Interbath All Directional Chrome Showerhead

List Price: $38.95

Our Price: $16.99

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Product Description

Unique cascading rainstorm experience

  • Three movable, swivel adjustment points
  • Head rotates a full 360 degrees
  • Standard 1/2-inch fittings
  • Chrome-plated finish over solid brass
  • Adjustable extension arm

Customer Reviews:

  • very good, but not everything i had hoped for
    I just installed this, and also removed the water restricting piece. After reading the reviews, I expected truly amazing. What I got was quite good, especially for the price.

    If you are looking for the rain effect, this does put out a lot of water in a large spray. However, if what you are looking for is invigorating pressure, then this is only okay. Compared to my old shower (turned to high), the pressure is slightly less, but the diameter is much more. Satisfied overall. ...more info
  • Niagara Falls Part 2
    I love this showerhead. I had this for seven years now. The rainfall shower is quite intense and invigorating. I spend less time in the washer as shampoo & soap are rinsed away very well. I may upgrade to a bigger showerhead and imagine myself under Victoria Falls....more info
  • Exceptional value
    This is a very nice looking shower head that performs beautifully with one very small modification - removing the tiny rubber restricting washer. With the washer in place the shower head can really only be used pouring straight down which makes it difficult to clean everywhere effectively or wash while letting conditioner set. With the washer removed the head angle can be changed to fire forward. The double hinged arm does allow one to adjust the head to the perfect position for your height and preference. I wish it was available with a shorter arm for those who do not need such a extensive reach. A steal for the money. Will definitely buy more. ...more info
  • Very, very pleased, great product...
    I bought this showerhead about 2 years ago after trying 3 or 4 others from my local Home Depot. I could never get enough water pressure, even after taking the water saver out of the other showerheads. This rainfall showerhead beats all the others hands down with respect to water pressure and overall experience. My sister has an expensive, custom bathroom with a rainfall showerhead. This one is not as good as hers, but it's certainly a fantastic value for the price. I just installed one in my girlfriends shower and she really likes it too....more info


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