the best biking experience possible in safety and comfort. This front mounted seat offers both parent and child excellent range of vision, with the opportunity to interact as they bike together. Noted for its ease of use, the seat takes just a few minutes to install and remove, and it is equally easy and safe to load and unload the child from the seat. Providing plenty of clearance for the knees so that the adult can bike with ease, the seat is positioned so that it is easy to maintain the center of gravity. This adaptable seat fits any adult bike with a minimum of 3/4 inches of clearance on the handlebar stem.

The iBert Safe-T seat was developed after its creators became frustrated with the available bike seat options for children. They found that bike trailers kept their kids uncomfortably far away from them, got too hot in the sun, and only provided a limited view out to the children. The rear-mounted seats presented similar problems. The kids had a limited view and it was difficult to interact with them. Additionally, the balance of the bike was off and it was not easy to load and unload the kids. Other front mounted seats were complicated to hook onto the bike and difficult to remove. These seats also did not allow knee clearance for biking, and as a result were not comfortable.

The iBert Safe-T seat offers a variety of safety and comfort advantages compared to other child bike seat options. The iBert Safe-T seat allows you to maintain control of the bike when loading and unloading your child. To load and unload the child, you simply straddle the bike and lift the child into or out of the seat. When using the iBert seat you can always see what your child is doing and you can make sure that your child is safe and comfortable at all times. The center of gravity in the iBert seat is closer to the center of the bike making it easier to control the bike as you ride. The seat sits higher on the bike and is smooth on the bottom so that even tall riders rarely brush the bottom of the seat with their knees and if they do they just glide along the smooth edges on the bottom.

The iBert Safe-T seat is easy to install. The patented stinger assembly attaches to any bike with a minimum of 3/4 inches on the handle bar stem. The stinger system attaches to the bike in just two minutes and the seat can then be attached and detached from the stinger in 15 seconds. If you buy additional stinger assemblies the seat can be attached to multiple bikes.

The iBert Safe-T seat is made in the U.S.A. with safety and quality as the main objectives. While the iBert Safe-T seat is designed to meet all 1625-00 standards, at this time ASTM 1625-00 is written for rear child carriers not front mounted seats.


  • Allows interaction with your child
  • Child has a clear view
  • No dirt, dust, rocks, or water thrown in child's face
  • Small and easy to attach
  • Easy and safe loading and unloading of child
  • Maintains center of gravity
  • Similar construction to rear-mounted seats
  • One adult can take multiple children for bike rides
  • Easy assembly
  • Full clearance for knees
  • Made in the USA
  • Recommended for children one to four years old
  • Maximum recommended height is 42 inches
  • Maximum recommended weight is 38 pounds

What's in the Box?
iBert Safe-T Front Mounted Bike Seat, Stinger Assembly

Manufacturer's Warranty
Two year limited warranty for manufacturer's defects

  • Places your child in front, so you can see and talk with them
  • Fully Adjustable 3-Point Safety Harness
  • Pivoting lap bar that locks into place
  • Patented 'Stinger' Mount attaches easily to handlebar stem in minutes, no tools required
  • Solid leg wells provide 180 degrees of protection and prevent items from falling into spokes

Customer Reviews:

  • Mixed results
    We got the iBert because it was well reviewed and supposed to be a well build front mounted child's bike seat that avoided disadvantages of other models (supposed to be easy to take on on off, avoids having to ride with legs bowed around it, etc.). Our daughter loves the seat, it was indeed very easy to install and take off, and I enjoy riding with her in front. It also balances the bike well and feels safe when riding. However, the shoulder straps don't stay on well at all (on a small child with tiny shoulders), and at only 6'0'' tall, I still have to bow my legs to avoid banging my knees on the bottom of the seat. That means I can't take rides that are too long or at all strenuous because my knees ache.

