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In F.E.A.R. you aren't a soldier -- you are a weapon. A paramilitary force infiltrates a multi billion dollar aerospace compound taking hostages, but issuing no demands. The government responds by sending in its best special operations teams, only to have them obliterated. Live footage of the massacre is cut short by an unexpected wave of destruction that leaves military leaders stunned and in disbelief. With no other option, they send in the ultimate warrior: You.

  • Face squads of tactical teams using coordinated attacks and flanking maneuvers to pin you down and take you out
  • Take out high-tech assassins who cling to walls and ceilings and ambush you from the shadows
  • Employ high tech firearms and classified weaponry such as the corkscrew missile launcher, rapid-fire battle cannon & sub-nuclear blaster
  • Spectacular Situations - Experience a catastrophic helicopter crash entirely in-game and then fight off waves of enemy special forces; ride shotgun in a high speed car chase, pursued by assassins on motorcycles and enemy attack helicopters
  • Features for Xbox 360 include - Instant Action Mode, ranking the top F.E.A.R. players; New explosive and deadly weapons for Xbox 360; Exclusive missions

Customer Reviews:

  • F.E.A.R. Xbox360 Game
    I purchased this game for my son, he kept it about 2 weeks and we sold it on ebay. His suggestion is to rent it before you buy it. He has purchased a lot of games and this is the first one that he has gotten rid of this quick. He said the graphics were poor, the game was boring and being a PC game first, it was dated. He has played a lot of games on a lot of systems and it was just not his kind of game....more info
  • good but flawed
    Seeing previews for the new fear 2 has gotten me really excited to play it. i wanted to play the original first to get the story before i went on to the 2nd one. My opinions are based on the fact that the game has been out for a long time n is now dated. First off this game is freaky as hell, i am not a big fan of japanese horror influence aka the grudge n the ring, im more of an american horror fan, but it works here because u ar interacting with it.
    it truly captures the fear. the story is told thru lap tops and messages left on phones, i wld of proffered a little more cut scenes to tell out the story, thats just me. My major complaints are this, the settings are all the same, i do understand that it takes place in the building i just wish there was a little more variety to the game design. The graphics are dated but the lighting is amzing very spooky and the animations are spot on, love the rag doll physics. there are plenty of glitches tho, ones is the guns are always lagging , this cld b my copy of the game but i traded it in twice n they both hav this problem. 2nd collision detection is really bad, there are times where i wld have to restart a level due to the fact that i wld get stuck in a door frame or a chair. over all i really did enjoy playing the game and that is what counts, i just hope these bugs arent found in the 2nd one...more info
  • Special Forces?!
    First Encounter Assault Recon (F.E.A.R.) "special forces" seem to have a limitless budget for Black Hawk helicopters. They never land, they always crash. Yet, they can't equip you with a decent night vision goggle(NVG) to do your night fighting in. Just a white flashlight that gives away your position as you are doing your "special forces" operations. The flashlight must be one of those "shake and use" kind, since it's always running out of juice but strangly recharging itself when it's off. I liked fighting the cloaked monkey ninjas best....more info
  • Excellent for 2005, but its 2009
    I got this game so I could understand whats going on in number 2 when it comes out. It is a great game with some really good gameplay, but overall the graphics and repetiveness of the levels gets old. You can tell its a 4 year old game, but I still loved it, and it has gotten me excited to see what 2 will be like. ...more info
  • Playing through the nightmare
    Horror is in many ways along the same paths as comedy which can create terror or laughter when they can but certain people will be immune to it, the difference between blood and guts to subtlety, or in other words, a fart joke to satire. So along with books and movies, gaming can also create a horror atmosphere but whether or not it succeeds really depends on how well they pull it off and whether or not you're into that kind of thing. F.E.A.R (First Encounter Assault Recon) is one of the more well-known games in the horror field so with the sequel coming up really soon, I thought I'd check it out and my general feeling is not one of disappointment or amazement but somewhere in the middle: the gunfights and horror elements work well but then they just didn't get to me either the other times.

    Story: You play as the "Point Man" a special operative in the F.E.A.R who's job it is to terminate one Paxton Fettel, who's taking control of enhanced soldiers via psychic abilities and taking control of a government building. You're sent in to deal with this threat but something's aren't what they seem: visions fade in and out, sounds are heard with nothing around and a strange apparition of a young red-dressed girl keeps showing herself to her. Her identity, as well as yours, is the basic for the game.

    The problem is...I didn't really care. I mean the whole story about Alma is interesting but the problem is that it's very easy to get lost in the narrative even though it's a pretty simple tale. Unlike the Half-Life 2 games where characters spoke in cutscene directly in front of you and even optional subtitles can be called in, Fear on the other hand has a really small window on the top left for who's talking where I literally had to lean in close and squint just to make out the names (even though your health and ammo counters are pretty fat numbers). It's a really immersive environment and the atmosphere is quite tangible like any good horror story but it's the actual narrative that is either uninvolving or just hard to figure out.

    Graphics: Originally released for the PC, Fear makes it way onto the Xbox 360 and its apparently inferior port onto the PS3 (like the Orange Box it seems) and graphically it's hit-or-miss. Facial animation is quite good and the lighting is very convincing in mood and seeing ripples and bullet trails in slow motion is awesome however the repetitive level design and same-y looking rooms and corridors kind of drag this down. Where the experience really goes into the cool zone is the weird visual tricks the game employs to mess with you which range from split-second frame inserts to vanishing people to temporary location moving (one time I went from a corridor/room to a long hallway with blood on the ceiling and back and again...don't know what the hell that was about but sweet!). It does get a bit old seeing another "did I just see...?" image but by that point, you've been playing for so long, you buy into it. Slowdown is apparently in some cases but it's usually for the big fights anyway.

    Sound/Music: Sound design is quite stellar from the gunfire blasts to the weird ambience of the locales to the bizarre encounters, everything is delivered well. Like most horror, well...GOOD horror anyway, they knew when to use sound effectively whereas most directors have to shock you by turning up the sound really, really loud for 2 seconds, Fear likes to play tricks on you: silence and something's coming right? Well not always. Sometimes cues come up for you to get ready only there's nothing, turn than BAM! Voice acting for the most part is good but again, the characters aren't really that engaging so it's a case where I didn't mind the voices themselves, just who the voice was attached to.

