T3 Tourmaline Injected Bristle Paddle Brush

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Product Description

T3 Tourmaline Brushes combine Tourmaline infused bristles with a ceramic barrel to create the ideal tool for smoothing , shining, and polishing. Lightweight, advanced results. Features:   Benefits: • Brushing emits Tourmaline ions• Made of 100% crushed Tourmaline jewels• Most ionic bristling available• Ceramic barrel for heat-retention • Lightweight and comfortable• Tourmaline eliminates static electricity• Facilitates drying and styling• Delivers ultra smooth, shiny hair

Customer Reviews:
  • Doesnt eliminate static
    This brush was a slight disapointment - although I love t3 usually - I just cant say I love this brush. Its big, the handle is nice and it feels awesome when you run it through your hair - but it creates SO much static in my hair that its not even funny!! Im serious, when I go through a section of my hair..and pull the brush away - I HEAR the static in the brush.. creepy. I sprayed it with static cling, it seemed to help - but I wish I could just say that it was amazing all on its own - I guess I will keep searching for my dream... a truly static eliminating brush!...more info