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"The Madonna of yoga, exuding creativity and inspiration" ¡ªYogi Times

Good things flow from a strong core: a long lean torso, a healthy back, a positive flow of energy that benefits every aspect of your life. Now, one of the yoga world¡¯s top female teachers shows you an enlightened way to a powerful core. Unlike repetitive conventional abs work, Shiva¡¯s fluid yoga-based approach awakens your creativity and inner fire, building strength and grace in the same way that surfing, rock climbing, or dancing does¡ªwhile you¡¯re enjoying yourself, not counting the minutes until it¡¯s over. The program includes three flowing segments, which can be done all at once or individually.

Filmed at White Sands National Park, the program was directed by James Wvinner and shot in HD by Hollywood¡¯s Sion Michel (Memoirs of a Geisha). Beautiful, effective, inspiring. It¡¯s an abs workout you¡¯ll look forward to doing again and again.

It's hard to say how Shiva Rea would react to being called "the Madonna of yoga," a phrase that appears on the cover of Creative Core Abs. But one thing is certain: the popular, California-based yogi's several DVD programs are uniformly first-rate, and this one is no exception. Roughly defined as the area between the upper thighs and lower ribcage, with particular focus on the abdominals and lower back, the core is "more than our physical center," says Rea; it is "our inner fire," the seat of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual selves (not to mention the center of a great many yoga poses). Mindful that core exercises are for many of us "a duty, not a pleasure," Rea has designed three different programs (ranging from seven to seventeen minutes) that aim to offer a more creative, innovative approach to the work. The "Water Core" segment includes various seated movements, many involving the arms as well; there are also sequences done on the back, somewhat akin to the bridge pose, as well as the "water wheel," which combines lifting the hips while alternately extending the legs. The "Spontaneous Core" section incorporates some of the previous movements with several new ones, while the "Fire Core," the longest of the three, blends very challenging poses such as chaturanga and the forearm plank with familiar standing asanas like the Warrior II. As usual, the musical accompaniment is effective but not intrusive, while the setting (New Mexico's White Sands National Park) and the HD cinematography by Sion Michel (a camera operator for Memoirs of a Geisha) are stunning. None of that may matter much while you're flat on your back, struggling to understand what it means to treat a pose as if you're "skateboarding on the empty bowl of your pelvis," but Creative Core Abs is likely to yield satisfying results for those who stick with it. --Sam Graham

Customer Reviews:

  • Creative Like It Said
    This is definitely more creative and interesting than just doing your standard crunches! I liked how in certain segments she would let you come up with your own routines instead of following her all the time. I know I felt my abs the next day. Also, I like how you could do the entire workout, approximately 40 mins, or separately, lasting between 10-20 mins each. Overall, a great core workout - everything gets hit: abs, back, and to a certain degree, arms and legs. ...more info
  • Only buy this if you like yoga
    This DVD does give you a good ab workout, but there are a lot of yoga moves that are difficult for a beginner. I would not recommend this for anyone who doesn't enjoy yoga. ...more info
  • Something different for the stomach
    This is my first Shiva Rea workout that I have done.
    This is definitely one of the more unique core exercise DVDs out there. Not too many have instructors that tell you to improvise during the course of the ab workout.
    Deceptively easy, if you perform the flow correctly, you will feel it the next day. Takes a little getting used to the flow, for me a few times through. On the new-agey side of yoga in feel and flavor, if that bothers you skip this one. A lot of leaning back while on your knees (example, the front cover of the DVD). There's a little bit of dance/rhythm to this, but really it's about a flowy rhythm.
    The 35 minutes can be broken up into three segments, and the segments are distinct and of different styling.
    I purchased this to add to my existing regimen of running and gym weightlifiting, and this seems to serve that purpose. Currently in my workout DVD rotation....more info
  • Want some fun?
    You can have it with this dvd. I (mexican yogini) never thought working the abdominals would appeal to me. Now, with Shiva Rea's Creative Core Abs, I enjoy them !!! Could you believe it? If not, try it by yourself....more info
  • Tough, but intriguingly challenging
    Creative Core Abs is a challenging video. I do not recommend it for beginners to Shiva Rea's particular style, but those familiar with her workouts will find it enjoyable and fun....more info
  • Creativity and Football training camp?
    I too had a chuckle when I saw Shiva Rea called "The Madonna of Yoga." I can now say I am among those fortunate enough to have met this incredible lady and I know from first hand experience that she would never give herself such a self-lauding name, instead, she uses names such as "River Guide" and "The small teacher" (in comparison to the big teacher that is within most of us Yogis)to describe herself.