    I ride a hybrid bike from REI, and would think the dimensions would be normal for the iBert - so be careful to check things out if you have legs that are even somewhat long. We will be keeping the iBert just because of the fun factor, but I am disappointed by the fact that I paid more for the seat than other similar models and didn't get the benefit that I thought I was paying for....more info
  • Just used for the first time...
    We just got back from our bike ride with our 15-month old, and we had an absolute blast! We purchased the iBert bike seat from amazon.com a few weeks ago, and initially I was curious as to how it would work for us. Considering the great review from the amazon.com customers, we knew it would be good. It has proved to be one of the best purchases we've made this year. It installs in about 5 mins, and works so well. Take our advice, don't buy a rear-bike seat... but the iBert! ...more info
  • iBert child bicycle seat
    the best child bicycle seat in the market. Child sits safely in front of adult and can interact during a bike ride. It mounts very easily and securing child is easy, too....more info
  • Love it
    I loved this my son hated the bike seat you attach to the back all he could see was my back also we could not talk back and forth like the Ibert. My son outgrew this and I will miss riding him around it was so nive being able to point stuff out to him. The only draw back was the pin you secure the seat on with it wa so hard to get on and off. But is was so worth it. before purchasing this we had the weeride(cheaper). thats what made me want to try this, it looked like it would work better the adult has more room with the ibert. This product is soo much better. You would think steering would be a problem but is was not also the bike was steadier than with the back mounted seats that want to tip over. if you are not sure buy it and try it. ...more info
  • Good, but kind of a "beta" version.
    I really like this seat. I've used it almost daily since spring came around. I'm a tall rider and have had no trouble with knee clearance. I ride in a fairly busy city most times, with all sorts of bad drivers, and quick maneuvers are no problem.


    The harness/strap system on this seat is cheaply designed and built and could be greatly improved on. Finding a good snug fit takes some work, and there have been times when my daughter (while falling asleep or twisting to see something fly by) has worked her shoulder out from under one of the straps. Not good on Westminster St.

    Speaking of sleep, what would it cost to fix-- or, even better, make a removable/washable-- pad to the crossbar? If your kid falls asleep, there's really no place for them to rest their weary noggin.

    The stinger system for mounting the seat isn't as solid feeling as I'd like. If I have to jump on the bike sans kid for a trip to the corner store (seat makes a nifty grocery holder), the empty seat rattles over every bump like it's not really latched on. It is, of course, but there's a too much play, I think.

    Overall, it's a great seat. It does the job well. But I can't help but wonder how great it would be if they just took a little more time with it. A better harness, a place for kids to rest their heads and a more reassuring fastening system would go a long way....more info
  • This is the one
    Riding a bike with my 12 month boy has always been on my wish list. However all the rear mounted seats that I saw were boring from the child's perspective. What fun is it to stare at mama's back all the time ? Also there is limited interaction with the child when they are at the back especially when you want to point and show them something. The ibert seemed perfect when I reviewed it online and when I received it promptly from Amazon I was not disappointed. First you have to admire the simple design and the bold green color. In hind sight no other color would have done justice to the seat. Secondly the installation was a breeze. I normally would have waited to put this in my husband's "honey-do" list but I was so eager to ride the bike with my son that I installed it myself. It took me a total of 20 min and that was because I put the T-bar the wrong way the first time and had to reinstall it again.There is also no question that it is really safe once you understand how the ibert fits on the bike My son loves to sit in the child seat and ever since it has been installed we have been doing daily trips down the trail and riding it to the park. Once he even fell asleep in it ! The price may be little more than other seats in the market but it is worth it for the good design and the simple installation. You will get good use out of the seat. My son could probably use this till he is 3-4 years old. If you ever think of getting a child seat for your kid this is the one hands down....more info
  • Best infant seat on the market!
    I did ALOT of research between front and back baby carriers and this by far is the best one out there, it is definitely well worth the money. I am so happy I bought this one. I also have a rear child seat and I don't like it because I can not see what my child is doing. With this one I can talk or sing to him while riding. Also it doesn't interfere with my steering or pedaling at all. Great product....more info
    followed the reviews and bought this seat. How could so many people be wrong? They weren't! My 12 month old daughter wasn't quite sure about it on the first ride, no tears but no smiles either, I think she was taking it all in. But now she points to my bike and the seat everytime she sees it and wants to go for a ride. She pulls the green bar down over her lap before I can and stays really still while I put her helmet on. This seat is going to make our summer so much fun!!

    It is so easy to manuver the bike with it on, it doesn't effect the riders vision, and my knees aren't bothered either. I highly recommend it!

