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Our new FHI Heat Hot Sauce is the latest achievement in FHI, Inc.'s dedication to developing the most innovative and highest quality professional hair products on the market. Most finishing hair products are silicone-based, which means they simply coat the outside of the hair to leave it feeling smoother. This is a temprary effect and will allow unwatned product residue to build up on the hair. FHI Heat Hot Sauce is moisture-based - when used in conjunction with FHI Heat irons it will actually penetrate into the core of the hiar to reconstruct and deeply condition the hair from the inside out!. FHI Heat Hot Sauce has heat-atived jojoba crystals that dissolve and deeply penetrate into the hair, thus dramatically improving the quality, condition and texture of the hair. This is not a temporary effect - with regular use of FHI Heat Hot Sauce, dry hair will be moisturized and damaged hair will be restored! Size 5oz. Bottle

Customer Reviews:
  • HOT!!!
    HOT!!! Is what describes the FHI Hot Sauce. When my hair returned after chemotherapy I decided not to chemically relax the hair to straighten. I am Afro-American and my virgin hair returned very curly but I wanted to straighten without chemicals to change it up a bit. I went online and reviewed the FHI Hotsauce as an addition to the flat iron process. I purchased the product which came from Folica through [...] and I received it quickly. A little expensive but worth it for me. I put it on before I blow dry and a very small amount on each section I flat iron and my hair is left so soft and silky. In addition, I wrap my hair every night. Thanks FHI Hot Sauce, [...] and Folica...more info
  • FHI Hot Sauce
    I have tried other products before but they left me hair filmy. Hot sauce doesnt do that and has protected my hair from the flat Iron....more info
  • Super Soft
    This product is amazing, I usually only try to torture my hair w/a my flat iron just once a week, but after using this just once and saw how beautiful my hair looked I started doing it once or twice a day. It claims to improve your hair over time and although I wish that was true, I am to scared to try. After everday use of my flat iron even w/ this product my hair started feeling damaged and I had to get a hair cut. I still LOVE this product I am just going back to using heat on my hair just once a week or once every two weeks but this will be the product I use w/ it :-)...more info
  • Great Product
    Amazing stuff. I use it along with the FHI nano technology platform and have already turned a few other people onto it including my mom. It seems to work well with different irons (my mom has the HAI classic convertible)as well as different hair types. I have curly "mixed hair" of medium thickness no highlights while my mother has slightly wavy fine hair with highlights. QUALITY PRODUCT!...more info
  • great moisturizing lotion
    This cream worked great with my fhi iron, the perfect match, I could tell it penetrated my hair instead of laying on top of it, a recommended product if you are going to flat iron your hair, you'll love the look and feel....more info
  • UNBELIEVABLE! My hair is transformed. And the smell is nice, too
    If you could only see my hair. If you could feel it. If you had seen my hair without Hot Sauce.

    Okay, the low-down: I have very curly (think ethnic, curly, dry, coarse hair) long hair (past shoulders, but not uberlong). My thyroid disease makes it like STRAW in places, nasty and frizzy and rough.

    I've used some good products to try and give me silky control--Pantene anti-frizz is okay. BioSilk is lovely. And I thought I'd use BioSilk forever--love the scent, love the result.

    Then I bought a flat-iron (12/07) from FHI and I bought Hot Sauce to go with it. I used it and though, "Oh, huge waste of money" on the product. It just didn't do what BioSilk did.

    Then I decided to do something: Use twice as much as I had used. (The directions say use a small amount, so I used about the size of a nickel in my palm, which is what I'd use of BioSilk.) I used about a quarter's size or so. I was afraid it'd weigh my hair down and make it look oily or dirty.


    I simply had not used the right amount for my very dry, very curly, very crazy hair. With a larger amount, I didn't even NEED the flatiron. No kidding. No styling lotion (I used to use Paul Mitchell). No hair spray. I just use the Hot Sauce, my 3 inch ceramic-ionic styling brush, and my ionic blow-dryer (not even a high-end model, a cheapie import). And my hair is silk. Pure silk. It's straight, except for a nice wave at the bottom part where there is some layering. It's smooth. It moves. It shines. I can't stop touching it.

    And my hairstyle lasted five days without frizzing or recurling. I just added a bit of BioSilk to my hair to add some smoothness and that lovely scent a couple days in. A retouching.

    I expect that come the humid months in Miami (it's winter now), that I'll need something for more control against the damages of summer moisture to curly hair, but for now, I can say this stuff rocks like nobody's business.

    My hair is BEEEEEEEEEEEEEYOTIFUL. And my husband loves how it feels. And I love how fast I can dry it without all the steps and styling products and flatironing it to get "silky".

    Big, big, thumbs up to FHI Hot Sauce. Worth the price tag.

    Mir<--with silky hair at last...more info
  • Finally, a hair styling tool that works!!!
    I wholeheartedly agree with another reviewer that this product is awesome! It leaves my hair soft, shiny, sleek and smooth with not a trace of dryness or frizziness. Pair it with the T3 Tourmaline Featherweight hairdryer and you'll have salon quality hair. Highly recommend!...more info
  • Awesome!
    This product makes my hair silkier and shinier when I use it. I bought a SuperStar hair straightener some time back and it came with a 4oz sample of the hot sauce. I tried it and loved the way it made my hair feel. Try it, you'll love it....more info