Lipton, Black Tea, Cold Brew, Pitcher Size, Tea Bags, 22-Count Boxes (Pack of 12)

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Product Description

Fresh iced tea brewed in cold water? It seems impossible. But LIPTON has found a way to make crisp, refreshing tea in five minutes, without hot water.

  • Case of twelve 22-teabag boxes (264 total teabags)
  • Pitcher (family) size tea bags, brews with cold water in 5 minutes
  • 100% natural tea (Contains Orange Pekoe and Pekoe cut black tea)
  • Freshly brewed iced tea when you want it.
  • For recipes using Lipton Tea Bags, visit

Customer Reviews:

  • I love this stuff!
    I've been drinking Lipton Cold Brew for several years now, and honestly, it's one of my favorite drinks. All you have to do is soak a tea bag in a pitcher of cold water for a few minutes, add a little sugar according to your tastes (although, really, you could drink it without any) and you're good to go!

    Although Lipton also offers Cold Brew bags for individual glasses, I find that's kind of a pain, if you drink any real amount. It's much easier to brew an entire pitcher and put it in your fridge, instead of bothering with individual glasses....more info
  • excellent invention!
    I love being able to brew tea without having to boil water. It sure makes it easier to be able to put a tea bag in a glass of cold water, add some sweetener, and you have a fantastic drink.

    ...more info
  • Best fast iced tea making
    Here in the UK it is near impossible to get iced tea, especially in a Pub or restaurant. I drink iced tea year round and so I like having in my fridge. Can't make too much as the refrigerators are rather small, so e cold tea bags are a perfect amount to be able to make when I nee to every other day at least. Flavor is no special, but it is as good as tea bag iced tea can be. ...more info
  • Love cold brew tea!
    We have used cold brew tea for the last few years. It is quick, easy and is not instant. We love the flavor and ease of preparation and at Amazon it was a good price with free shipping. We brew a pitcher almost daily. I love the convenience of having it available without running to the store....more info
  • Real tea and real convenience
    I love tea, and I prefer brewing my tea with loose leaf tea leaves if I have the time, but I must confess for ease and convenience this tea can't be beat....three minutes max. No cooling period necessary, and no melted ice cubes to immediately dilute your tea when you need to serve it right away. I grew up on the powdered stuff they call instant tea which really has very little resemblance to the taste of real tea, and it's full of chemicals. I prefer real tea, and the choice of whether to sweeten it or not. Thanks Lipton.

    The only tip I will offer is to compress the bags well when time is up to get all the tea from the bags, otherwise, it may end up being too weak for you. I also use Blue Agave to sweeten my tea. All natural and good ice tea within a matter of minutes. ...more info
  • Cold Brew Rocks
    We have tried it all in our househod. Iced Tea makers. Brewing it on the stove. Sun Tea.
    But at the end of them all they are a bit of pain except for sun tea and where we live you can't do that year round.
    Which cold brew you just put water in the pitcher and then add suger and the put the tea bags in. You let it go for a little while and then blamo the cold brew is done.
    ...more info
  • "Instant" iced tea without the powder-mix taste!
    You can turn water into a pitcher of refreshing, really brewed-tasting iced tea in a few minutes. Just put the pitcher in the refrigerator and by the time you have lunch or dinner on the table your beverage is ready.

    Because it's unsweetened, you can add your own sweetener to taste. But, it's really so darn good that you might want to savor the tea's natural taste.

    Lipton Cold Brew Tea Bags are economical and GOOD!...more info
  • Available in all seasons
    Lipton Cold Brew tea bags are available only during the summer months locally. For those who enjoy a quality iced tea at other times of the year, Amazon offers the opportunity to indulge your tastes. As refreshing in winter as in summer, iced tea is a healthful beverage not limited to the dictates of local availability...more info
  • Good stuff, no additives
    This product is great. It's amazing all the extra stuff they put in drinks these days. There's nothing worse than grabbing an iced tea and reading the ingredients realizing I should have paid more attention in science class. It's ICED TEA. Why aren't WATER and TEA the only ingredients?! I pop three bags in a pitcher of water and leave for 5 minutes. It's great....more info


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