    I guess if I had to come up with a negative thought it would be that when my daughter gets sleepy, her head begins to rest on one of my arms.
    ...more info
  • Best infant/toddler seat out there
    When I first saw this seat in Parenting Magazine, I thought it was a very unsafe product. After researching several type of toddler seats I ran across the ibert again and read all the reviews about it and decided to give it a try. This is the best seat out there. This seat allows me to interact with my 15 month old well (besides her helmet getting in the way). She is able to look around and see everything that I can which I like. She normally will not sit still long but she did not complain during our 2 1/2 hour bike ride this afternoon. I will tell everyone that is looking for a child's bike seat to buy the ibert....more info
  • Great for a kid livin' on the edge!
    This seat is fantastic!! Only problem with a handlebar seat is that it leaves very little room for the parent's legs so some accomodating is needed. But if your child loves the wind in their hair and is interested in looking at everything...this is the seat for them. Our three year old daughter has been loving this seat since she was 15 months old....more info
  • great product
    I love how the bar can lift up to put your child in. We really like how our child has the front view. Very easy to set up....more info
  • Sweet solution for families
    My wife, who doesn't ride a bike frequently, had no problem adjusting to this setup. It is very stable. She is 5'8" and her bike allows her to pedal quite comfotably without hitting her knees on the seat. We ride together, but she likes having our 1-year old close, whereas normally she would prefer that I do any extra carrying or transporting, etc. when we do outdoor activities with the baby.

    I have only 2 drawbacks with this seat:
    1) There is no head support for baby, so when they fall asleep, their head is unsupported.

    2) The "stinger", the metal piece that holds the seat to the bike, has to be removed with an allen wrench if you want to switch it to another bike. This is a VERY minor operation, but for long rides it would be nice to switch from one bike to another more easily. So far it looks like a 2nd stinger, also a good solution, would cost $27 shipped, which is steep to me, considering that $27 is about 33% of what the whole seat cost me (shipped). It would be great if a 2nd stinger were included with the seats....more info
  • LOVE IT!
    Product is super easy to install, shipped quickly and baby Macie (10 months old when we got it) LOVES it! I have also taken the older two (2 1/2 and 4 1/2) out for a spin and they love it too! I am short, and have no problem with my legs around the seat.

    Happy Riding!...more info
  • Great Purchase, easy to install and use...!
    It is very easy to install, and works great.

    The only drawback, as stated in other reviews, is that my baby feet's got stuck during the boarding process.

    Other than that, she enjoys the ride a lot!...more info
  • Your child will have SO much fun
    This seat is so much fun, for the parent and the child. First time out, My little boy was having a blast. As a child fun because he gets to sit in front and see everything that I do. As a parent, its great and non-inhibitive. ...more info
  • Phone home
    My favorite part about this seat is that when I put my baby boy in it, I feel like Elliot from the movie "E.T.". I usually put a blanket over my son's head when we ride in order to get the full "E.T." effect. My son loves Reece's Pieces too, which makes it all even better. I wish his finger lit up. He's pretty much worthless. But the seat is great....more info
  • Great bike seat
    Our son loves this bike seat! The only issue is that it did not come with the pad, apparently we got sent an older version....more info
  • Excellent Product
    I bought the ibert few weeks ago and I am loving it! My daughter is 15 months, and she enjoys it a lot. I am not particularly athletic, I am 5'-7" and I have a hybrid bike. The ibert is easy to install. Easy to get the child in and out of it, and when you ride, you don't even notice the extra weight. I like the fact that my daughter is in the front because that provides better control of the bike than if she was in a rear seat. Also, I can see her through the mirror. The only problem is that she wants to manouver the bike and keeps trying to take my hands off the handles! This product is excellent. I would suggest the manufacturer to make the inserts for the strap in the back a little bit more close together, so the strap sits well on the child's shoulders. ...more info
  • Excellent product
    I only wish I had found it sooner as my son just turned two and will soon grow out of it. But I am sure that we will enjoy it for the whole of summer. The only problem is the shoulder straps which slide off. All in all, a good product and would recommend to anyone interested in a bike seat....more info
  • Pleased first time mother and novice biker
    My 12 month old loved the ride and seat the very time we went for a ride! He cried when I took him off. Very easy to assemble and to take off and on. I had not ridden a bike in years and was weary of the added weight but not a problem at all. Great product!...more info
  • Love It! For a 2.5 year Old
    This is a fantastic product. Easy to attach and remove. We bought this after buying a trailer and a back fitting bike seat.

