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The Bissell PowerForce Bagless Upright Vacuum, 6579-2 combines maximum power and convenience to thoroughly clean your home. This vacuum has many features including bagless convenience, 5 height adjustments, wide beam headlight, 3 Stage Filtration, 25' power cord, 12 amps and an easy carrying handle to name a few. There is also an extension wand, crevice tool and a combination upholstery/dusting brush for all those hard to reach areas.

  • On-board tools
  • 12 amps of power-Bagless technology provides high suction power for thorough cleaning
  • Lightweight Design is easy to carry and maneuver
  • 3-stage filtration system captures dust and micro particles
  • Convenient washable filters make it less expensive to operate
Customer Reviews:
  • Waste of money...
    Bought the Bissel powerforce a year ago and it broke a year ago. It lasted a month. I have hard wood floors and area rugs. After reading the reviews I thought it would work for my small condo. Not much to clean so a cheap vacuum should be sufficient. I tried to fix it with their over the phone "help". Waste of time
    I didn't pay much, but I'd sure like my money back. ...more info
  • 5 stars? 1 star? What the heck?!
    Who does one believe? All the 5 star ratings or all the 1 star ratings? I recently purchased the PowerForce Turbo and like it very much. It has wonderful suction and kept picking up more and more debris and cat hair after several vacuumings; since my apartment carpeting is cheap, low shag, I use the Bare Floors setting. The stretch hose is a bit disappointing since it really doesn't stretch much; and if you do stretch it, the vacuum falls down. Using the extra wand helps extend the reach a bit, but I think the hose needs to be redesigned--definitely. Not for use if you need to reach high--but at least the vacuum is very light, so you can hold it while using the hose. Oh well--that's what my hand-held vacuum is for....more info
  • My $400 Hoover? Lame by comparison!
    This thing is fantastic. I have had to have my Hoover Windtunnel repaired twice now. It is self-propelled, and it has to be because it weighs 8000 pounds and still doesn't pick up dirt as well as this cheapo Bissel I found abandoned when a renter moved out. It was crammed FULL from hose-end to motor with dirt, crayons, etc.
    I tore it apart and cleaned it up, and I have LOVED it ever since. It is light enough to cart up and down the stairs with ease and has a very long cord. I think the key to all of these types of units is to keep the filters clean.
    All I do is take my out, pound them on the driveway a few times, then hit them with the hose... then let them set over an air-vent in my laundry room with the dirt cup over them to dry. I do that about 4 times a year. Otherwise I just do the pavement pound on them every 4 times I empty the cup.
    Dream if you will that there is a better vacuum out there, but all you will do is pay more money! Trust me on that!...more info
  • Junk
    I owned the previous model of this vacuum, had it for several years, and loved it! So when it was time to replace the old one, I went and bought this model, even though it looked different and felt like it was made of cheaper plastic. After using this vacuum 5 times, the belt broke. I replaced the belt with the Bissel recommended belt, used it again, and it broke after 2 times of using it. I got my boyfriend to replace the belt for a second time and still had the same issue, so I took the vacuum back and bought another one - exactly like the one I had and still had the same problem with belt breaking. In this case, you get what you pay for. Actually, I didn't even get what I paid for, considering I couldn't even get the thing to stay working!...more info
  • GREAT price for what you get!
    I just bought this today, used over my entire house, about 1300 sq. ft. and it performed WELL in my opinion. It not only picked up dust bunnies but also LOTS more dirt that was as fine as talcum powder! No, it does not appear to be as well made as a more expensive model, but those more expensive models are also MUCH heavier. I can carry this up and down the stairs with ease! Even my 9 year old can do it. I like that I'm not constantly afraid of running over the cord; this is due to the cord being placed on the left side of the vacuum; most cords are right in the middle. So you can vacuum with your right hand and hold the cord with your left if you even need to. The suction is so good you can see it pulling up the carpet; I used it on low (I have berber so it takes a lot to see it come back up) so this shows it has lots of suction. For those complaining about no suction, ever clean the filters? These are reuseable, washable filters, which I love, no more hunting those down. I think it does a great job for under $50; don't expect it to get the raves and reviews the more expensive, heavier ones do. Personally, I was tired of a heavy vacuum and ready for a "mid-size" like this. The only test I have left to run it on is my van, hope it does good on it!...more info
  • This vacuum sucks....and not in the good way
    I bought this vac at Walmart about 10 months ago. It started out great....but now it just doesn't vacuum. The belt is good and the filters are all cleaned. The motor is already weak. I should have spent more for a better vac....more info
  • bissell powerforce sucks
    Do not buy one.

