Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas

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Rainbow Six: Vegas presents a new team of Rainbow Warriors, as they take to the streets of America. The streets of Las Vegas are chaotic, an escalating terrorist siege in "Sin City" threatens to take world terrorism to new, uncontrollable heights. The future of global security hangs in the balance as you battle to defend classic Vegas locations and environments like Freemont Street, The Strip, and Casinos. Experience Las Vegas like never before through revolutionary next-generation technology as you work against the clock to keep one of the world's most recognizable cities from utter devastation. Next-generation AI - Encounter deadlier, more skilled enemies who work together as a group to counter every move you make Customize your multiplayer experience - Your character evolves as you play online, unlocking new equipment and achievements as you go

  • Play as a new leader with a new team - Tactics play a MAJOR role in your team's success, as each member comes equipped with his own skill set -- recon, heavy weapons, demolition, long range attack and electronics
  • Experience a new level of squad-based realism, as your teammates offer real-time tactical suggestions like busting through walls or hacking computers
  • Use tactical planning to maneuver through multiple mission paths, with high-tech equipment, like snake cams that tag terrorist targets to your teammates, prior to entering a room
  • Real-Time immersion - Real-time mission briefings, all in the midst of the most intense combat ever played
  • Motion-captured assault and recon techniques, for realistic gameplay animation - Fast roping, rappelling, window entry, blind-cover fire, and more

Customer Reviews:

  • Eh... Its ok
    I just purchased this game today from Gamestop. I've played it on the 360 and it was alright. I enjoy squad based shooters, but not this one. Don't get me wrong, it's a good game, but only for the people that like squad based shooters, I'm not a big fan of em. The graphics don't blow my mind, they look good, but not amazing like Ninja Gaiden or even Resistance: Fall of Man, If you have the money, I HIGHLY Recommend getting one of those 2 if you don't already own them....more info
  • Bad scripting cannot replace good A.I.
    The game has many good aspects, particularly gameplay dynamics. The controls are effective and intuitive (good cover system) and the graphics are OK. For some reason, though, the game insists on preferring 1080i over 720P even though this creates a hazy pixellated mess out of otherwise first-rate graphics; be sure to disable 1080i/P on your PS3 before playing this title.
    The storyline is OK but the gameplay is plagued with horrendous scripting and ridiculous spawning (i.e., a terrorist "appears" behind you in a sealed room and pops one in the back of your head). This makes for an increasingly frustrating experience as the levels become more difficult. It seems as though the only difference between difficulty levels lies in the number of goons that rope down to your vicinity when you walk half way through the rooms.

    Overall, too many flaws to save from bargain bin status...more info
  • 360 version rules, this should be no different.
    This game was jaw dropping on the 360, the PS3 version will be no exception. As for the people that got jacked on the price, I dont know why you even bought into it in the first place, Amazon dosent set the price, the companies in charge of distribution to Amazon do. It was a glitch, a mistake, and im sure people that program the site are human and make mistakes too. So what I am hearing is that you as humans dont expect other humans to make mistakes? That sounds like a load of hypocrisy to me. Look, pay the 60 bones, get over it, and we can all hold hands and sing 'Mary had a little Lamb' together in the forest, k?

    Game is great, sound is amazing, graphics are spectacular, nuff said....more info
  • The Anti Call of Duty
    Now let me clarify, I don't think there is anything wrong with GOW or COD games, but I just prefer to get more control over what I can do to achieve my mission objective. I like to command my squad mates. I like knowing I don't have to fire a single shot if I don't want to. But if I feel itchy, I like being able to go "weapons free" and fire at anything I want too. So there, that's my take on combat games.

    Playing Rainbow Six Vegas is pretty much the Anti Call of Duty and Anti Gears of War. You don't have endless streams of bullets flying from massive throngs of bad guys and you don't have chainsaws. Instead, like every other RS game before it, you have to think carefully not only what weapons you use, but how you use them and more importantly, how your squad uses them. I particularly like this style of play.

    On the game itself the main advance from previous RS installments has been the addition of the excellent cover system. Sure the reviewers make it seem like Gears of War has invented this idea, but we've seen it many times. Here in Rainbow Six, the cover tactic works more naturally than in Gears, simply because the game itself is built around tactics. Who really cares where it came from?

    The connections to its cousin Ghost Recon Adavanced Warfighter 2 are obvious at first, but then the gameplay differences reveal themselves quickly. RSV is probably more true to the tactical nature of the first Tom Clancy RS game. The graphics are very good. The character models are particularly well done, and so are the lighting effects. I have seen my share of weird graphics glitches, with some enemies stick in walls and things, but I have seen the same thing in COD 4, so polish is hard to come by these days I guess.

