Bosch Formula Electro Duo Plus Hepa Canister Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description

The Bosch Formula vacuum is by far the quietest vacuum in its class. But while its hushed operation is impressive, advanced features, like HEPA filtration, and 11'' electric brush and 1400 watts of cleaning power, ensure that you'll enjoy the superior performance you expect from a product with our name on it. Meanwhile, convenient touches, like its Ergogrip Plus handle and an integrated power switch and carry handle design make the Formula a joy to use. Features Include: Flexible in-cord hose with 360 degree swivel at handle / Accessory compartment holding tools / Mechanical dust bag-full / indicator /3- 360 degree caster wheels for easy movement / Electronic adjustable power regulation / Air Clean HEPA Filter System / Ergogrip Plus handle with soft inserts / On/Off switch for power head on handle / 11 inch light & easy electric brush / Adjustable telescopic tube

  • Air Clean HEPA Filter System
  • Flexible hose with 360 degree swivel at handle
  • Mechanical dust bag-full indicator
  • 3- 360 degree caster wheels for easy movement
  • On/Off switch for power head on handle

 Customer Reviews:

  • wonderfull when it works
    This vacuum is very quiet and does a good job, when working
    within weeks the telescopic wand gave troubles, and I must say Bosch was happy to replace it and within days I had a new one
    Now, my vacuum is almost 2 years old and it only worked when wiggeling the cord,
    Bosch has very little repair centers, they want me to send it to NY for repair! A local repair shop told me needs new mother board, needs new reel with cord, cost over $ 300!
    So no thank you, I rather have a Dyson, they are more powerfull anyways and you don't spend a fortune on bags!...more info
  • Terrific Canister Vacuum
    I do heavy research on everything I buy. Here are my thoughts on buying this canister vacuum:

    The Bosch Formula BSG71370UC is amazing: high performance, solid construction, convenient design. Small/light enough to be portable, but large enough to have built in attachment storage and a high capacity bag system. Suction power is adjustable, providing two things. First, full power is to powerful for some surfaces (there are warnings in the manual). Second, running at normal/low power, the unit is quieter than a microwave oven and you think its not pulling well until you put your hand over the hose - yeow! First impression of the first use on carpet that got regularly vacuumed: "wow, its looks like its been washed!"

    This is the top of the formula line, including the turbo upholstery attachment. This draws energy from the airflow on the suction and transfers it to a scrubbing brush, with the sound of a turbo charger. This and all the attachments work like gang busters. The main carpet wand has a switch for turning the large scrubber's electric motor on/off (carpet/floors), and the suction with the crevice tool is so strong, nothing gets away. Even with the integrated motor, the head of this unit is low profile enough to fit in and around most furniture. The cord auto retracts, just give it a tug and let go. You can pull the canister itself behind you, the 3-360 wheels turn on a dime, but getting around objects still requires pull. With cleaning power combined with multiple filters, this is ideal for people with allergies.

    It handles bare floors mightily, just flip the handle located power switch to off to stop the spinning brush. For complete area cleaning, the small brush attachment hits the baseboards and low walls. The units wheels, of course, handle even better.

    My main use for this and the reason I bought this unit is cat hair, a job it handles well. With 2 sizes of scrubbing nozzles, no unattached hair can hide for long.

    In the configuration for full carpet/floors, it comes apart in 3 sections, hose, tube/handle, and powered nozzle. All 3 require both hands to disconnect, one to squeeze the release mechanism and the other to pull. One of the extra's on this unit is that the power wires for the motorized head are integrated into the tubes/hoses. This makes for quick dis/connects.

    1) The hose is supposed to spin 360 degrees to avoid tangles but doesn't spin freely enough to work without thought. 2) I like responsive switches. The power switch has a lag time, designed to be used by feet so you have to hold a moment to turn it on and off. 3) Price is high, but cuts right through this.

    Surprise Use
    Dust Buster replacement: Leaving it parked and plugged in, full time behind the sofa my cat frequents. Its so quiet on low, the bits moving down the pipe make more noise than the motor.

    Long Term Update
    Having it for many months now, here's what else I've learned. The bag full gauge is tough to read, so the easiest way to tell the bag needs changing is that suction goes down - ie when you find yourself using full power. The turbo attachment isn't much more powerful than the standard small nozzle nor as powerful as the electric nozzle. So provided its clean, the floor/carpet electric nozzle cleans upholstery with gusto, leaving the turbo nozzle doing just the hard to reach places. And last but not least, a WONDERFUL way to clean stairs is by connecting the electric power floor/carpet nozzle directly to the wand, leaving the extension tube off.

    The rule with canister vacs is dexterity, the rule with uprights is mobility. This is my favorite canister, the Eureka Sanitaire SC6600 is my favorite upright:

    Both do carpets + floors + elevated/hose suction. Decide for yourself which is more important. Canister = superior clean, upright = superior speed. The Sanitaire SC6600 is better for on-the-go use, with a 3 stage power switch with off/suction/suction scrub. The second position is for floors and if you're in the third (doing carpets) and pull out the hose for spot cleaning, it automatically switches to the second and then back again when you reinsert.

    Sanitaire (eureka) also makes a canister thats worth looking at but with which I have no personal experience. Oddly, its sold under their commercial brand so its hard to find: ...more info