    Gameplay: For the most part, Fear plays like a typical shooter: guns with up to 3 available at a time, grenades which range from remote controlled to proximity to simple frag and melee attacks. The big selling point is the idea of using your superhuman reflexes and slowing down time to mow down enemies which strange as it sounds, is awesome yet weirdly out-of-place in a horror game. It's like John Woo's Hard Boiled by way of Ju-On or the Ring and while in firefights, it's incredibly useful (not to mention smirk inducing) its implementation into a horror game works well enough but then you wonder: shouldn't the game be more terrifying if I can't knock my enemies senseless? Oh and one issue: on the D-pad, left and right are used as a kind of tilt to basically see around edges without having to physically move however the flashlight is your down and in many cases I'd try to tilt only to have my flashlight turn on at the same time and the AI is so good, they'll point out your flashlight and you're going "aw hell" and forgo your plans for stealth and just Rambo the buggers.

    The game isn't necessarily difficult and the times I died were really my fault since I'd rush in or wouldn't plan things out but then on occasion, there'd be an absolute moronic move on part of the developers that got my blood boiling. Example: one mission I won by the skin of my teeth with barely any health left (if you go below 25, you regenerate to that point, the rest is up to you with scattered med kits and body armor) and was airlifted by helicopter. Only here's the stupid part: they didn't bring me back to full health. I mean, this is my squad, my brothers in arms and they can't even bring me to full 100%? So when I landed, we were ambushed, 2 guys came out and shot me to death and going into slow-mo didn't help because there was 3-4 others on the roof anyway. Like what the hell?

    F.E.A.R is the kind of horror game where it's a cool experience when the game tries to completely mess with you but then when it goes into shooter mode, it feels a bit...stock, a bit too "I've seen this before". At least Monolith's own Condemned games changed FPS playing a bit but this just feels like everything else I played, only without the creepy girl. It's well worth a go but I wouldn't call it flawless either....more info
  • Starts out engaging, ends up dry.
    You are the point man for F.E.A.R. or First Encounter Assault Recon (cute, huh?) and your job is to investigate an organization who has been accused of controlling the minds of the security forces that operate said building. Throughout your investigation you will encounter paranormal activity and begin to learn of a little girl named Alma. I won't spoil anything here but the story definitely borrows plot elements from Silent Hill and The Ring.

    F.E.A.R. sort of sits between lukewarm and good. The combat is pretty solid, the sounds are very well done and the story is interesting enough - even if it has been done before. Unfortunately this game misses the mark on a few aspects which hinder this game a bit.

    The biggest issue with this game is how repetitive it really is. The environments are repetitive as well as the pacing. You spend almost the whole time inside of an office building running through a huge maze of very redundant offices. Actually it's not really a maze but the layout allows you to approach the next area a couple different ways. Nothing drastic but for instance you can either crawl through a vent or you can walk down a hallway and then through a door. At times this game can feel maze-like because it's quite easy to get turned around and accidentally end up where you started. Most of this game looks exactly the same throughout - there are a few different environments such a construction zones or the rooftops but these are usually only short breaks from the offices.

    The pacing of this game is repetitive. You will walk through a significant portion of a level without any combat - you are pretty much trying to figure out how to get to the next area (without getting turned around) and after awhile you will approach a larger room of some sorts where you will battle a bunch security guys. You will continue fighting small groups of security guys until you reach the next area where you don't fight for a long period of time. This game is so repetitive in this nature that you will soon know exactly when you will be fighting and when you will be on another long combat-free stretch. Sprinkle in some paranormal events (odd visions, voices, things moving on their own...etc) and you pretty much have F.E.A.R.in a nutshell.

    The game play has flaws as well. You have the ability to go into slow mo (ala Max Payne) which is pretty well done. You can see the bullets zinging through the air, glass shattering, flailing baddies and all sorts of cool stuff but again this all becomes repetitive. My biggest complaint with the game play is the slight lag when moving/aiming. To me there seems to be a very slight (maybe just a hundred milliseconds) lag between when you move the thumb stick and when the movement is actually registered on screen. It's only a few milliseconds but it's enough to make aiming a bit frustrating, especially while you are fighting in real-time. You are equipped with an annoying flashlight. Your battery in your flashlight dies about every minute - maybe 2 minutes. You have to turn your flashlight off for about 10-15 seconds for it to recharge which doesn't sound too bad but this game is VERY dark and you constantly need your flashlight. It starts to become really annoying to walk around for a minute or two then sit for 15 seconds while it recharges again.

    I found by around the 7th Interval (out of 11 plus 1 short bonus interval) I was pretty bored with this game. One reviewer posted that this game is like playing the demo over and over for 10+ hours and that reviewer really wasn't too far from the truth. This game starts out engaging but fizzles out about halfway in.

    Instead of hitting every aspect of this game in this review, I'll do a good ol' fashion pro/con list.

    - Guns feel powerful, decent variety of them too
    - AI is above average
    - Large combat sequences can be quite fun
    - Sounds are good. Voice acting is average but atmospheric sounds are very well done
    - Has some genuine creepy moments
    - Story although cliched, is still interesting enough
    - Slow-mo is done pretty well

    - You will become sick of running through offices
    - Just about everything becomes repetitive (game-play, visuals, pacing)
    - Flashlight becomes very annoying - almost like mini speed-bumps in the games pacing
    - Easy to get turned around because everything looks exactly the same
    - Slight lag between issuing movement command and movement taking place on-screen
    - Frequent frame-rate drops...more info
  • Waiting

    It took awhile to get the game. I had to ask where it was.
    I wrote a review and was asked to remove it from the seller.
    He did call and explained why it was taking so long.I said why
    not keep me up to date as to where it was and so forth....more info
  • Super Special Awesome Review
    I bought this game for my boyfriend because he was playing the Fear Files; we had no idea what the game as about and we kinda played the files blindly, having no idea what the plotline was. Plus, he needed a new game so I thought it'd be nice to get it for him. I came onto Amazon hoping to find the game cheaper than their original price; I did find one used and it was claimed to be just like new. I took the risk and now weeks later, my boyfriend is still enjoying the game. Thanks so much for the product!...more info
  • Good game but disc in bad condition
    UPDATE: within 24hrs the seller contacted me and resolved my issue, i was really impressed with their customer service and will do business again!