    While this point is debateable, I think the environment textures are a little bland, especially when compared to more recent games. And despite what some other people have said, I think GRAW 2 is a bit up on the graphics side that this one, but RSV is still a good looking game.

    There is a healthy challenge, with lethal enemies and sometimes sparse checkpoint saves. The multiplayer has tons of variables and intense gameplay - especially sans the cover system.

    So sure, I've put in my COD4 time on my Prestiges, I don't mind some Gears now and then, but overall I think Rainbow Six Vegas has its own great breed of thinking gameplay, relative to the competition anyway. The team controls, weapons selections, excellent cover system and challenging mission layouts offer something a lot more than Call of Duty's quick draw contests or GOW's chainsaw and shotgun fest. Its not for everybody and not perfect either, but Rainbow Six Vegas does offer an intensity all its own....more info
  • Just a great first person shooter
    Great game. Someone mentioned jagged lines? I have no idea. It runs in 1080p, (upscaled from 1080i probably) and graphics are so nice, cinematic. You can see very clear step up from Xbox (not 360). Game play did not changed that much at all, but it is definitely more challenging than previous version.

    I like this game more than Halo. It is realistic, not sci-fi, it makes you use your strategic skills....more info
  • Get Vegas 2
    Get Vegas 2 rather than Vegas 1 (this). At first I didn't like the things they added to the game like running and the new style of gameplay similar to Call of Duty and Counter-Strike but I've found that I never play Vegas 1 anymore. Vegas 2 spoiled me. Vegas 1 has an even worse frame rate issue when compared to Vegas 2 and less good maps but it does have the Casino map which is great. Just get Vegas 2 for PS3 because Vegas 1 for PS3 is terrible....more info
  • Dissaointed with the graphics
    i couldn't make up my mind on witch game to buy first, resistance fall of man or rainbow six. i really like the game play in rainbow 6 but the graphics are pretty bad and it seems pretty dark the whole game. I have a 55'' plasma hdtv and that shouldn't have been the problem resistance fall of man wasn't dissapointing at all compared to r6 they have great graphics. R6 is like playing a ps2 game on my ps3...more info
  • Tom Clancy disappoints.
    You know what fires me up?? I mean, really really gets my blood boiling? When you have a franchise that has such an outstanding reputation like Tom Clancy, and you have a console that has unprecidented capability - and the mix is like oil and water.

    The low down -

    Graphics - 4 out of 10. I play on a 50'' HDMI plasma. So I tend to get disappointed when I buy a game that isn't HD compatible. This game fits RIGHT in with some of the mediocre PS2 graphics.

    Gameplay - 3 out of 10. If I enjoyed the feeling of walking through mud, and turning at a glacial speed, then I would have given this game a much better rating. Even by turning the X and Y turning values higher, this game is all over the place. Headshots don't register, there is no "breathe-bob". So, basically if you have your crosshairs squared up with someones masked pretty little mug, you're most likely going to shoot up and to the right, down and to the left... pretty much anywhere but where you aim.

    Multiplayer - 7 out of 10. The only aspect of the game that I mildly enjoy. The many different games will you keep you entertained for hours, as well as the three different co-op modes.

    The bottom line is that I enjoy games like BF2, or 2142. If you die for instance, there is that faint glimmer of hope that a medic might come up and save you fom waiting anothe 10 seconds.

    The graphics are far below standard for such a wonderful system, the story is worthless (unless you don't have a high speed internet connection), and walking around the maze type levels is as monotonous as watching Carrot Top do another stand up routine.

    To be honest, the only people I have heard that are impressed with this game are the British. And you wonder why they're so satisfied with bland food....more info
  • Absolutely terrible translation to the PS3.... Sorry I bought it! Stick with the 360 version.
    I have both the 360 and PS3 and am very sorry I bought this game on the PS3 instead of the 360 - I was thinking that the PS3 version would be better refined and higher resoltion graphically but I was WRONG.

    It doesn't hold a candle to the 360 version graphically or ease of play wise (if any part of this game can be called easy!) - the 360 version is much more responsive and graphics make a HUGE difference when you're trying to get the bead on a naughty terrorist...

    Avoid this game on the PS3, buy it on the 360.

