Pet Stages Mini ORKA Bone

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Product Description

PetStages toys are designed specifically for the age and activity level of your pet. The Soothing toys help focus and calm your pet for situations such as travel, trips to the veterinarian or groomer, illness or other times of stress. The Chewing toys are designed to address the chewing habits and dental health for each stage of your pet's development. The Interacting toys provide thoughtful activities to help you bond with your pet; and encourages good behavior and social skills. The Playing toys incorporate various sounds, textures, shapes, materials and movements providing hours of fun! 4 in. L x 2 1/4 in. W x 1/4 in. H.

  • Flat bone shape helps exercise jaw muscles
  • Multiple textures massage gums to enhance dental health
  • Canvas streamers help remove soft tartar
  • Perfect size for mini dogs

Customer Reviews:

  • Quality, bright, eye-catching toys
    I love PetStages stuff , but I would recommend these for puppies with new teeth, older chewers would probably take them apart, but it's an excellent toy for my little guy and out of all of the PetStages toys he has, this one is hands down his favorite!!...more info
  • Didn't last too long
    As a previous owner of some other ORKA products by Pet Stages, and generally pleased with the construction of their toys, I was a little surprised that this bone didn't last very long at all.

    My 20lb mini-schnauzer is a chewer, and I was amazed at how quickly (20-30 minutes) that he had already managed to untie and remove the three fabric tassels. One he was able to chew off, the other two he was able to loosen the actual knots...a definite choking hazard and intestinal blocker if swallowed.

    Once I threw away the tassels, it was within a matter of a day or two that he had then concentrated on the 'ring' area where the tassels once were and was actually able to 'break' through the tough plastic...normally not an easy feat, but once the ring is exposed and free, this makes for a design flaw in my observations in giving a pup an area of leverage.

    Other ORKA based products have lasted a lot longer with my guy.

    On the plus side, my schnauzer is very interested in the toy itself, and its small and textured/ribbed surface really does hold his interest. He does tend to carry this about and plays with it between his paws. A certain 'give' to the plastic I imagine gives him a satisfying feeling, but now I tend to want to supervise his interaction with it to make sure he isn't able to chew off more plastic near the 'ring'....more info
  • Laces Come Off, Bone Fell Apart
    My Maltese got the strings off of this thing and even chewed off a piece of the blue bone before I noticed. Be careful with this one....more info
  • Don't put your dog in danger
    I bought the exact same toy as this one from Petco 2 months ago. My yorkie's about 9 months now and she appears to be very smart. What she did to this toy was, she somehow untied the strings/ropes off the "bone" and made them disappeared. We didn't pay much attention before because we thought she was just playing with the strings, but 3 weeks ago i found those strings coming out from her body in her poo, one at a time. She didn't feel well during that time and we couldn't figure out what was wrong until we saw those strings in her poo... I even took pictures of her poo and wanted to tell the company to stop making this kind of toy even though I really like this company.

    However, I give it 2 stars because the "rest" of this toy which is the blue bone is still living to it's fullness. My dog still chews on it and it helps her teething.

    So if you're going to buy it, make sure your dog doesn't put random stuff in her mouth or maybe you want to take those ropes off before you let them play with it. Goodluck!...more info
  • Great most of the time without the ties
    By itself, the bone is a great chew toy. The first one I had lasted for about 4 months of chewing. The newest one I purchased, however, has lasted about 4 days. I would still purchase this again on the off chance that it was just that one bone that didn't live up to my expectations. Just make sure not to let your dog chew on the ties. The first time I purchased this bone, my dog constantly untied them and I continued to tie them back on with double and triple knots to see how long they would last. Eventually I just took them off and threw them away, not realizing that one was missing. Turns out she had eaten it and it was in her stomach for probably a month before she threw it up one day. It explained the mystery of why she was having horrible digestive problems for a month. ...more info
  • Great bone for a teething puppy!
    My shih tzu is teething and I bought this for him 6 weeks ago. He's still enjoying the bone and it's still in perfect condition even with his teeth clamping down on it at all angles. One of the strings came off but I tied it back on and it's fine. I wouldn't suggest taking the strings off unless they're loose because that's my dog's favorite part of the toy....more info
  • hazardous!
    I bought this for my 4 month old Pomeranian and he chewed the strings off in about 15 minutes and then bit off large chunks of the blue plastic. Very dangerous choking hazard if your dog likes to chew! I would have given it 0 stars but you have to rate it with at least one....more info
  • It would be better without the ties/laces on the end
    This is mostly a good toy, except for the ties/laces on the end. My puppy removed one of them the first night she had this, so I took the other two off. The bone by itself is a good chew toy and isn't too tough....more info
  • Sharp teeth cause ring with string to break
    Our yorkie puppy does indeed love this toy. Unfortunately, he chewed one of the strings off and began to choke on them.We removed the other two strings. And it left a ring, he chewed off the ring in two pieces and began to choke on those. As one solid piece it is fine, but the extras are a choking hazard for small dogs with sharp teeth. ...more info


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