It Just Comes Natural

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For the first time, Strait recorded NATURAL in a new setting - Jimmy Buffett's Shrimpboat Studio in Key West, Florida, where Strait and Buffett recorded "Sea of Heartbreak," from Buffett's LICENSE TO CHILL album, a few years ago. "I thought it might be a good idea to try something different," says Strait. "You couldn't tell that we cut this down there, there's no island flavor at all, but we just had a blast doing it. The studio is probably the smallest I've ever been in, with the musicians all crammed back in a little room - but we got a great sound, and it's such a relaxing atmosphere. I think I'll probably go back again." Recorded once again with Strait's frequent co-producer, Tony Brown, the sounds on the album reflect Strait's characteristic blend of traditional country structures shot through with a healthy dose of honky-tonk spirit and Western swing. Moods range from the introspective "Come On, Joe," in which a man's late wife tells him to be strong and move ahead with his life, to the raucous "Texas Cookin'," which is about just what it sounds like. An array of Nashville's finest songwriters contributed to NATURAL, including Bill Anderson, Bruce Robison, Lee Roy Parnell, and Guy Clark. "This album's got fifteen songs, which is more songs than I've ever put on a record before," says George Strait. "But I thought they were all so good, there wasn't one song on here that I would have felt right about leaving off. I really think we came up with one of the best albums I've ever done." The album in question, titled IT JUST COMES NATURAL, is being released in a year that marks Strait's 25th anniversary as a recording artist, and coincides with the announcement that he is the most recent addition to the Country Music Hall of Fame. It's also coming out alongside the jaw-dropping news that George Strait has become the all-time leader for Number One Country singles, as the album's opening track, "Give It Away," recently became his 53rd song to top the charts.

When the announcement came that George Strait was to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, there were those who thought it was premature. After all, Strait is only in his early 50s, and with 53 #1s, more than anyone else in Nashville history, he is still an active working artist, not the sort who sits back on a million-acre ranch remembering when. But one spin through It Just Comes Natural and it's obvious why the quiet Texan deserved his induction now. He simply has no mainstream peer, for either his consistency on the charts or his continuing to raise the bar with his confident, nuanced performance. Here, on an album recorded in Key West, Strait sounds even more relaxed than usual, as if he took more time to live with the songs--15 in all--before he recorded them. Throughout, he amply demonstrates his ability to choose material that pushes the country genre beyond its core themes of God, family, and patriotism while still staying traditional. So many of the songs catch one off guard, either because of their different subject matter (the way the lyric of "Come on Joe" gradually tells us the dead never really leave the living) or in their sophisticated approach to a routine topic (the head-spinning recognition of an old flame in Bruce Robison's "Wrapped"). Then there's the artistry with which producer Tony Brown's handpicked studio cats elevate an already great song even higher (a sizzling cover of Guy Clark's folk/honky-tonk/Western swing classic "Texas Cookin'"). Twenty-five years after his recording debut, Strait is still as crisp as the crease in his Wranglers. Yet the leader of the Ace in the Hole band has yet another card up his freshly starched sleeve. The man who doesn't talk in concert and rarely speaks to reporters leads off with "Give It Away," a divorce-and-damage saga set off by--surprise--a recitation! --Alanna Nash

Customer Reviews:

  • Awesome!
    Mr. Strait definitely has delivered another awesome cd chalked full of "Strait Style" songs. I love popping this C.D. into my player in my car, rolling down the windows and turning up the volume for ALL to hear the wonder of Mr. George Strait! Rock On George! You are Awesome, as always! ...more info
    Just when you think that George Strait will soon be taking up the rocking chair and disappearing "somewhere down in Texas" he lays another release out there that comes closes to...well...perfection. IT JUST COMES NATURAL is simply marvelous and the title pretty much says it all about arguably the greatest country singer of all time. Nothing goes wrong with this one but, then, that's an old story with Mr. Strait. Tell me the last time one of his albums went south? In fact, because of his excellence, he seems sometimes to be overlooked. Just another perfect day for George.

    To overlook this album for any reason would be a mistake. One of the unique things about this offering is it has fifteen tracks. I went back and looked at my collection and discovered that, with few exceptions, George usually sticks to a simple ten. Maybe it used to be superstition for him. Maybe he thought that ten was a lucky number. Whatever the case, I'm glad he went with fifteen because, for the life of me, I can't say which of the tracks I'd leave out if ten were mandatory. Great stuff here.

