Danskin Deluxe Fitness Mat (Pink)

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SHIPPING INCLUDED Yoga and stretching exercises help to reduce stress, prevent muscle soreness, and can rejuvenate you after a rough day or busy weekend. These products are great to use at home or take them to the studio with you. Features Made of closed-cell foam is soft, lightweight & impervious to water! Large size is perfect for all exercise ...

  • Includes deluxe closed-cell ribbed foam mat and a carry strap
  • Lightweight mat is impervious to water and comfortable to touch
  • Convenient carry strap keeps mat rolled when not in use
  • 24 inches wide by 68 inches long with 12 millimeters of thickness
  • Provides superb cushioning and stable foundation for virtually every exercise routine

Customer Reviews:

  • Great piece of equipment
    I have really enjoyed this exercise mat. It is nice and thick, and one feature that I particularly like is that the carrying straps come off when you unroll the mat--I bought my boyfriend one whose straps don't come off and it looks annoying. And people are right--the mat is definitely not hot pink, but a deeper color... maybe magenta. I good, basic, agreeable excercise mat....more info
  • Product Details
    Courter inch thick rubber foam with smooth underside. The photo is of a black matt, but the matt sent may be a diffrent color. Mine was blue. ...more info
  • Great mat!
    This is my first fitness mat, and I am very pleased! Easy to roll up, easy to unroll. It stays put on my hardwood floors. Not a strong chemical smell. Soft to the touch but not too springy.

    I needed a mat that I wouldn't sink into but that would also support my knees and spine, as I have health problems with both. This mat does the job!

    Some would complain about the carrying strap, as it is not attached to the mat. No problem for me, I keep it nearby and since I roll up my mat after each use it is not likely that I will ever forget it at the gym or lose it in my home.

    I would recommend this mat or gift it to others....more info
  • Cushy Mat
    I really like this mat, it is very cushy and easy to roll and store. The length is just perfect, but the one thing I would change about itis that it could be a little wider....more info
  • It will do
    The mat is for the most part what i expected. It is very thick and it will be fabulous for doing toning exercises on, as in abdominal work. But i wouldnt do yoga or pilates stances on it because it is so thick it will throw you off balance a bit.But otherwise im very happy with it.I must admit though one of the reasons i ordered this mat is because it was a pretty pink color in the photo. I was a bit shocked when it arrived and it is not pink its a deep salmon type of color a bit of red in there. Not a color i personally like.But if you dont care about the color then go for it. It a fantastic exercise mat. Cushion very well and im not paticularly tall myself but for others who are this is a very long exercise mat. Im about 5 foot 5 inches and i could lay on it and not come off the mat...more info
  • Perfection
    I love this mat. At the risk of sounding like a nursery rhyme, it's not too thin, and not too soft, it's just right. Perfect for doing ab routines, any exercise on your knees or wrists. It's big...but light weight and not too cumbersome to carry around. Plus, I love the pretty pink color. I higly recommend it!...more info
  • my hot pink mat
    i love my mat. it's nice and cushiony and strong. the best part about it is the color. i always know which one is mine. ...more info
  • good mat
    This mat is of good construction and provides excellent cushioning. I would have rated it 5 stars if it were about 5-6" longer....more info
  • Great mat, just a bit too bright
    I do physical therapy exercises and yoga every day. I need something with the same grip as a yoga mat but a bit more cushion, and this mat fits the bill really nicely. I also have some fondness for my old Danskin ballet gear, so it's a brand I trust. The mat is well constructed and provides good cushioning for my joints over our hardwood floors, without being too bulky for yoga. It also comes with a handy carrying strap so you can travel with it.

    My only complaint? The color is much more "hot pink" than ballet pink. If I'd known that, I would have ordered the blue one....more info
  • great product
    The mats are wonderful and very usable for our weight path program. The only thing I might change with the product would be what keeps the mat in rolled format. The elastic bands will eventually stretch out. Velcro fasteners may work better. However, you can always fold them....more info
  • Find it cheaper
    I love the matt; it is thick and easy to roll up when I am finished. But when I was in wal-mart a few days after I received it, I found what looked to be the exact same one (different brand, sam color, same thickness, even same strap!) for almost $10 cheaper. It was then I realized that my mat did not look like the one shown in the picture on the website. I was a little disappointed. I would purchase the mat again, but only after looking in more places to find the best price. ...more info
  • Great cushion!
    With hardwood floors, this mat really saves the back! 'Handle' is convenient and mat rolls right up for storage....more info
  • Perfect!
    I would recommend this mat over any other that I have come across. I bought this and fell in love, if only I had known it also came in pink! It is thick and absorbs shock, my knees don't hurt at all after a yoga routine. Also, it doesn't slide around on the floor at all. :)...more info
  • Great!
    This blue on I bought for my husband and I have the pink one. It is a great deal. I shop a lot online and found this to be the best deal especially since I bought 2 and qualified for free shipping. It is nice and thick and stays put....more info
  • Great Mat!!
    I love the thickness of this mat. It is very cushioned and serves it's purpose. Unlike other reviewers, I don't mind rolling it up and slipping the strap on. It is a very nice color. I would definitely recommend!!...more info
  • Very satisfied
    I got the mat to use at my gym for palates classes. I've used it now for about a month and I'm very satisfied. It provides enough cushioning to not feel the floor during rolling exercises, but not too much so I still feel stable on it. The smell is almost gone, which I'm very happy about. The carrying stap is a pain sometimes, but it is a convenient way to carry the mat. I like the color and overall very satisfied with the product....more info
  • Perfect for floor exercises!
    I have hardwood floors and this is an absolute MUST for doing any floor toning exercises (sit-ups, thigh toners, push-ups, etc)