    I received the game on time and when i openned the case i could argue that the disc was in "very good condition"; it was pretty scratched up. It played fine the first time but when trying to load again xbox360 would not play it. I will be contacting the dealer and update this review based upon how that goes.
    ...more info
  • Prepare to be scared!
    This critically acclaimed game had all of the spooky atmosphere of Condemned with some phenomenal AI, intense action and excellent graphics and sound and gives the opportunity to experience one outstanding game.

    F.E.A.R. starts off with a simple enough story. As a First Encounter Assault Recon member, you're sent in to investigate a man named Paxton Fettel who has a taste akin to Hannibal Lector. Since you've got reflexes that are "off the charts" you can employ a SlowMo bullet time power to help you get the drop on enemies that will cause you great headaches. This thin premise for having superpowers also provides reason to send you in alone. As is the case in these games, things don't go smoothly once you're on your own. You quickly jump into a paranormal quest to learn what exactly led to this strange turn of events and how you can put a stop to it.

    The story comes to you mainly through searching through the various buildings and offices for blinking lights on phones or laptop computers. Accessing these will fill you in on some of the details, but it is entirely auditory and oftentimes you'll merely get fluff for your exploratory efforts. One of the real strengths F.E.A.R. has is that it is genuinely scary, something you won't often find even in the so-called "survival horror" games. Whether the scare tactic is the classic startling image quickly popping up, grotesque dismembering of unfortunate souls, or lights being played with just to mess with you, you'll find your fight or flight response at full tilt.

    The fantastic AI present in the PC version has made its way over to the console world intact. Enemies come in squads and react to their environment, your actions and each other. They'll advance when they have numbers, kicking over bookshelves to create their own cover along the way. Kill a couple of them and they'll pull back and call for backup. Try to hide in a corner while your SlowMo gauge refills and you'll find a grenade bouncing to your feet. On the other hand, rushing out into the open will cause the entire squad to stand up and start firing away with their automatic weaponry. This AI provides for some seriously intense battles where you'll be relying on your SlowMo reflexes in a desperate hope for survival. To fight back, you're given a nice selection of weapons that each behave differently and enable you to approach battles with the right tools for your playing style.

    F.E.A.R.'s multiplayer is fun and has some excellent options for tweaking the game, but it has a serious hiccup in the lobby. That being the lack of a post-game lobby. As soon as you finish a game, you'll be kicked back out to the menu screen without so much as a chance to say goodbye. This happens even on unranked matches where you are presumably playing with friends making it more than a little frustrating to get into an extended online session with some buddies.

    F.E.A.R. has made it from the PC to 360 with everything that made it an outstanding experience along with a few new additions including the fantastic Instant Action mode, making it hard to lodge any huge complaints against the game.

    ...more info
  • highly visceral fps shooter
    I think of it as a fusion of max payne and chronicles of riddick: escape from butcher bay. It has the dark environment, extended gun/flashlight use and first person perspective like chronicles of riddick. It has the fast paced max payne style gameplay with the bullet time and random apparitions and ghost/dream sequences. One of the only setbacks is that the levels can get repetative, which is an issue that plagues many fps games. Great Game overall....more info
  • Christmas gift
    This was a gift to my husband.....he loves it!! Fast shipping, was very happy with my experience! Thanks : )...more info
  • Awesome Game
    Incredible AI great single person shooter with a good story. Warning Horror storyline / gory....more info
  • Pretty good, but it's no Gears of War.
    I think I got totally spoiled by Gears. I played Gears first and then purchased FEAR. I'll admit that FEAR has been a mild let down. I do enjoy most of the game play and the "bullet time" is a lot of fun. I really enjoy watching bodies fly apart in slow motion after getting decimated by a shotgun blast. The graphics are better than average but do not compare to Gears. The horror element is a little weak, but some of the atmospherics do give me the creeps. I have jumped a couple of times. However, I think Turok: Dinosaur Hunter on N64 actually scared me more than this game. I don't know if I would recommend the average Joe go out and purchase this game. If you are a shooter nut like me you will probably enjoy it as it does have some novelty. Otherwise, just borrow it from a friend....more info
  • Don't Forget To Check That Answering Machine!
    I really wanted to love this game. There is nothing wrong with the visuals or the gameplay. The bullet time was awesome(first time in a first person shooter?), and when the action happened, it was a great gaming experience. It's just that there seems so little of it. The hallucination stuff was very cool, and the game started off with a bang. But the further I went along(after cruising the endless parade of office hallways and checking countless answering machines and computers), I just got bored. I can think of a dozen first person shooters that are better than this...maybe two dozen. Sure, it looks 'prettier' than some, and it does pick up some near the end, but by that time it was too little too late.

    ...more info
  • Engaging and fun!
    This is probably some of the most fun I've ever had playing a game. Not to mention the most I've ever said 'Oh @$#%!!' while playing. There are some parts that really, really, made me jump.

    A few things:

    Most reviewers are saying that it's repetitive. I agree, but have to say that I seriously feel this was done intentionally to lull you into complacency before some bad guy or ghost or voice jumps out at you. Part of the scariness was due to unexpected things happening in the 'familiar' environments. Still, a bigger change from level to level would've been welcome.

    Also, I found the controls a bit jumpy and needed to be reworked through the options several times; but even still didn't quite get it for me. This could be because, 1. I am not good at FPS games (like 'em, just not good at 'em) or 2. our left stick is a big wiggy from another house member playing Dead Rising. From other reviews though, I think it was a combo of the aforementioned and design. Not enough to warrant more than minor irritation at the more precise points.

