Sierra Tools Battery-Operated Liquid Transfer Pump

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Product Description

Move liquids safely and easily with this convenient handheld pump. Pumps gas, water, oil and other non-corrosive liquids Use in garage, aquariums, home and yard Pumps up to 6 quarts of liquid per minuteRequires two "D" size batteries (not included)

  • Transfer Liquids Easily Battery Operated Pumps 5-6 Quarts/Minute

Customer Reviews:

  • Look out for the switch!!!
    An excellent product so long as it is operative.The on/off switch located in the end cap is very fragile.This causes the pump to suddenly stop working.Nor does it appear to be repairable.Sirra Tools does not reply to E-Mail questions...more info
  • Great Concept-Very Poorly Made
    The product worked great the first time it was used. The On/Off switch broke during its second use. The fill tube is too short and came off the pump when refueling my boat....more info
  • It works
    I've been using kerosene heaters as a supplemental heat source for about 25 years now. Lately, the siphones you get at Home Depot and Lowes have been declining in quality. A hand operated siphone used to last years. Now I haven't been able to get a month out of them. Pathetic. I saw this on Amazon and figured I'd try it. I've had it about a month now and it works just like it says it will. I'm buying another for my gas can. ...more info
  • Right tool for the Job
    This was plan C. . after two unsuccessful attempts with other products. Wanted to pump some acid out of a 5-gallon container into a small plastic beaker, so I wanted something easy to use, easy to control, and not expensive. This product is great. . 2 duracell batteries and away I go. It would not be applicable to a high volume pumping situation, say your basement is flooded. But light duty = great...more info
  • Convenient Tool
    This is a great and convenient tool. No more spilling of liquids like gas, oil and the like. Makes changing my own oil a breeze. No crawling under the vehicle, no messy spots on the garage floor, no bolts to take out and put back in. It just works like a charm. I like it!...more info
  • Liquid Transfer Pump
    I bought this product to get old gas out of my outdoor power equipment.
    I have not used it yet though, but it looks promising....more info
  • It Works !! recommended !!
    Well after a long hesitation,I finally purchased "Sierra Battery Operated Liquid Transfer Pump". I have tried several pump and none of them work for me. The purpose of my purchase is to transfer cooking oil from the big oil container to the small oil container that use in the kitchen. It save mega buck to buy cooking oil in large container from BJ/SAM CLUB compare to buy small bottle @ Safeway, Giants etc.
    It works on my initial try. It is a quick transfer and there is NO mess to clean up. I gave just 4 stars because when liquid came out, it fills only 1/4 on the transfer clear pipe. I was expecting at least 1/2 fill. But it works compare to other junk I had, it is a four stars beauty....more info
  • Pump
    I bought this pump to transfer drinking water out of a 5-gallon jerry can I have mounted in the bed of my truck it has worked great so far! Instead of having to unlock and wrestle the water can out of the bed of my truck just to simply fill water bottles for drinking (not to mention spilling a lot of water in the process), now all I have to do is drop the pump in and hit the switch :)!...more info
  • Great little pump.
    I used this pump for my daughter's water wheel science project and it works great. It runs on two D batteries and is portable without an electric hazard a plug in pump may have. ...more info
  • does not work for plastic molded tanks with shapes
    I tried to use it to siphon the gasoline out of my lawnmower. My lawnmower has a 5 gallon plastic molded tank below the fenders and seat with different shapes. Since this siphon only works by putting it straight into a tank it does not work for me. The picture is misleading. The flexible hose is the discharge hose and the plastic straight pipe is the suction side. If you try to bend the straight pipe the device will not work because the drive shaft inside is getting constricted....more info
  • Good design -- Very poorly made
    Pumped well while it lasted. However I would not recommend it due to its fragile construction -- the On/Off switch broke the first day (had to use screwdriver to activate), then the impeller & housing came apart after only about 3 weeks -- It is now totally useless!...more info
  • Worked better than expected!
    I decided to take a chance with this product after running all over town to find something like it. Since I live in "hurricane country" the need to transfer gasoline for use in generators, etc is present all the time. I store the gas for my generator in 5 gallon cans, which when full, are very heavy. I was skeptical, but it worked better than I expected. It took me about 4-5 minutes to pump 2.5 gallons into my generator tank. I did not have to lift the can and did not risk spilling gas. Since it is battery powered it can be used when the power is out. All in all, I would recommend it for the average home user as long as it's not for heavy duty use. ...more info
  • Useful and handy
    This item works as described and is exactly what I need. The new gas tanks purchased from CA are, as you likely know, horrible on the environment, your back, and the gas bill. This item lets me pump the gas without spilling fuel all over. It pumps about 5 gallons in five-ten minutes. Not speedy, but it is reasonable and gives me time to tend to other matters. (I pump two 5 gal tanks onto my boat right at my dock.)
    The hose included is cheap material, so be prepared to buy a higher quality and longer hose. (3/4 inside dia. with a hose clamp. 5' is what I have.) Also - unless this pump is exactly upright it will leak a little through the vent hole, not a big deal, just set it well and you're good.
    It is simple construction so I expect it will last quite a while. The parts are lightweight and seem a little cheap, otherwise it'd get 5 stars. ...more info
  • Not worth it, DOA
    The product didn't work at all.
    Dead on Arrival.

