Women's Health: The Wedding Workout

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Studio: Gaiam Americas Release Date: 11/28/2006 Run time: 65 minutes

Customer Reviews:

  • great results
    I'm not getting married anytime soon, I really was just looking for something that would give me results. I'm a mom of a 10-month old and although she keeps me on the go I still need to get rid of the rest of my baby fat. I work out 4 out of 7 days and been doing this program for a little more than 2 weeks. I haven't seen any results but my boyfriend has. He has been giving me even more compliments than usual. This DVD is great! I love how you can chose a pre-made work out or customize your own, and all the workouts are done in about 40 minutes. The only thing I don't like about this video is some of the exercises are advanced which makes it a little hard to do all of them....more info
  • I love, love, love this video
    The Wedding Workout DVD has become my all time favorite workout video. There are pre-selected workouts for each day of the week or you can create your own workout from the upper, lower, abs/core, and aerobic sections. Each is about 11 minutes long - so you can make it a quick workout or combine several and make it longer. It is nice having somebody tell me what I should be working on each day of the week (Sunday's are off). I highly recommend this DVD. ...more info
  • I never had toned arms until this dvd!
    I bought this dvd in preparation for my wedding. I started doing the dvd on and off around March, consistently around May, and I got married in July. I love that you can program your workouts. The arms section and the abs sections are awesome! I had a strapless dress and I really wanted toned arms...something I never had before. I was in good shape with regards to cardio (I do the elliptical 3-4 times a week) but I've never had toned arms. I did the arm workout almost every day (it's only 11 minutes), and by the wedding I had very toned arms and a toned back! I didn't even do the sit-ups, I substituted more of the free weight isolation exercises. Now that the wedding is over, I use the arm section and the abs section. The abs section is great because it's not all crunches. This dvd isn't corny or annoying. I do this dvd in additional to working out on the elliptical. The cardio on the dvd isn't great...I don't really like to rely on dvds for a solid cardio workout. I haven't tried the lower body...I had knee surgery so I'm not sure if I can do all the lunges. Anyway, I strongly suggest this dvd if you want a quick way to get toned arms and abs!...more info
  • Prefer interval training
    This isn't a bad workout, but it lacks a good cardio workout. If you're just looking for strength training, this is an okay video. I don't feel an incredible workout with it though. I use it on my lighter days when I'm not feeling too great but still want to work out....more info
  • LOVE it!!!
    I cannot stop using this video! I borrowed it from the library to see if I would like it and it is so addicting. I'm not getting married (I've been married for 7 yrs!) nor do I have a "special event" planned but I thought I would try it since I love Women's Health magazine. I would totally recommend this workout dvd to beginners and advanced exercisers. I consider myself intermediate and I do the cardio 3 times by alternating between the arms, legs, and abs. That is what is so great about a programmable dvd. I love the instructor as well. She is very down to earth and enjoyable. The moves themselves aren't very innovative yet they are effective. You will sweat and will be sore with this one!...more info
  • Great for a beginner - LOVE IT!
    This is perfect for me! My previous workout routine was come home, cook, sit down and do nothing. By the blessing of Weight Watchers I only need to lose a couple pounds but really need to tone and this is really working for me. It is easy to follow and the instructor is great - not cheesy at all. The exercises are simple and she explains them well. An advanced person might not be so in to it. The pre made workouts (like for a strapless dress!) are great especially if you don't know where to start. It tells you which work outs to do everyday. Beginner Brides this is a must have! I'll probably still use it after my wedding!...more info
  • Wedding Workout
    It's a good workout. It's easy but a nice change from the heavier workout on other days. I like that I can pre-choose the segments to play. But it's not something that will get you in shape in no time if you're really out of shape....more info
  • Surprising!
    I was pleasantly surprised with this product. It takes a lot for workout DVDs to impress me since I have been through so many and I thought it was just going to be another typical workout DVD: bicep curls, lunges, etc. It wasn't!

    The workout is split up into sections: warm-up, cardio, upper body weights, lower body weights, abs, and cool down. The lower body is the section I was most surprised with. It took classical exercises (lunges, squats, and piles), and applied them in a "new" ways. AND my heart rate went way up in this section, which is always good.

    The upper body section is similar--doing classical exercises but in new combinations--but not quite as innovative (though still a workout!)