    Third, the plot IS there, but has to be gleaned from voice messages from office equipment and voice-overs. Everything comes together in the end, and the little girls story is disturbing.

    Last, these enemies are smart. You'll hear, "I hear him, he's behind the crate", see them hide behind a box, raise their arm up, and shoot you blind, or limping to hide once hit. The AI is sweet.

    This game is good on its own right... if you've just finished playing COD or Halo, you may be hard pressed NOT to find flaws. But get over yourself and have a good time, you won't regret it!! ...more info
  • I " F.E.A.R." any sequel to this game.
    I wanted to like this game. Believe me i did, i wanted to play it originaly on the pc, but due to the crappiness of my pc, i waited for the port.
    Let's start with the story...or lack there of, at no part in the game do you feel connected to the character or feel that the story is taking place around you. There is no overall plot, no rememberable characters, nothing that truly constitutes a great game. As to the "scary" moments...sigh. Nothing really happens thats jump out of your seat, and these "moments" are well too far in between. If you're indeed looking for a scare turn out all the lights and put in Doom 3.
    GRAPHICS...after games like GEARS and Rainbow Six, the graphics are nothing to call home about. Every stage looks about the same. HOW many office buildings can you really go through in a game? Check out Prey and you'll realize how important variation of stages can and should with a great game. The absolute most HORRIBLE thing about this game is the inability to save anywhere. I think it should become a next gen game requirement, you'll definately learn to hate it. And the game has a weird way of sometimes oversupplying weapons and ammo at some points and at others the EXACT opposite. Mix that together with the checkpoint saving theme and its frustration all night. Please rent it if possible. At 59.99 a pop it's really not worth it....more info
  • Good game. I wasn't scared.
    Graphics: Excellent.
    Sound: Good. Some explosions gave my dd5.1 system some distortion problems. Some buddy-characters hard to hear, enemies easy to hear and swear like sailors (funny). Score/Music not really much of one -- but was good.
    AI: Excellent (duck-and-cover, hide, etc.)
    Physics: Excellent (ragdoll, slo-mo, bullet trails, destructible items, etc.)
    Maps: Good (a lot of industrial building repetition). All interiors.
    Gameplay: Great. No frame-rate drops. Excellent load time. I was never lost or trapped to the point where I had to consult the internet to figure out where to go and no scripted events failed to activate. Game length was average. Funny: there are "TPS reports" (Office Space fans) posted on some bulletin boards. No save-anywhere ability, autosave/checkpoint only. Not much variety of enemies (about 5 or so, only 2-3 you'll see regularly). Why no big boss, final battle, or final run?
    Items/Weapons: Great. Good variety - best one strips the flesh from the bones, you can shoot someone in half with the shotgun up close or blow someone's head off. Flashlight sucks - runs out fast, wait to recharge, repeat, annoying. No vehicles (but this is interiors only). Most of the time you auto-pickup something (don't have to hit a button).
    Story: Fair (although most games other than Halo, Half-life2 have throw-away stories - the gameplay is much more important). Wasn't really scared. No compelling story, no sense of urgency to complete things, didn't care about the characters, no engrossing involvement...I stopped listening to the story after the first couple of levels and just focused on gameplay and shooting stuff...this game is probably just trying to be a good FPS (Doom), not more (Halo). Acting/voice acting was good.
    Multiplayer: Average. no offline co-op, no offline versus, yes single player bots, barely any maps (but probably more online). Offline people deserve more - don't soak us for more cash.
    Overall: 4/5. Game is not really underwhelming, I was satisfied, but it was just a tad bit overblown with the marketing...Still one of the best 360 games for 2006 - must have....more info
  • Solid Shooter!
    I love the SLOW-MO option ,simular to matrix & maxx payne. The detailed enemy bodies flow nicely through the air and the bullet trails look quite kool. But they couldve added more detail levels. While some of the walls have some texture. Most of it is kinda plain grey 'blockey' type level design. This game didnt do much for me in the scare department. I never really felt scared or tense at all. Actually after playing such a detailed game like GEARS Of War. F.E.A.R is very very Bland in level detail and design. I fely myself getting bored waiting for another firefight. Actually the long walk to another firefight is simply the game loading another level. BUT I must say the FPS still is fun. The true gem of this game is the Slow-Mo effect .All in ALL a good shooter for the FPS fan. And the little girl 'fire walk' scenes look great....more info
  • A HIGH FLYING, HARD HITTING, EXPLOSION ORIENTED, BLOODBATH! aaahh, just what the doctor ordered...............
    Since there isn't much that is actually wrong with this game why don't i start with what didn't work for me, the ending. I know, i know they where setting up for a sequel, but i just felt that there should have been more, however you will just have to see the ending for yourself because i am not saying anymore. With that being said, let us speak of what works in this game, almost, everything. The weaponry is great, from a missle launcher to a projectile beam cannon, to a couple of old fashioned, hard hitting uzies, how can one go wrong, and the story.............top notch, when it comes to scary movies i am a pretty tough critic, however this game makes you feel like you are right there, in the middle of a frightening, and desperate struggle for your survival. if you like first person shooters, horror flicks, and have always wanted to unload a couple of rounds in the face of that ugly chick from the ring, then this is the game for you, i'll tell you right now, you won't regret it....more info
  • Great Campaign, Even better Online
    First let me start off by saying this is a great shooter. I played it a while ago when it came out on the PC. It was pretty solid on computer but nothing compaired to the 360. I like first person shooters better on the console but that's just me. Not only is the Campaign hard but it's freaky too! If you play in the dark at night, you will literally jump out of your seat.

    The other day i played it on Xbox Live and didn't put the controller down for 3 hours. It's really fast paced. No waiting after you die and the games are fun. It's a close second behind Halo for the best Online First Person Shooter IMO. A must have for any 360 fan....more info
  • What a game!
    I have been looking forward to this game ever since it came out on PC, and this game is everything and more on the 360. Great action, graphics, pace and horror. It's freaky walking around in the dark and hearing the little demon girl whispering to you, or seeing her shadow run behind you. This game is going to be a classic....more info
  • Nothing to fear but...
    Short review:

    Go out and buy this game right now, you will not be disappointed. You need this like you need blood in your body. Okay, maybe not that badly but still worth every cent.


