Smokehouse Chicken Chips Small 16oz Reseal Bag

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Product Description

Made from 100% natural chicken meat, these are a great healthy treat for all dogs. Great crunchy snacks.

  • 100% Natural dog treats
  • Real flavors of chicken
  • Slow-roasted to perfection
  • Great small treat for training
  • Dogs love 'em!

Customer Reviews:

  • Smoked Chicken Chips
    Our Bichon loves these treats. Normally we give him 6 or 7 chips after he finishes eating his canned dog food to help clean his teeth. We also use them as special treats. He wholeheartedly endorses this product....more info
  • My dog loves 'em
    My dog has never been into treats until we gave him Smokehouse Chicken Chips! He loves them! He likes the other treats by Smokehouse too but these are his favorite....more info
  • Rayzen
    My dog, my mom's dog and my sisters dog all LOVE these to the point it's actually comical. Oh, what they won't do to get one. Though they weren't around when my dog was a puppy, I'd think they'd be excellent treats for training....more info
  • My dogs love it
    These are even better than the chicken tenders that are long strips because you can give them less of a treat and still make them happy. They absolutely love these. ...more info
  • My dogs love these!
    These are great for training my pugs. They love them. Too bad the price went up 4 dollars. I can get a 2.5lb bag of dried chicken treats from Sams Club for under $20.00.
    If the price was back in the 10 - 11 price range I would be more inclined to continue purchasing this product....more info
  • Dog's Favorite Snack
    These chicken chips are devored daily by my 2 toy poodles. High in protein and low in fat make these healthful and senseable for weight control. They are also excellent for training, you don't have to worry about odor or staining when you keep them in your pocket. They also have an incredible storage life. Try them....more info
  • Made in China
    I thought Smokehouse products were always from the USA - that is why I ordered these. Much to my surprise, these were made in China. Not only that but they contain wheat flour. I am returning them. I wish I had read the reviews before I purchased, I see another review mentioned that these were made in China. I guess Smokehouse doesn't keep the quality as consistently high as I thought....more info


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