Ameal BP Peptide Tablets, 60 capsules (30 day supply)

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Product Description

Dietary supplement. Easy to swallow. Clinically proven, naturally derived. Helps maintain healthy blood pressure. (This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease). 30 Day supply. Ameal BP is a safe and natural dietary supplement that can help you maintain a healthy blood pressure level that is already within the normal range. Following a healthy diet and exercise program as directed by your healthcare provider can also help. The active ingredient, AmealPeptide, is compromised of the natural bioactive peptides (VPP, IPP) that are created during a patented production process involving milk proteins. AmealPeptide helps support healthy cardiovascular function and helps maintain healthy blood vessel tone, allowing blood to flow more easily. These benefits have been tested in many rigorous clinical trials. AmealPeptide can be used by those who are lactose intolerant. AmealPeptide - clinically proven. Ameal BP works gradually over 3 - 4 weeks. It can be taken with or without food, either all at once or spread throughout the day. Ameal BP is manufactured under strict standards of quality, purity and potency.

  • Clinically Proven
  • Naturally Derived
  • Easy to swallow Capsule
  • World's #1 Selling Peptide for Blood Pressure

Customer Reviews:

  • Ameal
    I have not noticed any changes as of yet from taking this medication for 3 weeks...more info
  • Works
    I have tried it all. I am still in the process of a lifstyle change, but this stuff works. I went from 170/112 to 140/92 in a matter of 3 days. I called my Dr. so I can show him the results. ...more info

    MAUREEN ...more info
  • Love this stuff!
    Once you get your BP to normal, this is a great way to maintain it. Of course, exercise and proper diet go a long way too!...more info
  • Great Product
    This is a great product. My husband has slightly high blood pressure. His doctor put him on a low dosage of blood pressure medicine, and he lost all of his energy. He had a hard time getting out of bed in the morning, and was exhausted by the end of the day. Now that he is using ameal bp he has lower blood pressure without the loss of energy....more info
  • not sure about results
    I took the pills for 30 days and did not see a drop in BP--I have pre-high blood pressure and was looking for a 3-5 point drop. I may give it another shot, not sure....more info
  • BP
    A good product if you are concerned about developing high blood pressure. I am on my second order of Ameal BP Peptide. I first saw it in AARP magazine....more info
  • I guess individuals respond differently
    if it works for you great. If not, i guess you'll be looking at prescriptions medication. My blood pressure was at 155/100. My doctor finally decided since exercise alone didnt help lower it we would try a light dose of athenolol 25mg. The 25mg the first day was OVERWHELMING for my body. Maybe i was just gettin used to it. I looked it up and i saw countless unhappy people listing numerous side effects. Athenolol did lower my blood pressure in 3 days dropping it to 128/73, still the bad reviews towards side effects scared me off. I tried BP ameal after a week my BP was at 133/90. This is the 2nd week and its been at around 118/68. If my blood pressure continues this pattern i might only start taking half the recommended amount of BP ameal which is 1 pill a day. I am very happy with this product....more info
  • natural way to keep B/P normal
    I am in the middle of the third bottle. I also tracked my b/p on record so I can monitor it. I have noticed that it has stabilized to 100/60-100/70 range. Amazing. I am 54 years old and have been showing signs of pre hypertension. My systolic at its peak would go up to 150 some times. But now it has come down more consistently. Another thing perhaps that helped the whole lowering is my avoidance of sodium infused foods especially processed as well as all restaurant food. So I just cooked mostly so I can really control the salt I use. I usually avoid any food that has more than 200mg in sodium per serving. And for table salt I use a substitue.
    I heard about Ameal BP from Rush Limbaugh radio program and decided to try it knowing it's his sponsor. I'm so glad I did. I know I will be using this supplement as long as I can afford it as I believe it is really working for me....more info
  • Works for me!
    I had what is now considered borderline hypertension (average of about 136/86). I really didn't want to go on BP medication, but I did want to do something about it. I tried Ameal and it has worked really well for me. My average blood pressure is down to about 127/80. Who knows if it will do the same for you, but it may be worth a try!...more info
  • Didn't work for me
    I was hoping to find a more "natural" treatment for my high BP as an alternative to my angiotensin II inhibitor Rx. I took Ameal BP regularly for 60 days and did not see any results. I have high BP in the range of 170/110 and take 20 mg/day Benicar to keep it around 135/85. Adding Ameal BP to my regiment had no effect. I know there are different causes for high BP so maybe this will work for others....more info
  • A great product!
    After 10 years of very irregular blood pressure readings including the suspicion I had "white-coat syndrome", and a period of feeling light-headed many mornings, and trying 3 different prescription BP meds all of which had bad side effects, my doctor suggested this product. Ameal BP Peptide Tablets, 60 capsules (30 day supply) has given me the best BP results in years! Taken twice a day there are no side effects from this all natural supplement, and my blood pressure is back to my normal 120/80 whether I'm in a doctor's office or not, and no matter what time of day it is. ...more info


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