    The single player for this first person shooter is a tad repetitive but still tense and creepy as all hell. I wouldn't put this at the top of scariest games of all time but it's at least top ten. It's unsettling and unnerving at times but the emphasis is more on action in this game.

    The single player campaign is a lot of fun, with pretty nice graphics and effects. The rag doll physics are hilarious and it's always a blast to shoot someone and watch them fly back and over a railing to a six story drop. One of the things that makes the single player really stand out is the enemy soldier A.I., which you won't really appreciate until you experience it for yourself. They are very strategic in their methods and execute what seems like professional, real-world offensive maneuvers in washing you. Just don't be surprised when they keep you pinned down long enough to throw a grenade right where you're squatting and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it. There is also a nice little Max Payne style slow motion button that works wonders when you're going up against a squad of commandos with high powered machine guns and rocket launchers. Also, the 5.1 surround mix on this game is immaculate. This is a game to be played loud and in the dark for maximum effect.

    The multiplayer portion of the game is just downright gritty. Literally, it's the perfect game for those that just want to go online and shoot someone in the face with a shotgun or empty an entire clip from a machine gun into their jiggling bodies without having to think about it too much. The modes are your standard deathmatch, CTF, team based modes so there's really nothing innovative about the multiplayer game, save for the modes that allow one to use the slow-mo function. I'm actually surprised at how well it plays online and if there's one thing that I have to complain about, it's the lack of a lobby function. So basically, you'll get kicked out of the room once the session is over and everybody will have to start the process of starting up a new room over. It's a minor beef and I'm praying that they'll fix this with a patch, which I'm sure they will.

    Bottom line is, this game is damn good and a great port over from the PC version. Great graphics, fantastic surround sound, exciting multiplayer action and some spooky chills will make this worth your while....more info
  • Awesome Shooter
    I finished this game in about two days but that was many hours of playing! I wish I would have spaced the hours out more but once you start playing it you cant stop! The enemies are tough they flank you and come at you in waves! Sometimes you find yourself wondering through areas and its quiet for awhile then all of a sudden bam they hit you again! I love the ninjas that came at you from the shadows the first time I saw one I was like what the f@#% was that! Easy way to kill them is use slow motion and a shotgun! I love the whole scary atmosphere too it felt like the ring movies with that Alma character! I really loved the cut scenes too I dont want to spoil those you have to play the game to see them. I bought Splinter Cell Double Agent before this came out and I would recommend that one too another awesome game! Now Im looking forward to Gears Or War and Rainbow Six Vegas! I would buy Fear it is one of those games you have to experience especially with a home theatre system and the lights low! ...more info
  • Not a Run and Gun Shooter!!
    Okay let me go on record as saying I LOVE this game so far and I would have to agree with the before mentioned that it does remind you of Condemned or Half-Life 2 both of which I owned, loved though and got lots of hand cramps playing. First off let me say that this is not a run and gun type of game and if that is what you are looking for may I suggest Call of Duty 2? But if you are in the mood for something scary, methodical and fun I STRONGLY suggest this game. The game is meant to be slow and methodical because that adds to the F.E.A.R. factor. Let's face it running around shooting and blasting everything in sight does not a scary game make. On to the review:

    Graphics - 4.5 out of 5 - while it is not great in comparison to SC: DA or FN3 it does rank high in the Graphics category. I think they could be a Tad bit better in some areas though. I don't think anyone will be disappointed with the graphics though unless you were hoping to see Gears of War type graphics.

    Sound - 5 out of 5 - Scary! Scary! Scary! Really nuff said there...but voice acting and background music/sounds are some of the best I've heard.

    Controls - 5 out of 5 - Controls like your standard 1st person shooter nothing new here, except maybe the addition of the slow motion button which works great I might add.

    Gameplay - 5 out of 5 Okay this is where the game absolutely TAKES off!!! Like I stated before the Slow-Mo is a nice touch and will add to the Gameplay. But what really stands out is how challenging the enemies can be. They will duck in to rooms and behind cover to avoid you snuffing them out and some will even try to flank you while you are concentrating on a certain direction of fire. This by itself to me sets this game above the rest. No enemies are going to come charging you without one of his buddies laying down some suppressing fire. So be ready to use the SLOW-MO button.

    Story - 4 out of 5 I have just started this game about 25% thru I think but so far the story is just okay, I honestly hope it will get better, as I have never played this game on PC, so I don't know what to expect.

    I will now say that I am a big 1st person shooter fan anyway so this review may come off somewhat Bias. I tried to be as unbiased as possible, but I honestly can not imagine anyone NOT liking this game once they started playing (Esp. if you like a good FPS). Also let me say that I play my XBOX360 on a 32" Samsung HD TV so when I rate the graphics that is all I have to go by, so I cannot honestly tell anyone how good the graphics look on a regular TV. I can't imagine they would be that much worst though.

    Bottom Line: We are in the Holiday season and it is really starting to show, some of the best games we'll see this year are being released now and in the next couple of weeks to come and F.E.A.R. will stand proudly among them.
    ...more info
  • Great game
    My brother recommended that I try this game out as I was looking for a game that would scare me. I must admit it did just that. It was fun to play and very creepy. I can't wait until February!!...more info
  • F.E.A.R.
    Great first person shooter. Played through it a little to quick.
    Will start it again at the highest level. Great graphics....more info
  • Great game, needs more enviornments.
    A great mix of horror and action. The graphics are pretty darn good (the environments are a bit repetitive) but the AI is where the game is great. The enemies wont run around like idiots, they'll dive, slide roll, jump through windows, take cover ,whatever it takes to kill you. The game hits some light creepy moments, but then there's plenty that make you jump. You'll think the game is letting up and next thing you know you're in a hallway knee deep in blood. The guns may seem standard from a screenshot glance but honestly they're cool, few shooters actually make a gun feel like one, this defiantly does it. A must play....more info
  • Long and repetitive
    I know this is an old game so it isn't fair to compare to today's standards, but here are the high(low)lights:

    -Weapons feel powerful especially the shotgun
    -slow motion effect
    -very long, I'm at level 8 and I finally gave up playing because I have a short attention span
    -levels are very dull and similar as are the enemies
    -graphics are okay for older game
    -a little creepy, but it's mainly a typical fps

    It starts off slow, then you get better weapons and you start having fun, then you keep doing the same thing over and over until you hope that it ends....more info
  • A lot of fun
    Like all of it's predecessors this game is a lot of fun, it has it's limitations of course team ai is a bit dumb but the game is still a lot of fun to play. ...more info
  • Rock solid, highly polished shooter
    I found a copy of FEAR for sale on the bargain rack at my local games store. I admit I thought it wouldn't be very good, since it was on the same shelf as dreck like Two Worlds. The game store I use is trying so hard to get rid of their last copies of that horrible excuse for an RPG that they've reduced the price three times. Last I checked it was ten bucks. I got my copy of FEAR for twenty. And let me tell you--it was worth the full sixty most games fetch these days.

    I popped it in and started playing. At first I couldn't quite get the hang of the controls. Enemies mowed me down a few times and I had a bad experience with a game glitch at the end of the first level. It didn't load the cutscene, and I didn't know any better, so I thought I still needed to do something. I spent almost two hours going through that level, searching every nook and cranny, before it occurred to me to try and play the level through again. This time the cutscene played and I could move on.

    And good lord I'm glad I stuck with it.

    The story gets a little better with each chapter, though it's not the main focus (this is a pure shooter, after all). It's not bad. There are several paranormal influences in the game, and your character is subject to intense visions that are genuinely creepy at times.

    The action, which is the core of FEAR, is GREAT. This game features "bullet time," in which you can slow down time enough to get the drop on your foes. The animation and graphics are so tightly executed that you really get your blood pumping in a firefight as bullets ricochet around you and kick up clouds of brick dust from walls and concrete.

    The physics is excellent. I found the most satisfying thing in the game was to go into bullet time, move up on a foe, and blast him point-blank with a shotgun, then release bullet time and watch him get blown backwards over a railing by the slug. It's all very slick and entertaining.

    While it's billed as being a horror experience, don't be fooled. It's definitely a shooter first with horror undertones. But those undertones are well-done, too, and you'll have a few anxious moments between the firefights.

    You'll have a lot of fun with this game if you enjoy first-person shooters. I highly recommend it. If there's any reason why I didn't give it five stars, it's only because there is no one area in which it stands out. It's a shooter, plain and simple. In short, you've played this game before--but you'll still have as much fun this time around as you did last time, and the time before that....more info
  • Black+Silent Hill=FEAR
    It's definitely the port of an older title, but what it lacks in cutting edge graphics, it makes up for in sound quality, and replay value. If you're a FPS fan, this is one to pick up. Action reminds me of Black for the last-gen consoles, sound effects/scary visuals kind of remind me of a Silent Hill game. Online is a blast, and with the recent price drop there are still a lot of regular matches going on XBLA. Used copies as low as $12, what have you got to lose? ...more info
  • Scary!!
    It had me jumping out of my seat a few times. The online is lacking along with the storyline. I'm still not sure what happen at the end. However, the game play is fun and the graphics amazing....more info
  • the awesomest game i ever played
    i rented this game at my local video store and i played i was amazed with everything the graphics the enviorment and the gameplay.im thinking of buying fear files so i can play perseus mandate my point is its a awesome game so PLAY!!! PLAY!!! PLAY!!!...more info
  • Worth playing but some problems
    F.E.A.R has an intriguing storyline, creepy atmosphere and some genuinely scary moments however I have to give it a sub-par rating for several reasons. First, there are no left handed control options and for a lefty such as myself that's a negative. However, it did force me to learn to play right-handed which is a good thing. Second, using cover, normally an essential function, is problematic and difficult at best, especially in comparison to shooters such Gears of War and Call of Duty 4. In fact, most of the time I didn't even bother to try and use the cover for shooting because it was such a pain. Third, at times I got bored with the lack of variety in the game. There are long stretches where nothing much happens and the objectives are all quite similar. Some other complaints: the graphics are a bit bland, the game isn't very deep, it's easy to hit the wrong function on the d-pad, and the flashlight always temporarily runs out of power, which doesn't make any sense. I do like how ammo is automatically picked up and I wish most games employed that feature and the slow motion is feature is really, really fun. The bottom line is that F.E.A.R is a mediocre game that is still worth playing if you can pick up a discounted copy, just don't pay full price....more info
  • NIce story...
    I like the story. Unfolds well. The grafx for this shooter is a bit.. blocky. ...more info
  • It lives up to it's name...
    So, what do you get when you cross an army of clones, a telepathic madman with a habit of eating people, and a twisted little girl?

    One twisted first person shooter that can at points scare the living hell out of you, that's what.

    F.E.A.R. or first encounter assault recon is a first person shooter for the Xbox 360 that I recently finished playing.

    It was a damn good game, with the right mixture of creepy music, bad lighting, and genuine scares that made the sphincter of a grown man loosen while playing it in a near pitch black basement while his wife and kid were out.

    You play the part of a recon soldier, who just happens to have only recently joined F.E.A.R.

    You're first assignment is to hunt down and kill a man named Paxton Fettel, who just happens to be telepathically linked to an army of clones, who are under his complete and utter control.

    Without him to guide them, they would be nothing more than inanimate bags of meat, blood and bone.

    Somehow, there is this very creepy young girl that appears throughout the game, and she and this Fettle character are linked, but you don't know how, or for that matter why.

    Throughout the game you will encounter these strange flashback sequences, in which you will invariably see corridors filled with flame and blood, the creepy girl coming towards you, and you can hear the voices of other people talking, especially this hunted man, Fettel.

    The game play harkens back to the older games such as Doom and Half-life, where you had to pick up weapons and ammunition to use, as well as health and armour packs to restore what you lost due to encounters with Fettel's minions.