    I only gave 4 starts because I didn't find the Abs section very challenging, but it wasn't THAT bad. ...more info
  • Love this one!
    This is a great workout. No dread factor at all in fact, its fun to do and when I'm finished I feel wonderful as opposed to some I have that leave me feeling drained. I will keep this one in my rotation for sure.
    ...more info
  • good sculpting workout, but cardio not challenging enough!
    cardio - 3 stars - only 12 mins, rather basic moves, I didn't break any sweat and definitely didn't burn 'tons' of calories ( I am 5 ft 7, 141 lbs and my Polar heart monitor showed I burned 50 kcal after warm-up and cardio )
    sculpting - 5 stars - I could really feel the burn with 4 or 6 lbs weights,
    solid workout...more info
  • One of my favorites!
    Wow! I love this DVD. The cardio section is pretty lame, I'm not going to lie, but the rest of it is really good. They work muscles that other DVDs don't and the first time I did it I was so sore! To make up for the short cardio I try to do 20 minutes of something else, but even if I don't I still feel like I got a good workout.

    I really like the variety. There are two workouts, one for dresses that highlight the upper body and one for dresses that draw attention to the lower body, otherwise you can create a workout doing the sections you feel like doing. I normally do all the sections for a total body workout. This DVD never bores me, and I keep reaching for it everytime I go to work out. This is one of the best purchases I have made. ...more info
  • A solid workout
    This workout is not for those of you who want a "hard core" workout. It is a good workout but gets monotonous after awhile. It fulfills it's promise of getting you in shape for a particular event. I think you might get bored if you use it too long after your event has passed (BTW, not just for weddings!). What I like best is that you can arrange the workouts in the order that you prefer them. It's also set up so you can get quick workouts if necessary. Overall, a good workout DVD and fairly priced. I would recommend it for beginners or intermediates looking to get in shape quickly. ...more info
  • Wedding Workout
    I thought this DVD was fun. Maria is a great instructor- motivating and not annoying. She breaks down the moves so even beginners like me can follow along! You can customize it, which is awesome. My arms and legs seem to be getting stronger and the ab workout doesn't hurt quite so bad after a few weeks! ...more info
  • Nice Toning Workout
    While the cardio portion of this workout was a bit light for my taste, I did find that the toning segments were very good. I really liked the new school spins on some of the traditional moves--nice change from the regular old lunges and squats. The instructor is very good too--motivating and upbeat without being annoying. Another great feature: you can customize the workout so you can do whichever sections how ever many times you want. Awesome! Very satisfied with this DVD....more info
  • Good workout
    I bought this workout to tone my body for my wedding. I follow the topless dress workout and it is great. I begin to see results now (especially on arms and shoulders). I've been doing it for a month and a half now, but not everyday. The stomach exercises are great - so different from the regular sit ups done one the floor. About half of them done standing up. My only problem is with my sensitive knees, so I don't do the lower body workout (for this I use the excellent video of Claudia Schiffer Perfectly Fit for lower body) and I do variations for the jumping parts in the cardio sections. The instructor is very motivating, cues well, and comments about the correct position....more info
  • Good Workout
    I just got my Wedding Workout video in the mail yesterday. I was so excited to try it out. I love how you can customize all of your workouts or just chose one of the pre programed workouts. The arms and legs toning sessions were challenging but didnt leave you overly exhausted. The cardio session was more for beginners but still a great workout. I did not care for the standing abs workout, but the floor abs exercises were better and challenging. Overall, a great investment to have the variety of different workout videos to get the best body fast. I would also recommend the Self series. They are fantastic. I especially like the best butt ever with Violet Zaki and Bikini Ready Fast....more info
  • Best Workout DVD I've used
    This DVD is great! It is hard to get bored and I love the planned workout routines! I purchased this DVD a year before my wedding, but it offers quick results!...more info
  • Exactly what I expected
    I just got this DVD did the whole video last night! I bought it because my sister is getting married and I'm wearing a body hugging strapless dress!! YIKES!! After reading everyone's reviews I was really excited! Like many mentioned, the cardio workout is weak. But I have other workouts for cardio. Try Tae Bo or Abs Diet 2 workout for cardio more challenging. I really like the different lifting excercises for upper body. She doesn't do just the typical curls, pushups (although, those are included). And my upper body is sore today even though I dropped down to my 5 pound weights! I've been using 8 pounds with my other DVDs. Also, the ab routine is great!! About 80% of the ab/core workout is standing and yes my abs are sore today!! Well worth the $$! ...more info
  • Nice easy to follow workout
    I love this workout. Would have given it 5 stars if it was a bit more challenging. Still a good workout and easy to stick to. ...more info
  • It's worthing the money and the time
    This workout is till now the best I tryed(and I tryed some, believe me). It doesn't take a lot of time to do it, you can choose what part of the body to work, you are not tiered after that and have energy the next day for other exercises. I saw the results on myself(on that parts of the body I was having troubles to loose weight) and also other people noticed the improves. I highly recomend it because it worked so good for me. The packege arrived quickly and in a very good condition. ...more info
  • Keeps my attention and helps break a sweat!
    At first I was leary about this workout DVD...it's so hard to determine by the reviews if it's the type of DVD you'll be able to enjoy and keep up with. WELL, this DVD is GREAT! I love it!! It breaks down the workout into short 10-12 minute segments that keep your interest and don't wear you out. The Power Cardio is AMAZING! I could barely get through it the first time, but now I love the way I feel after! The customizing option is great - you can chose a program they developed, or after you get to know the programs, customize your own! The instructor is good - doesn't talk too much or say annoying things - she has great energy! My only negative would be the short length of the program....it is great as a supplement to additional cardio, but I couldn't get the results I was looking for on this program alone. It really did help reshape my body and help build muscle, but until I added additional cardio, I wasn't dropping weight like I wanted. Great DVD, though! I recommend it!...more info
  • Wedding Workout Review
    The video is very upbeat, but I believe it is made more for beginners, those who have some toning to do but can't really work on the strenious side. I have used the video for a few weeks but have had to move up. My fiance and I just bought the P90X workout system and it is much better for muscle toning and exercise....more info
  • Good home workout when it's raining
    The DVD is a good quick workout when it's either raining outside or you don't feel like making it to the gym. The cardio is a little lacking but the upper and lower body workout have some good moves that aren't usually done at the gym....more info
  • Fun and useful
    It's a daily workout, easy and fun. Chosing different levels/combination, you can have a weekly program or an intense workout to do everyday. The exercises are easy to follow, not boring (exept for the music), and useful. I really enjoied it. ...more info
  • LOVE IT!
    I LOVE THIS DVD it has it all cardio, abs, upper, lower body workouts and it customizes a weekly workout for you based on the kind of dress you have in mind either upper body minded or lower and the cardio moves are so much fun!...more info
  • Good Workout!
    Great workout DVD. I used this one on the days that I still want to get something done but don't want to put out too much energy. Hits all the good parts....more info
  • Ok....
    I was actually a little disappointed with this workout - I guess I was expecting more cardio. But for sculpting, it's great. I also like the fact that you can customize the segments to suit your goals. If you are looking for immediate, significant weight loss, I'm not sure this is the right video. After I lose some weight, it will probably be great for maintenance and sculpting! ...more info
  • Wow.
    So, my mom bought me this DVD as a joke because I just got engaged.
    But it is honestly the best workout DVD I have come across yet!
    The abs part really works you. The programmable workout feature is really great and allows you to do as much or little working out as you have time for.
    Steps are easy to follow and after a few times working out to the DVD you really know the steps.
    Highly recommended. ...more info
  • for those who want to mix it up.
    I LOVED this DVD. Between this, Rodney Yee's yoga DVDs, and Windsor Pilates Videos - I am set. The best part about this wedding workout is that you can choose what you want to work out each day. I love that you can choose the order. I get bored fast with workout DVDs, but with this one, I can have a new one (a different combination of focus) everyday. I love it!

