Ultra-Pure 988 Air Purifier

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Product Description

The Ultra-Pure 988 Air Purifier utilizes 8 separate state-of-the-art air filtration and purification technologies allowing it to match and surpass the best aspects of competing brands while avoiding their multiple shortcomings. Instead of just offering a handful of features that eliminate some air pollutants, some odors or a few germs, the system integrates a complex set of technologies which detect and eliminate harmful air pollutants, dangerous germs and noxious odors that other limited-technology air purifiers simply can't. The Ultra-Pure 988 includes all of the following in a single affordable unit: 1. Air Pollution Sensors - Monitor indoor pollution levels and adjust system performance settings accordingly. 2. Dual Washable Pre-Filters - Removes large airborne particles, allows the other filters to work more effectively. 3. Dual HEPA Filter - A must have for allergy and asthma sufferers, this filter is tested 99.97% effective in capturing harmful airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns including dust, pollen and bacteria. 4. Dual Activated Carbon Filter - For absorbing odors, toxic gases and hazardous chemical fumes including cigarette smoke, paint fumes and toilet odors. 5. Dual Ultraviolet (UV) Light Irradiation - Breaks down the molecular structure of mold, bacteria, viruses and other airborne germs rendering them harmless. 6. Dual Photo Catalyst Nano-TiO2 Germicidal Sanitizer - Helps suppress the growth of mold, mildew, other household fungi, bacteria, viruses, dust mites and odors. 7. Optional (On/Off) Activated Oxygen/Ozone - Unlike many other ozone air purifiers which are either ineffective or unsafe, the 988's ozone levels fall a full 20% below FDA and OSHA safe limits but are still high enough to fight odors and destroy dangerous airborne particulates, bacteria and mold. 8. Negative Ion Generation - Effective at clearing smoke, decreasing carbon monoxide levels, combating airborne infections and even reducing fatigue.

  • Ultra Quiet 5-Speed Fan - Effectively moves and cleanses the air in all indoor household and office environments.
  • Dual 8-stage filtration and purification system, filters pollen, smoke, air pollutants, odors, bacteria, germs, mold, pet dander & more...
  • Automatic Air Quality Sensors - Monitor indoor pollution levels and adjust system performance settings to maximize air cleansing effectiveness.
  • 5-Mode Automatic Timing - (1) Automatic on/off using air quality sensors, (2) Manual on-off for continuous operation; (3) Auto for continuous 20 minutes on/40 minutes off operation; (4) 2-Hour for 2 hours continuous on then automatic turn-off; (5) 4-Hour for 4 hours continuous on then automatic turn-off.
  • Easy to read LCD control panel and includes wireless remote control and aroma-drifting scent included.
Customer Reviews:
  • For the money this is a GREAT unit
    This unit sure has a lot of user settings. It also has an air quality sensor It also has dual Heppa, dual UV lights as well as dual charcoal filters. A lot of technologies and features for the price. I put this unit in my bedroom, as I was suffering from a dry cough that just would not go away. A month after buying this unit my cough cleared up. It is on every night in my bedroom. ...more info