Bissell Flip Eaze Upright Dry Vacuum and Wet Mop

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Product Description

  • Dry Vac and Wet Mop for everyday use
  • Easily flips sides for dry or wet cleaning
  • Rechargeable dry vac suctions up what electrostatic cloths leave behind!
  • Wet MicroFiber Mop-Washable Microfiber pads are safe for hard floor surfaces and reusable
  • Safe for hard floor surfaces such as linoleum, vinyl, laminate, ceramic tile and sealed hardwood Flip Ease Bare Floor Cleaner, Rechargeable, Lightweight, Reusable Clean Pads, Swivel Head, Refillable Clean Tank, Uses Bissell Hard Floor Cleaning Solution, 2 Spray Tips.
  • Features:
    • Dry vacuum and wet mop for everyday use
    • Easily flips sides for dry or wet cleaning
    • Rechargeable dry vacuum sucks up what electrostatic cloths leave behind
    • Washable micro-fiber pads are safe for hard floor surfaces and reusable
    • Great for linoleum, vinyl, laminate, ceramic tile and sealed hardwood
    Customer Reviews:
      I purchased this item dirt cheap so figured I had nothing to lose if it didn't work out. I have 8 cats & hardwood floors & was looking for something to help clean up the never ending bits of litter that always seem to find their way around the house. This works great for that, for dust "bunnies" & misc dust & dirt on the floors. It doesn't work on carpets & isn't intended for that use. I am also very pleased with the amt of suction considering it has a small motor & it's not a heavy-duty vacuum. The charge also lasts long enough for me to do all my work. It's also pretty darn durable bec i've knocked mine over more then once & nothing has ever broken for fallen apart. I have never had a problem with water spilling out of the canister when i invert it to place back onto the machine. i am not even sure how that could be possible if the top is on tight. for hardwood floors i use murphy wood soap & it works great! some tips: empty the dirt canister frequently & wipe off the filter inside. also check the holes in the bottom where dirt etc actually gets sucked up in. these can get clogged with stuff too large to get up inside. i use one of those wire pipe cleaner type brushes you can buy for a buck at a dollar store. also, it doesn't hurt every once in awhile to take the bottom off and give the unit a good cleaning. just take out the screws, it's not difficult. if you want good results you need to do some minor cleaning & maint once in awhile. as usefull as it is, i do have a few complaints: first, if you do a good vacuuming then want to wash the floors i always have to put on a fresh pad as the one just used gets dirty from vacuuming & if you use it to then wash floors you are just pushing that dirt across your floors. switching just takes a second but the pads are not that cheap so it means you need a decent supply. i'd like to see them sold in larger units then just 3 with a better price. at least a pack of 6, maybe even 12. also, when vacuuming, the suction holes are only in the front so unless you get it all up going forward you can just end up pushing the dirt back at you. it would be nice to have suction holes in the front & back to hopefully alleviate this problem. other than that i am very happy & mine is getting lots of use. ...more info
      I cannot say enough good things about this little contraption. I have 3 other variations of sweepers, moppers, and this one takes the cake! I am contemplating buying another because I'll be sooooo sad when this one kicks the bucket!!! Awesome and easy to use, holds a long charge(weeks) and so easy to refill!!!! YEAH TO BISSELL!!!...more info
    • Dry vac side is good - wet mop side is not
      The mop leaked all over the place. I went to Bissell's web site for help and was able to find some instructions about making sure that tubes were secure, etc. I was glad to find help, but I wish the mop wouldn't leak. Also, after you dry vac, you need to change the pad otherwise you are spreading dirt from the dry vac pad all over your floor. I wouldn;t recommend this product if you are looking for a mop. But if you just need a floor vac, this works well. It holds a charge for 10 or 15 minutes which allows me to vacuum the floors several times per week. ANd it has good suction....more info
    • Great Product!
      I purchased this for my pergo floors. I have 2 young kids and spills happen all the time! It's great to mop up spills and vacuum crumbs. I keep it charged in my kitchen and it's always ready to go. I read other reviews that say it leaks, mine hasn't yet. I have owned it for about 2 weeks. I keep the mop solution in it and ready to go. I recommend this to anyone. ...more info
    • Don't waste your $
      I should have listened to the other reviewers. The water/solution tank leaks A LOT of fluid. I wasn't able to mop my floor because so much water came out of the tank @ one time -- And not from where it's supposed to come out! I am sending it back ASAP!...more info
    • I LOVE this little machine!!!
      I purchased this at an overstock-type store, as I hadn't seen it at my local Target. I got it for $25 and it is WELL worth it!

