Lipton Diet Decaf Instant Tea Mix, Lemon 3-Ounce (Pack of 6)

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Product Description

It?s free of everything (except the delicious tea flavor). Try our Diet Decaf Ice Iced Tea Mix for a sugar-free drink that can quench your thirst in an instant.

  • Case of six 3-ounce jars; each jar makes 10 quarts of tea (total 60 quarts)
  • Decafinated lemon iced tea mix without the calories
  • Sweetened with aspartame; only five calories per serving
  • Hydration is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Tea is a great tasting way to get your necessary daily fluid intake.

Customer Reviews:

  • Lipton Changed the Formulation
    I used to search all my local grocery stores for this product and I was delighted when Amazon started to carry it. But now, Lipton has changed the ingredients, eliminating Splenda and adding aspartame. It tastes terrible. If you want to add Splenda, it's passable. ...more info
  • Good taste at a great price.
    Each jar makes 10 quarts, or 2.5 gallons, and costs $23.48 / 6, or $3.91 per jar. So this comes out to $1.57 per gallon.

    Crystal Light makes a similar tea mix, in tubes of pre-measured little tubs:

    Crystal Light Iced Tea Decaffeinated Lemon Natural Flavor, 1.5-Ounce Canister (Pack of 6)

    The little pre-measured tubs make Crystal Light more convenient than the Lipton jars, and CL is slightly cheaper at $1.54 / gallon. However, I personally like the Lipton flavor more; it tastes more like "real" tea....more info
  • Save money and weight
    We used to purchases the large cases of Lipton Green Tea at the BiG Box Store, as our liquid refresher. The cases weighed 20 pounds and we seemed to go through two a week. Lugging them up to the kitchens was no fun. We now use Lipton Diet Instant Tea and it saves use money, space and no more lugging. We make a gallon at a time and pour it into the old Green Tea Bottles. It is at least 25% of the cost of the liquid Green Tea and taste great....more info
  • Lipton Diet Decaf Tea
    I love this tea because it satisfies my sweet tooth without using any sugar. And I love Amazon not only for their great products but for their outstanding service and guarantee of products and delivery....more info
  • awesome!!
    i drink a ton of fluids each day - easily a couple gallons - so it's important that i drink something without lots of calories, sugar, AND caffeine. normally, that would mean to a fairly flavorless drink which is the next part which matters most to me. well this tea has been the answer to ALL of that!!

    i was getting this in bulk at the wholesale club when i lived on the east coast but haven't been able to find it bulk since i moved to the west coast so far. just found it here on amazon and signed up for the subscription...cheaper than buying in the store, and it's delivered right to my door each month for free - how can you beat that?

    (i am not affiliated in any way with amazon or lipton)...more info


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