Nit Free Terminator Lice Comb, Professional Stainless Steel Louse and Nit Comb for Head Lice Treatment, Removes Nits
Nit Free Terminator Lice Comb, Professional Stainless Steel Louse and Nit Comb for Head Lice Treatment, Removes Nits

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Product Description

Nit Free TERMINATOR Comb is the ultimate Tool to fight Head Lice and their eggs (nits). ANTI-SLIP BANDS allow for better gripping and control. ADVANCED LASER TECHNOLOGY welding make the comb sturdy and long-lasting. MICROGROOVED TEETH consist of microscopic cutting edges that are positioned along the teeth in a tight spiral form These cutting edges, together with the dragging action of the teeth, remove even the tiniest nits, used with all types of hair. For more information email us at:

  • Stainless steel comb with micro-grooved teeth. Removes lice and nits safely.
  • Safe and Effective. The Nit Free Terminator can be used Multiple times to treat the entire family.
  • The Stainless steel construction is unbreakable when used as directed.
  • #1 Lice Comb used by Professional Lice Removal Services! Lifetime Guarantee.

Customer Reviews:

  • best comb that I found
    I used the plastic combs that came with both RID and NIX and found them basically useless. I also bought the RID metal comb. It was much better than the plastic combs, but I was in search for the best method for removing our lice. My three kids and I were all infested. I can't tell you how many hours I've spent on the internet researching lice solutions. After reading the positive reviews about this comb, I ordered one. I also paid for priority shipping which cost more than the comb. :) It was worth every penny. It found many baby lice and eggs that the RID metal comb totally missed. I highly recommend this comb!...more info
  • It's not the final solution
    This comb is better than most, but it's hard to clean and it still misses some of the tiny eggs. My advice to any family battling lice: Don't waste another minute, go invest in a magnifying lamp like this model... Lighted Desk Magnifying Lamp w/ clamp. I used it to examine my daughter's blonde hair up close after shampooing and rinsing with vinegar. Then when I spotted an egg, I cut the strands of hair (as few as possible) close to the root. Much easier -- and less painful -- than trying to comb or pull it out. This was a daily ritual for a week! I checked her every other day for another week just to make absolutely sure the nasties were really gone....more info
  • Amazing Product
    After fighting lice for numerous months with both kids (they kept passing it back and forth) I was at my wits end using the OTC harsh chemicals and combs that failed to remove the nits. It was extremely frustrating, expensive, time consuming and the kids practically ran when they saw me taking the comb out. I searched on the internet and came across this comb. It only had a few reviews, but the spiral tines made sense to get the nits out. GET THIS COMB IF YOU HAVE KIDS!!! I cannot say enough about this comb. It says you can use on dry hair, but I sprayed my daughters hair and it seemed easier to comb through. It was amazing! Lice and nit free after I was done. I will continue to do a quick run through after each hair wash as a precaution, but know the lice won't be back. You won't be disappointed. I know the price seems a little high for a comb, but if I would have bought this before the RX treatments, I literally would have saved about $200. Get this comb....more info
  • not good for thick hair
    I had read all the rave reviews before I purchased this comb, and I thought it would be very easy to use. It works well enough for my 7-year-old daughter's hair, with some pulling of hair and pain involved, but it's very difficult to use for my thick, wavy hair. I also wish that the maker of this comb would also come up with some sort of a cleaner for the VERY tight grooves on the comb. Just washing the comb doesn't clean the dirt that collects. Having said all this, it worked well for my daughter, so I'm happy for her. I just think the product can be better....more info
    I am a foster parent. Five siblings came to live with us in June. They have had head lice for years. After 5 or 6 lice treatments I didn't know what to do. they just kept coming back. Then I started searching for help on the internet and discovered this comb. I had been using the cheap plastic combs that come with the treatments. I never knew that metal combs even existed. The bottom line is that the lice are finally gone. I just combed through the kids hair every few days, each time finding fewer and fewer nits. now i find nothing. I can't recommend this comb highly enough. ...more info
  • Great Product!
    My daughter and children had a lice problem that seemed impossible to eradicate. They tried just about every remedy they could find, but nothing worked. Then they found a professional lice removal person and this is the comb she used in her business. She charged a lot of money for her services, but one could also just buy the comb. Unfortunately, she ran out of combs to sell, so my daughter searched and found the comb here at Amazon.
    It is such a great comb! The lice problem has been solved in their household. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Best Lice and Nit Comb on the Market
    I have tried all three of the so called best lice and nit removal combs on the market and the Nit Free Terminator Comb is by far the most effective. They all get out lice but this comb really gets the nits (lice eggs) out much more efficiently. The Rid comb and the LiceMeister were not as effective at all.
    We bought one for each child (the combs come in differnt colors) and they last forever....more info
    Nit Free Terminator Lice Comb, Professional Stainless Steel Louse and Nit Comb for Head Lice Treatment, Removes Nits (Purchased on 01/13/2009)
    by Eco Living Friendly (ELFbrands), IT IS VERY HELPFUL FOR THE TREATMENT OF LICES...more info
  • The best lice comb you can get