    1) Better than trailer/rear seat because its actually fun! I did a 3 hour bike ride with my daughter over Bay Bridget all the way to Tiberon (long for me). When we finished she wanted more! Oh, by the way, I stuff a peanut butter sandwich in her hoodie and some wipes. She can eat her lunch without me stopping!

    2) You can actually talk with your child as you ride. Great for multitasking... bonding + exercise. Also, I'm afraid my kids will beat each other up if they are in the trailer since they are so close in age.

    3) Ease of use. Easy on and off. Seat can come off the "bracket" that is attached. Easy to get her in and out too. No knee banging. Also works for bikes like our mountain bikes that couldn't fit the rear seat.

    4) Flexible. works for my 10 month old and my 2.5 year old. She is only 25-30 pounds and about 3 feet tall. Height wise she fits. I need to get another one so we can all go together.

    5) Cool :-) EVERYONE stops us and asks where we got it. I really feel sorry for the kids in the trailers... or worse in the rear seat pressed up against Daddy's butt with a view of daddy's sweaty back.

    Cons (not really)
    1) If my daughter moves her head too much sometimes she knocks me in the face. I need to snuggle by one side of her face. I guess if I was taller (I'm only 5'2" my arms would be longer and I'd have more clearance). My husband at 6'0" has no problems.

    2) Seatbelt not great... sometimes it rides down her shoulder. Worry about her flying off but I'd worry more if she was in the back. At least I can see her. There is a lap bar though... make sure it snaps in place.

    ...more info
  • Almost perfect!
    I got this for my 18mo. old boy after reading all the reviews for rear mounted seats and then came across the iBert. It all makes so much sense to have your kid on the front. We interact easily when he's in front without him looking at my butt the whole time if he were in the back. I can see where he's looking and pointing and curious about things. Incredibly easy to attach and then remove the seat with the pull of a single cotter pin. The additional weight and balance for me is barely noticeable once you get going, and I can also easily put him in and take him out on my own. The only drawbacks for me are that I have a 12 speed Bianchi roadbike and I needed to turn the handlebars upward to make me more upright. When I first took him out before that, my chest was bumping and pushing his head forward a little bit. So while this solution works fine the iBert is definitely more suitable for an upright style bike like a mountain bike or a cruiser. Additionally, my legs do brush along the sides of the seat, but again, i got used to it very quickly-it's not uncomfortable-just different. Even with those two cons, the pros far surpassed my expectations and there is nothing better then taking a ride with your little man....more info
    This is a fantastic product! My daughter LOVES going for bike rides, pointing out every mailbox, fire hydrant, tree, etc. that she sees and looking up at mommy for acknowledgement! I can actually converse with her and keep an eye on her. It's such a great bonding experience as well. And the bike is so easy to handle with the seat attached. We're looking forward to warmer weather so we can make full use of it!!...more info
  • Excellent
    This is a great seat. It was easy to install and our 11 month old son loves it. I would definitely recommend it to my friends and family....more info
  • The Absolute BEST!
    Installed this product in two minutes...can't believe how easy it is! Put my 2 year old in it, and went for a bike ride 5 minutes after it was delivered to my house! This is absolutely the BEST bike seat...my 2 year old didn't want to get off the bike! Now I can ride more, because my son can go with Sissy, Mommy and Daddy! Thought about buying a "cheaper" bike seat, and I'm really glad I didn't...the iBert is great!...more info
  • iBert Child Bicycle Seat
    This seat is AWESOME! It is easy to install, the child loves it and the parent riding the bike loves it because you can still ride the bike and have the interaction with the child. This is much better than a rear seat and makes a bike ride much more enjoyable....more info
  • A great front mounted-seat
    A great seat, We love it, you don't feel the weight of your baby unlike rear seat. It looks like any kind of bike might fit. Our baby likes it, he's 22 months. It looks safer than a rear seat since you got full control of your kid....more info
  • Love this seat!
    I have tried bike trailers, a rear-mounted seat and this seat. This is by far my favorite. My kids love it and I love being able to interact with them on the ride. Both my kids fit in the seat. My daughter is 1 and half, and 20 pounds. My son is 4, 40 inches tall and 36 pounds. He is about to reach my chin so he won't be able to use it much longer but that's OK since he loves his trail-a-bike. The seat is great because my bike feels so much more balanced and easier to control than with a rear-mounted seat. I also had a hard time getting off my bike with a rear-mounted seat and hated not being able to see what my daughter was doing. In addition, with the iBert my son can ride his trail-a-bike behind us. Both my kids love biking with this set-up.