    Sorry to all the PS3 pundits out there, but this is not the best work....more info
  • Great game
    Next to Call of Duty 4, this is my favorite PS3 shooter. Single player campaign is great and Terrorist Mode rocks too. And no bugs either! Haven't tried multiplayer so can't comment on that. Only thing that bugged me was the Southern drawl of the main character...mildy annoying....more info
  • Great game...! (The reviews are for the game, not for Amazon)
    In this review section, you are supposed to rate the quality of the game, not Amazon. So by all of you giving bad ratings to "Amazon", you are all making the game look bad...Please stop this!! Thanks!

    The game is great and although there are a few minor tweaks to the PS3 version of this game, it is basically just the same as the Xbox 360 version.

    If you haven't played this game and you own a PS3, this is a MUST-BUY!...more info
  • It's not so good how I though but still but still being a awesome game
    this is a great game like any raimbowsix but it does not have the graphical quality that I thought on the console playstation 3... I hope that my opinion helps you to choose good....more info
  • Vegas, baby. VEGAS!!
    What can be said about Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas for PS3? Well, I've only been playing it for a day, so my first impression would be "this game is pretty freakin' sweet."

    I was somewhat confused when a game entitled "Vegas" didn't actually start in Vegas, but that is beside the point. Recently, I spoke to a fellow PS3 owner who lamented his fear of the demise of the multiplayer split-screen game citing that more and more new games can only give you the multiplayer experience through the Playstation Network's online play.

    Not to fret, Rainbow Six: Vegas has several play options for you to choose from. Firstly, and most obviously, the game had a single player mode with two levels of difficulty; Normal and Realistic. Two player split screen is also on offer here, which should please fans of this feature that also fear that the option is going the way of the dodo. In addition to Single player and Two player split, you also have the option for two player LAN and two player online via Playstation Network.

    How let's get down to the game play. I have never in my life played a Rainbow Six game, so I must be some sort of crack head with a fetish for punishment and frustration, as I started my first ever soiree into the franchise on the difficulty level of, "Realistic". I'm not sure what I assumed "Realistic" was going into it. The following logic never factored into it for me.

    If bullet (X) is fired from N (where N is a multitude of NPCs that would like nothing more than to see me dead if only to dance on my digitized remains), and said bullet (N) is successful in traveling from point A (the big bad) to point B (my skull), I will invariably C (see) a big red screen reading "You've been killed." and have to start all over from my nearest check point. Unless of course I can find cover with the speed and precision that is only afforded me once I have memorized all the spawn points and develop a tactic around it (I'll get you Casino Vault level!)

    The TAC map helps in avoiding/hunting enemies, but for all the good it does, it is often completely useless if the camera isn't rotated at a very precise angle.

    The difficulty I can't fault, I picked it at the outset and it does make the game a challenge, what I will gripe about is the check points. These are either very few and far between or only seem that way as every time I get through a tough bit into an even tougher bit, I have to do everything all over again when I am ultimately killed.

    For all my gripes about a self imposed difficulty level being just a bit out of my league: but ultimately rewarding when I eventually accomplish my objective, the game really does ROCK! I am not a big fan of the First Person Shooter genre on the best of days. In fact, I would go as far as saying I HATE the FPS, but the tactical elements (sending your moving targets, erm, I mean "team" around to draw fire allowing for a greater deal of stealth while sneaking around, picking people off one by one. If really does make the game for me.

    The team commands are also quite straight forward, though possibly a bit limited for the die hards. The total list of team commands that I have thus been privy to are pretty much: Hang out with me, go over there, come back to me, stand by those doors, kill that one first and that one second, shoot anything, shoot anything that is shooting at you, enter the room with or without throwing in a grenade and shoot everyone with guns.

    That is pretty much it, which was a relief as the last tactical shooter I attempted to play and thus failed miserably at, was S.W.A.T., so that is reaching back!

    The graphics are pretty good, they didn't blow me away, but they didn't put me off it either. I've seen a bit of stutter on the frame rates during single player, though Online play seemed to run quite well despite taking quite a while to load and log in and such.

    All in all a very satisfying and challenging game play experience. It may not make me a lover of the FPS, but it will keep me coming back to it until I've either completed it or thrown it out the window because I was unable to complete it....more info
  • Game is great, Amazon is awful
    I had preordered this with Amazon. They chose to ignore their price guarantee and jack the price up by $20. The game is excellent, so don't let it stop you from playing it, just don't buy it here.

    My letter to Amazon:
    This morning I received an email from Amazon stating that they were raising the price of a pre-order for Rainbow Six: Vegas for Playstation 3. I had originally pre-ordered the game for $39.99 and the price was raised to $59.99. I have read your policy on pre-orders and it is pretty clear to me that it is worded in such a way that you can change the price of items at your whim. The vague wording of the agreement indicates to the consumer that we will be guaranteed the lowest price offered throughout the time of the pre-order. You have not adhered to this.

