Lasko 20" Premium Box Fan 3-SPEED
Lasko 20" Premium Box Fan 3-SPEED

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Product Description

Wide body design, steel box housing with baked enamel finish, 5 paddle blade and plastic grill. 3 Whisper-Quiet speeds. 22-1/2"H x 21-3/8"W x 5-3/16"D. UL Listed.

  • Lasko Metal Products 20In Lasko Box Fan 3723/3720

Customer Reviews:

  • Good enough for a fan in summer days...
    I don't really care some noises while I am sleeping, so this fan totally fits my needs. But if what you wanted is a whisper quiet fan, you may want to choose another product since when switching to speed 2 and 3 this fan does make a lot of noises....more info
  • Works good but broke
    This item works but when it arrived the outside was broke. Someone called from where I purchased it from and said they could refund the shipping cost. But when I called them and left a message no one ever called back....more info
  • Not enough rating even at five stars!
    I got this fan for my bedroom and it is super powerful which is a good thing because it is far away from my bed. It is a lot quieter than the 2003 model 3723. It is much much better than the 3733. The air is very concentrated with the ring on the grill. It is made the same way as the 3720 but the only thing diffrent about the 3720 is that it has a weather shield on it. This fan is more than premium it is ten times better. I would give this fan ten stars. ...more info
  • this does the job well for a rather low price
    This 20 inch "Premium Box Fan" with its three speeds by Lasko is exactly the way it is advertised here. The three speeds all operate relatively quietly and the fan gets the air circulating rather quickly without too much "white noise. "

    The price is right for what you get: it works strong and hard to create good air flow. The box fan also cools the room down on days when you can't use an air conditioner or when you simply don't want to use one. Moreover, like other reviewers have noted, it blocks out sounds and it's even nice to have it on while I'm sleeping!

    I recommend that the fan stand on a flat surface. Indeed, any small table will do, but you should preferably place this on an inexpensive table just in case the bottom of the fan scratches the table surface. Use a table about three or four feet high so that the air current reaches people whether they're lying down or walking around the room. It is economical in that it won't make your electric bill spike upward, too. As you can probably imagine, it's much cheaper than running central air conditioning in your home. In addition, the control knob is easy to manage.

    Actually, I can only think of one potential negative about this box fan. If you ARE sensitive to some extra noise, then you might want to choose another box fan that is completely "whisper" quiet; but that may be hard to find in this price category.

    Overall, this is a great box fan and I highly recommend it as one of the best fans out there in this size and price range. It will not disappoint you!
    ...more info
  • Best Box Fans That I Have Ever Owned
    I liked the reviews of this product so well that when I needed to replace 2 box fans that finally died, I bought 3 of these. I filtered out all the negative reviews about them, and have been well pleased with their performance. The low speed is quiet enough for my needs, and so is the volume of air on high speed. I highly recommend choosing a "premium" fan because of the much more solid and durable construction and features....more info
  • It's a fan, dude!
    Watch Video Here: This is an in-depth video review of Lasko's most recent entry into the premium three-speed box fan market. We will cover all of the bases here, including: manufacturing quality, speed settings, and relative sound levels compared with other box fans.

    Summary: We love this fan!...more info
  • Love it!
    Awesome fan! It's the same type of fan you can usually find in abundance throughout the summer.

    Unfortunately we made a cross-country move during winter and the movers destroyed our box fan. The only place I could find a reasonably priced replacement was here at amazon.

    The only thing about this purchase that I didn't care for was the size of the shipping box! The fan is in it's own box, then it was placed in an obnoxiously oversized shipping box. Seriously, you could've easily fit 4 Laskos in it! There wasn't enough packing material surrounding the contents so the outer box arrived quite torn up. Luckily the fan was a-ok. ...more info
  • On time
    The fan was sent out the day after I ordered it which was great. I received it in 3 days....more info
  • Can't go wrong with a $20 fan...
    This is probably THE cheapest box fan money can buy. It's also the narrowest fan I've ever seen. This thing probably isn't five inches wide and maybe less than that. Yet it does blow a nice breeze. It's fairly well made and the controls are easy to read (something we baby-boomers appreciate) and the dial-type switch doesn't have a mushy feel, but has distinctive notches so it switches from speed to speed with ease.

    It's not too strong and you'll *never* hear anyone yell, "turn that fan down, it's blowing me away!" It's as noisy as you'd expect a $20 fan to be. I like a little white noise when I go to sleep, so this is fine for me. There are some that may find the loud whirring of the motor annoying.

    For $20, I'd say it's a real dandy and does a fine job of keeping the air moving. It's a sweet deal and while I've only had mine for two months, I'm fairly well pleased with its performance to date.
    ...more info
  • Great Fan. White Noise Heaven.
    I use this to sleep at night. I put it on level 3 and it drowns out all normal noise from my neighbors, the street, etc.

    I'll be buying a second one just as a backup.

    ...more info
  • You get what you pay for
    I purchased this fan since all three of my metal window fans decided to give up the ghost this summer. Apparently those well-made metal box fans are not to be found anymore. It works reasonably well at moving air but the pitch of the blades doesn't seem to be as well designed as the old box fans. The blades are flimsy plastic. This one works okay. Given that it is mostly cheap plastic, I wonder how long it will last. I wish someone would make those rugged metal fans again. ...more info
  • Made my own pollen reducer with this fan.
    We have had two of these running in our 2400 square foot house pretty much nonstop during the spring with 20 X 20 inch air filters duct taped to the back. The fan pulls the air through, trapping the pollen and greatly reducing our symptoms. Since 20 X 20 filters are cheap we can replace them as needed.
    Cheapest and simplest air cleaners we have ever used. Planning on keeping the filters on when we run them in the summer to pull cool air into the house to minimize the dust and pollen pulled in from outside....more info
  • powerful box fan.Wow!
    Super powerful. put it in window to draw out cigar smoke. It is noisy on high, but the noise is from how powerful the air is moving....more info
  • I love it, but it's not whisper quiet
    It blows a decent amount of wind on speed 1, even then it's not really that quiet. At speeds 2 and 3 it moves a lot of air, but also comes with a lot of noise. Overall I love it. I would've thought that the same principles that apply to computer fans also applies to these fans (the larger they are, the quieter they are), but it doesn't seem so. I think it has to do with the way the blades are curved, check out Noctua computer fans if you have some time, their blades are curved so that the noise level is below what we can usually hear....more info
  • Great Fan. White Noise Heaven.
    I use this to sleep at night. I put it on level 3 and it drowns out all normal noise from my neighbors, the street, etc.

    I'll be buying a second one just as a backup.

    ...more info
  • Great Fan
    We got this fan for our basement and it works great. It really helps circulate the air. We had the same model for a few years and then it started to not work so much, but we ran it 24/7, so it was from over use not the fan. Definalty worth the money:)...more info
  • A good value
    I've used this fan for a number of years and I find it very useful at a reasonable price. I wouldn't call it rugged, but it does the job....more info


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