HAI Porcupine Paddle Brush

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Product Description

HAI?s BOAR BRISTLE BRUSH with ?Porcupine? is ideal for Medium to Thick Hair. ?Porcupine? is Nylon Bristles Fused with Tourmaline and interspersed throughout the Boar Bristles. Heat activates the Ionic charge of the ?Porcupine?. ?Porcupine? also Detangles hair by releasing the tension of the hair cuticle allowing the brush to Flow Freely through the hair, Eliminating damage caused by the tugging and pulling of regular brushes, which breaks the cuticle. For Medium to Thick hair

Customer Reviews:
  • ow!
    I have long thick hair. This brush actually hurts to use. It scratched my scalp. My labrador wanted me to try it on her and when I did she ran out of the bathroom--she usually loves to be brushed with my brush. Oh, and I can't return it. The company doesn't take brushes (or anything else really) back and so I'm stuck with it. It's in the trash....more info