Alaskan Bear Treats Wild-Alaskan Salmon Oil for Dogs, 32 Ounces

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  • 32-ounce bottle of wild-Alaskan salmon oil for maintaining a dog's health
  • Produced from 100-percent pure wild-Alaskan salmon and rosemary extract
  • Premium source of Omega-3 fatty acids for a healthy heart, coat, joints, and more
  • Metered pump dispenser makes it easy to apply the oil to food
  • Packaged to ensure fresh aroma and great taste

Customer Reviews:

  • Alaskan Salmon Oil Does the Job!
    Within one month I noticed an improvement in my dog's coat. The dander/dry skin problem has gone away, and I can only attribute that to the use of the Alaskan Salmon Oil. Well worth the money spent on this product. ...more info
  • Wonder product
    This is a wonder product for dogs with problem skin. My dog had hypothyroidism, and her skin was really suffering, even after we started her medications. Three squirts of this with every meal showed a dramatic improvement in her skin. Also great for cats!...more info
  • Bears Treat Salmon Oil for dogs
    Our 1 beagle had skin allergies so bad, she was chewing herself raw. After some cortisone shots our vet suggested salmon oil. We've been using it for a year and her skin and coat are beautiful. Her coat's shiny & soft and no more allergy outbreaks and no more cortisone shots....more info
  • Dogs love it
    It's tough to keep the cat away from the dog food !!
    Dogs' coats look better and the old dog seems to have less pain in the hips. Has not rolled over on her back for years and now doing back flip-flops from side-to-side. Simple to use, just a squirt on the food. Using less than recommended, and seems to work well. Dog breath being what it is, the change to a fishie odor isn't that offensive. Best price I've found....more info
  • Dogs love it, easy to dispense
    Update: I had to give my dogs much less than the recommended amount, since they put on a few pounds after I added this to their diets and dispensed it according to what the package recommends.


    My dogs have not been using this long enough for me to know if it is going to help their coats or not, but they find it to be a tasty addition to their normal meals. It is super easy to use, just squirt it on top of their kibble. It has a pretty fishy smell, and they have salmon breath for a while after eating their meal, but they think its tasty so I can deal with their breath. I will buy more of this once we've used the bottle we bought already....more info
  • Fish oil for dogs
    A great product. Dogs love it and it's good for their coat and skin. We believe that a couple of squirts every day also reduces shedding....more info
  • Lester
    this stuff is like million dollar oil for the king and queen. My 2 beagles had rough coarse hair, since I've beeen giving them Alaskan Bear Treats Oil they feel like teddy bears. They are soft. They think it's a treat in there food.Try it for 6 months, I'ts great...more info
  • Minimized my vacuum cleaning days!
    We first learned about Alaska Bear Treats - Salmon Oil for dogs because our English Bulldog shed so bad. We tried it and noticed a tremendous improvement in her coat AND much less shedding! At one time we ran out and did not buy it again for some time and sure enough, the shedding was back in full force. Needless to say, we will always use this product as long as we have a dog that sheds. If I may say one more thing, Bulldogs are prone to several diseases especially skin disorders and our vet keeps saying how healthy she is (3 1/2yrs) and is just waiting for the day she will be coming in with issues. I'll never let that happen! :)...more info
  • Alaskan Bear All Natural Wild-Alaskan Salmon OIl for Dogs
    My Cavaliers love the salmon oil on their dog food! The only reason I marked 4 stars is because sometimes the oil leaks around the pumper and gets on my fingers and it smells fishy! ...more info
  • Good product, poor pump.
    I use the salmon oil to maintain a healthy skin and coat on my dogs. I was disappointed that the pump did not work (would not open)making it difficult to give the correct amount of the salmon oil. ...more info
  • Great - Less Aroma Compared to Grizzly Salmon Oil
    Salmon oil works wonders and is beneficial from a number of perspectives - allergic reactions, joint inflammation (various healing and growth mechanisms), as well as cardiovascular - omegas do wonders in many different biochemical pathways. I find this Alaskan Bear Salmon Oil to be a great supplement to any dog food. We've found that the smell is much less on the dogs as compared to the Grizzly Salmon Oil I used for a few months. The color of the Alaskan Bear oil seems darker and of a higher quality (at least to me). Our dogs are big, bull mastiffs (150lbs)- with equally large breaths, so it's nice to reduce the salmon smell but retain all the benefit. Highly recommend....more info
  • Best Product For Dry Coats
    I love this product. The dogs' coats are not dry, they are shiny and healthy! The Alaskan Bear Products for dogs are wonderful! I put two squirts in morning kibbles and two squirts in their evening kibbles. Would highly recommend!...more info


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