Capture Dry Rug Cleaner Kit (820586)

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Sold as each. Contains: 16 oz. bottle soil release premist (SKU # 1014018) 2.5# pail dry carpet cleaner (covers 250 sq.) (SKU # 1014026 , 4 lb.) 7" carpet brush. Use with vacuum cleaner. Carpet stays dry. Leaves no Residue. Spots do not reappear. Safe around children and pets. Approved for use on all carpet fibers. Lemon scented. Box. Manufacturer's number: 820586. Country of origin: United States. Distributed by Milliken Chemical.

  • Contains: 16 oz. bottle soil release premist (SKU # 1014018) 2.5# pail dry carpet cleaner (covers 2
  • Use with vacuum cleaner
  • Carpet stays dry
  • Leaves no Residue
  • Spots do not reappear
Customer Reviews:
  • great results, easy to use
    Recently used this kit rather than our steam cleaner, which does a great job, due to time constraints. Was very pleased. It took me about an hour to do our large living room and stairs, compared to three hours plus drying time for the steam cleaner. The results were almost (80-90%) as good. Want to add that you need a good vacuum. I tried this product some years ago and had poor results because my old vacuum just couldn't remove all of the powder. ...more info
  • Stubborn Carpet Stains
    This product is amazing! I had a set of stairs professionally cleaned twice and the dirt on the edges never came up. I used this, let it sit for two days, vacuumed and voila, they were spotless. This has saved me from having to replace the carpet....more info
  • The best
    The best hairball upchuck stain remover. I have four cats, white rugs and white furniture. The only thing I didn't like was the new style brush. So I used a soft toothbrush instead, esp. on furniture. ...more info
  • Mean Clean
    When I say clean, I mean clean. Never has any professional service met my standards in cleaning my carpet. Capture cleans better (far better) than any product or service I've used. I like it. It can stay. ...more info
  • Surprise Results
    I tried the Capture dry rug cleaner in our RV, not thinking that I'd be happy with the results. But the modest cost of the cleaner (purchased at Home Depot) was a good excuse to give it a try. And it worked!! Carpets in RVs are by nature in a high traffic situation, and in our RV the carpet is right next to the kitchen and under the dining area (what are the RV designers thinking?) and the carpet had its share of soil before I finally decided to try something besides professional steam cleaning I had last year and which I didn't find all that wonderful. Granted, the carpet doesn't look like new, but it's acceptable and definitely much better than I expect. I give this product a high rating....more info
  • LOVE this stuff!
    Members of my family have been using Capture for years, and in my experience, no other carpet cleaner compares. I use this system not only for spot cleaning (we have 3 dogs and 3 cats), but for general cleaning of high-traffic areas as well. I became a true 'believer', however, several years ago after my aunt put it to the test. She was carrying a container of wood stain for some furniture she was finishing when she tripped and dropped the stain on her NEW carpet. She used the capture right away and there wasn't a single visible trace of the stain! My only "complaint" is that this is almost addictive, and once I get started, I go through it very quickly! ...more info