    I purchased one of these and it lost its suction within 2-3 months.
    I purchased another one and it had the same exact issue.
    I should have read the reviews ahead of time but needed vacuum cleaner in a fast pinch and thought that this would be a good one.
    Do not buy this unless you are willing to waste your money

    If I could give it ZERO STARS I WOULD.
    ...more info
  • Best Vacuum I've ever had!
    This is the absolute best vacuum I've ever had. I finally got tired of spending $350 every couple of years for a Hoover after the last one had broken, again. The last hoover I had broke right after buying it and I had a terrible time at the Hoover store getting it fixed over and over. I finally swore off Hoovers and decided to get an inexpensive vacuum that I could replace once a year. I ended up at Walmart paying $42 for this Bissell. Surprise! It's the best vacuum I've ever owned. It doesn't have the bells and whistles like the Hoovers did but they never did me any good when I couldn't get the switch to turn on anyway or the belt breaks again! I have a pet who sheds like you wouldn't believe so I vacuum every day. I also clean out the dirt cup after each vacuum and it's full. My carpets have never looked and felt so clean. I thought some spots were stains but it turned out to be stuff that my Bissell vacuumed right out! Can't say enough about this vac.
    All of the filters are washable so nothing at all to buy again!
    Highly recommend this product....more info
  • this thing totally sucks
    i have a kenmore that i have had for nearly 8 years. i lived in a house with hard floors for the past 5 years so i mainly used the attachments of my old vaccuum. i just bought a house that has wall to wall in 75% of the house, and my old vaccuum would leave to much behind. i'd gotten to the point where i was tired of leaving all that behind, especially since i have 3 animals in the house.
    i bought this after much debate. usually i am one that goes for premium (meaning- i would have wanted to get a dyson) but i just cant see spending the money on one. i bought this after a friend's recommendation, and so far, so good. i have only used this once, so time will tell- but it picked up a LOT. it feels kinda chintzy compared to my old one, but it certainly cleans a lot better. if i need one with attachments, i'l use my old one (although this one still has them!
    don't be afraid of this one....more info
  • I'd give it a zero if I could
    While it's not always true that you "get what you pay for," that is certainly true here. I paid a cheap price at Wallyworld and I got exactly what I paid for: a cheap vacuum cleaner that is worthless. My boss had bought one there (a cheap one, but I'm not sure if it was this exact one) and he was raving about how good it was. I bought this thing and it won't pick up lint when you run it across linoleum or hardwood. It's flimsy, cheaply made and has almost no suction at all. I have to force myself to vacuum now because I hate it so much. Don't waste your money....more info
  • Very Impressed and an Excellent Buy!
    I have owned this vacuum for over 3 months now, although mine doesn't have a front light. Wow, this is an unbelievable value. I have always been a Hoover owner and when I needed a new vacuum, I went straight for the Hoover's. Knowing we were planning on removing our carpet next spring, I really didn't want to pay the high prices that the Hoover's were listed at. I went to Walmart and saw this vacuum. I paid a little more than it is listed for now, $59.99. I thought that was a bargain and I could afford to just give it a try. I have 2 long hair cats in the house as well as children. I have to disagree with the previous comments about pet hair. I am very impressed with the suction and just how much pet hair is picked up with this vacuum. Also, we just purchased our Christmas tree and after bringing it in the house, there were many needles around. The vacuum picked them right up with no problem. I really like the fact that I can empty the canister after each use and there are washable filters. This isn't a Dyson or anything close to that, but for the money I would not hesitate to purchase this vacuum. This is an excellent buy!...more info
  • worst ever
    Everyone loves a brand new vaccuum, but the real test is time. This piece of junk is poorly designed, difficult to clean and now doesn't vaccuum at all. I'm pretty savvy at mechanical repairs, and every single time I want to vaccuum, I have to take the dirt reservoir apart, clean the filters, unclog the hose (which as far as I can tell clogs up because of the big bend at the top of the hose - it's too long and circuitous). I borrowed a friend's little Dirt Devil (more than two years old now) and the comparison is astounding. That's what I'm getting next....more info
  • Awesome
    I have had this vacuum for over 4 years now with 3 pets in the house and, needless to say, lots of pet hair. I've never had a problem with it. It has been the best vacuum I've ever had and you can't beat the price. I've suggested it to several people and anyone who bought it absolutely loved it.

