Hunter QuietFlo Replacement Carbon Pre-Filter

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Product Description

Replacement Carbon Pre-Filter fits all Hunter QuietFlo Air Purifiers. For general household use. Reduces common household odors 30% better than leading brands. Please follow these instructions to insure that you get all possible new pre-filters from your universal pre-filter. The number of possible new pre-filters vary by air purifier model. Remove the front grill. Remove the pre-filter from the front grill. Remove your new universal pre-filter from the package and unfold the pre-filter. Using your old pre-filter as your guide, align the edges of the old pre-filter and the new universal prefilter. Be sure to place the longest edge of the old pre-filter to insure that you get all possible new pre-filters. Cut out a new pre-filter the same size as your old pre-filter. Return the leftovers from your universal pre-filter to the plastic bag to retain the effectiveness of the universal pre-filter and to save it for your next pre-filter. Note: When cutting out your future pre-filters, repeat steps one to five. Discard all leftovers after cutting all possible pre-filters.

  • Universal Carbon Pre-Filter for Hunter Air Purifiers.
  • Cut-to-fit systems allows for at least two pre-filters.