    Ok, I have that off my chest, now I will say that this DVD is shorter than the rest of her creations but brings every ounce of inspiration and a new look at the practice of Yoga that her other DVD's have. Also, as another reviewer mentioned, this is great on those days when you have less time or your body needs a workout that is less intense. None of these sequences feel like you are doing "ab work", instead, it seems to me almost like dancing. Of course the music is also phenomenal, this gift of hers for choosing the perfect music for a sequence is no accident--this lady really lives for music! I also recognize some of these movements from the Bear Bryant football days in training camp, except that those guys actually had to hold a bucket full of water and rotate around in a circle with it!

    I would caution those with knee issues--this DVD and her other newest DVD; Fluid Power both have some intense workouts for the knees so remember to listen to the great guru--your body and enjoy! ...more info
  • a little disappointing...
    Like some other reviewers, I found this workout to be a little weird. It lacked instructions, which is what I was expecting when I purchased this DVD. The music can also get irritating after a while. I assume it would be great for creative types, but then again, if one were creative enough to do their own yoga/ab workout, one wouldn't need to purchase a DVD for such a workout, right? Anyways, I did all three parts and didn't feel much afterwards. I have been practicing yoga for about a year so I am familiar with most poses, yet in this DVD not many yoga poses were used (just planks and the like).

    I feel so disappointed I wish that I could return this DVD, but obviously cannot anymore. ...more info
  • One of Shiva's BEST
    This is one of Shiva's best! The dvd is so enlightning, but at the same time you don't even realize how hard you're working your core! A must watch! TAMARA'S YOGA FUSION...more info
  • good workout
    I enjoy doing this workout, since I am new to yoga I appreciate the approach that is used where I can go slowly and learn the moves....more info
  • Exceptional outdoor location and narrative
    Very well made video shot at sundown with brilliant scenery. Instructor shows how these yoga-type exercises can enhance your ab workout. Nice change of pace to what I've seen available. Lovely music with drummings. Perfect for an end-of-the-day routice. ...more info
  • Yaba daba doooo
    I expect a new me, in a few weeks... i love this dvd... this gal is incredible and believe me i own just about everyone else's dvd on the market. she is precise and very sensual in her movements, which all work the important ab muscles, so while you are having a good time... you are actually accomplishing something good for yourself... the music is so hynoptic i had to buy the JALA cd of hers..... treat yourself and let loose and see a difference in your body!!!!! thank you! DT...more info
  • Shiva Rea is a cool cucumber!
    Shiva Rea takes is very unconventional when she takes you on a journey to your core. She talks about more than just muscle and twists--she talks about where your power derives from and how to harness it and be creative with in it. If you are tired of crunches and sit-ups you will enjoy this video! She is very creative and you can go as fast or as slow as you need. I feel very strong (in my abs)since I have added this DVD in my rotation....more info
  • Unique Core Workout
    The first thing you notice about this DVD is the breathtaking scenery--it's filmed in White Sands National Park, New Mexico.