    I realize the lower price was more than likely a mistake, and I can accept that you have to raise the price back up. What troubles me is that you waited a few weeks to do it, not immediately after the mistake was found. So here I am waiting weeks under the assumption you are going to honor your price when I could have pre-ordered with another retailer.

    I know this isn't the first email you have received on this subject today, so please spare me the standard form letter that you'll be sending back. After this fiasco, as well as the Xbox 360 fiasco (of which I'm sure you're well acquainted with by now) and some other errors with orders I have had over my many years as a customer, I am really no longer interested in being your customer anymore. Furthermore, I intend to discourage any of my friends and family from using your services from here on out. You used to be a good place working for the consumer, but have since turned into the Walmart of the internet, only interested in the dollar, not the consumer experience. The least you could have done was offer me a $10 discount or something similar, but instead chose to create bad press and lose customers.

    If you choose to write back, please do so from an actual person dealing with my actual problem and wanting to rectify the situation. The form letter does nothing but infuriate people....more info
  • Great, but...
    There isn't too much replay value. If you're not a die-hard first-person shooter fan, then you won't get too much pleasure out of the game. It's a little difficult to get used to the "right joystick aiming" and it has a bit of a learning curve. You can modify the sensitivity and reverse the default aim directions (i.e. moving the joystick up makes the screen move up by default, but you can reverse it).

    After you beat it, the missions that are unlocked are fun for some time, but you can only enjoy killing terrorists for so long. If the online play doesn't appeal to you, then you should probably wait until the price drops or borrow it from a friend. The graphics aren't amazing like Ninja Gaiden Sigma (1080i vs. 1080p), but the gameplay does get you hooked once you pass the frustration stage....more info



  • To all first time buyers: READ THIS BEFORE YOU PURCHASE
    Let me start off by saying that I've only had the PS3 for about 3 weeks. The only game I had (until yesterday) was Call of Duty 4. And yes I'm fully aware that R6V is one year older than COD4....

    First off, the graphics seem a bit weird. I have my settings at 1080i and the screen looks fuzzy. During gameplay, Some parts of the game are real smooth and nice looking, and other parts are choppy and "pixel-ated" looking. Someone below suggested that you set your PS3 to 720P to take out the choppiness and it helped out alot... but the gameplay feels choppy and slow..

    The spawning sucks. Everytime I spawned, I was killed on the spot. It's impossible to move!

    Why Can't I run in this game!? In COD4, you can run and get out of places.. but in this game, the gameplay is too slow for me to bear... Ugh!

    I wish I played this game before I purchased. I heard alot of great reviews about the game from 360 owners, so I was expecting the same on PS3....

    If your a first time buyer (or only played this game on a 360), please do yourself a favor and purchase this game secondhand. I purchased this game at full price without thinking twice.

    I'm pretty positive the next rainbow six will blow all FPS out the box, but in the mean time, COD4 craps over anything out there: including GOW and Halo 3. ...more info
  • Very cool...!!!
    This is a very cool game with a very nice game play.
    Once you start playing you want to complete it till the end.
    Awesome gameplay....more info
  • Worse than Xbox 360 Version
    I bought this game 2 days ago because I loved the Xbox 360 version which I played around 10 times. It was strange from the beginning because the graphics are blurry, for a moment I thought it was my settings but it wasn't. The PS3 version sad to say is subpar compared to the 360 version. The sound varies, Joanna's voice in the chopper would be too loud while the rest are weak even if you adjust all of them at the same level. The game play still looks good but it doesn't look like you're playing an HD game. I thought my eyes are going but it's really the graphics of the game. I have all 3 systems and loved my PS3 because my 360 is at MS repair center. Now I'm having second thoughts whether to get the PS3 version of Call Of Duty 4....more info
  • Finally!
    Finally we have a good tactical shooter on the PS3! And finally they made another god RB6 game, after Lockdown I was worried my favorite game franchise was going down the tubes.

    This game is simply amazing. The graphics are realistic and have far better textures than Resistance did. It is a little more jaggy, Ubi forgot to use AA I guess, but that is a very small complaint. The lighting is excellent as well, and framerate is smooth as butter.

    That's all good, but the real beauty of this game is the gameplay. Simply amazing, this game has the best use of cover in a videogame ever. It's easy to use but it's deep at the same time. One hit kills add a completely different element to this game as opposed to Resistance. It's not a run and gun game (thank god), you actually have to use some skill. Gameplay is simply amazing.