    After playing so many first person shooters for the Xbox 360, in which you just had to hide from enemy gunfire to regenerate your health, this, I found, made me all that much more careful.

    The graphics were very well done for a game that is now three years old, and the enemy AI was more than adequate. The enemy soldiers would do their best to flank you, get you into cross fires if possible, and would run from you if you happened to get the drop on them.

    Combat was also very bloody and at times quite gore filled. If you happened to use the combat shotgun, for example, at close range, you would quite literally blow the enemy soldiers in half, or blow off their limbs.

    Not for the squeamish!

    Also, further on in the game you could find an energy weapon that, if you took the time to make a head shot, or if the target wasn't heavily armoured, would instantly kill the enemy target, blowing off their flesh and reducing them to nothing more than a blackened skeleton.

    The best part of the combat? You got to pull off a Neo, right out of the Matrix. You could essentially slow down time, allowing you to carefully aim at your target (remember, head shots people!) and if you were skilled enough, you could quite easily wipe out an entire squad of the enemy soldiers without even getting shot at!

    The bullet time was one of my favourite aspects of the game, and I used it constantly. Sure, it took time to recharge, but if you were in a particularly large battle, and there were plenty of places to hide, you could allow it to recharge sufficiently to give you that extra edge to make short work of Fettel's boys.

    There wasn't a huge variety of enemies, mainly the clones, some stealthy versions who liked to get up close and personal (those scared the crap out of me the first time I encountered them). There were also larger, more heavily armed soldiers who took tactics to take out (or several grenades, if you had them handy).

    Finally, there were three different types of robotic units you had to fight. Floater drones, which were quite easy to dispatch if you had the shotgun. Then you had the turrets that were just plain hard to take out, and finally these missile launching monstrosities that looked like they came right out of Robocop.

    You could only carry up to three weapons at any time, so it was always a good idea to keep a variety with you. The assault rifle went through tons of ammo (you'd be shocked at how fast you could rip through three hundred rounds!) was my favourite to use through most of the game, but I also loved the energy gun (which had a nice sniper scope feature, so it really helped with the one shot, one kill while in bullet time).

    There was also the ever present pistols (you could use two at a time, plenty of ammo), machine pistols (the most common weapon I found), sub machine guns, the aforementioned assault rifle, shotgun and energy weapon.

    Also, for really making short work of some of the tougher enemy targets, you could get a missile launcher and this assault cannon that dealt exceptionally heavy damage.

    To round things out, you also had three types of grenades. The standard throw and forget, proximity, and remotely detonated. I have to admit that it was quite fun dropping the proximity grenades and waiting patiently for the enemy to blunder into them.

    And, finally in regards to combat, always check your environment. There were barrels that could be shot to ruin the enemies day (just be careful you don't hide behind one yourself!), fire extinguishers, and power junction boxes.

    The level design was also very straight forward, with little interaction with the environment. With the exception of opening doors, occasionally you might have to blast through a grate, or turn on power controls, or hit switches in order to get past certain areas.

    But, the most fun was when you were allowed to use the automated turrets to get the drop on the enemy. Eventually they'd end up destroying the turrets, but you could mow down tons of soldiers if you were careful and fast.

    Now, as I stated earlier, the music, combined with the lighting, made it for a very intense experience. The fact that you are almost always alone in the game, with the rare exception that you get to interact with a handful of people, just heightens the fact that you are very much alone against hundreds of heavily armed troops, and one extremely creepy little girl.

    Two final things. First, the game is longer than most of the Xbox 360 games I've played since I got my system for Christmas of 07. It took me about eight hours to beat the game, and that was on the standard level of difficulty.

    That I like. I hate these games that take about six hours or less to complete. I don't feel that I get my money's worth.

    And, the final cut scene was very well done, leaving it wide open to the sequels that have been produced for it.

    Although I have to say that the end was better done in Call of Duty 4. I won't give away any more detail than that though.

    It's one of many first person shooters that are available for play out there, but what really sets it apart is the supernatural mixture (with the creepy girl that seems to have come right out of the Ring), and the bullet time!

    Not perfect, but damn fun none the less.

    4 out of 5
    ...more info
  • Christmas in January
    Amazon made it so easy.UPS shipped. It was worth waiting for because of the free shipping. I would do it again tomorrow.Scary...more info
  • Look elsewhere
    First Encounter Assault Recon, or FEAR... The worst acronym in a gaming title yet, and a game that couldn't decide if it wanted to be first person shooter or survival horror and ultimately failed at being both of them.

    The story is unoriginal and poorly executed, the level design and enemires are monotonous, the controls are terribly awkward, and there just isn't that much action. This game also contains the most anti-climactic ending in game history.

    As far as the horror aspect of this game goes, a few things jump out at you every now and then which is pretty cheap but still fun for horror fans like myself. There are also some flashback/telepathic state type parts which involve some weird reality shifts and lots of blood and creepiness and so forth and are reminiscent of those paranormal moments in The Suffering in how they are executed and quite similar to The Ring in terms of their horror content. While these parts are pretty awesome, they probably make up about 3 minutes of the total gameplay which isn't really enough to warrant this game as a horror must-have.

    If you're into first-person shooters in a big way and think the sound of a small injection of horror would be right up your proverbial alley, this game might be for you. However anyone looking for a serious survival horror game on XBOX 360 (no, Dead Rising doesn't count) should be patient a little longer, and anyone looking for a decent FPS should definately look elsewhere. ...more info
  • Not much to fear in F.E.A.R.
    I bought F.E.A.R. instead of Gears of War because I thought it looked scarier based on the screen shots of it I saw. I'm really into horror games like Resident Evil & Silent Hill, and I expected F.E.A.R. to be like a cross between a horror game & a war-based FPS combat game, similar to Resistance: Fall of Man, but it's not... F.E.A.R. is more suspenseful & nerve racking than it is scarey. The creepy environents, dark corridors, and the presense of a creepy little girl with psychic/pyrokenetic powers make the game seem like a horror game from a distance, but once you play it there isn't much horror there...