    My absolute Favorite. I get married jext June and I KNOW that I will have the body I want with the help of this great DVD>...more info
  • Great Workout!
    I am always looking for workouts that I can do in a short amount of time, because I'm so busy. This workout fits that purpose perfectly. You can mix and match to create your ideal workout or use one of the pre-programmed workouts. I've done it both ways, and no matter what - you're going to get a good workout in. I get bored easily, and this holds my interest. I'm already seeing results, so it's fast, fun, and effective. Those are the most important things to me, and I would recommend this to anyone without hesitation. It is hands-down one of the best workout videos I have ever purchased. Give it a try!...more info
  • Great workout
    This dvd is great! It offers a mix of different exercises for each night and you can customize them based on the type of dress you will be wearing.

    I was always bad with sticking to a routine but I really enjoy doing this workout. It's challenging and I can already feel it working.. and best of all, you can do the workouts within the comfort of your own home.

    I definitely recommend this dvd!...more info
  • Great workout !!!!!
    I Love this workout - you can mix and match segments to suite your needs. The cardio section is not very long, but it's just enough when you tight on time. ***The only complaint I have about this is the instructor - she can be alittle annoying at times when at the end of a section she does this "AHHH". She's just a tad over a top when it comes to sounds. I would recommend this tape anyway because of the segments are good for beginners - and then after a few weeks, add the "Train for your Body Type", which is alittle tougher. ...more info


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