BaByliss Pro Thermal Ionic hard hat dryer, 1600 watts. BabHHDRIC

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  • Portable, freestanding dryer.
  • 3 temperature settings
  • Ionic Technology
  • Adjustable height
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty from BaByliss Pro.
Customer Reviews:
  • Love the convenience but not length of drying time
    I bought this dryer about a year and a half ago and I must say that I really like the convenience of using this dryer. I am sitting under it right now as I type this review at my computer desk. It does work fairly well but I wish it dried my hair faster than an hour and 15 minutes. My hair is fine and it's not that long either so it should be drying in at least 45 minutes, no more. The other thing with it is, it does not seem to dry my hair evenly so I rarely rollerset my hair as a result. I simply let my hair hang loose and allow it to dry that way for faster results. I may be investing in a Pibbs 514 dryer when this one goes out on me. But for now, it is doing what I need it to do. It does however leave my hair nice and bouncy when it's all done....more info
  • works really fast
    I received my dryer not to long ago. I have used it several times. have thick ethnic hair and It dries my hair evenly and really fast. I am very happy with it. It was a good investment...more info