Belson Gold-N-Hot Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer

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  • An electronic ionic generator emits millions of negative ions into the air
  • negative ions smooth shaft, elliminating frizz and flyaway hair.
  • As a result, hair looks healthier and shiner!
  • Adjsutable carrying strap
  • power indicator light, jumbo size bonnet, high/low/off/cool switch
Customer Reviews:
  • Great for travel!
    After reading the reviews here I decided to purchase the dryer for some upcoming travel plans and I'm glad I did. It is lightweight and packs away easily in a suitcase. I used it in the US with no problem but do make sure you read the directions carefully and put all attatchments on correctly with no blockages. The thing is very sensitive and overheats easily. It will shut itself off immediately when it gets too hot so there's no fear of overheating and such as a previous reviewer suggested. I will say though that you should wear something around your neck as the plastic headpiece does tend to get very hot on contact with the back of my neck. Otherwise it was quick, easy and my hair came out perfectly each time.

    I took the dryer overseas with me and it worked like a charm when plugged into an extension chord that was plugged into the proper adapters, though you can only use the dryer on the 'cool' setting overseas. The voltage of international outlets makes the dryer heat up much higher than in the states and the dryer will overheat and shut itself off if you put it on any other setting but cool. The 'cool' setting will run plenty hot enough though. The downside is that you will lose the ability to run a cool setting on the dryer when out of the country. Still, I'd say this dryer is one of the most clever accessories I've found. I prefer it over my old hard hat dryer. ...more info
  • it really works
    i have tried other soft bonnet dryers and it took forever to dry or did not seem to get hot enough. So i took a chance and got this one my hair dried quickly i used the very large purple rollers with not problem and as far as having to get it off quickly as soon as you turn the dryer off it deflates so it comes off easy.
    I am very satisfied with this product...more info
  • Get a grip!! Calm Down!! and Take a Breath!!
    This dryer is not a won't bite or ripe your head off... the person that wrote the other review should not skip any more of her medication

    I used this dryer, when I was on a trip to my sister's house and I thought it was great!!! I was able to sit in front of the computer and complete my homework. I give it 5+ stars.

    The design of the bonnet allows for less drying time.
    Flat surface not required (as do a hard bonnet hair dryer)
    Able to relax...lay down -read a book
    Fast and flexible setup (able to sit in your favorite chair)
    ...more info
  • Poor design places user at risk for injury.
    The positive: this unit actually drys pretty quickly and nicely (hence the two stars).

    The negative: the poor design, which in my opinion, is asking for trouble.

    I purchased this, used it once and took it back. I think this item presents too much of an injury risk. I purchased the item (instead of a hard bonnet hair dryer) because the unit is small and takes up little space. However, the soft bonnet does more than rest on your head, it encapsulates it. (You stick your head through an opening in the back and your face peers out the front side of the bonnet which has a larger opening.) Moreover, in order to use it effectively, you must put the strap of the blower device around your neck. So in the event that this thing malfunctions and for example, catches fire, you would have to first, remove the bonnet from around your head, and second, remove the strap from around your head. Doing both these actions potentially wastes the ample time you might need to get away. Other cons include that it does not adequately cover your entire head if you use large rollers, as the description suggests. Finally, when you use it for the first time, the plastic smell (excerbated by the heat which pumps through the soft bonnet) is enough to cause one to faint which would be disastrous considering that if you faint, the machine is going to operate and pulse out heat around your head, because you are attached to it.

    ...more info