T3 Tourmaline Overnight Hair Dryer

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Product Description

The Overnight is the compact personal travel dryer that keeps your hair looking fabulous whereve you are. Made with genuine tourmaline-infused components, the Overnight offers the same incredibly lightweight body and superior performance as the T3 Tourmaline Featherweight in half the size, so small that it can even fit inside your purse.

Customer Reviews:
  • T3 Tourmaline Overnight Hair Dryer
    I do not recommend this product for purchase. When I received my order, I opened the box and the hair dryer handle was broken. I thought it was just poor packaging by the vendor. I contacted the vendor and they happily exchanged the broken product and sent me another. However, when I received the second hair dryer it broke in my hands in the same place the first hair dryer was broken. I was purchasing this product because I travel a lot (via car and plane) and this hair dryer is a small, lightweight version of the T3 hair dryer I use daily. While the T3 overnight hair dryer is lightweight and may dry hair (I say may because I did not turn the dryer on to test it's drying capabilities), this hair dryer did not, on 2 occasions, make it to it's first use. I would have to say that it would never survive being in luggage that is thrown around airports. I am very disappointed in the extremely poor quality of this product.

    T3 Tourmaline Overnight Hair Dryer Travel Dryer Set Limited Edition Avenue You Exclusive

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