    With two young daughters, and living in an area where school does not have a nit-free policy anymore, we have had to deal with the critters several times over the years. So I feel like an expert. This is absolutely the BEST lice and nit comb you can buy! It is durable, conveniently sized, and has ridges that help tug the eggs off the hair strand. I very highly recommend this comb! ...more info
  • Solved the problem!
    This is all it took to get rid of those nasty littler buggers from my kids hair! I tried the "all natural" pesticides that cost upwards of $250 that didn't work at all. The trick is complete removal of lice and nits and this magic little comb gets it done. I recommend using this and only this, then washing all sheets remove all soft toys for 3 days, or just simply go somewhere for 3 days (lice can't live without a host longer than 72hrs)
    and PROBLEM SOLVED! If you opt for the easier leaving method wash all clothes before you go and bring this comb for follow up treatments just to be safe. Worked like a charm! ...more info
  • Worth every penny
    This is without a doubt, the best comb on the market. It will not pull out every nit, but if you have a bad infestation, you can save yourself literally HOURS of time. It will get alot of the nits without picking, and then you can look for and pick out the leftovers.
    If you have kids, BUY THIS!!...more info
  • This Comb Is The Answer!!!
    This is the first time I have felt compelled to write a review for anything and I buy lots of items from Amazon. My daughter came home from a summer visit at her father's infested with lice. I thought it would be simple to get rid of. No clothes were allowed inside until washed. I treated her head with lice treatment. I spent two days picking out bugs and nits. One day at hotel and one at home. I colored her hair. All this before she was allowed into her bedroom. I know I spent over 12 hours straight combing through her hair and hand picking out bugs and nits. I have never seen anything like her infestation before. After having live bugs still running away from me after the lice treatment, I read all I could on the internet for other treatments. Mayo. Listerine. Olive Oil. Tree Tea Oil. Peppermint Shampoo. Tree Tea shampoo. I spent hundreds of dollars trying to get rid of these things. They all seemed to work to a certain degree, but not totally. I still combed nits out daily. You have to understand, when she first came home, she had 2 or 3 nits on what seemed like EVERY hair on her head. After 2 months my daughter's hair was prettier then it had ever been...although shorter to be sure! But I still found nits and bugs on occasion. I was at wit's end and shared many tears of frustration with my daughter. Who at no fault of her own felt so bad that she had these nasty creatures in her hair. Never have I been so frustrated or angry. I hated those little bugs!!!! Then I gave up and said ok, I'll try the stupid comb. What's 20 more bucks gonna hurt? The first night I combed though her hair and couldn't believe the stuff it pulled out. I had just dyed her hair (yet again) to try to kill off the little buggers, and I know I combed out over a dozen of them. Not to mention the nits. And other gunk, that I knew must be dead bugs and waste from these things. And to look at her hair, it appeared so clean!!! at the same time of being totally disgusted with what I was combing out, I was excited too! Was it going to work? day two, I combed again and got maybe 6 to 12 more bugs. Day 3...I'm down to only being able to find 4 bugs. Day 4 I had no bugs. Day 5 still nothing! She truly is lice free. I can't express enough how wonderful this comb is. I comb once a week now just so we never EVER have to go though this again. I truly don't understand why I had to go online to find this comb. No where in my town was it offered. Only the WORTHLESS over the counter USELESS chemicals that didn't WORK!!!! If you really want to get rid of lice in schools, this should be available everywhere. I hope just one person reads this, tries the comb and passes on what they learned. It really does make a difference and can save hundreds of dollars. Not to mention relieving the stress and frustration of parents everywhere......more info
  • A God Send
    I fought with Head Lice for a year in my 2 year old and my 5/6 years old. I don't like using all the chemicals because of liver damage. I used this comb alone, everyday for a week. It got rid of all the lice, and nits, and they haven't been back since. And this was over 2 months ago....more info
  • Agree that this is not the final solution...
    Our 9-year-old's school had a horrible problem with lice starting last October. After *hoping* we'd somehow miss getting infested, by daughter came home with it in late November. We tried NIX (4 times), olive oil (once), and a variety of nit combs and still were finding lice bites in January, so after reading the reviews we purchased one of these combs. After using this nightly for two weeks (1.5 HOURS per night combing - UGGG) we STILL are having problems, although maybe not as bad as previously. This comb seems better than the others we tried (although my daughter has really thick, dark hair and this catches and pulls out pieces periodically which doesn't go over well...)but does not, by itself, get rid of the problem. I don't change her sheets daily (I don't have time to do that so it happens once a week) which may (???) be why we can't get rid of these. I agree with the reviewers who said this comb is very hard to clean. I have yet to see an actual louse or nit, but we are talking VERY thick, dark hair. We just see the bites and small white flaking. This is a very frustrating process....more info
  • Great product
    This really worked well on my daughter's hair. Well worth the money. Much better than the cheap plastic ones that came with the shampoos. I would highly recommend this comb if you are fighting the pesky critters!...more info
  • Definitely the solution
    After getting over the shock of our kids coming home from school with lice, the best solution we found is definitely the Terminator Lice Comb used in conjunction with Cetaphil Skin Cleanser.