    The roughly 35-minute workout is divided into three segments: Water Core, Spontaneous Core, and Fire Core. Shiva provides easygoing instruction. Using both Sanskrit and English terminology, she shows modifications of the more difficult moves. On days when you just don't feel like working out, try this DVD--Shiva's fusion of yoga and toning might just change your attitude....more info
  • Fun Ab Yoga Workout
    I bought this DVD a year ago , done some of it once and forgot about it since I was doing mainly her "Yoga Shakti" & "Fluid Power" and other workout DVD's, then a week ago I've done the whole DVD from start to finish and it was so much fun. The moves are very fluid and free yet you do feel your abs working especially if you focus to move from your core. I tried to do some of the exercises on the balance disc and it was much harder!
    There are 3 segments : Water Core (also on Fluid Power) and Spontaneous Core are a little bit similar , most of the work is done on your back , some on your side or while sitting , some exercises similar to traditional crunches but with a little twist like double crunches with your legs in badhakonasana. Fire Core is the longest and the most challenging since it involves a lot of plank work , like doing a running move with your legs while in plank position. It ends with some standing poses which was refreshing. If you want a fun and different core workout then this is it....more info
  • Fluid, freestyle ab workout
    For those who desire a break from the mundane abs crunch workout, this video features a freestyle way of engaging your core muscles. Once you perform this, it seems natural that there are many very fluid movements for tightening up the abs, and in the process improving flexibility. I also find it to be somewhat meditative, and definately de-stressing. It is very creative. Although I still do my crunches and standard stomach exercises, using this DVD with the wonderful music in the background once or twice a week is a nice addition to my routine....more info
  • Swammi-Mommy
    Wow, I love Shiva. What a wonderful way to work your abs and core. This is much better that doing crunches and counting reps. I am liberated from my old ab routine. This DVD allows you to work incredibly hard and deep but still enjoy the whole process. I love the section when Shiva suggests that you to close your eyes and work creatively combining the different movement she has shown. This DVD is perfect for Yogis and non-Yogis.
    ...more info
  • Fun short and sweet
    This core video is a lot of fun. I bought it because it was cheap and I wanted to try a different type of yoga video. This is not your typical yoga video but it is a lot of fun and you can really feel your core working. ...more info
  • Great 35-minute workout
    As usually, Shiva Rhea shines in this DVD. I would have appreciated, however, if it had been made clear that this product consists of excerpts from her Fluid Power and Trance Dance DVDs, which are, by the way, outstanding. One is probably better off buying these two last DVDs and complement them with Rhea's Yoga Shakti DVD... unless, of course, one is only interested in a quickie workout for abs....more info
  • Disappointed
    I have only done this DVD once...have no inspiration to do it again, as it was not a good work out. I really expected more from Shiva- her other DVDs are great....more info
  • Excellent, but very fast paced
    The methods in this DVD are guaranteed to be different from any other core (abdominal) exercises you've done. The moves are based on yoga and are very fun and creative. I have to warn you that the DVD takes off at a blistering pace, so it takes a while to keep up (at least for a yoga novice like me). But once you get going you'll have an ab workout that really works and continues to be fun.

    The music is excellent and the DVD lets you configure what you see and hear.