    The emphasis of F.E.A.R. is focused more on action than horror.

    Pros: Great graphics!
    Incredibly detailed partical effects & destructable environments, when your bullets hit something it reacts just as it would in the real world. Bits of cement, wood, metal, and dust go flying when an object is pelted with heavy fire!
    Good voice acting.
    Intense FPS combat!

    Cons: If you're expecting a horror title, F.E.A.R. probably wont be what you're looking for..
    There are no monsters, no aliens, no zombies, and no demons in F.E.A.R. Just a cannibal, a creepy psychic little girl, and an army of clone soldiers.
    The game is tense and creepy, but not really what you'd call scarey... At least not in the same sense as other horror titles out there.

    The games environments look so creepy, but there's nothing creepy lurking within... The most common (and pretty much only) enemy you face in the game is the Clone Soldier. A guy in army fatigues with a gun wearing a fighter pilot's helmet, nothing too scarey about that...

    In short, F.E.A.R. is a good action game, but not much of a horror title.
    I was expecting something else from F.E.A.R. and thus was disappointed by it... However, that should not suggest that it's not a good game, just not what I expected it to be.
    I would've liked to see afew zombies... Or at least a light saber to go with all those clones and the little girl who uses the force....more info
    This is a great game. Very fun, never gets old, but doesnt save right on an HDD. My secondary memory unit is a 64 MB chip, and I use it for a lot of stuff. You can get one off Amazon for about $20. Overall, exellent game!! Great choice of Weapons. Its realistic how you can have 3 guns(or 5 if you dual weild the Pistol or Machine Pistol) instead of just 2 like you get is COD, and Halo, which I cant get over saying how unrealistic that is. But anyways, great enemies, great story, but multiplayer needs a lot of work. But I would reccomend this to anybody with a PS3, 360, or PC. BUT BE SURE TO HAVE A MU OR ELSE IT DOESN'T WORK!!!...more info
  • This is a very good game!!
    now, most people buy it for the "scary" because this game can be very scary at times, but i guess the game designers didn't want the the whole game to be scary or that will lack the point of action. so this game is the perfect mix. if you want a good FPS with a scary theme and lots of action, get this....more info
  • Great...For the Last Generation Consoles
    If this game had come out for the PS2 or Xbox, I would have given it five stars. It is everything that was awesome in FPS games a couple of years ago. However, the graphics and gameplay do not live up to the current generation of gaming consoles. It is enjoyable enough for those who really need an FPS fix (I don't know how anyone could need that right now) but I've found that I don't care about the story. I'll pick the game up now and then and continue it, not really caring what I have forgotten about the story. The slow-mo affects are well done, but not unique either. In short, nothing really new, but a decent game if you can pick it up cheap and want some horror-action to distract you for a bit....more info
  • It's an OK FPS
    This game starts off pretty good, intense, great graphics, and then you notice the repetitive nature. I found it lacking action as well. I am almost finished with this game, and it seems your in the same building, just walking down different hallways, most of the time with very little action. The slo-mo effect is great, and i found it to be suspenseful and and times pretty scary. The action scenes are fun and somewhat well thought out. It's fun, FPS fans would like it. Not a must have. Reminded me of Soldier of Fortune for the PC. I will prob buy the expansions, but I might wait for them to drop in price first....more info
  • Gets old quick
    Not a bad single player game at first, but not great either. The level design is horrible and the main reason why I didn't finish this game. You find yourself going through boring repetitive levels like offices that you feel compelled to explore even though you don't really find anything that interesting. If you are not paying attention it is very easy to find yourself lost and trying to find the way to go. Then when you finally find it (after wasting time backtracking) you think to yourself, "Are you kidding me?! Who designed these levels?!" Also at the end of most levels, you have to backtrack through the same annoying levels just to get to your extraction point. Very annoying!

    Apart from the horrible level design, the gameplay is nothing spectacular. There are a few creepy moments with in-game cut scenes, but not good enough to make the game worth it overall.

    If you like FPS's... do not waste your time with this game because there are plenty of other games that are vastly superior to this one....more info
  • Encounter
    This game I would have given it 5 stars. Don't get me wrong this is a good game. At certain points in the game I did get a little startled. I wished that it was made for 2 players. I didn't know it was a 1 player game, and it would have been nice to have a sidekick with you while you are battling the enemies. It still is a good game and if a second part comes yes I will buy it. ...more info
  • Kind a scary but...
    I you are looking for a game to scare the crap out of you, don;t buy this game. If you are looking for one that is unsettling and nervous, this is the game for you. Th actual gameplay is slow in my opinion. You have to walk around alot in order to find action. And when there is some, there are only few guys there to pop. By all means though, rent before buying this one yall.

    The graphics are alright. Weaopns and people are good, but how the people move isn't.

    I you are scared about the little girl, don't be. She aint that scary. The parts she comes are just very unsettling.

    The game is very repetitive. There are the same environments over and over and nothing s new when it comes to the maps. And the whole shadow on the wall thing gets boring.

    Overall, this game fun, but slow....more info
  • Great Graphics, but falls short
    The game has really great graphics, but I just couldnt get into the game. I guess if you like to be scared while playing a FPS, this is the game for you. Nothing made me jump, but the game has a spooky feel. I couldnt get into the story or the character. I liked the slow-motion button, and destructible environments are fun. But after playing the first 4 chapters, I find myself not really interested. ...more info
  • not a bad game once you get the hang of it.
    I almost gave up on it the first day. But once I got the slowmo ability worked out I actually enjoyed it.

    It has its flaws. Repeatition for instance. Also the story/ending left a lot to be desired. The environments almost never changed, which is really hard on a Halo nut like me, who loves all the different scenerie changes.

    I liked the guns. Online-play was cool....more info
  • Unbelievably monotonous
    This is probably the most monotonous video game I have ever played. The level design is the same throughout almost the entire game (namely, making your way through ridiculously complex office buildings and the like). The graphics are good and the shooting is fun as as far as it goes, but boy was this game repetitive! And if first-person shooters tend to make you dizzy, break out the Dramamine before playing this one!

    ...more info