    At first, we tried the RID shampoo from the pharmacy which included a fine comb and gel. This did not work since nits hatch a day later and you cannot use the shampoo over and over. The shampoo has a pesticide in it that can be very dangerous for children.

    After researching information on the Internet, the process we used that got rid of the lice within four days was the following: 1) wash hair and put conditioner in and leave it in, 2) comb hair with regular comb to get knots out, 3) section off hair and use Terminator Comb on each section (note: make sure you rinse Terminator Comb off after each stroke as to not spread lice, nymphs or nits), 4) completely rinse out hair conditioner and blow dry hair.

    STEP 5) before bedtime, saturate hair with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser all the way to the scalp. Put shower cap on child for the entire night. This step is important since the Cetaphil seems to keep lice and nymphs from crawling around and probably blocks the nits from hatching. However, this is not confirmed but makes sense if you read how nits hatch. Rinse the Cetaphil out in the morning and repeat combing hair with the Terminator Comb.

    We did the above five steps for four days and noticed the number of nits declining considerably each day. By day four, we only saw a couple nits in the sink after rinsing the comb. NOTE: since nits hatch within 7-10 days, you will need to repeat the above process on day 7 just to double check. We checked on day 7 and found nothing. Since we're being super cautious, we checked day 10 as well and found nothing....more info
  • lice nit comb
    Heard it usally takes a month or longer to get rid of lice. Those plastic combs that come with the Rid shampoo are worthless. We were lice free within a week. Twice a day with this comb gets them all. Plus washing everything in HOT water. Very pleased with this product !!!...more info
  • Works great!
    This comb works great! The fine tines helped us get through our children's fine hair quite effectively, which is something other combs hadn't been able to do....more info
  • The ONLY lice & nit comb that works!
    I am in agreement with ALL the other reviews and my story is very similar. I am a beautician and am amazed at the effectiveness of this comb! It gets out all you see and all you can't see!Thats cant see it all. So if you are dealing with lice over and over again than use this comb. You will find relief. I use this in conjunction with over night olive oil treatments (every 2-3 days) and since I got the comb I am seeing results! Quickly!!! The costumer service is excellent. So friendly and helpful! I highly recommend buying from LLC. I will always have a Terminator comb in my house. Why aren't these in ALL the stores? Throw everything else in the garbage.....This is the only comb that works. ...more info
  • Just wasted my money
    After trying tons of product to clean up my daughter's head, I found the comb and was impressed by the reviews. It is TOTALLY MONEY WEST, please do not even bother to try. It does JUST NOTHING....more info
  • It works well
    I used it several times on both wet and dry hair. You can use it on dry hair if it is very fine hair. I don't know that it is necessarily any better than other fine toothed combs, but it does what it is supposed to do well....more info
  • not an answer
    This is a decent product but it only helps, does not cure the problem. When people make purchases of this kind it is with the hope of seeing an end in sight. Combing helps, but has never produced a louse. You can keep nits out of the hair with treating and combing, but you may still feel crawling, which means you still have lice. Don't let anyone make you feel crazy because you feel crawling, but no nits or lice can be found. Lice move when you move or comb the hair and they are experts at camoflage, lining up with the hair shaft to avoid detection. They do not get picked up by the comb. I paid an expert lice person a lot of money to check my hair and tell me I did not have nits or lice, but I continued to feel crawling. Treating everyday with a safe product and leaving it on beyond the recommended treatment time and combing make it better everyday, but not gone. By the way, the Nitfree Mousse Shampoo product does absolutely NOTHING. It does not kill lice even with the best technique and combing. Licefreee works better, but it is not a one or two time use, You have to keep using it until they are gone and it's not cheap at the stores at $20 a pop. Also it helps to use a few minutes of heat under a hood dryer with Licefreee on and good combing technique following the package directions. Lice can be a major and distressing problem and treatments leave a lot of room for improvement. You will read on the internet about people who walk around with lice for YEARS. This only helps lice spread and proliferate! I am three weeks in and if it goes on much longer I will be shaving my head and wearing a wig. You easily spend the price of a good wig buying products to treat. I do not have nits because I keep treating and combing and I am the only one in my family who has lice. I will not continue without effective results and risk the rest of my family suffering this horror. I either picked them up checking heads, trying on hats in the department store, or laying my head down at the salon to get my brows waxed. GROSS. Things that DID NOT work for me(Many of these treatments with a cap on overnight-great for romance): hand sanitizer, alchohol, vinegar, salt paste, tea tree oil, neem, gasoline, cetaphil, Nit free mousse, elimite, olive oil, mayonnaise, coconut oil, baking soda, cholesterol conditioner, borax, dawn dish soap, hair dye. Straight tea tree oil in the hair melted the plastic off the comb but did not kill ice. ...more info


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