    The title track and "Give It Away" are wonderful but, as is often the case with Strait's albums, some of the other tracks become my favorites. In the case of this album "I Ain't Her Cowboy Anymore" has quickly become one of my all time favorite George Strait Songs. But then, as I have already noted, every track here is simply splendid. Give a listen. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

    THE HORSEMAN...more info
  • King George still has it
    Its great to see George singing number 1 hits after number one hits and some of his most recent number one hits are on this cd. I really enjoyed this cd. It proved that George still has what it takes to be on top once again and there will be nobody who will ever come close to what George has accomplished in his 20+ year career. My favs on this CD are Give it Away, It Just Comes Natural, Texas Cookin, & How Bout Them Cowgirls. I'm not saying they are the only good songs on there, they are the songs I enjoy listening the most. They all are great.

    I love George Strait, he is truly an icon in country music and there will never be another like him. I recommend on picking this cd up sometime. Pretty darn good songs to enjoy....more info
  • George Strait lays waste to all the pretenders
    George has more #1 hits than just about anybody in recorded music history, this guy is scarey good. Some people are born with huge amounts of talent,George is one of this people, it just never stops coming out.

    This is just an incredible recording, 15 quality songs with barely a bad one all song prefectly and the actual sound of the cd is awesome. If anyone gives this disc less than 5 stars then they simply arent paying attention.

    Perhaps a couple of more rocking tunes would have been nice, they really don't show up until mid to late disc but thats not really George's best stuff anyway. This is a flat out smash that deserves to be listened to by both country music fans and fans of just plain good singing in general....more info
  • Great CD
    This is a great cd. I think each cd tops the one before!!!...more info
  • "Strait Country"... Just not 80's "Strait Country".
    This CD doesn't appear to have any powerfully emotional songs in it, and then again it doesn't have many fastbeat songs either. Yet, at the same time, they somehow manage to (and may I say vaguely) keep the traditional country sound that makes him the king, with fiddles, and twangy guitars and all. Regardless of what you think about his music, Strait picks songs he can sing well, and the fact that theres fifteen new cuts instead of only 10? Thats a huge bonus that makes this CD worth it's five stars....more info
  • Great compilation of many masterpieces
    This captures many of George Strait's highlights. I highly recommend this CD for a good overview of some of the best songs.

    George Strait is a master of country, and should be looked on as a landmark for this genre....more info
  • George Strait
    What's not to like about a George Strait CD. That is if you like George and I certainly do!...more info
  • Strait up country at its very best
    I'm not sure just how he does it, but every time George Strait steps up to a microphone, the stars and planets align and everything seems right with the world. He imprints songs with an easy, breezy style without abandoning his roots. He takes the sting out of cheating songs and even makes "drinking champagne" sound pretty cool.

    Even if country music is not your favorite cup of herbal tea, it's hard not to like Strait's smooth, secure delivery.

    "It Just Comes Natural" won Album of the Year at the recent Country Music Association Awards. Its single, "Give It Away," won Song of the Year the same night.

    "Give It Away," the first cut on the CD, is a classic country break-up song delivered with just a hint of Merle Haggard tossed in for good measure.

    "She Told Me So" delivers tongue-in-cheek lyrics so popula in country music.

    "That's My Kind of Woman" offers the acoustic sound Strait has favored lately. No slick production necessary here. It's just Strait and some great acoustic guitar work by Mac McAnally. McAnally, recently inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, has written hits for Kenny Chesney and is a much-sought after studio musician.

    "Wrapped" could have been written by Bob Wills. It's a solid two-stepping number with a great turn on the fiddle by Stuart Duncan and some fine steel guitar licks courtesy of Paul Franklin. Strait's never sounded more plantive as he sings about the perils of being wrapped around a lady's "pretty little finger."

    The CD's title track is one of three love-gone-right songs. "One Foot in Front of the Other" and "What Say" give us an insider's look into true love.

    Strait takes on the role of a sympathetic bartender in "He Must Have Really Hurt You Bad." McAnally and Duncan again provide an extra dimension of loneliness to the cut. Nice.

    "A Heart Like Hers," "Why Can't I Leave Her Alone," "A Better Rain" and "Come On Joe" are pure, Strait-up country, with the requisite twang, steel slides and some break-your-heart-in-two tales of loving and leaving.

    Strait is well-known for his support of fellow singer-songwriters, so putting Guy Clark's rollicking "Texas Cookin'" on the CD is no surprise. Some spicy licks from Franklin's steel guitar add a fresh kick to the bouncy tune.

    As good as the other cuts are, Strait comes closet to perfection with "I Ain't Her Cowboy Anymore." Like his hit, "Amarillo By Morning," the cowboy gets the short end of the loop again and is forced to hit the road alone.