    All my favorite modes from the old Raven Shield and Rogue Spear are back, such as Terrorist Hunt and Survivor. I thought I would hate Sharpshooter mode at first since it had respawns, but it is still very fun and still manages to stay away from a run and gun type of gameplay mode. There is also Attack and Defend mode which is fun, and about 4 others that I haven't tried yet along with the standard team deathmatch and team sharpshooter. This is the game to play for team games like those!

    A new addition, for Rainbow 6 anyway, is the ability to play coop missions online or split screen, which is cool, however you don't get any of the cutscenes of dialogue with it, which so far is my only real gripe about the game.

    Simply put, this game is amazing and will keep me playing for year sonline. I was still playing Raven Shield up until now!! With 20 maps availiable at launch, and hopefully more to keep coming, this game will easily last just as long. Awesome stuff, buy it!!!...more info
  • Competes with COD4, but not quite!!!
    This is a good game. It's almost as good as COD4, but not quite. It's a totally different game. COD4 is like a run and gun type of game. There is not a lot of sneaking around. There is a lot of explosions and open area shoot outs. Now, RB6V is more tactical. You are going around from door to door and figuring out ways to get through a door and engage an enemy successfully. It kind of puts you in the mind of Metal Gear, except with a team. You order your team around and they help, tremendously. Most games I've seen that uses a team, their AI sucks. Socom comes to mind. Some of the firefights are intense. The enemy will flank you the best way they can. Plus, you can hear them talk, cuss, and command each other of how to engage you. Very realistic. This game is very good all the way around. If I could grade this game, it would be a B and COD4 an A+....more info
  • Great intense game.
    I bought the sequel to this game first and started playing it. After only a level or two I realized I wanted the first one in the series, and decided to stop "2" in order to play this one first.

    It's very intense. I die a lot. But it's very realistic and after a while you are totally immersed in its kill-the-terrorists world. I especially find the arsenal of weapons to be incredibly detailed and authentic. Guns load and fire like the real thing. They kick. They spew cartridges and make a lot of noise. You can customize them, but you really need to think about what you're doing. Which sight is going to be the best for the situation you're about to enter? What kind of grenade should you carry? Of course in my case I usually have to die a few times before I realize what my choice should have been. I'm not that good, but I'm having fun.

    One great aspect of this game is the teamwork element - even if you are playing a single-player game. You have two other people on your combat team and you really need to pay attention to the instructions your give them. They can save your butt literally if you work with them correctly. But they can get hurt and you have to be ready to save them. I just wish they could do the same for me when I take some terrorist's shotgun blast to the face!

    I'm on the last level now and doing my best to get through it. There are bad guys everywhere and if I pop up to try and shoot one, several of his buddies always take me down. But I'll keep at it. Looking forward to moving on to "2" again, and continuing this incredible adventure....more info
  • Excellent gameplay and sound, but lackluster graphics.
    - Gameplay is amazing. From shooting around a wall, crouching behind a barrel, etc. all gameplay is very realistic. This gets you into the game quickly.

    - Weapons selection is excellent. Pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, sub machine guns, this game has a great selection. And they are all available from the get go in the single player mode. There is also a great selection of grenades, smoke bombs, etc.

    - Sound: in Dolby Digital, the sound is great. Bullets wiz by your head, and you can pinpoint terrorist locations based on voices or gunfire.

    - Computer AI is good. When you send your team to clear a room, more times than not they do a great job of it. The terrorist AI is also very good. They spot your movement easily and adapt to many different scenarios.

    - The default difficulty level is perfect. Not too hard, but not too easy. Realistic mode is difficult, as it should be.

    THE BAD:
    - Graphics are marginal at best. I was pumped for great graphics during the start up screens, then it gets to the main menu and the graphics go down the drain. Menus, character editing, the entire game suffers from mediocre graphics. There are some nice lighting effects, but otherwise I was very dissapointed. However, the gameplay makes you quickly ignore the poor graphics. (I use a 1080P Sony SXRD TV with HDMI connection).

    - Online gameplay has some issues. Overall online gameplay is decent, but there are some lag issues, and I found it overall too difficult (however, this is dependent on the difficulty level set by the moderator).