    I dinged it a star because I really could have used an instruction section that teaches the moves and positions slowly. Also, sometimes the fancy production gets in the way of being able to see what Shiva is doing....more info
  • Good change of pace
    Unless you've been living in a cave you've heard that exercisers need to change up their routine every now and then to get continual results. This DVD definitely does that. I have tried various Abs DVDs that claim they really beat your Abs down, but after awhile I found that most overlapped on quite a few exercises. This DVD though is very new and creative and works your Abs in a different way. I agree with another reviewer that it's nice to use your whole body to work your core. I like the water workout the best....more info
  • Excellant workout
    This is a great yoga work out for abs. This is a must have for teachers and those who enjoy yoga at home....more info
  • Very effective core workout and much more fun than the gym!
    This workout shows you a unique, fun and painless way to move your body that strengthens your core and flattens your tummy. It definitely worked for me!...more info
  • Fun workout say good bye to the crunches
    This DVD is so much fun. The first time I watched it I thought it was too easy.I could not believe you could work your abs without the infamous crunches. However, the next day I was sore (the good way). It is so different you feel like a little infant playing. I really recommend this one to complement your workout or for those days when you are short in time....more info
  • Yeah! Shiva Rea!
    This is beautifully produced excellent core workout. My only problem with it is I wish that there had been someone working on the beach with Shiva doing an "easier" version of what she was doing. For less in shape people, this will be quite challenging and could have used a "version" that would catch someone up to eventually being able to do Shiva's version. However, this DVD is a prize for anyone wanting to work abs in a fluid creative way (instead of robot cruches that treat the body like a gym machine) hear beautiful music, and view a delicious beach and a sprited, deeply creative and alive woman. ALSO the option of doing the workout withe JUST the music is excellent and the ONLY DVD I've come accross that lets you do the class without listening to the teacher for the 100th time, though Shiva is wonderful to listen to....more info
  • A unique way to work your abs
    I purchased this DVD (along with Shiva's latest Yoga Fluid Power) from another company. This DVD provides a very unique way to work your abdominals. It does not employ a lot of static crunches and situp type ab work that I am use to, instead you will utilize various body parts to work your abs. A lot of the work you will do is very much based on the rhythm of the music that is playing in the background. I would say that parts of workout are more like Shiva's trance dance type stuff, where there is room to find your own beat and style of performing a set of movements. If you are use to yoga that has you sit in a position and then move to another (e.g. Iyengar) or even if you more used to constant movement (e.g. Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga), you may still find this different. In my opinion, it is very fluid and more dance like than Shiva's very successful Yoga Shakti DVD. And depending upon what you want out of your yoga practice that could be either good or bad. I liked the DVD because it gave me a way of working my abs that I would have never tried on my own....more info
  • Good video
    This was a good ab workout. It is however a lot like pilates. I was hoping for more standing work.I like Shiva Rea as an instructor, so I enjoyed working out with this one also....more info
  • Dancing Abs!
    Shiva comes through again with a fabulous video that works not only your core, but your mind and spirit! What is special about this video is that you can make it as challenging as you really want it to be. There are 3 sections to the workout and Shiva informs you that you can do 1 or do all 3. By the end of the video, I could feel my abs really working. A must for any yogi or yogini!...more info
  • Irritating Exercise
    This DVD gives several options for viewing, unfortunately turning the music off isn't one of them. I never did make it through and entire workout because of this....more info
  • Very Creative
    I like the idea of using your whole body to work your core abs. This is a intersting way to keep your whittle your middle...okay, not very yogic, but you get the picture. So far, I've only completed the segments 1 at a time which has been plenty for me.
    I've found that whenever I describe Shiva Rea's DVD's the word thoughtful comes to mind and that's how I feel about this. Time, effort, and care has been infused in and throughout this DVD....more info
  • Shiva Rea - Creative Core Abs
    I've now used this yoga dvd several times and think it is pretty good. It definitely gives the abs a good workout and really helps me to focus on my core. However it think it is too short and would have been happy if she had used the matrix format that she used in Yoga Shakti. I feel that the segments were a bit rushed and could have been a bit longer. In order to really get the most out of the work, I have to stop the dvd and repeat some of the segments. But it is creative and fun but leaves me wanting more!...more info
  • Boy, am I out of shape!
    I purchased this DVD because I never reclaimed my abs after I gave birth 2 1/2 years ago. I want them back! I think that this DVD will do the trick. It is a full yoga workout that also focuses good attention on the quads (a chronically weak area for me), shoulders, and hips. I am doing this as my only workout some days, supplementing with some cardio on others - it is short enough to fit into my busy schedule, and gives plenty of workout to me in my broken down condition.

    I do find that the rapid pace of the DVD is too much for my level of fitness and yogic ability. For now, I am sticking with the setting-up variant of the pose, and settling into it, instead of moving on with Shiva into the more active variants. The key, for me, is to always keep doing something, and resist the temptation to sit back and watch while I am resting. I don't think that an "easy version" person is necessary to complement Shiva - the easy versions are all there, if you give yourself a little freedom to improvise around what Shiva is doing. And improvisation is one of the themes of the DVD, so I suspect that this is intentional.