    If you're already a fan, this CD will satisfy your Strait cravings. If you're new to country music, the album is a good way to discover why 62 million fans can't be wrong. ...more info
  • One of the very best!!
    I have been a George Strait fan from the beginning - I own every recording and have to say that he never lets you down. This album is really one of my favorites - the songs are all excellent. ...more info
  • Disappointed
    I was excited to get this CD thinking that since it won album of the year at the CMAs it would be awesome.
    There are about 2 -3 good songs on the CD, just expected more from George, now I am worried I will wear out the CD just replaying the 3 songs I like....more info
  • He does it again
    Again George Strait has done it. But I am his number one fan...And I love this CD. Prob close to a fave for me...more info
  • Disappointing
    Especially after the brilliant, contemplative maturity of Somewhere Down in Texas, It Just Comes Natural is starkly disappointing. George Strait is nothing without song selection and his generally unerring skill in that area faltered. Most of these songs - even the released singles - are a throw back to George in the mid-80's but lack the charm of those early classics....more info
  • George just gets better with every song
    George Strait never, ever disappoints his fans. This cd is definitely one of his best. You'd think he'd run out of steam, but that's not the case, and I don't think it ever will be. Every song on this cd is a hit. Just awesome....more info
  • Perfection!
    What else can you say about this incredible man. He is what "country music" is all about. Long live George Strait!!!...more info
  • Great "George Strait"
    Not a bad song on the CD good ole George has done it again,
    another No.1...more info
  • "It Just Comes Naturally" is a NATURAL
    Anyone who likes George Strait will like all the cuts on this disk. I have listened to it a number of times. I ordered one of George's Christmas CDs at the same time. It was not a new one but the music was real good!!...more info
  • Georges latest
    Just another in a long line of great work by George Strait. Everything he does turns out to be a fan favorite....more info
  • Better than his Greatest Hits album...
    This is a fantastic album. I thoroughly enjoyed every song on this record. I enjoyed it so much I bought the 50 greatest hits album which disapointed me a bit.

    Overall this is a terrific album though and there are so many solid songs that you can enjoy over and over. ...more info
  • George Strait at his best
    Love this whole CD, I may be a late comer for being a George Strait fan, this being the first CD I have bought by him (due to the 3 amazing songs I have been hearing on radio) but is a fan now anyway. I recommend it foir anyone who wants to discover George Strait....more info
  • For George Strait, it does Just Come Natural
    An absolute must for George Strait fans and for those who want to know what Country Music is all about. I've been a fan of George since Cheatum Street and Gruene Hall, and I haven't missed an album yet. This one holds its own with the rest. I Ain't Her Cowboy Anymore and She Told Me so harken back to his early days, Texas Cookin' brings smiling memories of Texas, and Wrapped is what modern country music should sound like.

    Don't miss this album. King George does it again....more info
  • This is a great album
    This is a great album! It has a nice variety of songs and is pure George Strait. I like every song on it....more info
  • Not so "Natural"...
    As a recent convert to country music, I must say this recording doesn't stack-up to other country recording artists, like Randy Travis.

    There is too much vocal over-dubbing on this recording which makes it sound far too commercialised and unnatural. I thought that was what country music was all about - getting down to a natural sound. Mr Strait has a fine country voice, and there should be no need to incorporate this unnatural sound in his recordings.