    - Some levels are too dark and it's difficult to see

    - Sometimes your computer teammates get in the way (AI glitch perhaps...) ...more info
  • Great, but not at 1080i
    The game is VERY enjoyable--and almost addicting. You are a Special Forces team leader and have, most of the time, two other Special Forces members at your disposal. You are put into various missions where you use your weapons and team members to take out the "bad guys." You have a large assortment of weapons--from several different types of sniper rifles to an assortment of assault rifles to a nice selection of pistols and various grenades and similar options--all complete with various scopes and related attachments. You'll spend the majority of the time hiding behind cover, getting some shots off and telling your teams members what to do--and these Special Forces members are quite good. You'll do a fair about of rappelling through windows, using your team members to open doors and clear rooms and, somehow, you'll be able to withstand an inhuman amount of bullets. Overall, it's a very enjoyable game--even if the AI is only fair.

    However, the saddest and most annoying part of this game for me is that the 1080i feature doesn't actually work properly and makes the game uselessly blurry--to the point where Ubisoft should be sued for false advertising. In a world where 720p games are "the norm," advertising 1080i when it doesn't exist or work is just plain lying. The workaround for this problem is to reconfigure/force your PS3 to output video at 720p--and while this addresses the problem by not giving you 1080i, every time I want to watch a Blu-ray movie I have to switch it back to 1080p and then back to 720p to play the game and so on until this gets exceedingly annoying. This bug alone is almost a deal breaker for me and had I known about this before my purchase, I might not have made the purchase....more info
  • Great Game
    I just got it a week a go and i'm already loving it. it is awesome a must buy....more info
  • Rainbow Six rocks!
    I really enjoyed this game. I think I liked Ghost Recon 2 a little bit better, but this was a fun, challenging game....more info
    Peeking around corners is essential to a first person shooter! Call of Duty 4, Jericho, and Time Shift DO NOT HAVE THIS FEATURE! WHAT THE CRAP!? Gears of War is the only other next-gen game that I can think of where you can peek. Peeking makes this game. Plus the AI are so smart! They will go out of their way to come up behind you. The AI not only talk about your character but to each other! Good story and amazing game play....more info
  • Best shooter I've played
    This is possibly the most under-played and under-rated shooter of all time. It is better and more customizable than any I've played, and still retains lots of reality and re-playability. This is also extremely rare for me to give something a 5 star, but this is perfection....more info
  • The "Thinking Man"'s Shooter
    This game is guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment for the fans of tactical shooters, especially the campaign mode. It may not stand up to the likes of GRAW2 or COD4, as this title is nearly 1 year old, but it is unique in its own, and deserve the attention of those who enjoy thinking before making a decision. Maps are laid out quite well, providing the player with plenty of options on how to solve a problem. If you do not enjoy/like thinking, don't get this game. If you want to run-and-gun, don't get this game. If you like to strategize and make a sound decision BEFORE taking out the bad guys, then this is your game!!!

    One more thing -- Don't get this for online, but for campaign; there is no lobby for online, which severely detracts from the entire experience. If your main focus is online, get GRAW2 or COD4 instead....more info
  • Not very good.
    Nothing is very stand-outish in this game, looks quickly put together to mass produce. It's okay on co-op but that's about it....more info
  • A nice game.....but.....
    OK, my title may be misleading, I DO like this game, and it has some really cool features, easy to use controls, decent graphics (not the best, which kinda annoys me) BUT, the graphics are still good. Enemy intelligence is really good, teamwork is good (which I really like), I like that you can cover behind almost anything (that's cool too)

    Just seems like all Tom Clancy games I play or own, could always be better. There's always some attention to detail left out, graphics are not always what they could be, game play...etc etc etc

    My gripes with the game are small, but still annoy me.

    Here we go:

    1) I don't like the fact that there is no health meter, you really have no clue as to your health status. You're hit 2-3 times, and BAM, you're dead. Now, I DO understand that's a bit more realistic, but, it's still nice to know how your health status is.

    2) No save points...If you die in action, sometimes you have to start pretty far back, depending on where you were killed in each level.

    3) The graphics COULD have been much better (as with ALL Tom Clancy games)...Now, I am a HUGE SOCOM fan....And I can say with 100% certainty that ALL SOCOM series games have graphics that are at least 10 TIMES BETTER than this game, and they are PS2 game system games! I would have assumed that this game, being on the PS3 format, would be much better....I was wrong.

    4) This really annoys me: No health packs! What gets me is that you can save your teammates in this game but you can't save yourself??????? That's bogus! This makes absolutely NO SENSE to me!

    Other than that, it's a fun game, fun to play, but, if the designers had taken a bit more time to just think things through, this game could have been a true 5-STAR game!

    Am I glad I bought the game?