    The iBert works on both my and my husband's bikes. Our bikes are Trek 4500 mountain bikes. It does not interfere with our pedaling at all; our knees do not touch the seat.

    One negative is that it would be difficult for a small child to sleep, but this is not a problem for us as my daughter loves to bike so much and finds it so exciting she never falls asleep in the iBert. Also, you should know that the iBert does not work with all bikes and riders; it did not work for my friend as it interfered with her pedaling. You should give it a try though because if it works for you and your bike, it is an awesome seat. I did a lot of research and it was the only one I could find that in most cases does not interfere with pedaling....more info
  • Wobbly, doesn't fit some bikes and has no head support for child
    We really liked the concept of this seat, but it just didn't work out. For one, our bike's stem could not be raised the required 3/4 inches, so I had to move the handlebars slightly off the top of the stem. The people at our local bike shop found this terrifying.

    The seat wobbles and rattles a bit. It seems secure, but the feeling is unnerving. I emailed ibert and they said some people had put duct tape in to stabilize it, but why wouldn't they fix this themselves?

    Aside from the difficulty of getting on the bike with so little space between the child's seat and yours, the biggest reason we ended up returning it is because there's NO support for the child's head when they fall asleep. Our daughter would last about 15 minutes before she fell asleep, then it was difficult to support her head and ride at the same time.

    All the bike shops I went to thought that these front seats were a bad idea and now I see why. ...more info
  • So the baby can see better - is that enough?
    How well you will like this seat depends on your particular bike frame. Some people don't have the same problems that I have. I recommend going to a bike shop that sells them if you can and try it on your bike. I personally feel it's only worth buying if you already have a rear mounted bike seat and need a front one because you have 2 little kids.

    * People like the seat and you will get lots of attention
    * The seat is super easy to install and remove if you want to bike without the seat.
    * The baby has an unobstructed view.
    * It's easy to steer and handle the bike even though it doesn't look like it would be

    1. For me personally, it makes me feel claustrophobic. I'm 5'7" and have a cruiser type bike. My knees hit the seat unless I open my legs a little. It's manageable but annoying and not good for long rides.

    2. You have to keep your seat low so that you can touch the ground at stop signs. I can't get off my seat and straddle the bike because the ibert is in the way. This makes it more work to pedal.

    3. The seat is overpriced. It is cheaply made of plastic with no padding for the child.

    4. The back of the seat is too low so the child can't lean back and sleep. Why not just make it taller??

    5. The seat wobbles a bit.

    6. The seat belt is very cheap and flimsy. It's not like a regular stroller harness. It's hard to describe but all I know is I can't get it to stay on my baby's shoulders right.

    ...more info
  • Excellent Seat- I love it!
    I absolutely love this seat! I read all the reviews on so many seats and am positive I chose the right one. It was extremely easy and fast to attach to my bike and is quick and easy to take off if you need to. (Unlike the seats that attach in the rear.) I have no problem seeing over my one year old's head with a helmet and have no problem steering. It is actually easier to ride him in the front than the back and he sits longer since he has a great view! My son loves this seat and so do I. I would buy it over and over again. Well worth every penny!...more info
  • How to lose your baby weight, fast!!!
    I bought this for my 2 year old and I to ride together. I have a 6 month old who can use it when my 2 year old gets too big. I absolutely love it and so does my daughter. I can talk to her and vice versa. Its gotta be one of the coolest gadgets ever. Since I started using it I have lost the remainer of the weight from my second baby. It motivates me to get out there are ride the bike becuase my daughter always asks to go for a bike ride and since there is an extra 30 lbs on the bike I am burning more calories. Highly recommend this product!...more info
  • I LOVE this seat and so does my daughter!
    After a lot of research about trailers versus seats, I decided to order this seat. My husband was amazed when he came home, and I had installed it myself. It is adorable, super easy to install, and all around perfect. I use it almost every day with my daughter (who is a little over a year) on my cruiser bike. I really love that my daughter is right between my arms, and we can interact on our rides. I can see her waving and squealing with excitement during our rides. This seat rocks. ...more info
  • The BEST!
    I have tried many seats but they have never worked on my bike, not only does this one work, but it was so easy to put on and my daughter loves it. I never thought it would be so easy and successful....more info
  • LOve it!
    It's great , just make sure that your baby will be up for a while, it's a bit uncomfortable if falls asleep on the chair....more info
  • Simply a must buy! Most fun I've had on my bike in years!
    I was skeptical at first but after reading all these reviews I was able to convince my wife that this is a safe and enjoyable way for me to take our 20-month old son out on my bike. I researched bike trailers for a months but none of them seemed appealing to me (the ride would seem so detached).

