HAIelite Digistik Styling Tool

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Product Description

This ergonomic 1" digitally controlled masterpiece with flash heating is a versatile tool for straightening, curling and shaping to create a wide variety of styles on all lengths and textures of hair. With low EMF's, ORM, Far Infrared Heating, MEGA Ion charged, and extended cord length, this styling tool is beyond compare! ? Flash heating from .05 seconds ? Digital heat settings from 180 F to 410 F ? Positive/Negative mega ion producing technology ? Low EMF (Electro Magentic Field) ? Extended cord length with 360 degree swivel ? Ergonomic non-slip grip

Customer Reviews:
  • Has Made My Dry Hair Healthier - LOVE IT!
    I was hesitant about spending so much money on a flat iron. I had a flat iron from the beauty supply store that I was currently using but my hair was starting to seem dry from it. It would take an average of 20-25 minutes every time I used it waiting for it to heat up and then having to run it through my hair many times. Then....I was introduced to the HAI Digistick at the aveda salon I go to. I was in love. My hair has always been frizzy when I get into humidity. After my hair dresser was done my hair was as smooth as ever. Sylists can always make hair look better than what I can but after seeing my hair looking so long and smooth I just had to buy one. The ionic technology in this flat iron actually seals the hairs cuticles so no more frizzy hair after being out in the rain or in a humid bar. Not to mention it heats very quickly and my hair can be straightened in less than 5 minutes! I have had this flat iron for 2 months now and have seen durastic improvements in the health of my hair and the time it takes to get ready. ...more info
  • This the mack daddy of straightening irons
    The Digistik is so good that when I checked out my hair in the mirror, I realized how desperately I needed a haircut and a highlight. When your coif is curly, you have a lot of wiggle room with those sorts of things.

    The Digistik heated up fast--in 30 seconds, tops. It straightened my hair smoothly and only took a couple of passes per section. The iron is slim enough to straighten close to my scalp, but it still handled my hair's length well. It has a helpful digital temperature gauge--no guessing with dials, like the other irons--and convenient finger pads that make it easy to grip. It also comes with a pouch that doubles as a heat-resistant pad you can rest the iron on without burning a hole in your counter.

    It's not perfect. A full day after I used the Digistik, my friend announced that my hair "smelled like burning." But that's a pretty small price to pay for such smooth, shiny, straight, long-lasting (five days!) hair. I think I'm in love.

    [...]...more info