    Yeah, I like it enough....It's worth the purchase, but, it could have been a bit better.

    Am I very picky about my games?

    YES! Because when I spend $50-$60 bucks per game, I would like them to be of the same caliber (OR BETTER) then a SOCOM game, or even "Splinter Cell" games (they're great, too). Overall I think the SOCOM games are the epitome of any military game on any game system. Period!


    Because SOCOM games pay attention to every detail. Graphics, status meters, overall game play, weapons, looks/feel/realism, you can hide in bushes, adjust a rifle scope, crawl in tall grass, use stealth as an ally (Now THAT'S REALISM!)...It's things like that, that really get my attention. And, should get YOUR ATTENTION (The consumer) as well!

    Chris...more info
  • r6 vegas f*ck you dad 07
    Best game I have played for PS3 yet. I play it nonstop and ignore my other games....more info
    Well I bought this game yesterday for the PS# console, and once again I was dissappointed. I have bought other games on the PS3 and none of them have impressed me. Now I have all three systems, so I am not biased to anyone of them, but the PS3 calls itself the most powerful gaming console on the market. Well it needs to have games that look like it! This game gets blurry at times and the sounds are way off. For instance, at a few of the times in the game I commanded my team to open a door via explosion and the explosion would happen before the door opened! I must say that this is a fun game, but the "jack up" graphics deter from this games potential. Lets not talk about the online multiplayer.... It looks like a PS2 game. The whole game looks like a high end PS2 game. So I must say, If you own a PS3 and you doint mind a sub par graphics, then pick this one up. If you own a 360, then pick it up through there!...more info
  • Keeping it short with Vegas
    I'm going to keep it short. I own this game for the PS3, the reason I got it was for the online. Well the online is BROKE! The servers are awful and it just is a waste of money for online. However Ubisoft is aware of the problem and they're working on fixing it. Then the online will own, it was fun the few games I have been able to play.

    Single player is awesome! Without single player I would have took the game back, if you have a 360 then by all means by it because online works for that system.

    PS3 online Vegas 2 sucks........they are fixing it so they say. One week it should be cleared up....more info
  • Definitely one of the "Top 5" games on the PS3!!
    This is a solid game with excellent gameplay. The control scheme is intuitive and really immerses you in the realistic action. Graphically could be better, a little hazy for my taste, but it brings to mind the real life cigarette smoke filled Vegas casinos. I have never played the Xbox 360 version so can't compare. Overall this is a must have FPS for PS3 owners and a top 5 game on the platform. NOTE: MAKE SURE YOU MANUALLY SET YOUR PS3 TO 720P AND NOT 1080i (FOR SOME REASON 1080i MAKES EVERYTHING SUPER BLURRY). ...more info
  • Made for Profit
    The gameplay gets somewhat old after a couple of hours. There isn't really a chance to get new weapons. The AI swear tons and aren't very smart. The graphics look ps2 at best....more info
  • Buy Now!
    Only buy this game if your cool, 'cause this game is cool. You've got to use your brain though, very tactical if your into that stuff, (not for run and gun) which I am, so I bought it. You should to....more info
  • The BEST realistic gameplay on the PS3
    This game is not the most hyped, nor is it the best graphics, but the game play is second to none. It is not chaotic like COD4 is. I loved COD4 but its not strategic, not as realistic as R6 is. I just love how you can sneak up on people, duck, put your back to the wall and quickly peak in the door. Its just unbelievable in that aspect.

    It is lacking in graphics as far as games for ps3, but Im so enthralled in the game that I dont even think of that. This is a must own for Shooter lovers, especially those who like to use a little strategy to make your kills. And dont think that this game is slow, its not. Its no COD4 but you can make it as fast as you want. And theres not much of a story, but so what!! If I wanted that I'd read a book. Get this game!...more info
  • ok - but only allowed to have 1 saved game - thus 2 stars!
    Very bad if you mess up, there is only one save point. At the last level it appears there is a glitch where many game users are having a problem with reloading the level (Nevada Dam - Warehouse)where you see Irena thru window - then game crashes destroying the one and only save point. This has happened to several users. According to UBI support you must delete the one and only allowed saved game and reload/restart the game from the beginning again. I tried this twice, and it crashed twice! So I gave up! UBI programers need to learn how to allow multiple save points.
    Overall the game has good picture quality. Content ok. But for PS3 there are no updates. So I advise buying it used and trying it....more info
  • Terrible! Just Terrible!
    I feel relived that I bought this game used from Gamestop. That allowed me to return it if I didn't like it. I returned it the same day I bought it. This game is just terrible. It was created as a PS2 game, but then was just created on PS3 and Xbox 360. All the company that created this game did was take the PS2 version and write it onto a PS3 and Xbox 360 disc. The graphics look terrible and the lighting effects are worse. It is very hard to see and you sometimes have to use nightvision in plain daylight just to see two feet in front of you. Also, the terrorists are just plain stupid and will stand around and get shot sometimes. At some points in the game, you just sit around wondering what to do next. I know the reviews on this game are great, but please take my advice and rent this game before you spend $30 bucks on this piece of garbage. ...more info
  • Awesome, Fun and addicting...
    Honestly... i haven't played much multiplayer, i'm not the hardcore rainbow six guy and i haven't played it or seen it on the 360. [cuz i can really care less about that system...]