    Anyway, when this arrived, I couldn't wait to install it. Even though I had to make a few adjustments to my handlebars, it still only took me a few minutes to get this seat on.

    I've used this every day I can and both my son and I love our time together on my bike. It's a great way for us to bond and we play "i-spy" while we're riding. With the weather slowly getting nicer, I'm really looking forward to taking him on rides at various parks in the area.

    I only wish I bought this sooner since I think I only have this summer left before he outgrows it. Next year will be my daughter's turn with me!...more info
  • Let's Go See the Horses!
    I have to give high marks to this product, its almost perfect. I knew that I wanted a bike seat that sat in the front. After seeing and remembering from childhood all the seats in the rear, I knew that was a bum deal (haha puns well intended). The poor kid sits behind mom or dad and gets to stare at their rear the whole time or strain to see off to the left or right. Plus, for the parent, any conversation with the kid is pretty much non-existent.

    The iBert steps in to change all that. Up front and right next to you, your child feels safe and protected. Conversation is easy for you and the view is unparalleled for your child. They can look anywhere from their fluorescent green throne. We have horses that are in a fence down the road, so I load up my son and peddle down to see them all the time.

    I am 5'10" and have a standard size men's 21 speed. I had to do a slight adjustment to my handlebars to get the iBert bracket to fit my bike. I do have to slightly "butterfly" my legs to peddle but it is not at all inconvenient or uncomfortable.

    My wife's bike is another story. She has a women's diamondback hybrid or something and it does not at all fit on her bike, at least, we can't mount it and then want to change gears, haha.

    Pros: Kid feels safe, easy conversation, kid can see all around, easy setup, really fun
    Cons: Expensive, doesn't fit all bikes, shoulder straps are a joke (but the saftey bar latches in pretty well)...more info
  • Riding is so much fun now!!!
    We purchased the iBert a couple of months ago and have fallen in love with it. It is so nice to have our daughter (15 months) in front of us where we can see her while we are riding. She loves to point at things while we are riding. I can now see her do that and know what she is pointing at. She can also talk to me and I can hear her since she is right there in front of me. The only problem that I have found is that I have longer legs and my knees do bump the seat just a little. Of course, not enough for it to be a problem. Love it and recommend it for everyone!!! A must have if you like cycling. ...more info
  • Great seat!
    What a great idea! Having your child in front of you is so convenient! You can interact with him and know that he is safe without turning around. It is also more fun for the child because he can see where you are going instead of staring at your back or leaning trying to look around you. We were worried it would be hard to ride and steer with the seat on, but it is very easy. Our baby is six months old and he loves it!...more info
  • Life changing ....great item
    This is a very easy seat to put on. I had to raise the handle bars slightly, but the piece is easy to attach and easy to remove for when I am riding solo. I love that I am so close I can leave over and kiss my son. Easy to balance, as they said before. We are riding daily. This has been a great purchase.

