Hoover dual V solution tank 90001295

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Product Description

This is the clean water / solution tank for the Dual V Hoover Shampooers. This is a genuine Hoover part, not generic. Please save your old caps and handle because they are NOT included in this kit.

  • Genuine Hoover Tank. Fits All Hoover Dual V Extractors / Shampooers
  • This tank rplaces your old broken and leaking tank.
  • Includes soap dispenser bottle.
  • Does not include Handle or Caps
Customer Reviews:
  • Definitely an improvement!!! A must have for any owner of the Dual V cleaner
    Anybody who has the Hoover Dual V cleaner that works with this tank should go ahead and just get this tank from the get-go. Much, much sturdier than the original one that comes with the cleaner. I have NO regrets with spending the $40 on this tank. I can't recommend this highly enough....more info
  • Hoover duel V
    This was a replacement and it works perfectly and just what I expected. It arrived in a timely manner. I am pleased with the whole process....more info
  • Better than the original!
    very happy! The original should have been designed this way to begin with!
    If you have this carpet cleaner order this tank. If your original hasn't started leaking yet.. it will....more info
  • Huge improvement over original tank...
    I was discouraged when I discovered that the valves had broken on my Hoover tank. I ordered the new and improved version and have been very pleased with the improvements. It is sturdier and easier to load into the steam vac. Great service from the vendor....more info
  • Hoover redone
    This the tank that Hoover should have used from the start.I have used it twice,no problem yet.Hoover should have put this on recall and paid for the tank.Will make me think again before buying this brand.Great service from [...]....more info
  • Great redesign!
    They have redesigned the water tank and its much better. Less places to leak from. Highly recommend the website. Tank was cheaper than anybody else sold it for and shipped to me in 2 days....more info
  • Hoover
    Product was up to standard. Actually better than the original canister that came with the product....more info
  • Fits my hoover steam vac V2 Model: F7220.900 series Z 12.0
    It simply works, and much better than the original tank. I am glad to get this upgrade to my steam vac. Mine is a model with manual rinse and wash switch, and it doesn't say "dual V" it simply says "V2" on the tank. That was a little confusing and I wasn't sure it would fit from what it said in the description on the internet, however I was reasonably sure and it paid off; it fits my vac perfectly.
    It fits very well and is one piece instead of separate pieces that wobble around, like the original tank. The caps and the plastic and whole design are all more durable than the original.
    Bottom Line - It works as stated, does a good job....more info
  • Whoo Hoo!
    This tank is so much better than the original. I used to have problems getting the old one. It was taking a few tries before it would click. This one goes on first try. I'm so glad our old one broke....more info
  • Replacement tank for the hoover!
    Got a hoover carpet cleaner? Get ready to find the tank leaking water, it seems to be a common issue/complaint. It looks like when the Hoover put it together, they used two tanks. This replacement only uses one solid part, so the chances of leaks are minor.

    Pick this up, and you will be back to cleaning your own carpets without getting your feet wet before you know it. ...more info
    This Hoover tank is one of our most popular parts we sell on line. The demand for these are very high. These were made orignially VERY Cheaply, and most customers would break it by just trying to re-attach the tank after refilling. The bottom of the tank then would begin leaking. I have several customers who were on tanks #4 and 5. The actuall machine really does a nice job when everything is working correctly, that's why most people go ahead and spend the $40-$50 for a new tank.

    Hoover sold their company in March to TTI Floorcare. TTI is the parent company of Dirt Devil, and Royal Vacuums. They purchased the Hoover name from Maytag. We have mixed feelings about this takeover, as some parts TTI has stopped making all together. The Hoover V2 Clean solution tank was in too high of a demand however to stop making. They have since redesigned the tank and made it 30% more durable. The new tank has a lot better quality plastic. I have not seen ANY problems on the new design.

    Hopefully they have fixed the problem for good. Any person purchasing this part should call ahead and make sure it's the new design, or else you'll be replacing the old style tank at least once a year every year....more info
  • Buy this one instead
    I love my Hoover carpet cleaner except that after using it 3 times the tank split apart at the bottom seam. It was very flimsy and cheaply made. Hoover customer service said I should have been more careful. I really don't think it was anything I did. Well this replacement tank is so much better than the original. The plastic is thicker and NO SEAMS. I haven't had any problems and no leaks at all. It fits just like the orignal tank but the design is slightly different. The tank locks into place better than the original tank. If you need a new tank because Hoover should have recalled the faulty one many of us have, then buy this tank and save some money and a lot of hassle....more info
  • Hoover Products Are Cheap!!!!!
    I bought the Hoover Dual V Shampoo Cleaner two years ago. I paid $300.00 for it! But I thought with two kids aged two and four, that this would be the perfect thing for us considering all the spills and dirt that collect on our carpet! In the two years we have had this....We have had to replace the shampoo cleaner twice! The first time we had to rebuy the cleaner was a month after we received it! Fortunately we had a Warrenty on it for a year.....but now I am finding myself in the same situation again. We have no warrenty now and I looked on Hoover's Website and they are wanting $50.00 for the part and $13.95 for S&H. What a Joke!
    So I definitely recommend looking at reviews of the Hoover cleaners before you buy! Or definitely look forward to buying the new parts for it!
    Hope this Helps!...more info
  • Shouldn't have to buy this in the first place
    I bought this because we borrowed a neighbors steam cleaner. While changing out the tanks one started to leak. My husband looked and realized that a spring had come off of the tank. Through investigation on the internet, I found out that this is a common problem with Hoovers. The replacement tank was very easy to put in place. It also is set up a little differently than the original tank. It just stinks that Hoover sells faulty products and didn't do a recall or offer free replacements. ...more info