    However... all that doesn't matter because this game is freaking awesome!! I can also say that my 1st gut instinct was to give this game a 4 star because the online play isn't as gorgeous as campaign mode and there really isn't anything to new about the game as a First Person Shooter. But... i love the awesome graphics, i love that they placed it in Las Vegas, and it is pretty challenging and makes you think about how you want to approach situations, and you can play co-op online and most importantly... it's just a really fun game to play... so i'm going to have to give it a 5 star. It deserves it! IGN's Game of the month! whoo hoo!

    A must own for First Person Shooter and PS3 Fanatics! ...more info
  • VERY cool!!!
    So, to start. If I see one more "Xbox 360 this and that compared to PS3" I'm going to throw up. I hope you feel the same. Folks, they are 2 different systems, both are great for their own reasons, no need to compare.

    So for Rainbow Six: Vegas on the PS3. I've never played it on 360, never looked at it on 360, never really cared to. All I can say is, the game plays fantastic, it doesn't feel like some "ported" game. The graphics look great, I am yet to have any loss of framerate, everything is super fluid, controls are fantastic as well.

    The controls feel extremely natural, all the buttons are in just the right spot, and overall the game plays extremely well, I was very impressed. You aren't trying to quickly switch between stick and d-pad/buttons to do certain things, for instance, instead of pressing down on the d-pad to kneel, you just press down on your left thumbstick that you almost always already have your thumb on. Everything plays this way.

    The campaigns are interesting and fun, and the weapons seem quite accurate. The only thing I really dislike about the campaign is checkpoint saves, in fact, I DESPISE checkpoint saves, and the checkpoints often times are far apart. It forces you to play more carefully, but can be extremely frustrating at the same time. But it's not a make or break thing.

    The squad controls are very well done as well, they are extremely easy to work with, in fact, you only use 3 buttons, one to call them closer/stop them, one to tell them to hold fire or fire at will, and the last button you use to tell them where to go, which works by just looking somewhere with your crosshairs and pressing the button.

    The A.I. is phenominal, your squad clears rooms properly, takes cover, etc... I was blown away. The enemies seem to work together and take cover as well. This also has the option for cover fire much like Gears of War, really neat.

    Online Multiplayer is a great addition, almost everyone uses a headset as well and the player base is quite mature and pleasant to play with. The maps are great and the play types are fun too. I honestly can't get enough online multiplayer, I'm on it all the time. And it's only been a couple days since release! There are a couple glitches like lag and what not with MP, but the game was just released, most of these issues get fixed right away.

    In conclusion, this game is a must have. Ignore the 360 vs PS3 garbage. Everything plays fantastic, graphics are great, and the online (FREE on ps3) works really good too with lots of players already.

    Buy the game!!!!...more info
  • R6Vegas
    This is my first R6 game I've played, but I must say I enjoyed it. First of all I personally thought the graphics were pretty good, sure they could have been better but so could most games. The controls have a nice natural feel to them, everything is right where you would expect it to be. Squad controls are nice and simple, you just aim where you want them and press X. Your team's A.I. is really good, almost too good at times. You can send your team into a room to clear and most likely everything will be dead before you even get through the door. Enemy A.I. is also fantastic, don't be surprised if you're hiding behind some cover trying to get a shot at the terrorist hiding behind a car and one of his friends sneaks up behind you and shoots you dead. One problem I have with squad control is that you can't send them to different spots for cover, they move together or not at all. And one last minor complaint is that you can not go into the prone position to snipe or try to get a shot off from behind cover. Overall I would recommend this to people looking for a shooter that takes some strategy and not just a run n' gun....more info
  • great game
    the single player is fun and looks great. multiplayer is also a lot of fun, very happy that i have this game and will no doubt be getting a lot out of it for months to come....more info


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