    ** I can see how it could be hard for long legged men. I occasionaly tap the seat with my knees. Probably have to raise it a little higher....more info
  • The best
    It took me 3 minutes to install the iBert on my Giant mountain bike. My 17 month old son LOVES it. And so do I. It's great to have him sitting in front of me as we cruise the streets. He can see everything and says, "Hi" to all of the trees and cars and animals. The common response when we pass other people is, "that thing is so cool! I want one!!!". ...more info
  • Great control, visibility, and fun!
    I was skeptical when I saw the picture of this seat because it didn't seem sturdy enough. However, after extensive reviews and even a video I found online, I went ahead and purchased the seat. WOW. I love it - my son is 2 years old and about 28 lbs and he LOVES it. We get "Wow" and "Awesome" when we ride it in town. I feel that the way the seat is mounted on the steering column makes this a sturdy choice that helps to control the excess weight (i.e. the child!) and prevents it from tipping out of control. The bicycle shop told me condescendingly that these are "unsafe" but after reading the reviews, I felt the rear mounted ones would be more of a hazard for me for balance and tipping. I didn't take their advice (of course they told me it was unsafe b/c they only sold rear mounted seats) and I went with the parents' reviews on amazon and I was so pleased with the purchase. The only complaint I have is the straps - they can fall off the child's shoulders but if you have a velcro belt or any adjustable belt, and fasten the two straps by the child's shoulder blades, it works perfectly well. I love that I can interact with my son, and that I can see exactly what he is up to. Great product!...more info
  • Near-Perfect option for parents of small children
    Some history. I own a Burley Solo Trailer, I have used the rear mounted child carriers, and I was a professional bicycle mechanic for 6 years. This is a great product with just a few drawbacks.

    First the Pros:
    - This is heads an shoulders more stable than a rear mounted child carrier
    - Child interaction and supervision
    - Fun
    - Safer than a rear-mounted carrier
    - Ease of mounting could not get much better

    - This is not for short riders. People under 5'8" will have trouble reaching the handlebars
    - The safety harness is horrible but there are some relatively cheap and simple fixes to this problem.
    - Safety of child *may* be slightly lower than a trailer style carrier (see notes below)

    Installation Tips:
    - I would recommend using this on a bike that has "riser" handlebars. The rise in the bar gives extra clearance for the children's legs/feet when getting them in/out of the carrier.
    - Grease the threads of the stinger bolts. Grease is always a good thing, and since you are threading into steel you don't want the bolts to corrode.

    Strap Modifications:
    I would recommend using a baby-seat sternum clip commonly found on Graco SnugRide seats to help keep the straps positioned on your child. Without these, the straps just fall off the child's shoulder and flop down, basically doing nothing once they have fallen off. The strap material on this seat is CHEAP and could use some improvements. This is my biggest gripe.

    Getting you kiddo in and out....
    -As others have mentioned, putting the safety strap on is only possible without the helmet.
    -I would also recommend that you carry shoes seperately and let them go barefoot. The shoes are what get caught under the handlebars and it can be more than uncomfortable if their legs get stuck.

    The Burley is generally a safer device simply by design. It generally won't tip over if you do, it has side and top roll-bars to prevent contact with the child and the cement, it has a lower center of gravity which affects the steering none-at-all, and it trails behind with a huge flag letting motorists know that you have a child and to keep their distance. The iBert has none of these things.... but I still use the iBert 10 out of 10 times. Why? I am an accomplished cyclist and still have great control even with the small added weight on the bike's stem so I feel I am **more** manuverable than if I had a trailer. I can fit through smaller spaces, am more agile, can turn, stop and accelerate faster with the iBert than with the trailer. This perhaps negates some of the safety benefits of the Burley. I run 2 rear flashers (even in the day) to help motorists see me which I think helps address rearward visibiltiy issues. Burly trailers have a tendancy to throw up dirt and grit into you childs face because of their placement behind the rear wheel. In addition, if the child is shorter, when wearing a helmet, the seatback forces their helmet and head downwards making it not only uncomfortable but also painful (imagine a bumpy ride with your head being forced downwards while being pelted with road dirt and sand).