      I use it daily in my kitchen. I have one very messy child (autistic), another child, and a dog (and the husband!). I love this for cleaning up before, or after, dinner. My dog frequently gets into our trash and makes a mess on the floor. This is wonderful for that!

      I'd been wanting a hard floor machine cleaner/vacuum for quite some time, and I'm glad I waited for this! I love how it's rechargeable (it's never died during use) so there is no cord. It's also light, which is great. I'm 5'2" and it's just the right height for me. I could see how someone over 5'5" may have an issue.

      This is *not* meant for all-over house cleaning, as some have mentioned, nor is it meant for really big messes (as in if you don't sweep/mop your floor for a long time...I won't mention names!). It's more for daily quick work. It is also *not* made to "suction" up the wet cleaner...not sure where the reviewer got that idea. I actually LOVE not having a wet suction, as all the reviews of other, more expensive "flip type" cleaners said the dirty tanks were a big mess. I love how I can just pop the pads in the laundry and rotate the two. I've found replacement microfiber pads made for other machines at both Target (Method brand) and Ace Hardware.

      I do NOT use the Bissell floor cleaner it came with - it does make a nice, shiny floor *very* dull. Instead I use my Armstrong floor cleaner. Any floor cleaner will do. I do not have issues with wet leaks. I do remove the pad, if it's the least bit wet, when storing, or it will mildew it and the floor. If it's a new, clean pad, I can leave it on there.

      I can suck up pretty large things. I sometimes have to pick up the machine (but it's light) as I'm drawing it back when vacuuming, because if the pad is wet, it will drag through it. I don't find this to be a big issue.

      It's so light and easy, my 10 y.o. can do it and he loves it so much better than using the sponge mop.

      I haven't yet used it on bathroom floors, but I'm sure I'll have good results with it.

      Oh, and the suction is great, and the dry, dirty tank is very easy to empty. I think the reviewers that said it's a problem haven't attached the tank on the machine properly - or their filter is off kilter.

      This was the best mother's day present I ever rec'd!

      EDITED TO ADD: I forgot to mention how nice this gadget gets under my cabinets. My regular vacuum won't, and it's even hard for my sponge mop. This is great, plus with the pads covering the sides, it gets stuff along the baseboards also.

      I read a review where someone tried this on carpet and said it didn't work. It says right on the box it's for hard floors!

      I now have 4 pads and it's nice to keep them rotated. This tool has been very helpful with family members, and the dog, tracking in mud and grass....more info
    • Second one..
      I ordered this one for my Mom for Mother's Day. She LOVED mine so much that it was all she talked about. Super easy to use for picking up crumbs and dirt off of hard surfaces. The wet mop comes in handy for dirty footprints from my dog. My Bissell is my best friend some days..I love this thing! The let down, I paid $90 CAN for mine at WalMart, then when I went to the website for Bissell looking for pads for it, found out it was $39.99!! I could have saved a lot of money if I'd gotten it here first!...more info
    • Great Product
      I bought this because I hate to sweep! The vacuum works great, it picks up everything without a problem. Very easy to empty the canister, and even has a filter which I just tap a few times against the edge of the garbage can and it gets fairly clean. (you can get the rest off with your fingers) You have to line it up just right for it to click back into place, though that has not been a big deal.
      The mop is great too. Cleans up everything. I have had no problems with my solution canister leaking, or spilling water/solution anywhere. The best part of it all is when you are done, you can take the mop pad off the bottom, and throw it in your washing machine and dryer. It comes out like new and there are no expensive refills to buy.
      I would recommend this if you want a great product to cut your mop/sweeping time in half! and your budget....more info
    • Love it!
      This is what I use it on - 800 sq. feet of laminate and a tile entry way. I have 3 cats and 2 small dogs. This is by far the best product I have used to keep my floors looking and smellling clean between weekend scubs. The vacuum is great for picking up pet hair, cat litter and other messes. The mop performs a little weaker than the swifer mop but still its better than nothing. What I love most is that it is ECONOMICAL. No batteries, no bags, and no overpriced disposable mop pads. I found that changing the pad after I vacuum and before I mop gives me better results, so you may want to buy extra pads....more info
    • Leaks!
      I got this as an alternative to the swiffer, because the pads are washable. However, it leaks! Despite the claim that the solution can be stored in the tank, i've had to clean up my laundry room from it leaking twice. Also, if the bottom section is tilted the wrong way while you empty the vaccum, the mop solution leaks.

