First Mate Ozone and Negative Ion Personal Air Filter

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Product Description

The First Mate which is compact and lightweight, can worn around the neck by individuals to reduce or even prevent the inhalation of such potentially harmful particles such as bacteria, viruses and allergens from the air. According to allergists smoky restaurants, smog and un-circulated airplane air can certainly increase the risk of allergic reactions and the symptoms of asthma. The best way to defend against these illnesses is to simply find a way to avoid them. This is what the First Mate is exactly designed to do.This wearable air purifier removes many germs and pollutants before your body can ingest them.

  • Perfect for those long airplane rides, wear around your neck when traveling
  • Ozone and negative ions to kill germs
  • Use in car with car charger-kills odors!
  • Use in Office with desktop holder
  • Accessories alone are a $15.00 value!