    I recommend this product without reservation even given its limitations and rider contstraints. The one thing I am NOT looking forward to is putting my child back into the burley when she exceeds the weight limit of the iBert. I seriously doubt she will want to sit in the back once she has a taste of sitting "shotgun".
    ...more info
  • Awesome product!
    This is by far the best child seat out there. It is safe and our 18 month old loves the view. He can wiggle a little and it does not affect the way the bike handles. I highly recommend the Ibert!...more info
  • Great bike seat!
    We purchased this bike seat after reading many reviews. My husband had it on his bike in 5 minutes and we could not believe how easy it was to put together. Our son is 13 months old and loves riding around town on the front of the bike. He has a great view, and it is easy to talk to him while riding. He even tilts his head back to get kisses- so cute! We get so many comments in the neighborhood, seeing a cute little boy on the front of a bike seems to make everyone smile. My husband is 6 feet tall, and he needs to ride with his knees out to the side a little to accommodate the bike seat. We have had so much fun riding around as a family, I highly recommend this iBert bike seat....more info
  • teacher
    My son loves it. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to keep our balance if we ran into bumpy road but it handled like a champ. It didn't fit on my husband's new mountain bike but it fit well on mine. ...more info
  • Great seat!
    We purchased this for our 2 1/2 year old. He's just about 30lbs. We've used it on my bike as well as my wife's and we both have found it to be a wonderful way to take our toddler with us. He absolutely loves to go on bike rides with us and his 4 1/2 year old sister.

    Like other reviewers, we feel this seat is much better than the one you install behind the seat on top of the rear wheel. When we are biking, my son is inches away from my head. It is so easy to talk to each other as he sees and wonders at his surroundings. Also, he gets a great view without obstructions. I'm 6'2", 275lbs, and I have no problems with my legs hitting the seat. Even when they brush the sides, the seat is smooth and rounded so it's not a big deal. Have had no issues. Installation is very simple and a hex key tool is included to install. My bike has a very wide head tube for the handlebar while my wife's has a normal head tube and the T-bar installs with no problem on both. Taking the seat on & off the T-bar is very easy, takes seconds. I personally take the T-bar off the bike if the seat is not on it. I don't think I would want to slide into that if I accidently slid off the bike. :-)

    My wife is 5'4", 122lbs and she also has no problems.

    Only word of caution that we would add is that it does alter the weight of the bike and stopping and starting requires a little more effort and forethought, especially for my wife. HIGHLY recommend this seat to get your toddler out there with you on family bike rides....more info
  • Great bike seat!
    The iBert rocks! We ordered it and a helmet for our daughter's first birthday. The install was super easy, it feels very safe and our daughter loves riding in it. It's not too rough a ride. She isn't leaning from one side to the other trying to see me or see around me like she would in a rear mounted seat. The bike is way more balanced, easier to turn, etc. than with a rear mounted seat. She's 20 pounds and 30 inches tall and has lots of room to grow into the seat. The harness is well made and holds her in place securely, you just have to take the time and follow the directions to get it adjusted right for your kid. We point at squirrels, dogs, trees, kids, cars, etc. She cries when we're all done with our ride. I would definitely recommend this bike seat over all others. ...more info
  • Can't endorse enough
    I want to preface this review with two points. First, I have never gone onto any website like this to endorse a product. Second, I have not been a regular bike rider for almost 20 years.

    What I can tell you is simply this...if you have a small child (under 4) and are looking for a bike seat that a) does not interfere with your normal cycling style, b) is safe for your child, c) is easy/intuitive to set up, and d) your child will LOVE...I can't imagine a better product to purchase than the iBert.

    My daughter (20 months old) has become addicted to her daily "buck-a-loo" rides. And as a consequence, daddy has become healthier because riding has become so much fun for both of us.

    From an assembly standpoint, it's important to note that I am someone who generally ends up giving up putting things together in frustration to my wife, who is more adept. That said, I had the seat put together (CONFIDENTLY) in about 15 minutes.

    Once it's in place, the rest is pretty easy. Your child puts their legs through, a strap comes over the head and can be tightened around both shoulders, and then a bar comes down over the child's lap. Strap a helmet on and you're good to go. I should mention that the strap is the one caveat about the product. At least for me, it's been hard to get it so that it stays securely on both shoulders. But after a few weeks now of riding over gravel and grass bike paths, my kid is definitely secure, and happy.

    So that's it. Just riding around I've ended up telling at least a dozen people who have asked me about what the iBert is and how can they get one. If you're reading this review, you've already got that part down.

    Good luck, and enjoy!...more info
  • Great child carrier!
    I highly recommend this to anyone with a child in the weight and age/size range. As a parent you have full observation, control of your child and can communicate what you are sharing in sights. No need to take your eyes off the road to check on your child....more info


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