    It is the perfect amount of cushion, without being too cushy, so it is easy to move around on without injury.

    Great for yoga, as well, particularly positions that leave you sitting for a while and lead to pain in the tailbone area. It's hard to meditate when your rear hurts, so this takes care of that! Most yoga mats are only about half as thick as this mat. Also, it's as easy or easier to roll up than most yoga mats because of the thickness.

    Like yoga mats, to keep the curl away from the ends, just roll it in the opposite direction every time you use it and it will eventually stop curling on the ends. This is the case with every exercise mat and believe me, I've owned many over the years.

    A great product at a great price and I would buy it again!...more info
  • I've seen better
    The mat is okay, but I've seen better ones out there. I wish I knew before I bought it that it does not have velcro straps to hold the mat closed....instead it has this loose piece that you're supposed to carry around to put on the mat after you roll it up to keep it closed. That's a pain....more info
  • Great fitness mat
    I purchased this mat because it is made by Danskin and it did not disappoint. The traction and foam depth is perfect. The length is good. It's truly a great motivator for my exercises. It makes the effort worthwhile....more info
  • Perfect Product
    The mat is indeed thicker than usual fitness or yoga mats and gives you the perfect buffer for your back, hips & shoulders. It is so comfy, I even fell asleep on it once. The lenght allows a person of average height to stretch the arms above the head while having all joints on the mat. The mat rolls up easily and does it's job in all aspects very well. I would buy it again. ...more info
  • Great mat, but color is off
    This mat is great.....very thick, spongy, durable, etc. The only complaint I have is that it isn't the shocking hot pink depicted in the photo. It's more of a salmon color....more info
  • Nice product
    The Danskin name has always been trustworthy and this proves no different.

    Nice product, inexpensive and well made....more info
  • A good fitness mat
    Nice closed cell foam mat. It could be a little wider but a minor complaint. Doesn't smell bad like some mats I have encountered. Just the right level of padding for a hard surface....more info
  • Great product
    Great mat, just as described. The carrying straps are easy to use and work well. My kids like the length because all three of us can lay on it and do sit ups at the same time!...more info
  • Produc t a disappoint

    I was disappointed to find that the exercise mat that arrived at my home was only about 3/8th of an inch thick. I expected something at least 1 and 1/2 inch thick.

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to "speak up".

    ...more info
  • terriffic mat
    I like the color, the thickness and the carrying strap. It is perfect for floor work. Very comfortable....more info
  • Really comfy and good grip, but it's not hot pink. it's dark salmon color.
    It's Danskin, so it's good quality, but it's not this color. it's a darker pink, red-pink. I like that color, so I'm fine with it. But be aware, it's not hot pink....more info
  • Great mat
    This is a very nice, thick mat that is far superior to my old yoga mat. It does not have a funny smell, and rolls up neatly in its own carrier. ...more info
  • Great mat, better price elsewhere
    I looked everywhere for the ideal exercise mat, and this is it. I use it for ab crunches, floor routines with weights, and yoga. It's thick and cushy yet rolls up easily, and the texture of the surface is just "sticky" enough for yoga. I have to say thanks to the reviewer who mentioned getting it at walmart. I did exactly that and saved the $10. It's the exact same mat, same color, same strap -- it just doesn't have the Danskin logo. Why pay $10 extra for a logo?...more info
  • I love thismat!
    This is a great mat. It is thicker and more cushy than a typical yoga mat, which makes it great for using outside or on a hard surface. It has held up well--for nearly a year I have used it 4-5 times per week and it still looks new. And, I even bought one for a friend as a gift!...more info
  • Great Mat!
    I love this mat. It allows me to exercise without slipping and gives just the right support. Any thicker and it would be to cushy for certain positions, any thinner and it wouldnt give the right support on the hardwood floor. Lays out nice and flat and rolls up nice and smooth. I even like the strap it comes with that holds it all together. Sometimes I lay a towel on it and roll that up too, so I don't have to carry anything extra when I take a class outside my home. It works great. I would reccomend it. ...more info
  • Very good deal
    Looked on ebay and other sites. This was the best price especially with free shipping. Nice and thick. New to yoga and really like this mat. Stays put. Like the carrying strap. Bought a blue one for my husband too. ...more info


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