    I do not think that this DVD would be at all appropriate for true Yoga beginners; it requires a previous understanding of working with your breath and invoking your muscles. Also, a very fit person without previous yoga experience might find it "too easy," from not understanding the underlying principles that give yoga its kick.

    I knocked off a star for some production issues that happen to bug me personally. The setting (White Sands, NM) is beautiful, but I find myself wondering, "how did they get Shiva and her mat into the middle of the wind-rippled sand without disturbing it?" Also, the soundtrack doesn't match the actions of the drummer who you can see onscreen. The setting and the cinematagraphy are very ambitious, but they lack the little touches that would blend it into a seamless whole - I find myself thinking about production logistics, instead of being too immersed to notice....more info
  • Kind of a weird workout
    I guess this is a good abs workout, but a little new-agey weird. I thought it would be more like yoga. Unfortunately, this DVD has now migrated to the bottom of my stack of workout DVDs... Oh, well....more info
  • I LOVE SHIVA!!!!
    Shiva Rea is such an inspiration to me... this DVD is GREAT... I feel my abs every time I use it... great workout and music... you can't go wrong with Shiva Rea!!!!...more info
  • Shiva rea- Core abs
    Easy to follow , none of the moves too challenging yet it really provides a solid core workout in a reasonable amount of time....more info
  • Interesting, kinda yoga, kinda dance-like, builds a nice core warmth
    I ordered Shiva Rea Creative Core Abs DVD from the library interloan system and it came in today! Yay! So here is the review.

    Takes place in White Sands National Monument with a drummer on a rock and cool music. There is also a 'just music' option that is nice for just moving to or doing one's own yoga moves.

    There are three workouts that can be done on their own or all rolled together. Done together it's a real nice burn for the torso/core in 35 minutes.

    In separate sections here are the parts -

    Water Core (10 min) - the 'easy' part. A good warm-up but still an excellent core burn. Creative, fun.

    Spontaneous Core (8 min) - very tiring - this is really the hardest part, as there is no rest once you get both your head and the hips/legs in the air. The free form part is cool if you like Shiva's style.

    Fire Core (17 mins) - Shiva moves fast in this, as she does in this whole DVD. You pretty much have to accept that it's okay to not be able to follow along at first, and not having a ton of structure until you've seen this a few times. This particular section is harder than part one and easier than part two.

    I was some reviews on Amazon on this DVD and a lot of people find the last part, the Fire Core, the hardest. The Fire Core has a lot of regular planks, followed by one-legged planks and then this section where you kind of "run in place" while doing planks. Hard to describe but pretty nifty: I felt strong doing that. There are also some flowy warrior poses where you 'draw an arrow on a bow' - also pretty neat - and then whip your arms around while holding warrior 2. Made me feel like Artemis. :)

    There is no Savasana in this DVD. I thought that was a bit odd, but I guess this is to be a short, contained core workout and not strictly yoga? Besides a few planks and cobras there are few typical, recognizable poses.

    This DVD is experienced beginner to intermediate and I DO NOT think any yoga novice should expect to be able to follow along very closely. Shiva moves quite fast and does not explain what she's doing as she goes.

    This is not a boring ab routine. What's best, in my view, is the 'creative' part. There are no crunches, just some really interesting freeform-yet-intense pulsing moves.

    Definitely gets your sheen going! I did feel a fire in my belly afterwards, chilling out on the couch with the TV. The inner heat lasted about 20 minutes.