    As long as you keep the filters clean there's no problem. I've given this cleaner some abuse and it still keeps on going. After 4+ years, its finally starting to loose its suction and I'm going to get a new one. This is one of the few products I've had that I really felt I got my money's worth. ...more info
  • WOW!!
    I just got this vacuum to replace my Dirt Devil I've had about 4 years. I used my old vacuum 2 days ago and bought this new one because my old one is getting really hard to push. I was amazed after cleaning my living room and family room the new Bissell had picked up so much stuff my old one missed. Carpet fuzz, cat hair, and dirt I didn't even know was there!

    The Bissell is really light weight and easy for me to use. I'm currently 7 months pregnant so it's really nice not to have to work really hard just to clean my carpet. I was a little concerned that it wouldn't work that well since it was so inexpensive but I already love this machine! ...more info
  • Very impressive!
    I purchased this vacuum and used it for the first time this weekend. I was both impressed and amazed! Assembly - 2 screws and a screwdriver; everything else just snaps into place. No dreaded "some assembly required." Definitely lightweight and great feature, all 3 filters are easy to remove and WASHABLE! A very economical feature. As far as performance --- Excellent! It sucks up dirt you never even knew you had. I have 5 indoor cats and I wacuumed the living room, dining room (wall to wall carpet), bathroom, kitchen and patio (hard floors) and I emptied the large, ample dust cup twice. It was quick, light weight (I have 2 degenerated discs) and did a thorough job! I think I made the right decision on this purchase and for under $50.00, what more can you ask for....more info
  • this vacuum sucks!
    I have had it with this vacuum!! I have had it for a year and every time I vacuum I have to take it a part and remove clogs from it and this morning while I was vacuuming the darn thig got cloged again and while removing the clog from the hose the darn hose riped right off the part that connects it to the base. It over it's going to the dump tonight. And now I have to buy a new vacuum and wait two weeks for it to be delivered....more info
  • WHO KNEW ????
    I was so happy to read good reviews about this vacuuum cleaner...thought I'd really done my homework ! Yes, it's lightweight and is very powerful. I cleaned my whole house, stopping 3 times to clean the filter cup, really wasn't a problem. I was in the last room, cruisin' right along when poof ! The belt broke............. fisrt time out of the box. Bummer. I'll be returning it to WalMart tomorrow. Any other suggestions????...more info
  • Bissell PowerForce
    This is by far the best vacuum that I have ever owned. I had previously owned the more expensive Hoover Windtunnel and when it needed to be serviced for a few weeks, I opted to buy the Bissell PowerForce as a cheap, temporary substitute. Once I used the PowerForce, I didn't even bother to get the WindTunnel serviced.

    I loved the price on the PowerForce and was astonished at how much suction such a lightweight and easily maneuverable machine achieves. I really like that I can take virtually the entire vacuum apart and clean it- which translates to NO SUCTION LOSS! The belt is reasonably priced and easy to replace and requires much less effort than I expected (the belt broke when I accidentally sucked up a t-shirt). The HEPA filter is also reasonably priced (vs. $30 for the WindTunnel) due to the compact size.

    I love this vacuum!

    ...more info
  • Incredible
    I have wood floors and have used electric stick brooms and cleaning pads to clean the floors. What you don't pick up, is what this vacuum picks up. After 5 minutes of vacuuming, the container filled up with so much dust it was incredible. I highly recommend this vacuum due to the suction power, it was sucking in cheerios from 5 inches away (we have a 1 yr old) cost effectiveness and the total weight. ...more info
  • great value for its price
    bought this one after my Kenmore is 7 years old. And I hesitated since this one is so cheap compared with other brands and models. But after I used for 2 days so far, it's awesome, great value for its price. Light weight, so my wife can operate it and carry it upstairs easily....more info