T3 Large Ceramic + Tourmaline Barrel Brush 3.00"

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T3 Tourmaline Brushes combine Tourmaline infused bristles with a ceramic barrel to create the ideal tool for smoothing , shining, and polishing. Lightweight, advanced results. Features:   Benefits: • Brushing emits Tourmaline ions• Made of 100% crushed Tourmaline jewels• Most ionic bristling available• Ceramic barrel for heat-retention • Lightweight and comfortable• Tourmaline eliminates static electricity• Facilitates drying and styling• Delivers ultra smooth, shiny hair

Customer Reviews:
  • 2008 Update: Why I like this brush even though I'm 'low maintenance'
    I thought I would update this review, since I've had this brush for over a year! It still works...it allows me to leave the house with a 'finished' look without investing a lot of time. I think it's important to note that I rarely, if ever, use 'product' in my hair. But all in all, this brush has served me well ... I'm thinking of investing in a smaller barrel size.

    First of all, I consider myself 'low maintenance' although my husband might call it 'medium'. I bought this brush last summer. I was really hesitant to buy it, afraid of getting scammed. At the time, it was only [...] and my hair really needed some help, so I decided to take the plunge. I had previously used a nylong round brush that was supposed to eliminate statis. That worked for a while. But as the brush aged, it started falling apart and it no longer worked to control static. I was having problems with my new growth standing on end at the roots. My hair was becoming dull and tough. On top of that, I decided to color it with a nautral product, which made it theconsistency of straw. Since using this brush, my hair has regained a gloss that is natural and the consistency of my hair has improved. I use natural products on my hair and try to nourish my hair with my diet. This brush, with the tourmaline, has helped me in that endeavor. ...more info