    Well recommended for a quick, slightly intense core experience that Shiva stamps with her typically enjoyable creative mark. ...more info
  • Spectacular Scenery, Good Music, Great Ab Workout, What's Not to Like?
    I have not been disappointed yet in any of Shiva Rea's DVDs (I believe her new Fluid Power one is my favorite). This is another that will be incorporated into my rotation. The workout is fluid and, as another reviewer mentioned, not crunch-heavy at all. Definitely a different way of working your stomach muscles. Doing any of her longer flows I feel my abs working , but for an extra day or two a week when you don't have the time to do a longer workout, this 30 minute program is ideal to just focus on your abdominals. A very enjoyable workout....more info
  • Creative Abs
    This video is awesome. It's so much different from any ab video I've ever done. I've never done any of the exercises on here but they work! You can feel it while you're doing them! This video is fun and very different from any you've ever tried....more info
  • Creative and fun
    She is fun to listen to and keeps it moving with so many different forms. ...more info
  • Great fun and a good workout!
    I'm a yoga and Pilates instructor, so this didn't pose an incredibly difficult challenge core-wise - BUT, it was a lot of fun!! I don't tend to want to do the same workouts that I do at work when I'm at home, plus I'm always looking for fun new ideas. This workout is effective but the main thing is, it's a blast. The best workout is the one you will actually DO, and this one fills the bill!...more info
  • Shiva Rea gives you the most bang for your buck
    The length of these segments makes them perfect for a "before work" workout, or any time you want to include core work with another dvd that doesn't offer any.

    Even more remarkable is that Shiva has produced another dvd that is miles ahead of similarly priced competition. The cinematography and music are beautiful (just like on Yoga Shakti) and the sequence of movements is well thought out. If you've never seen one of Shiva's yoga dvds you will be shocked how much work some people are willing to put into a production, and how crummy other yoga dvds seem in comparison....more info
  • Very different way to look at abs. I felt very foolish.
    I am not very comfortable with this dancey, wiggly, free form way to work your abs. I feel like I look like a big out of shape slob doing this tape, while Shiva is near anorexic it looks good on her- but I feel and look like a fool dong this type of workout. Not impressed- but i had sore abs afterwards, I am embarrased to ever do it again....more info
  • Innovative core-focused yoga practice
    This is definitely a different approach to working out your core. Over time, yoga instructor Shiva Rea's media releases have become more and more fluid and freeform, and Creative Core Abs is no exception. The Main Menu of this DVD offers the following options: Introduction-Play Workout-Chapter Index-Shiva Rea Biography-Music Options-Also from Acacia.

    The editorial review did a very good job of breaking down the three practices available on this DVD. The first, Water Core, is 10 minutes long. All of the sequences here are performed on the floor, mostly on the knees or on the back, for the effect of a sort of flowing warm-up. I found the music here very reminiscent of Ali McGraw's Yoga Mind & Body. The next segment, Spontaneous Core, is the shortest at 8 minutes; this time there's a live drummer. Shiva incorporates some of the movements from the Water Core, adds some crunch-like work, and then encourages you to put them all together in your own pattern. Shiva ends with some stretches, including cobra pose. The drummer continues into the final segment, Fire Core, a more lengthy practice (17 minutes). Here Shiva starts with kapalabhati breathing (she also calls this "Breath of Fire," but my understanding is that kapalabhati and breath of fire are two distinct types of yogic breathing). This segment is definitely the most intense, as it incorporates quite a bit of plank work, including what Shiva calls an "advanced agni kriya," or a sort of rapid plank with hopping each knee in and out; elbow plank appears as well. This segment is the only one which includes some standing work, as Shiva performs squats, a fun take on Warrior 2 (adding a bow and arrow arm movement), and wide-legged standing forward bend.

    As mentioned above, this is definitely an innovative approach to core work. However, I found the actual effect on my core to be somewhat hit or miss: sometimes I felt that I was strongly targeting my core, but at other times, it was so difficult to follow what Shiva was doing that I didn't feel I was getting much of a workout at all. While some will surely find Shiva's unique approach refreshing, many are likely to find it just plain weird. Although I do like Shiva, I find myself closer to the latter camp. I don't mind non-traditional approaches to core work, but overall, this DVD was just not a good fit for me....more info


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