      I have read and reread the instruction manual, and there is no troubleshooting tips for this. Don't waste your money. Buy a swiffer, a Hoover floormate, or stick to your mop....more info
    • GREAT quick VAC
      I bought this to use only as a cordless vac on wood floor in kitchen and breakfast area. Absolutely LOVE it. Easy to use and clean (sure beats bending over to use a handheld cordless vac). Great price for a cordless vac that really works! I leave it against a wall, so no problem with not standing up. I don't plan to use it with water so don't know if mine works or not. If all you need is an upright cordless vac to keep the kitchen floor free of debris, this is a great product....more info
    • Great for the price
      Got it on sale for $20. I have been very happy with it. The vacuum works great and holds a charge long enough for a two bedroom two floor condo with all hard wood floors. I use it in the bathrooms too. You can use any cleaner in it, even vinegar and water. I clean the floors all the time since I got this...its so easy. I'm sure products that use heat or brushes clean better, but the floors look and smell clean to me. Amazing on pet hair. I had the Swiffer wet jet. It didn't vacuum, and broke quickly. With the Swiffer wet jet you have to use their expensive solution (the Bissel can use anything), has batteries for the solution spray, and disposable pads. The Swiffer is very expensive to use over time. ...more info
    • So Far So Good
      Just started using the Bissell FlipEase. So far I am very please. We have a big yellow lab that comes in with wet dirty feet after being out in the Pacific NW rain. I am so thrilled to have something to vacuum the kitchen floor and then flip it over and mop up any footprints, etc. I did not purchase this as the heavy duty appliance, this is just for the quick vac after dinner and to get up light spill or gunk on the floor.

      2 Months later - still love this product. Several slight negatives though. One, I have trouble getting mine to stand up straight on its own so I have to lean it against the wall or something when not in use.
      Second, the sprayer does not always shoot out a lot of fluid. I have used a sewing needle to open up the holes (don't know if they get clogged or what). BUT.... I still like this very well and use it daily to vacuum the kitchen floor and do a quick mop. Well worth the money....more info
    • Love it
      This thing is great. It gets all the pet hair from my tile floors. I have a Beagle and she shed a lot!!! This thing keeps me from going insane with pet hair. Very easy to use....more info
    • Not as great as I had hoped...
      I too chose this over the Swiffer and wish I hadn't. The vacuum seems to push stuff around more than anything else. And the battery doesn't last very long at all, which makes big clean up jobs very time consuming. It tends to leak water a lot too - even when I'm not using the mop side. Yet the squirting action tends not to work so well - the holes get clogged very easily and I have to use a pin to clear them out all the time. The mopping part works ok, but I could have bought a cheaper mop....more info
    • Flip Eaze
      I absolutely love the product. It makes my life of sweeping and mopping a breeze. However I will have to do the occasionally scrubbing or sweeping for bigger items, but still a great buy all together!...more info
    • It's So Handy
      I think the bissell flip eaze is so handy because you don't have to plug it in, it picks up dog and cat hair just great, and with the flip of a handle, you pull the trigger to release the cleaner, and mop away. I don't think this is for your weekly (or bi-weekly in my case) deep cleaning, but it does great on a day-to-day basis. I have two dogs and two cats so we have a lot of animal hair collecting on our hard floors. If you have pets, you're sure to love it. The reason I don't give it 5 stars is because, it will not pick up larger pieces of debris such as plant leaves....more info
    • Falls Short of Promises
      I decided to get the Bissell Flip Ease over the competing Swiffer product, because of the reusable pads. When I compared the two, that was the only real difference I saw between them, and it seemed worthwhile to pay a little more, to avoid paying for disposable pads. With four kids and one big Linoleum floor, I really needed a product like this.
      I only had it a month, the vacuum worked alright at first, and I loved the cordless feature. The problem was, after about thirty days, the battery would not hold a charge for any longer than thirty seconds no matter how long I left it on charge. (In the documentation, it says that the battery should last five to seven years)
      It may just be that I got a faulty product, but having used it, I just don't think it's worth the money I spent. I saved the packaging and the receipt and intend to get a refund or credit for another product. The mop feature is disappointing, and within a few uses I found it was best used for light clean up (such as spraying the floor with cleaner in a spray bottle, and then using the mop to wipe up small messes.) The material it vacuums is very small, the filter clogs very quickly and it needs frequent changes. I really wish it had worked out better, because the rechargeable-dual function promises were so enticing.
      I'd like to keep the pads, or just purchase them separately though, because for dry floor dusting, they actually work fairly well, better than Swiffer disposables in my opinion.
      ...more info
    • An End to Procrastination
      I have a large dining/kitchen area with laminate flooring. I have three children, ages 16, 13 and 10- the youngest kids are boys. I have a large blue tick hound and four cats. This floor gets dirty! It requires daily maintenance to look good. Sweeping and mopping requires a lot of stuff to haul out and put away everyday. Needless to say, the floor was NOT getting daily maintenance! I looked at the Swiffer products, but don't like the idea of having to buy their proprietary products every month to use the equipment, not to mention the fact that I would be adding to land fills every time I cleaned my floor.