    ...more info
  • Purchase was excellent
    It was a pleasure buying this product. No hassles and very fast shipping.
    I have bought many items from amazon and never had a problem it makes buying a very Great experience Thank You!!!...more info
  • Strait to the heart
    Great CD, love George Strait anyway, but as usual his new CD is great....more info
  • Great Album
    As this was my first George Strait purchase, it will certainly not be my last. The disc is recorded very well. One of the best recordings I have ever heard. With 15 tracks, there is plenty to listen to. My kind of woman is the best one on the album. Overall, this album is better than Troubadour....more info
  • Gorgeous George
    I have a lot of George Strait albums, and this is definately my favorite. It has really good songs, George sounds better than ever, and I would recommend it to anyone, even if country is not your thing....more info
  • It must come natural
    George just gets better and better. It has got to be hard work but he makes it sound like it does just come natural....more info
  • It does come natural for George
    Naturally, George Strait always delivers. This CD is another example that he knows how to pick the songs that work for him. He can take a songs like Wrapped (By Bruce Robison) and One Foot in Front of the Other (by Leroy Parnell) and make them his own. Bruce and Leroy did a great job of recording their own versions; however, now they belong to George. Songs sure to be hits: That's My Kind of Woman and He Must Have Really Hurt Her Bad.
    ...more info
  • George is right, they're all good
    What a terrific CD from the premiere country artist of our time. No wonder he included 15 tracks, there's not a bad song on this CD. Can't believe it took the Country Music Hall of Fame so long to induct him. This is George Strait in his prime, listen and enjoy....more info
  • It's George Strait.....why even ask? This CD is another WINNER
    This cd is yet another album in which every song is a classic and covers an array of music. From slow sad songs like "He Must Have Really Hurt You Bad" to the rockin song "Texas Cookin'". When on most cd's there are 2 or 3 songs you may like on other artists cd's, like usual evey one on this album you will like. Like I said before, another awsome group from our buddy George....more info
  • ooorah
    king george cranks out another great albulm. a must have for any strait fan...more info
  • George is still the man
    would enjoy George singing the telephone book. I am a fan!...more info
  • Classic George
    Love this CD, there's not a song on here that I hit skip when listening to. "How bout them Cowgirls" is my favorite. "Wrapped around your prettl little finger" my kids favorite. Thanks George for another great CD to add to my collection....more info
  • great entertainer
    George Strait is really great. He sings very well and does not try to over-do the song - he lets the song tell the story....more info
  • Sad, sad, very sad
    A very talented singer, but why not chose some upbeat songs. My woman left me and I am heartbroken gets a little tiresome after 13 songs....more info
  • George's Best ALbum
    I just got George's latest album via and it is great. All tracks are potential hits. I especially like the #1 single "Give It Away" and "He Must Have Really Hurt You Bad". I project many hits from this album, a must have for all country music lovers!!!...more info
  • Can't go wrong with this CD
    You can't go wrong with this CD. This is the latest CD from the king of country music, George Strait. It does not get any countrier than this. "Give It Away" is a good example of love that has gone wrong. She wants him to give it all away because nothing matters to her anymore. "Wrapped" is another song that has that country swing to it just like other songs from George Strait. "It Just Comes Natural" is true country at its best. "I Ain't Her Cowboy Anymore" and "How Bout Them Cowgirls" are 2 of my favorites on this CD and they could easily become singles. Every CD from George Strait just gets better with each one and this CD is a true asset to anybody's collection...more info
  • It Just Comes Natural CD, George Strait
    If you like Seorge Strait, this one's for you. This CD is loaded with great songs, the first "Throw It Away" you sing along with it, the last one "Come On Joe" is sad, but catchy, like Vern Gosdin's "Chiseled In Stone" and you might find youself singing along with it, too. It's just a great CD....more info
  • Worth the purchase
    The music is great, especially the hit "GIVE IT AWAY". This CD is perfect for the George Strait fan....more info
  • King George Does It Again!
    I never cease to be amazed by the product of George Strait. Here is a man that has stayed true to his roots and I personally thank him for it. The songs on this current album made me feel like I was back home in Texas once again. Snappy tunes mixed with love-gone-wrong songs and some good Texas humor songs made for a great album. If you appreciate good old country music, and not the slop that current bands produce, then you'll love this album....more info
  • A consistent performer
    George Strait is probably one of the most consistent and dependable C&W singers. He doesn't go in for gimmicks, yet uses good production and arranging. This album is excellent, as usual....more info
  • It Just Comes Natural...for George Strait
    Being a long time fan I think this is one of the better cd's in awhile.
    I've never been disappointed in any of his work but this one is right up there and am enjoying it!...more info
  • It will always come natural
    Once again, Mr. Strait has come up with another awesome collection of songs, all sung Strait-style. Open a cold Shiner, kick back and listen to the man "sing" some great'll always find that it just comes natural........more info
  • Classic George
    Best Songs:

    1. Give it Away
    2. She Told Me So
    4. Wrapped (WOW)
    5. It Just Comes Natural (WOW)
    8. Why Can't I Leave Her Alone (One of his Top 5 best songs EVER)
    ...more info
  • Pure Strait!!!
    This album is typical of what he would sing. If you like his voice you won't be disappointed. There are 4 really good songs and then there are those you just listen to for the sound of his smooth voice. Gotta love George....more info
  • Another 5 stars!
    Yes, this CD deserves its 5 stars! After the disappointing Alan Jackson CD, I was so happy to listen to George Strait's new one. This is real Country Music and GS is one of its greatest singer!
    Roll on, George! Switzerland loves you too!...more info
  • Great Christmas gift
    I ordered this for my daughter for Christmas and wasn't sure it would arrive in time. It arrived less than a week after I ordered it! Thanks!!...more info
  • Fresh songs, sounds great.
    Very good songs, George at his best...
    Love the vocals, audiophile recording.
    Chuck Ainlay is one of my favorite engineers, he always does a great job on the recording.
    Well done......more info
  • George rolls out another GREAT ONE!! Highly recommended!!
    George Strait only gets better with time. This is another one of those CDs I'll never get tired of hearing. If you are thinking about buying this CD think no longer just go with your instincts & buy now, you know George won't let you down!!!! ...more info
  • Some of his best work!
    This is truly a great CD. For what it's worth, it's still in my CD player and I bought it in October....more info
  • King George
    He is the real king of countrymusic. I have nearly every cd since 1989 and with no doubt this is the best cd since a couple of years. Every GS cd works on a very high level. But this CD tops everything. From where does he take this energy. I think he is a real cowboy and rancher and that is the key therefor. ...more info


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