WindChaser WC163 Outdoor Misting Fan

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Product Description

Great for situations where air conditioning just isn't an option, the WindChaser WC163C oscillating electric misting fan with cover comes to the rescue! Get cooling relief at your next sporting event, backyard gathering, or warehouse with this incredible misting fan.  The WC163C offers 40,000 BTUs of cooling and covers large areas up to 640 square feet.  Set-up and operation is also a snap: with just an electrical connection and a standard garden hose, you?ll feel immediate cooling at just a fraction of the cost of standard air conditioner. 

The WindChaser WC163C dramatically lower temperatures and creates a cooling effect that feels up to 25? F cooler.  Its high-output, high-velocity 16" fan with a shower-proof motor is also rust-proof and designed to withstand the element. The fan height is adjustable up to 56 inches. 

Safety features include immersion shock protection and UL-certification.  Also included is a protective cover.

  • Control the 3 fan speeds and 90 degree oscillation with the soft touch controls
  • Activate the 4 nozzle misting hub by connecting to a standard garden hose.
  • All components are rust free
  • G-FCI safty cord
  • Use outdoors as a misting fan or indoors as a high performance oscillating fan

Customer Reviews:

  • Awesome!
    The fan was shipped right away and we used it for the first time during a Hawaiin Luau party at our house during the summer in Phoenix. It worked great and everyone loved it. Made the heat a little more bearable for those that wanted to sit outside. I would definitely recommend this fan to everyone! Well worth the money!...more info
  • That's nice.
    Fan hooked up easily to outdoor hose. Placed it on the back porch in the middle of a hot and dry San Antonio Summer. Kept everyone nice and cool. When the humidity went up, tended to leave everything damp; but overall a cheap and easy way to cool an open air porch in dry/hot conditions....more info
  • It worked exactly as advetised
    This fan cooled well. Highly recomended. I made the right choice....more info
  • Great Product...No Regrets
    I have found many uses for this fan. We dine alfresco and in 100 degree temperatures in Texas, this is a welcomed relief. When using around food, it is best to keep it oscillating. I garden extensively and move it to where I am working to help keep my body from overheating. When grilling, my husband uses it to reduce the added heat from the grill. It's great for teenagers who are working on their tans. You do have to play with the water pressure and the positioning of the fan to control the amount of mist. For a small investment, the return is worth it....more info
  • Misting Fac
    A horrible product. Will soak you good anywhere within 12 feet. May be better suited to water yards....more info
  • Misting Fan Relief
    The WindChaser WC-163 Electric Misting Fan Cooler, 40,000 BTU is a life saver in Florida. Even stepping outside to work in the garden or on my rose bushes or following any exertional activity or just to sit on the porch, this fan is wonderful. You get a little wet, but humidity gets you a little wet too. This misting fan seems to cool you down about 20 to 25 degrees from the actual temp. Get this and just remember it is fairly sensitive and turn the water on gently and gradually....more info
  • misting fan is so cool
    I bought this for my mother in law for her birthday. She loves it and so does the rest of the family. I now have to get one for myself....more info
  • Great gift
    I bought this for my stubborn parents who refuse to get air conditioning in their home. Since they spend so much time on their patio, I bought them the fan...they enjoy it and actually use it. It's great for summer barbeques too. ...more info
  • Powerful fan that keeps bugs away
    Purchased this fan at the start of the summer for the deck. Be patient while putting it together as there are several pieces. The fan motor is awesome -- we have never had it on anything but low; very powerful. Had a party on our shaded deck in the heat of summer and just let the fan oscillate -- people remarked how comfortable it was. It has the added benefit of keeping the mosquitoes at bay (they can't fly with a breeze). We have a 3 prong outdoor extension cord we use with it. Have also placed it in the upstairs hall to circulate a/c to all bedrooms....more info
  • Windchaser WC163 Outdoor Misting Fan
    The mister is efficient - the noise factor can get in the way - you are not able to keep the fan stable it has to rotate or the mister doesn't work as efficiently as it could - I prefer overhead misters to this - it got us thru the hottest days this summer....more info
  • I can go outside again!!
    This fan is wonderful. I live in Houston and normally don't "sit" outside between June and October, but this fan has changed that. It really does cool things down. One tip, I bought a little turn off valve at the hardware store that goes between the garden hose and the hose on the fan so that I don't have to walk all the way around the side of the house to turn off the water. That way I can leave the water on all day and just turn it on at the fan when I want to sit outside. The fan was extremely easy to put together. The price was also the lowest I found. Fast delivery. Excellent product. I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • mist fan
    i have had for two weeks and have run 1 hour a day very well ..would purchase again ......more info
  • misting fan
    I like the fan, it was fairly easy to assemble. It looks good and it does cool like they claim. The only bummer is that it can only be used outdoors because not all of the mist evaporates, much of it drops to the ground and on tables and chairs etc. So you really can not use it too close to patio furniture. The plants love it and people walking into it love it. Outdoors it is perfect for a hot California sunshine day. ...more info
  • windchaser
    I received this item and three weeks later it did not work. The reset button kept going off. I contacted they put me in contact with the seller, I returned the item per their request. I am still waiting for a replacement which they tell me is out of stock.
    When the fan worked, it did a nice job....more info
  • summer cool down
    It took me about 10 minutes to put our windchaser together. It works just like it is suppose to and it takes very little water. My husband loves it and was thrilled that I had it ready and running when he got home. It cools our patio about 15 degrees and we live where it get 100+. Thank You for a great summer cool down!...more info
  • Works great!
    This fan works great. One warning: you don't need to turn the water on very strongly at all. If you do, you'll blast the little feeder hose right out of its connector. And, unless you have an electrical outlet right next to where you want to position the fan, you WILL have to use it with an extension cord even though the instructions tell you not to. No big deal, but you should get the heavy-duty cord with the three-prong socket, because that's what the fan has....more info


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