      I have to say that the product I really wanted was the Bissell FlipIt, but until I can afford it, the FlipEaze is great for us. I get enough charge overnight to vacuum the whole floor and I love the fact that it's cordless. Granted, it's not going to pick up big pieces of stuff, but it does a great job getting the dusty stuff that the broom was just pushing up into the air. It's bagless which is also nice. When I'm done vacuuming, I literally can just flip it around and start mopping. It comes with two microfiber pads that can be washed and used again and again. I'm hoping that I can buy them separately because I would like a fresh one everyday. The holding tank is small, secure and can do about three cleanings before needing to be refilled. The FlipEaze comes with a bottle of floor cleaner and you only need a small amount each time you fill the tank so it should last a long time. So far, I've used my FlipEaze twice. The first time there was a considerable amount of streaking, but I am a FlyBaby and I am trying to establish the concept of "done regularly, but imperfectly" rather than "hardly ever done, but done perfectly." [...]. The second day the floor looked A LOT better when I finished and I think day three will be better yet! I love having a tool that is ready to grab and go and once I have more microfiber pads, it truly will be. I highly recommend this product. I would have given it 5 stars if it had come with more pads....more info
    • Back to the store it goes!!!
      The previous owner of my home said they were the best?? HA!!! The vac worked some...but only on tiny particles, bigger stuff just pushes around, and the mop?? A bigger mess than I had in the first place!! AND my house smells like a big wet dog!! UGHHH!! Very disapointed. I'm gonna go back to my old trick of old using terry cloth rags on the swiffer wet jet in place of my mop (saves on costly pad replacement AND works better anyhow) and a seperate vac. I was trying to get the two in one conveinence NEVERMIND!!! AVOID!!! DON'T WASTE YOUR DOUGH ON THIS ONE!!! ...more info
    • Easy to use.
      I got this for an apartment with two guys who hate to clean. I figured if I got a cool gadget that also cleans maybe they will us it. well, my plan worked perfectly! not only do they use it in the kitchen, but the bathroom as well. It does a great job cleaning the floors. They only thing I would suggest is making sure that you completely vacuum the floor first. If your floor is heavily soiled (like theirs was) it may take some elbow grease on the first try. After that keep up is easy....more info
    • Not all that great, but has a couple of nice features ....
      I bought this while in search of a replacement for my badly missed Bissell steam mop (which is no longer made). While the cordless feature IS great, it does a rather poor job of mopping a floor, the actual "mop" part is only a small velcroed microfiber cloth over a hard plastic head, which doesn't absorb any major dirt or mess. Stick vac part is ok, one bright spot was it came with a small bottle of Bissell floor cleaner (which, as it turns out IS a good product). But, I was not very impressed with this as a useful cleaning device, so back to the store it goes! ...more info
    • Marv Michigan
      I love this product. It is so easy to work without having to plug in a cord. It sucks up the dirt effectively and the flip side does an excellent job of mopping. Very glad I bought it....more info
    • Definitely worth the money
      I love mine! I use another item with rotating brushes for my deep mopping, but we use this little thing for daily clean-ups and have had no problems with things spilling. I've washed the pads and have found them to come out of the wash clean. I really only have two complaints. One, sometimes a little(I'm talking about drops here, definitely not a lot) of the mopping solution leaks out during the vacuum cycle. This is not a problem for me because I plan to mop after I vacuum anyway. The other complaint is that you need to remember to change the pad after vacuuming if you plan to mop. Otherwise, you mop with a dirty pad. Anyway, we love ours and are thrilled to have found it. ...more info
    • A very terrible product!
      I went to get the swiffer sweeper vac and ended up buying this. I thought wow, what a good idea. You can vac and mop with one product. NO WAY it does not work! I filled up the tank and when I placed it on the mop the whole tank spilled out. Ok, I thought it was just my fault so I did it again. Same thing. When I finally got some of the water to stay in the tank, I mopped. Oh my, terrible.....the water gets into the vac canister, and all it does is push around the dirt. It streaks badly and that cloth you get with it doesn't come clean. The only positive is the way it vacs stuff up, but it is not worth keeping it for just that. I am taking it back, after everything DRIES.
      ...more info