    Don't waste your time and money.

    cheap construction. plastic
    ...more info
  • perfect pump
    This battery power pump is great for any use anywhere. From transfer of gas to pumping water out of your boat, this little pump will perform....more info
  • Battery operated liquid transfer pump
    This pump works very well for transfering fuel from a portable fuel storage can or tank to vehicles & small equipment with less chance for spillage or overflow problems than pouring from a can....more info
  • Liquid Transfer Pump
    I received this pump on time and in the condition stated (new). Works like a charm....more info
  • limited service pump
    This pump is not well made and has limited useds, altho it would be hard to say what the uses are....more info
  • So far so good!
    Just used the pump for the first time transferring gas from 5 gal container into vehicle and I was impressed with this product! The pump worked great - did not take long to transfer the gas and was mess-free (my main reason for purchasing)!! I hope this product continues to deliver!!! ...more info
  • Another "better than expected" review
    I have a bad back, and it has been difficult to fill the gasoline tank on my lawn tractor and generator when gas can is nearly full. Even not full, it requires holding the tank at an odd angle. I did not have high expectations for this, but thought it would be worth a try.

    The answer after my first try: It exceeded all expectations. The flow was fast enough to fill my tank in a minute or so (maybe less), but slow enough to feel easily controllable. The plastic outlet tube has a couple of places where it can bend easily without crimping (a bellows kind of arrangement like a kids bendy-straw). The switch is conveniently located on the top of the handle. When you turn off the switch the flow stops quickly and both the outlet hose and the 'wand' in the tank drain quickly. When I took it out of the tank, there were no drips, though not surprisingly it still smelled of gas. (I left it outside in the sun for a while and then stored it in a sheltered, but outside location.)

    I half expected it to say "not for flammable liquds" or something. It did warn about not using it for paint thinner, but it is pretty explicit about being ok for gasoline. Note that the pump impeller is at the bottom of the wand that sticks in the gas tank, and the motor, switch, and batteries at the top so the electrical stuff is fairly far from the gasoline.

    One possible caveat: They warn not to pump to a level higher than the top of the wand. I'm not sure why that is. I don't imagine that pump has ALL that much lift It was ok for my tractor, but I'm not sure if it will be for the generator. Another thing, when I put the gas can on the ground beside the tractor (actually in a little wagon so I can wheel the gas can out), the clear hose was just long enough to reach. I expect you could extend it but then you have to worry about a leaking splice.

    Caution: I would guess that if you were pumping from a higher place to a lower place, you could start a siphon that would not stop when you turned off the switch. I would also not recommend using it the way it is shown in the picture, holding the tank with one hand and the hose with the other (and not holding the wand). The wand is a bit top heavy with the batteries in the top (2 D-cells) plus I want my hand on the switch at all times. I put the tank on a little cart that lifted it high enough to use.

    So if is not for everything. Like one of the reviewers says, it is NOT for pumping out of a car gas tank. You need a long straight shot into the tank you are pumping from. The bendy-plastic pipe is for the outlet side. However, with all the cautions, it is exactly what *I* wanted, hence the 5-star rating. ...more info
  • Did not work
    This pump did not work for me at all. I just needed to transfer water from a pan that catches the water leaking from my indoor air conditioner to another container. I had the pan and the container I was transferring the water into flat level with each other on the floor. The water was at least six inches deep in the pan. When I turned the pump on, not a single drop of water was pumped out. I then inserted the pumped into a gallon milk jug filled with water to see if it worked with deeper water. It still could not pump any water out. It only worked when I tilted the jug with water thus also tilting the part of the pump in the water. Since the purpose of my need is to not have to remove the container with the water I was transferring off the floor, tilting the container is not what I wanted to do. Maybe I got a unit that was malfunctioning. Very disappointed. Back to searching for a working pump....more info
  • You get what you pay for
    A very poorly built item. I should have realized the quite inexpensive price for this pump would mean a low quality product. It quit working after using only a few times. I took it apart and did some repair to make it work again. Not worth returning, because shipping cost would be close to the price I paid for the pump. ...more info


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